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WBEXHAM TOWS C^LNCiL. The quarterly meeting of the Town Council was held in the Council Chamber, on Tlk,.d",y afternoon, under the presidency of the Mayor (Dr Eyton-Jones). There were also present Alder JIen J. Beirne. J. C. Owen, and T. Jones; Councillors 1 Lioyu (ex- Mayor), W. Rowland, T. Roberts, J. M. Jones. and 1. Shone, Mr John James (Town C;erkl, Mr Smith (Borough Surveyor,, and Mr Higgins (Inspector o K uisances. ) THE NEW RATE. On the motion of the ex-Mayor, se^'nded by Alderman Beirne, it was resolved to levy a general district rate of two shillings in the pound for nouses, &c., and sixpence in the pound fur land. &c., which had been prepared under the orders of the board. Some conversation aiose on a suy^estion that the money should be borrowed to efL ct improvements and thus relieve the rates, but the Town Clerk stated that the Council could not do so without making the usual application and holding a local inquiry. GRATUITY TO THE INSPECTOR OF NUISANCES. The ex-Mayor had given notice that he would more that the Inspector of Nuisances have an allowance of a sum of money, to be decided upon by the Council, as an acknowledgement of his services in preparing a census of the population for the use of the Commissioner in airarging the four wards. Mr Lloyd said the gratuity had been spoken of at the last meeting of the General Parposes Com- mittee. It was admitted by all that Mr Higgins had done the woik exceedingly well, and that the Council found in him a diligent and trustworthy officer. Some members had thought that the sum should be .£2 2s Od, and others 10s Od. He was of opinion that.£5 5s Od would meet the case, and should propcse that amount. Alderman Beirne seconded the motion Mr Shone moved that the remuneration be held over until some further particulars were obtained and the census made more complete- He (Mr Shone) was anxious to have all the columns in the book filled up showing where niaisances existed, where there was defective ventilation, and other general defections. When that was done he should be prepared to vote a handsome sum. Mr Higgins said he should have to go round to every house in the borough again if be had to comply with the suggestions of Councillor Shone; though he did not mind that, only the Corporation must not limit him too much to any particular time. Before putting the rateable value he was wailing for the rate-book to be completed. Alderman T. Jones, in supporting the resolution of the ex-Mayor, said it was a good sign when the people began complaing of being interfered with by the Inspector of Nuisances, for it showed that the latter was doing his duty (hear, hear). People said now, Befere old Higgins was appointed there was no interference; but now there is no end to it!" He hoped Mr Higgins would continue to interfere in the same way (bear, hear). No one seconding the amendment, the resolution was put and carried, Mr Shone being the on y one voting against it. DIVISION OF THE TOWN INTO WARDS, The Town Clerk stated that he was in communi- cation with the Lord Chief Baron with regard to the inquiry for the purpose of dividirg the town into wards, and he (the Town Clerk) had reason to believe that an appointment would be made that day for a Commissioner to come down to Wrexham to hold such inquiry. There was reason to believe that the divisions would be made in time for the t election in November. | THE SEWERING OF SALISBURY PARK, Mr Shone proposed and the ex-Mayor seconded that application be made to the directors of the Provincial Insurance Company for a loan of a suffi- cient sum to defray the expenses of the sewaire of Salisbury Park, and the attendant disbursements in connection therewith to be repaid in 30 years at 41 per cent. The motion was agreed to. TENDERS FOR. WALLING. The following tenders, which had been sent in for the construction of a boundary wail opposite St. Mary's Rectory, Regent street, were read :—Mr R, Jones, Roxburgh-place, 10s Mr J. Davies, £5; Mr T. Hughes Chester-street, £53 19s. On the møtion of .11' Shone, seconded by the ex-Mavor, the tender of Mr Hughes was accepted. A HOUSE WITHOUT A WATER SUPPLY. The Town Clerk stated that a notice had been served on the owner of the toll-house, on the xiolt road, requesting him to provide for it a sufficient supply of water, and this had not been complied with. Mr Shone proposed, and Mr J. M.Jones seconded, that the work be executed by the Council at the expense of the owner.—Carried." STREET IMPROVEMENTS. Mr Smith (borough surveyor; reported that the apportionment of tne expenses of leveling, channelling, metalling, and making good Egerton- street. was ot:74- 15s 7d, and Riiosddu-ioad, 9s 9d. This apportionment was adopted, and it was agreed that the several owners respectively liable to the expenses of such works, be served with notices of it. The Town Clerk said he had received letters from about one-third of the owners of pro- perty in the Hirder field, offering to defray tneir proportion of the expenses to be incurred* the making of a road. 1 he question was referred to the General Purposes Committee. The Town. Clerk also mentioned that lie ha.d received several letters from the owners of houses in Hightown, who objected to paying their pro- portion of the extra expenses incurred in the altering of the levels. Referred to the General Pur- poses Committee. THE LATJI: MR T. T. GRIFFITH. The Mayor said he had a motion to propose which he should like recorded in their minutes. It was to the following effect :—" Tnat this Council begs to record its deep sense of the 'oss that the town and Corporation of Wrexham have sustained in the death of Thomas Taylor Griffith, Esq., surgeon, of Wrexham, who, when the town wa.s first incorporated, gave to the Corporation The Griffith Fund,' and whose high moral character, integrity, eminent professional abilities and earnest philanthropic life endeared hire to all classes of the community." Alderman Owen having seconded the resolution, it was agreed to nem. co,i, and a copy w ordered to be forwarded to the bereaved family. A GATE-HOUSE IN THE WAY. The Town Clerk said he had been in communics- tion with Mr Cullimore (of the firm of Messrs Helps. Birch, and Culliinere, solicitors, Chester) with respect to the gate-house on the Wrexham and Mold Turnpike. Mr Cullimore stated that the trustees must first offer the land to the adjoin- ing owner. As the Corporation were desirous of having the porch removed, he thought that could be done, but the site of the house could not be bad. The correspondence was thought to be satisfactory but no discussion took place thereon. FLUSHING THE SEWERS. Mr Rowland said it was highly necessary that the sewers should be flushed, and he would move that they be so frequently. The health of the town was likely to suffer much from them unless this were done. Mr J. M. Jones seconded the proposition, and it was agreed to. THE CEMETERY. The Borough Surveyor having reported that certain furniture was required for the rooms cf the new cemetery, it was agreed that the same be pur- chased. The ex-Mayor said the rooms of the house were exceedingly damp, and the inmates were suffering from colds through the same. He moved that pots be placed on the chimneys to prevent smoke descending into the rooms as it did now.—Agreed to. DEFAULTERS BEWARE Mr Roberts proposed thett a list be prepared, by the Corporate collector, of all miscellaneous outlying debts due to the Town Council, and placed on the table for inspection. Mr Shone seconded, remarking that at Cardiff such a list was placed on the table constantly, and was productive of good results. The motion was agreed to. This was all the business, the meeting not lasting over an hour.

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