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DENBIGHSHIRE COUNTY RIFLE ASSOCIATION. ANNUAL PRIZE MEETING AT LLANGOLLEN. The eighth aanual prize of the above assjociatioa took pluce at the rifle range. Llangollen, on Tuesday last. The meeting was considered a successful one, and there was a greater number of competitors than 'n previous yearE. among whom were several well-known Wimbledon shots but. although the weather was fine, the wind blew hilf a gale from the left during the greater part of the day, and the shooting was if anything below the average. To show how much a strong wind will affect the scores, it may be mentioned that the winner of the Association Prize, the coveted laurel at this meeting, aimed his rifle fifteen feet off the target. There were two pairs of targets, as usual, for the 200 and 500 yards ranges the Yeomanry prizes being competed for at the shorter range only. Shooting commenced at nine o'clock with the com- petition for the Association Prize, the total value of which is .£25, divided into seven prizes The first is. of course, the ambition of crack shots, inasmuch as in addition to a purse of .£10 the winner takes the medal of the National Rifle Association, which entitles him to shoot for his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales' Prize at Wimbledon in 187". He is also entitled to the battalion nomination for the Queen's Prize and the St. George's Challenge Vase at the same meeting, the entrance fees being paid by the association. Private E. Rowland. ist, D.R.V.. is the winner this year with a total of 50 points; which compares unfavourably with last year when the winner of the same pjize scored 59, but under more propirious circumstances. la the preliminary competition for the selection of members to repre- sent the corps at Llangollen, Private Rowland stood 15th out of the 16 selected, with a score of 162. the two highest scorers being Private F. Jones. 288 and Quartermaster-Sergeant Lees. 283 With one ex ception, Lady Williams Wynn's prizes were carried off by Wrexham, the first falling to Corporal H. Jones for 52 points, whereas the same prize last year was won with 55 In the volley firing the Wrexham first squad tied with Ruabon with i 26 points, and divided the prize. Wrexham was again to the fore in the yeomanry contests, the cup in the Ladies' Prize being secured by Private J. Roberts, of the B troop, with 18 points, which how- ever was three below the score made last year in the same competition; but the yeomanry at the short range had :he same difficulties to contend with as the volunteers, and considering the day was not at all favourable for good practice the scores were not so much amiss. The All-comers' brought out 85 competitors, the first prize falling to Wrexham in the person of Sergeant T. Woodville. Sir Watkin Williams WTynn, the lieutenant-colonel, was unavoidably absent as was also her ladyship, and Major West also sent a telegram expiessing re- gret at not being able to be present. The officers on the ground included Lieutenant-Colonel White, who acted as umpire, Captain Conran, honorary treasurer; Captain Bury, Captain L. ko erts and Lieutenants Morris (hon secretary), J. Osweil Bury, Aspinall, Price, and Williaaas. The yeomanry de- tachment was under the command of Uapt. Barnes. In the course of the afternoon, the Hon. Mrs and Miss Tottenham distributed the prizes; but it was remarked that some of the recipients of the volunteer prizes so far forget themselves as to appear in the topcoats of civilians during the cere- mony. Besides being unsoldierlike, there was no excuse for this breach of military etiquette, the sun shining brightly at the time. The prizes having been distributed, hearty cheers were given for Mrs and Miss Tottenham, after which the men returned to the butts to finish the remaining competitions The duties of the secretary's tent were efficiently discharged by Sergeant-Instructor W. Jones, assisted by Sergeant Cummings. 