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Tji.,t v, .vk, f.. n\ Lewi? co-emitted suicide ]i) r' cotvti.ii f,li'Hrn. M ■. of C nwiv, launched a nne yacht M T. ,« the -.nnu-il show of the Vale of .:r r> <■ i -s -iiji Co, drai^rs. m"rr.t>r«, &c p h ivi' d's-o'ved i.arh.c^hit., •v A R TT -p ? Holvwell, has been uppo n ed lay I p.nr v.«!rn^dd, -n the parish «f R.ngor. f n TTni'vd <ou*it»< H«nt<*rv» Soci«tv b f ••• ft., "vuil exhibition, which was 3 „rf,h<,M.. n Sor*h Walw traininsr «hip will ]jp -r-nn.pl riff R' "or. h~» ween Rhianfw and Craigvdon °' A<.r.»- of incorporation has been ""]l \i.„ r w to consist of four aldermen I f ,V-»!V* f ,r'5 t H I' •' i<rM in« have resolved to obtain a s-L,!v o'" Caerwvs with a view of re'-o-t- on h" "• k •• rf>. ^••r.-tinvT n-W v"r,;S. >mnn •' -OK Md last week a great K ,,7,000o^rson* oresent daring the gtl-C «, '*»<■" o 1 • l dq.nn- on fh'- C 'I ''• rv.itivs of ff**rvin h*ld a bj,nqa» at .vhVh x nn-'th -r f x^'lent speeches in advocacy of 'n!.rv,tivP 'fr R. 'b P • ^a<1 l,0t'n »P"r"nfed f° "R np^ a.,nl P vn-l a-in I Mis^r' of the Free- hs -f nr-f.e -f Vorth Wale* and Shropshire. IDThn TsVm '<■ nx?"r! i- a'our in Nor(h Wales. *<. |iirn,,rW> *i<<; !ord«hio pleached on Sunday n,n.>r !inl J the indents of the training C('1.J'O ;G .h") ;h!? TMi r* ,)r.,1 Uo ion a of « pin' <>n TVs*«v. The onncipaW \T H.K.M. \T-V- nevBinos, and M,. |v,nc P Tz-eoln Cithedral. T?«ir-il -*anr irv hn<* a*- tfr-rrn r< 1' ;n f" 11'' "f its medical officer of health •J"n01 of ,K :,u-ust Hodv, another will be f-ni l *n RM l- who will comply with its re. quo"< ""r T m"mffinsc director of the Brom- p,vrm.,n-- u t.r.Mi-rht h-fore the magistrates at with frin 'ulentlv f|lt;rr:n7 Inp ,b -ho i'c of the concern. A. remand was '10'i l cone of a new Weslevan Chapel was IaH on Mm' '• .<n. at the Rurnt h'^se, near ^e'lttvn. T'-1" c'Ternonv was pet-formed hv *he Rev Rich Earner, firm 'riv Weslevan Minister in O,hv. The Re" John Weslevan miniot. at, H"lv- 1feli. who is nbout In remove to another c^rcnit. has heen presented wUh a h*nd«>m- B b'e as a of esteem in recognition of the sood services performpd bv hIm Jarin?his resid-mce in the town On Mondiv. at noon, the bodv of a midrlle-heierht person WAS found AT high-wa^r mark Mow the heht- hoase at Point of Air. It seems to have h"en a con. aiderahl- time in *h» water, as lec"mp-rton has *et in SO far AS o !,pnn"r ]n(ipnh r,fltlOn impossible. A few davs a rr '"tleman was runninsr along the str-e's of Llandudno when he was knocked down bv a MC«bhr," and on recovering frlm his temporarr In- gensiHlitv found that some individual hid '-kindly" relieved him of the trouble to cirry £14 all the way h°/Vt" Yeston petty sessions, on Fridav, six fishermen were oiimraon° 1 at the instance o* Petpr Cameron, water bl\;1" fi.hin? with a take net at (jrcen Gutter." One of the defend ints was costs, and the snm-non* aeainst the others was dismt -ed on the ground yjflr Hav were pot- owners of nets. p,.nt-nns for liquidation hv arrangement have heen pre,ented hv the following persons: _R. M. Hornhv. fftrnvr gvrewchnr- T..lurd. clerk of wo'k. Chester; A RoV-tc d^ner, Amlwch; Parks B o'hers, saltmanu- f^J.fiirerc vvinofo.-1. Phoshire; R Williams, pig dealer. O-wnlchmni. Angl^sev: D. Hamer, farmer, Great Rerrv T, p. Jones, tailor. Rurnin. M John Jobnes, who was murdered br his butler, at D^'ancothv, was huried on Saturday, in the ctmch yard of Paio. The chnrch-vard was crowded, and a larg" nnmher of person^ witnessed the recession. wrrch Wl, nf ron-i embl length. Miss J >hnes and LRriv I.lanorer stoo^ next to the coffin. T'te burial service was read in the language. Mrs Cockman in still ■I f- cn'ti-al condition. The Vale of Towy Einteddvod. which was held at Llandilo. on Mond-iy. under the presidency of the Rev Dr firiffiHu, in