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MEETING OF THE WREXHAM GAS COMPANY. On Monday last the thirty-seventh annual meet- ing of directors and shareholders of the Wrexham Gas Company was held at the offices, Wrexham Fectian. There were present—Messrs W. Overton (in the chair), A. W. Edwards, J. Jackson, E. Jones, J. Milligan, J. Allmand, J. Davenport shareholders: J. Bury, W. H. Taylor, T. Hughes. T. Stant, Walter Jones, J. Sudlow, R. Parry. S. Jones, J. Norman, E. Lovatt, S. Waden, and Thos. Walker (secretary). The minutes of the last meeting having been read by the secretary, The Chairman moved the confirmation of the minutes, and the seal of the company was attached to the list of the shareholders in authentication thereof. The Secretary then read the annual report, which was as follows:—"Revenue Account: The sale of gas has increased during the year; but, owing to the reduction in the price of 8d per 1 000 feet from the 1st day of July, 1875. the income from this source is less by the sum of X694 16s 10 i than the previous year. The other items of receipts show a satisfactory increase. The ) ear's expenditure upon this account is less by JB733 9s 8d, the two principal items of reduction being the cost of coal and cannel, and repair and renewal of marks and mains. The result of the year's working is an increased profit of .£506 9s 9d. During the year 92 additional houses and premises have had interior fittings fixed, and a number of others in course of erection will require a supply of gas before the winter. The expenditure upon the Capital Account has been chiefly for service pipes and meters for new premises. Main pipes will have to be laid to supply gas to the new barracks and houses in the rapidly increasing suburbs of R hosddu, Fairfield. and Hightown. The directors have under consideration the desirability of erect- ing some cottages for the company's workmen upon a. piece of land not required for the future enlarge- ment of the works. To carry out these extensions they propose to make further calls upon the 500 shares issued in the year 1872. Dividend—Af*er paying the interest and loans, and the interim dividend for the half-year ended 31st December hast, the directors have much pleasure in announcing that the balance of profit and loss account, amount- ing to < £ 1,369 7s4d isaut&dent to make the maximum ,I,1 oll/twas) h. fh.. "mn!lno'a Anf on/1 f. carrv forward a balance of -6106 17s 4d. They therefore recommend the shareholders to declare a dividend at the following rate, viz., 6 per cent. upon the consolidated stock, and 3l per cent, upon the shares, mating respectively 10 and 7 per cent,. per annum. The retiring directors are Messrs J. Allmand, Joseph Jackson, and Thomas Williams and the re iring auditor is Mr Wm. Jones: they are all eligible for re-election." The Chairman moved the adoption of the report, briefly reviewing the statements contained therein, and expressing his pleasure at seeing the company going on prosperously. Mr A W. Edward, seconded the resolution, which was unanimously carried. Mr John Bury moved, and Mr Lovatt seconded, that the retiring directors—Messrs Allmand, Jack- son, and T. Williams—be re-elected, and that the remuneraticn of the board for the current year be £100. The motion was carried unanimously. Mr Walter Jones moved that Mr Wm. Jones be re-elected one of the auditors. This was seconded by Mr G. Haden and carried unanimously. The Chairman moved that the interim dividend paid in March be confirmed, and that the share- holders now declare one at the following rate, payable on the 1st day of September, viz., at the rate of 6 per cent. upon the consolidated stock, and 3-ij per cent. upon the shares, making 10 and 7 per cent. per annum respectively. Mr Taylor seconded the resolution, which was carried. A vote of thr-nks to the chairman and directors was then proposed by Mr Bury, seconded by Mr T. Hughes, and carried unanimously. The Chairman briefly thanked the meeting for the compliment, on behalf of the directors and himself, and this brought the proceedings to a close.









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