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RHUDDLAN. THE ANNUAL HORTICULTURAL SHOW. The annual show of the Khuddlan district Horti- cult ural Society took place on Thur,dt% in tha grounds of the fine old castle at Rhuddlan, under the patronage of the High Sheriff of Flintshire. Maj)r Kowley Conwy and Mrs Conwy, of Bodrhyddan Hall. The society extend,; its operations over the whole of the district lying within five miles of the to VN, and its principal object is the promotion of horticulture amongst the cottagers and market gardeners, and this object has. during the few last years, been fully attained. The anou d event is regarded with considerable interest by the residents of the district. and is a source of great attraction to the visitors at Uhyl, but this year it was shora of its attractiveness, and lost nearly all, if not all its success, by the wretched weather that prevailed. The slow day was preceded by much rain, and Thursday opened dull and wet, and I hroughont the whole day the rail descended in torrents, whilst the boisterous winds that prevailed completed fht discomfort of the situation. It was hopeless even to expect success, and those interested in the aff tir were reluctantly compelled to submit to the inevitable, aud pndPllvour to make the bes. of a bad job." The Denbigh town band, under the leadership of Mr R. Jones, provided the music. The flowers were very Tastefully arranged in a large tent on the ground, and 'he vegetables were placed on the greensward. There WAS as good a display as was possible under the eircum- s, ances. With theexception of the patron and patroness xud some friends there were very few visitors. The judwes were Messrs T. Pritchaid, Galltfaenan; J. Hushes, gardener, Kinmel; Rtylls, seedsman, Khyl; Jones, seedsman. Rhyl J. Morrison, seedsman, Carnar- von and the following is a copy of THE PRIZE LIST. FRUIT. Red currants-I, Edward Jones, Dyserth; 2, William Smallwood, St. Asaph. Black currants-I, Hannah Wynne, Elcq Row. Dessert apples-I, Edward Roberts, Penlin. Kitchen apples-I, Robert Roberts, St. Asaph; 2, Edward Jones, Dyserth. Late apples—1, Robert Roberts 2, William Smallwood. Pears—1, Robert Roberts 2, Thomas Roberts, High-street. Plums—1, David Davies, St. Aaaph 2, Edward Jones, Dyserth. Yellow plums—1, Edward Jones, Dyserth; 2, William Smallwood. Gooseberries—1, Edward Jones; 2, David Davies. FLOWERS. Bouquet of cut flowers-I, Margaret Jones, St. Asaph; 2, Mary Jones, St. Asaph; 3, Esther Jones, St. Asaph. Three flowers in pots—1, Edward Roberts, Penlin; 2, David Davies. Koses—1, Joseph Jones, St. Asaph; 2, Edward Jones, Dyserth; 3, David Da* ies. Bouquet of wild flowers-],IAnna Williams, Hyeas; 2, Susan Ellis, Dyserth 3, John ICdwards, Dyserth. Six dahlias-I. Josepa Jones, St. Asaph; 2, Robert Pierc, St. Asaph 3, Edward, Morris, Dyserth. One dahlia-I, Edward Morris. China asters—1, David Davies 2, Joseph Jones; 3, Hannah Davies, Dyserth. Ten week stock-1, John Nichols, Hyeas 2, Joseph Jones, St. Asaph. Hollyhocks—1, Hannah Wynne; 2, John Williams, porter; 3, William Humphreys, Dyserth. Floricultural design—1, Edward Wynne; 2, Thomas High-street; 3, J. Evans. Ditto for gardeners—1, W. Edwards, Bodrhyddan; 2, E. Jones, Rhyl. Architectural design—1, J. E. Roberts; 2, Agnes Jones; 3, D. Humphreys, Dyserth. Marigolds—1, J. P. Jones, St. Asaph; 2, D. Humphreys; 3, J. Nichols. Pansies—1, J. P. Jones; 2. David Davies; 3, D. Hum- phreys. LjSweet peas—2, T. Matthews, Lon. Collection of herbs—1, R. Pierce, St. Asaph. Market Gardener's collection of fruit and vegetables-I. Joseph Jones, St. Asaph. VEGETABLES. Cabbage lettuce—1, Ellen Nichols; 2, E. Morris. Spring onions—1, Peter Roberts, Dyserth; 2, W, Hughes, Dyserth. Turnips-I, Peter Jones, Dy erth Carrots-1, Gabriel Jones, Meliden. Kidney potatoes—1, W. Hughes, Dyserth; 2, J. Ellis; 3, William Roberts, Dyserth. Second early potatoes-2, John Ellis. Late potatoes-2, William Hughes; 2, John O. Roberts, Dyserth. Early round potatoes—1, Gabriel Jones; 2, John Ellis, Dyserth. Seoond early potatoes—1, W. E. Jones, Dyserth; 2, Mary Morgan, Dyserth. Late potatoes-2, W. Hughes, Dyserth. Peas—1, John Nichols; 2, Joseph Hughes. Broad beans—1, Jos. Hughes; 2, Robert Roberts; 3, John Nichols. Kidney beans—1, E. Roberts, Lon; 2, V. Smallwood. Scarlet runners—1, E. Roberts; 2, W. Smallwood; 3, Jos. Hughes. Cabbages (red)— 1, Gabriel Jones; 2, John Davies. White celery—1, W. Hughes; 2, Mary Morgan. Ked celery—1, W. Hughes; 2, John hllig. Leeks—1, W. Hughes; 2, John Roberts. Parsnips—1, Joseph Hughes; 2, D, Davies; 3, W. Small, wood. Lettuce—1,W. Smallwood; 2, John Nichols. Parsley—1, Joseph Hughes.






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