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MR FAREWELL ADDRESS TO His CONSTITUENTS.—Tne following address to the electors o' tne county of Buckingham has been issued by the Prime Minister consequent upon hi- elevation to the Peerage: Gentle:;eu,-Tlle Queen having been graciously pleased to summon me to the House of Peers, 1 return to you the trust which, for so inanv years, you have confided to me as your member in the House of Commons: an assembly in which I have passed the greater part of my life. It has been a period of trv niji occasions and memorable events. and if I have been permitted to take some part in their management and control, next to the favour of our Sovereign. I am deeply conscious I am indebted for that opportunity to the fidelity of your feeling lhroughout my public life I have aimed at two chief results. Not insensible to the pri ciple of progress I have endeavoured to reconcile change with that respect for tradition which is one of the main elements of our social strength and, in external affairs, I have endeavoured to deveUp and strengthen our Empire believing that combustion ot achievement and respon- sibility elevates the character and condition of a people. It is not without emotion that I terminate a connection endeared to me by many memories and many ties, but I have the consolation of recollection that, though I cease to be a member, I shall still nave the happiness of living amone you and that, though not directly your representative, I may yet, in another House of Parliament, have the privilege of guarding over your interest and your honour.—Your deeply obliged and ever faithful servant. B. DISRAELI." Epps's COCOA.—GRATEFUL AND COMFORTING — "By a thorough knowledge of the natural laws which govern the operations of digestion and nutri- tion, and by a careful application of the fine pro- perties of well-selected cocoa, Mr Epps has provided our breakfast tables with a delicately flavoured beverage which may save us manv heavy doctors' bills. It is by the judicious use ot such articles of diet that a constitution may be gradually built up until strong enough to resist every tendency to dis- ease. Hundreds of subtle maladies are floating around us ready to attack wherever there is a W; point. We may escape many a fatal shaft by keen mg ourselves well for'ified with pure blood and a properly nourished fra me." -Civtl Service Gazetu CJ.3 TIT 1') I I

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