0 R.C., of the Royal Denbigh Militia staff. The marking was done by the staff sergeants cf the 1st Royal Cheshire Militia. Subjoined is the return of the various contests:— THE ASSOCIATION PRIZE, value 9-25. Competed for by ten per cent. of (he effective members of each coi ps leturned December 1st, 11:17:Kang", 200 and 1501) yards. Seven Loi,otsatt-ach. Firt prize. Lioaud the medal; serontl, -65 third, £ 2 les fourth, £ 1 10s fifth, £ 1; a priee of £ l to the highest scorer at each range and a prize of X3 to the squad that makes the highest aggregate average at both ranges. 200 500 I otal. Private E. Rowland (Wrexham) 30 20 SO Private K. ParKinson (Wiexham) 24 24 4 Private P. Parry (Gresford). 26 22 48 Lieutenant Price (Gresford) 26 18 44 Private It. Wynne (Denbigh). 24 18 42 Range Prizes. 200 yards, Sergeant McUmcheon (Gwersyllt) 30 points. uO >.irds, Private K. Parkinsou (Wrexhain) 24 „ Aggregate (Gresford) 37 83 LADY WILLIAMS WYNN'S PRIZE, value X12 10i. Com- peted for by five per cent, of the efficient members of eaeh corps who have att ndeu the greatest number of drills be- tweell the 1st December, 187.5, and the 31»t of July, 187t>. Kanges, 20<; ana ,.00 yards First prize, £ 5; second £ '2 1ub; thiril, £ 1 10s; a pr.ze of 10s to tne highest scorer at each rauge; and a prize of 1;2 0" to the squad that mak. s the ranj<e and a prize of £ 2 0s to the squad that mak. s the highest aggregate at both ranges. 200 500 Total. Corporal H. Jones ( Wrexham) 29 23 52 Sergeant J. Smith (\\ r xh ititj 26 23 49 Private P. Joues (Wr, xliltm 28 20 48 liange Prize. 200 yards, Sergeant Mcllutcheon (Gwersyllt).29 points. WO yards, Corporal J. lioberta (Wrexham) 2fi Aggregate (Wrexham) 42 87 ALLCOMERS' SNIDEK ENFIKLD PRIZK. Open to all-comers. Five shots at 600 yar'is. Lighty-five com- petitors. First prize, £ 10 sejond, £ 2 10s, third £ 1; fourth, 15s; fifth, lus. petitors. First prize, £ 10 sejond, £ 2 10s, third Ll fourth, 15s; fifth, lus. 500 yds. Sergeant T. Woodville (Wrexham). 20 Sergeant K. Lloyd (Ruthin) 20 Private F Jone- ( rex ham K 20 Corporal W. Smith (Runbon) 20 Private P. Parry (Gresford) 19 VOLLE Y PRIZE. A squad of eight men fr.m each company aud sub-division of a company, or separate sub-dnisiou I consisting of effective officers, non-commwoned officers, and pr.vates. Five rounds each, at 300 yards. Hythe position. First pr.ze, Xs; second, L2; third Zi. 200 yds. Wrexham, 1st squad 126 ) Ruabon, 1st ,-quaa 126 j aiviae. Wrexham, 2n squad 119 LADIES' DENBIGHSHIRE HU-SARS PRIZE, presented I by the officers' ladies of the D.H. Competed for by sei en of the be.-t shots of each troop. Regimental carbines. Five shots at 200 yards. Fiist prize, cup value 45; secotid LI; third, 10s. Private J. Roberts (B troop) 18 Private H. Roberts (C troop). 16 200 yds. I Private T. Morris (B troop) 14 LIEUT.-COL. NAYLOR LKYLAND'S PRIZE, value £ 5. Five shots :it 200 yards. The winner of the cup not al owed to compete for this prize. First prize, £ 2 10s second, £ 1 losr third £ 1. lt)q thir,i El- 200 yds. Sergeant J. Roberts C troop) 17 Private H. Atiallis (C troop). 16 Private J. Robel ts (D iro» p) 15 COLONEL TOTTENHAM'S CUP. Same conditions. The winner of the cup not allowed to compete. 200 yds. Corporal F. Richards (A troop; 16 SERGEANT INSTRUCTORS' PRIZE. Open to Sergeant Instructors belonging to corps forming the first adminis ra- tive battalion. Five shots at 500 yards. First prize, £1; second, X2 third, L I. 500 yds. Sergeant W. Jones (Wrexham). 20 Sergeant E. Roper (Gresford) 16 Sergeant J. Phoenix (Ruabon) 6










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