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THE MAGAZINES FOR SEIJTE.\M{ 8. Casselfs Dictionary of Cooieru h, ■<. eleventh part, and an cxfuniM}ltj0,f s '■eoipes confirms our eariicr noue^of f :,hl« utility There is in Ihe present nuinU 1 :"Vl1 tion of a well-written treatise on tii»» 'ar SSr-aM *c<,l<,ured<» 'rati, Schild's Little Dressmaker rs *'•». ■3/, r,m>took-street, Covent Garde-. p r' 'inscriptions of the new frshions for 'MlV, ,m their little ones with coloured plates J, :l!,d patterns of giris' costumes. I'uper We have seen near v o>ir .1 CasselVs History 0f India, and can the-"?f Wlt.il confidence of its literary illustrations. It is a work Mmt the roun-and old, for all s„ouH he po«e^'|or »hl historical and geographical knowledge",f l-l ? Empire in the East. Tne » the war with Hoikar, the assauliVo "m' ,'v of Corn wallis, the Veltore Mimm n-iy 'l'^ff Indian ^eas in the vears 1807 q' t army, and the conquest of ,jav^' "m n'v ',ie /numerous and well drawn. Ihe woodcuts are Hand and Heart (75. Snoe Lane. p| -t n continues to provide most wholesome hiSJ'7V readers. l„ thb present day when viojr ,f li^ Un\ ,te eagerly sought after hv the vomi" all ."ri IS moral ch,ra„ler „f u|0 «» the circulation of such good sound period'°i 'SMu8t oneh,fore us. The murderer. Fish uT> 'v ,fl« hanged at Ki-kdale, ascribed his falling into' 7 w« the:e^ Heart, which are filled with ohoLn i';l~ <T' h! as terse as they are varied—a <i h er,ar^ selections— those of our readers who havp nr,/U i ,"l!' ",v"' to scribers. ve not become >ub- In Casseirs Family > Caught in the Briars, and ser'n1 sff,r'r'S, to run their interesting course nod th i f"on'e reading will also be delig of wit!, V°Ver< °' Iis-'hk Blight in Summer. hy Air r- at t? 1nr!' A items in the present numh-r n™ 'J' Ti,e ofher character. They comD C LT *!TJ and of a to cure nervousness" a conversation en °n hoW and preserves, a chapter on how to m■l''rns good hints on furnishing iod h ? n ir"- s 11716 subjects^ « Ar; ,r"rn- read in a: may be mentioned a d. !■ m"ro r"lid tnbuted by MrS. Highly Prs scri"tive article oon- collection of scientific anno-il loan Museum and a naje^ ?rOU! h Ken*in,ton the Eastern Question There nr? ex,)ia"!m& illustrations and poetry in e ntiml er herPX"P'^ is certainly one of t he bit w* K™ Wli,ch Behirama, since it tell to the firm'of m and Windus, Piccadilly, has beer, II (,,latuto current, number bein* unnsaally a Braddon's novel, '"Joshua H-imWrrP n it „ 68 entered on a mys-ery tha1"- is likelu t next chapters. Oswald VVrifth Vel marri-d Jo-hua's dau^lter t" appeared, and suspicion" points to oh?' llT perpetrator of a foul deeH « ? Hasrarard as the accredited upright and honest charaS^^Ir ChadS bridge in the Nirth aid flip 1 enoe, °,n a was <aved by fowls, and a v. *Z tJ?W ^1* h& Cameron continues her no-el • jK '"The^ew 'RE-'in T is dven ol philosophy in an other (Jorl I'¡>:¡ôi 1)J! if' a 1' "IV r,f Swedf'n borg's ahv "Q'ns and Cranks at our Cluo Window'' are clew and aniusim; pioductions. ciever The ch ef a: traction to ioe.i! read<•> in n™ 7 w j <D»"v, iJ&toT&oTX paper by I)en Hows0;1, 0 f.e Ooovnom" m 1S. a Chester fiarnedral. Pnvn •< „•« V' 1 "I Vn Table ln the 'able is a urandshbo" r .V t,e tori of which 11resent, the surO, 'V"'1" tllft ^nels brought specially from me Ro'v t i t » °;uel the angles are of cedar from Lebanon.' 