the morning, and of Mr Lewis, of Gurrev in the afternoon, was a great success. Lord Emlvn, M.P.. was pre-ent, and toott part in the proceed in <rs. Th" principal cho-al COmpetitlon of the dav Wit. won hv the L'andilo choir, of 130 voices, led bv Foe ~vn^ais, of Treorkv. Mr W Padwaladr Davies, writing in a contemporary an the nen-Wolictti n of the balance-sheet of the Bangor E'st ddvod, savs:—"I never voted to anvbodv E pennv of the Eistpd.tvod surplus, ar d, after two vear^' service as li erary and corresponding -ecretarv, received jnst a suiffcient sum of monev to cover mv travelling and •ther expenses. "I never saw any of the accounts of the Eisteddvo.1. and had neither the right nor the inclina- tioa t interfere in its financial affairs." TRB PAMBRIAV RAILWAYS.—The half-yearly report of the directors of the Cambrian Railways shows the m,. receipts to June 30 to have been £94: 451, against J888 4RO "n increase of £.5,9ïl. The total expenditure en capital account to date has been £2,:?67,366 and of this £.!)i9 has heen carried to general balance sheet, [n consequence of the arbitration nnder the Act of 1875 not being completed, the meeting was held on the 29th .It together with the 241h h^f-yearly meenne pro forma o-lv. meetings were adj >n-n. d to Wednesday F bruarv 28, then to be held for the despatch of business A T.LV*DUDNO COMMISSIONER FINFD FOR *KUELI.Y.— At Llandudno petty sessions, on Monday, Mr Thomas Henrv LI0,r<. wine merchant, and a member of the board of commits-oners, was summoned for cruelty to a ioe:, through the action of the Society for the Prevention of CrupHv to Animals. On the evening of August 14, Mr Hogh Jones tound the defendant sitting in the billiaH room of the St. George's Hotel. He was in a Tery excited state and informed witness that the Spirit bad acquainted him of his arrival. Defendant then took hold of a Pomeranian dog which had followed witness, and threw it from him against the billiard table with sneh force as to break two of its legs. The dog had consequently to be drowned. The defendant was fined 20s and costs, the bench instructing the police to appre- hend the defendant, if he was f und wandering about. mnless under proper supervision. The defendant has _tv Inst been released from Carnarvon Gtol, where he had been committed in default of finding sureties to keep tile peace. hIt DENBIGH, RUTHIN, AND LORWEN RAILWAY COMPANY—The half-yearly general meeting of the Denbigh, Ruthin, and Corwen Railway Company w", held on Sa'nrday at the Queen's Hotel, Manchester; Mr S. H. Bickham, the chairman, presiding. The report gfcated the gross receipts for the half-year had been £ 6,715. and th« total expenses £ 3,519, leaving a net revenue of £ 3,196. The receipts showed an increase, as compared with the corresponding period of 1875, and the expenditure a decrease of £655. After paying rent charges and debenture interest there would remain a balance of £ 1,653 at the credit of net revenue account, which would enable the directors to pay a dividend at the rate of (ppr cent per annum on the preference shares, leaving a balance of to be carried forward to next half-year's account. The capital account showed that the total receipts to the 30th June last had been .£243.880, and the expenditure to the same period, JB244 209. showing a balance against the account of £39. The total number of passengers carried in the half-year, according to the revenue account, was 75 216, the receipts from whom had amounted to £2,914, aa com- pared with JJ3.046 in the corresponding period of 1875. The receipts from merchandise and mineral traffic in th& half-year had been JB3.012, against £2,907 in the corresponding half-vear. On the motion of the chairman, the report was adopted and the dividend declared, and the proceedings then terminated.