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^rabesmen's ^irtrrcssts. 1 R 0 FEAEKLEY- ACCOUNTANT & ESTATE AGENT. Secretary of the Wrexham Co., Secretary of the Wrexham District Permanent Building Society, Agent for the North British aad Mercantile In- sur i'jcc Company. OFFICES: 3, THE ARCADE. WREXHAM. 1510 JPUBE AERATED WATERS ELLIS'S RUTHIN W A 1 E R S CRYSTAL SPRINGS Soda Potass, Seltzer, Lemonade, Lithia, and for GOUT. Lithia an-i Potass. CORKS BRANDED « R. ELLIS & SON RUTHIN, And every label bears their trade mark Sold evørywhere and Wholesale of R. ELLIS & SON RUTHIN, NORTH WALES. 1070 ^JOCKLE^ ANTIBILIOUS PILLS In use amongst all Classes of Soeiety SEVENTY-SIX YEARS. May be had throughout the United Kingdom, In boxes at Is lid. 2s 9d, 4s 6d, and Lis. 18, NEW ORMOND-STREET, LONDON. ESTABLISHED 1835. WHELPTON'S VEGETABLE PURIFYING PILLS AXkiZi rr i»i l'i*U WJU UUU iu «, particle of mercury or any other mineral sub- stance, but to consist entirely of medicinal matters purely vegetable. For torty years they have proved their value in thousands of instances in diseases of the head, chest, kowels, liver, and kidneys; and in all skin complaints are one of the best medicines known. Sold in boxes, price i d, Is q-d, and 2s 9d each, by G. WHELPT >N and Sox, 3, Crane-court, Fleet-street, London and may be had of all ohemists and medicine vendors. Sent free on receipt of 8, 14, or ?3 stamps. 2* YDYWYSOGAETH, IL (THE PRINCIPALITY). Published every Pnday, Price One Penny: A GENERAL WEEKLY NEWSPAPER, PRINTED IN THE WELSH LANGUAGE, AND ADVOCAT- ING CONSTITUTIONAL PRINCIPLES. Y DY-WYSOGAETH has a very extensive circulation, being sold by Agents in almost EVERY TOWN and HAMLET in North and South Wales; also, in London, Liverpool, Manchester, Caaster, &c.. &e. Y ÐYWYSOGÁIITH is not a LOCAL hut NATIONAL NEWSPAPER, with a widespread circulation. Y DYWYSOGAKTH—Advertisers may feel ASSURE —is the beat, if not the only medium whereby their announce ments can be SIMUDTA-VEC DSLI perused in every county THROUGHOUT THE WHOI H Ok VV ALES. All Orders, &c.. to the Dahlisher, J. Morris, Y lVwTgviAHTF Office, Rhyl, Flintshire. OCKL'E'S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS. C These Pills consist of a careful and peculiar ad- mixture of the best ard mildest vegetable aperients with the pure extract of the flowers of the camomile. They will be found a most efficacious remedy for derange- ment of the digestive organs, and for torpid action of the liver and bowels, which produce indigestion and the several varieties of bilious aud liver complaints. They speedly ren ove the irritation and feverish state of the stomach, allay spasms, correct the morbid condition of the liver and organs subservient to digestion, promote a due and healthy secretion of bile. and relieve the constitution of all gcuty matter, and other impurities, which, by circulating in the blood, must injuriously affect tfee action of the kidneys; thus, by removing the causes productive of so much discomfort, they restore the aoergies both of body and mind. To those who indulge in the luxuries of the table, these pills will prove highly weful, occasioning no pain in thêü> action unless they meet with an unusual quantity of aend bile and acid matter in the stomach and bowels. TCi Euroreans, on their arrival in India or China, they are recommended as a preservative against the fatal disorders peculiar to tropical climates. Their occasional use, if combined with Ifce strictest attention to diet, will be frequently found to remove at once, by their influence over the secretions, that congestive and unhealthy condition of tne liver wmch is so often the earliest antecedent of severe febrile and censtitutional disturbance. It must be understood that these pills are not recom- mended as containing any new or dangerously active in- gredients; on the contrary, thev are characterised by a rematkable simplicity of combination, and whatever merit they may be found to poses.s depends as much upon the selection of pure drugs, and the unusual labour and at- tention bestowed upon their subsequent preparation, as upon the acknowledged peculiarity of their composi- tion. -rhey are not recommanded as a panacea, nor are they adapted to all complaints; but as a mild and efficacious apenent and tonic in the various forms of indigestion it will not, perhaps, be an exaggeration to state that they have been resorted to under all system? of diet, changes of climate, or atmospheric alternations, with an extra- ordinary degree of success for upwards of 76 years. This oelebrated family aperient may be had throughout the United Kingdom in boxes at Is lid. 2s 9d, 4s Gd, and 11 s. as well He 'n India, China, New Zealand, and the I Australian Colonies. OCKLE'S ANTIBILIOTTS PILLS, THK OLDEST PATENT MEDICINE, In Boxes at Is lild, 2s 9d, 4s 6d, aud lis. OCKLE'S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS, c In use the last 76 years for INDIGESTION. In Boxes at Is lid. 2s 9d, 4s 6d, and lis. COCKLE'S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS, c In use the last 76 years for BILIOUS AFFECTIONS. In Boxes at Is lid. 2s 9d, 4s 6d, and Us. COCKLE'S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS c In use the liist. 