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DENBIGH. HORTICULTURAL SHOW AT LLANDYRNOG.— Through the exertions of the rector of the parish, the Rev D. Williams, the first horticultural show was held in the village, on Thursday, for the pur- pose of promoting (by offering suitable prizes for competition) the study of horticulture amongst the villagers. It was hoped to make the show an annual one if Thursday's exhibition proved successful, but the weather was sufficiently unfavourable to bring failure to a much more e'aborate and important event. Particulars of the exhibition will be given next week. BOROUGH MAGISTRATES' COURT. FRIDAY.—Before the Mayor (T. J. Williams, Esq), Evan Pierce, J Parry-Jones, Thomas Evans, R LI. Williams, and J. W. Lloyd, Esqrs. CHARGE OF PERMITTING DRUXKENNESS.—Richard Jones, landlord of the Eagles Inn, was charged with allowing a drunken man to remain in his house at mid-day, on the 16th of August.— Sergeant Lewis said that he saw William Jones, of Henllan-street, very drunk and riotous in High-street. The man went in the direction of the Eagles Inn. He followed him there and found him with several others who were served with drink. When he was going into the house he saw Mrs Jones carrying drink into the room, and he cautioned her against serving Jones. He left the house, and the man was allewed to remain there a quarter of an hour afterwards, he not having been asked to turn him out.—Defendant said that the man who was in the house was a perron they never under any circumstances served with drink, and he and Mrs Jones asked him to go out many times hut he would not. He was one of those kind of characters that they did not like to be rough with, or he would soon damage the furniture, and behave otherwise badly. He did his best to get him out of the house as quickly as possible, and swore no drink was supplied to him. To prove this, defendant called John Roberts, Denbigh, and John Roberts, Tremeirchion, who both declared that Jones had no drink, and that defendant induced him to quit.—Sergeant Lewis said thb charge was not for supplying drink, but for permitting a drunken man to remain on the premises.—Defendant said he had kept the house ten years, and there had not been the slightest complaint against him or his house.—Superinten- dent Tudge saw the man in question (Wm. Jones) on the street soon after twelve that day, and he was very drunk. The man told him he had been working all night and had seven quarts of ale before seven o'clock that morning. Directly after Mr Chambres sent to the police station for men to lock the man up as he was drunk and disorderly in Henllan-street.—The Mayor, after a consultation in private, said they had carefully considered the case, and as defendant refused the man drink, they agreed to deal leniently with him, it being also the first charge against the house. The fine would be 5s. and costs, although they had power to fine him £10 and costs. The Bench blamed defendant for not having asked Sergeant Lewis to turn the man out.—Defendant said that the Sergeant left the house before he had the chance of doing so. THE ANNUAL LICENSING MEETING.—This beincr the annual Brewster Sessions, the whole of the licenses held in the borough of Denbigh, including the village of Henllan, were renewed, there having Viopn no pnmnlftinla mnrlo hv t.h.1; 0q fA "Ion way in which the houses had be?n conducted. The license* were 39, al"o one for selling sweets one for wines, on<- for selling beer not to be consumed on the premises. Only one six day's license was issu d—to the landlord of the Castle At'ms Inn, Ca*>l.- Hill. A NOTORIOUS CHARACTER IN TROUBLE.—William Junes. labourer, well known in the town, having been convicted on 34 previous occasions for assaults, ponchinir, and drunkenness, was charged wi!\¡ drunken and ri itous conduct. Serjeant Tipwis proved thtt, defendant was drunk and riotous in High-street, on the 16th ult. He Wa'4 cursing and sweirinl, so furiously and loudly that he could hear him the full extent of High street. This was the mm found drunk in the Eagles Inn. The bpneh considered that it was useless to fine defendant, and committed him to gaol for one month's Inrd labour. He did not appear, although he was seen about ten minutes before the court met. and it was said he never appeared except when brought up in custody N OTIC F. OF APPLICATION.—Mr Joan Lloyd, Bull Hnf<*l. gave notice that at thespecial sessions, on tlw 27th September, he should apply for an Pytet)-ion of license, so as to take in the present private house and the billiard rooms, for which latter he now took a separate license. HIGHWAY OFFENCE-A CARELESS DRIVER.— Thomas Howson, of Ilhiwlas VClla, Llanrhai idr, was charged by Sergeant Lewis with obstruct ng the highway on August 10th. The sergeant said he saw defendant's cart and two horses standing at the Druid Inn. A man came by with a can on his head and frightened the first horse so that it turned round, and but for defendant rushing out of the Druid and catching the horse the animal would have gone away up the street. Soon after that he saw defendant leave the same horses and cart opposite the shop of Mr Hughes, bootmaker, for ten minutes without anyone in charge. He had difficulty in getting defendant's name, he refusing to tell it. Mr Hughes, shoemaker, was called to prove that the time the cart s ood opposite his shop was not many minutes, but he sld the cart was at his door when the cart came up Defendant was fined Is and costs, and cautioned as to j the dangerous nature of the offence. A NAME AND A LITTLE PAINT WANTED —David Roberts, farmer, of Rhiwlas Ucha, Llaurhaiadr, was charged with leaving a cart, the signboard of wh'ch was illegible. The case was proved by Sergeant Lewis, and corroborated by P. C. Evan". Defendant said there had been a name on it once, hut was got old and dirty. Defendant was fiued 2s 6d and costs.—Remarks were made about the great number of carts going about the country without names, and one of the magistrates called attention that several were often allowed to stand in the narrow part of Henllan-street, by the turn to Gweanynog, to the great danger of those using the road. The police promised to attend to the matter. TO THE ELECTORS AND RATEPAYERS OF THE BOROUGH OF DENBIGH. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN,— At the September meeting of the Town Council which takes place on Monday, the 14th inst., the important question of borrowing by loan from the Treasury the sum of from £3 000 to f6 000, to be expended on various works that have been sug- gested and brought forward at previous Council meetings, will take place. I may mention a few of them:—Drainage of the Town, Widening of Red Lane, and the adoption of other public roads that aro not now under the control of the boro' for repairs, &c, the erection of a fever hospital, apublic mortuary. These, and many other pioposals of a similar nature will, I believe, be made. Now, therefore, is the time for the ratepayers to fully consider this question and express their opinions thereon. They have now an opportunity of thoroughly considering the scheme before the Council t ike final action, and of stating whether they are in favour, or are against the expenditure about. to be incurred, and can give such suggestions as will enable the Council to carry out their wishes in the matter, and deal fairly with all the rate- payers of the Borough. With this view, I have ventured to remind those I represent that an opportunity occurs for them to state their wishes. I am, Ladies and Gentlemen, Yours obediently, JOHN LLOYD. Bull Hotel, Denbigh, August 31st, 1876. 319







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