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CRICKET. EATON PARK r CRE"TER -The RETURN ""11tc:h between these cluhs wap phlyed on the ground of the latter on Saturday last, nd resulted in a victory for Eaton Park by 31 runs with two wickets to fall. CHESTER (2ND ELEVEN) ? CIVIL, SERVICE (CHESTER),-This match was played on the ground of the former, on Thursday week, and resulted in a victory for the "Service" Score:—Chester, 4U; Civil Service, 106. In the second innings, Chester scored 86 with the loss of seven wickets. WEEXHAX v OSWESTy.-Thls match was plaved at Oswestry, on Saturday, August 19th, with the following result. Score: WKEXHAM. OSWESTET. i^' T?ross' k 0 A. F. Jones, b Thomson 1 Or. Thomson, b G^ugh 43 A. G. Davies, b Rowland 1 A. R. ABpinall, bO'Hara. 10 L. Heath, c A. R. Aspinall H. C. Cross, b O.Ham 3 b Thomson 1 F. G. Aman, ct. Galloway 2 C. Galloway, cW. Aspinall, T. W. Rowland, c Fen wick, b Stanford 14 b O Hara 3 J. O'Hara, b 8tanford 15 W..Stanford not out 3 J. F. Davies, cE. A. Cross, U. H. Broucht-on, c Gal- b A man I loway. b O Hara 4 T. Lewis, I.b.w., b R-owiaiad 6 W. Aspinall, b Williams 3 T. F. Williams, bStanford 13 W. U Aspinall, c Heath, W. C. Fenwick. run out 8 b O Hara 5 J. Pickstock, b Thomson. 14 G. Morrison, bO Hara 0 W. Gonsh, not out 6 Extras. 14 Extras. 17 90 97 WREXHAM 1" VTHITTINGTON.—This match was played at Wrexham, on Saturday last, and ended with the following result. Score: WREXHAM. WHITTINGTON. A. C. Low, b Beckett 1 J. B. Lloyd, b Kvrke õ H. C. Cross, run out 9 J. Pritchard, b Kyrke 1 G. F. Thomson, c Gal- J. F.Cooper notout 57 lowav, b Beckett 2 C. H. Wright, b Morgan 1 A. R. Aspinall, c Oswell, b E. M. Thelwall, I.b.w., b Beckett o K,rke l R. H. V. Kyrke, b Wriht Ii T. lIswell. b Kyrke. 7 Capt. Williamson, run ont I A. How. b Thomson S 0 G. Jones, b Wriprht 0 H. O. Howe, o Williamson, I. W. Rowland, not out. 5 b Thomsom 8 E. Morgan, c Lloyd, b G. Galloway, b Powland 0 Wrizht I T. Ward, b Thomson. 6 G, Sherratt, c How, b T. Lloyd, c Broughton, b right 8 Thomson 0 U. Brousjhton, c How, b J. Beckett, st. Sherratt, b Beckett 1 Thomson o F. Aman, c How, b Beckett 0 Extras 9 Extras 17 54 L OR WIRRLL V BROMBORO' POOL.-This match was played on Saturday last, on the ground of the latter, and resulted in a victory for the Wirral by 46 runs. Score: e WIRRAL. BROMBORO' POOL. W. F. Banyard, run out 6 A. Williams, c Strachan. b F. Faulconbridge, c F. A. Daniels 12 Green, b Williams C G. Halliwell, c Straciian, b G. Daniels, run out C Daniels 2 J. Y. Strachan, c F. A. G. Green, c Strachan, b Green, b Halliwell 34 Hewson 1 J. Ravenscroft, c F. A. R. Brocklebank, b Daniels 7 Green, b Harden 0 W. Harris, c Strachan, b Galloway, b Harden 0 Hewson 6 A. J. Bold, c W. Brockle- W. Harden, c Banyard, b bank, b Harden 22 Daniels 0 T. C. Maxwell, b Halliwell 3 W. Brocklebank. b Daniels 6 J. J. B. Hewsi n, b Halli- F. A. Green, c Hewson, b well. 27 Daniels 1 Wishart, notout 6 R. Price, c Strachan, b F. Cleary, absent Daniels 2 Adaius, not out 4 Wagstaff, b Daniels 7 Extras. 7 Extras 19 111 M CAPTAIN MESHAM'S ELEVEN r. MAJOR BIRCH'S ELEVEN.—This weil-contested match was played on last, on the beautiful ground at Pontryffydd, hut the rain prevented ui.ire than one innings being finished. Captain Mesham's well- known hospitality needs no comment, and greatand small were luxuriously entertained. Score: CAPTAIN MESHAM'S ELEVEN. Mr W. B. Buddicom, b R. Lyster 0 Mr R. LI Williams, b G. Lyster 8 b J. S. Birch 12 Mr C. Yates, I.b.w., b G. Lyster 22 Mr B. H. Jones, c li. Wynn, b G. Lyster 1 b R. Lvster 8 Mr T. LI. Williams, c and b G. Lyster 1 c and b R. Lyster 5 Captain Mesham, b 1!. Lyster. 5 Mr H. LI. Williams, c G Lyster, c E. vnn ] Mr S. Hughes, b J. S. Birch 3 not out 0 Mr A. B. Mesliam, not out r> run out ] Mr d. Chough, absellt.. 0 Mr H. Hughes, b J. >. Birch 0 not out 0 Mr J. Berth on.b E. Wynn 0 B 9, 1-b 1, w 2, n-b 5. 17 B 2, w 3 5 63 01 MAJOR BIRCH S ELEVEN. Mr H. Wynn. b Captain Mesham 0 Mr G. Lyster, b Yati-s 17 Kev J. Galbraitli, b Yates 6 Mr H. Lyster, c Yates, b Capt. Mesham 13 Mr E. W. \Y vnn, run out. 8 Mr Owell WiliiLiiiis, run out 6 Mr A. E Tumour, b Yates 1 Mr J. S. Birch, b Yates 0 .Nlr R. Wynii, b Cxl)-,aiu Ai'esham ] Mr E. Tumour, c Yates, b Capt. Mesham 5 Mr T. Fernley, b Yates 0 Mr M. Birch, not out 1 B 11, w 1 12 80



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