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!I JJL C) S.


I JJL C) S. BARROW-IN-FCR»ESS, Monday. — The weekly ex.;uaug-« meeting was fairly attended this morning. 1'Ue tone u tat iron trade, however, remains verv unsatisfactory, ani tne amount ot busmess passinir is limited. Cousumers oi pig iron have but few wants at present., ana halt of tile smsiuiu^ plant in the district wnich is x in employ can piviuoa sulhceut iron to meet the demands. At many works makers" stocks are accumulating, but, generally speaking, tne output is confined as nearly as possible to the actual want of till. market. There L a little business doing witu tlie continent and the Bristol Chaunei. Trade, altnougu remarkably qmat, is represented by a few cargoes of bota pig iron and iron ore, which are shipped weekly from the worti in tile district. The value ot iron is quotably unciiamred, No. 1 being stiil held for 67s. 6d. a ton, and No. ii forge lor 62s. 6d. the works. Steelmakers have been fairly employed during the Week in tlle roductiou of railway material. Shipbuilders and finished ironworkers are in receipt of a limited amount of business. Coal is 12s. to l»s. per ton. MiDOLESBoaocGH, Tuesday.—i he iron market to-day wu well attended, and appeared more settled than last v oek. the rumours relatiuj to financial difficulties having practical ceased. The demand for pig iron of tne hIgher quaLties was better to-day, aud the majority of sellers were able to maintain their prices, which are the same as those oilared.. fortnight ago. G.M.B. No. 3 is selling at 4us. less com- mission, and, where sold free on trucks, 46s. 6d. less 1 per cent. Forge iron continues a drug on the market, and may be bought at from 41s. 6d. to 42s 6d. nett. according to the position of the niaket. The stoo" are not declining, though the production is less, and shipments are not equal to tn. average. The mquirie." for finished iron recently received have not resulted in business. Aid m — WOLVEHHAMPTOJT Wedne&day.- Merebauts relortt-4, a better demand for most, kinds of finished iron used by hume customers. Negotiations were opened this afternoon with finished iron firms for considerable lots in one case for i 00t tons, but the prices otiered Were low. Quotations slightly weaker in a few cases than last week. Best native pisrs dear- er by is. 3d,, but consumers would not respond, encouraged by the qaotatiODSofforeitmpisrnrms, which for the less valu- able kinds were more in buyer's favour than a. weet ago. Best Coal firm in prices; inferior qualities easy, with aa abundant supply.



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