'The'o^inex- pln,ns thai, f le genenl suh, j, r,u ,(1 in Hl(( St. Jo,in, In the place where the Lord was onieified there was a garden,- and nrocee Is to prove hat the Cross was connected wiM, the girder., and that the tio must be associated w,th each of iter, a nrincmle on which tne decoration of th« Communion TaVe hfJ been arranged. Dean H ,wson takes ne scdnfirS deco at, m* seriatm. and -reals the „ to n !ea-ned d2 quts.t.on. 01 the 0ther contents 0f iheprese.it number ue may mention that Sa-ah Trler!s en'eSine s ory, What she ca e throu.d,is Conif r>S°l? Ve ure Bush: a od-fa-lijoried Love story D. Iliehardson contributes another useful paper oa national health, pointing out the faults a^d errors building habitations in the present dav, U,. s:ivq there aret iree direc.ions in which to beKn. tonvWin the work of reformat,on m t/,e habit,atm „f the he first consists in erecting model houses and^Towns de novo T-e second in adopting a thorough syVerTof must exist 1 lie third co i-is-s in a I li,u to ,.i,e houses ol the working Classes accessory buildings, in winch the labour of the day may be carried or away from the rooms where the meals of the lab .u-er are taken and Ins hours of sleep passed. Dr Richardson's ideas are undoubtedly good. hUf fear are almost impraeiicable. There are manv other mpers ?n the present number of Good JVor/s of a very read abb £ i2r'nn rUt?nant C.-inieron concludes his interest- art on his journey arrows Afriea. The Countries of the World is the tit'e of anothpr venture from the ent.-rpnsing publishing firm, Messrs Petter and Galpin We are exceedingly well-pleased with t-,e first part issued this week, andwitl, which k given a beautiful plate entitled, The S coping terror y[ p„eri'i> t ie p'e!l-known painting by Carl rUd, Casse.l s new work is entirely ori"in-iI indie edited ny R,. Brown, M A.. Pn-D., K.L S. FRG-; th« late president ofthe Royal Pnysical College, Edinburgh. It is intended to give a comprehensive and intetli"ent account of recent discoveries, both on sea and land- graphic sketches will be given of tneappearai.ee pro- dud, ons, industries, snooty, politics, and wonders of the various portions of the globe according to the latent discover,es, Maps will be supplied wherever neceS? >10 ''le filuc.tlation of the text, uhile the whole will 2 profusely illustrated throughout by engravin-s of scenerv cities, plains, all i IlIaS, and other features of geographical interest, by tne nest artists- The author in aduition to supplying much unpublished informa- tion from his own observations during extensivs vovages and journeys, will be assisted bv many who, as experienced travellers anil correspondents, will describe those regions with which tney are personally acquainted. The work will be published month bv month, and will supply excellent reading forthe family- circle. It will also prove a useful book of reference for students, teachers, men of business, intending emigrants, inventors, and many others to whom know ledge of the kind may be regarded as indispensable Tt is intended to be a companion and snnnlom^* treatise tothatexo llent work "'rhe l aces of „HmJ. (56, Paternoster-row, London) haa a. good descriptive article on Bulgaria, a country which is just now engaging considerable attention; are several woodcuts of the natives who fill different positions in Rn, garian society. Dr Bimbault gives a short biogTanhv of eminent musical teacher, John IuIIa; Canon Rawlin^ adds another chapter on early civilisation, which is devoted entirely to the civilisation of the British Celts. Thp Ian writer combats the statement of the late' A Williams, that civilisation had commenced in ac°in as B.C. 1,000 and that by the year B.C. "OO thV ear> was encli aa to entitle the British race to a among the nations which then held possession f After Voting C«>sax .Diode^ and MtnVfaSS- port of his views, Canon fiawlinson coaclndM fw British Celts, though not abso'ute savages, had succeeded m developing a very iow type o{ civills;'lti bsu«^ed Roman conquest We have not space at our disposal to rete to the other capital articles in the Leisure Hour which is this month a most enjoyable numbar. The V.ar^T "Cocker's Arithmetic," "American Myths," and^' Lord Palmerston's Letters" are worthy of careful perusal. (10 be continued).

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