76 years for LIVER COMPLAINTS. In Boxes at Is lid, 2s 9d, 4s 6d, and Us. 947h 1 PEPPER'S I QUININE i v AND I IRON TONIC J PURIFIES and enriches JL the blood, strengthens the nerves and muscular system, pro- motes appetite, improves digestion, animates the spirits and mental faculties, excellent in scrofula, wasting diseases, neuralgia, sciatica, indigestion, flatulence, weakness of the chest and respiratory organs, > ague, fever fall kinds. Thoroughly recruits and re-establishes the gene- ral bodily health.-Sold byehemists everywhere, in capsuled borties, 4s 6d next si. lis; and in stone jars, 22s each. The name, address, and trade mark of the proprietor, JOHN PBPPBR, 237, Tottenham urt-road, London, is en the label. Any chemist will procure it to order. DELLAR'S CORN AND BUNION PLASTERS. Boxes, Is l^d and 2s 9d each The Corn Plasters are a certain cure for hard or soft corns; the Bunion Plasters a proved remedy for bunions and enlarged toe joint*. Sold by all chemists. CRACROFT'S ARECA UT TOOTH C p ATE. By using this delicious Aromatic Den trifice the enamel of the teeth becomes white, sound and polished like ivory. it is exceedingly fragrant and specially useful for removing incrustations of tartar on neglected teeth. Sold by all Chemists. Pots, Is and 2s 6d each. (Get Cracroft's.) DEAFNESS, NOISES IN THE EARS, &c. DE^LAK S ESSENCE for DBAFNESS aas provea an extraordinary remooy. It alwavs relieves, generally cures, and is strongly recommended by thou- sands who have derived benefit. It is quite harmless. Sold in bottles, Is I-ld and 2s 9d each, by all Chemists. X" OCKYKR'S SULPHUR HAIR RL- I A STORER w,11 completely restore grey hair to it> goglual colour without injury. It effects its object satisfactorily, producing a perfectly natural colour; thoroughlv cleanses the head from scurf, and caases the growth of new hair. Sold everywhere by Chemists and Hair-dressers in large bottles at Is 6d. EPPER',S WHITE COUGH MIXTURE; 1 the most reliable, speedy, and agreeable cure for Roughs, Colds, Asthma, Bronchitis, Consumption, and all diseases o' the lungs and air passages. It is soothing and comforting in its action, and quite different from ffdioaxy congh remedies. Bottles Is Itd and 2s Hd each. Soli by all Ckeausw. 11 is ftrabjesmm's Jhhn£;srs. FIRST-CLASS NEW I WATERPROOF TENTS AND MARQUEES ON HIRE, With all the necessary Fittings, Lights, &c.. adapted for FLOWER anil o'her SHOWS, Weddiags, Pic-nics and all kind, of Parties, with suitable Decorations, and Boarded Floors, if required, on reasonable terms. Apply to R0 H. N D L I C 0 T T REFRESHMENT CONTRACTOR, (Purveyor to the Wraxham Art Treasures Exhibition), GREYHOUND STORES SHREWSBIRY TENT WARSHOWSE—32, MARDOL, SHREWSBURY. N.B.-Tke above Tents can be lighted with gas irrespective of place ef erection. 22o — — OBSERVE! OBSERVE!! OBSERVE! A (wREAT CLBARANOE OF SURPLUS SUMMER STOCK AT MUCH REDUCBD PRICH6. T J. W I L L I A M S > 84, HIGH-STRBBT, DENBIGH, Respectfally informs his niHBerous friends and eennection that he is offeriag his SURPLUS SUMMER STOCK, At considerably reduced prices, in order to make room for Aatumu goods, and will favour his oostomors with some special bargains ia Costumes, Fichues, Jackets, Silks, Dresses, Prints, Woellens, GenUe- men's Outfitting, Ladies' and Gentlemen's Straw Hats, Carpets, Oilcloths, Mattings, Wall Papers, &c &c. The above comprise the latest novelties in the most charming designs. in. lavonr 01 an early mil >. aolisited. OOOo I MESSRS. WILLIAMS & EVANS, GENERAL HOUSE, FIRST-CLASS PASSENGER STEAM SHIP AND OFFICE FURNISHERS. •-4 I HOUSE FURNISHING a foremost branch of APPLIED DECORATIVE ART, ENGLISH COMFORT and sterling value in eombinmtion with CONTINENTAL ELEGANCE and Colonial and general costly Woods, Jec. Charges in harmony with a fair reasonable profit. Personal i'*pervi*ion of all Orders. Beg respectfully to call the attention of their patrons and the general public to the im- po-rtant fact that House Furnishing is now becoming, more and more, a recognised branch of APPLIED DECORATIVE ABT. Foreseeing that it must, eventually, occupy a foremost place in this direction, Messrs. W. g- E. aim at practically combining the com- fort, solidity, and sterling value of what is pwrely ENGLISH in Style, with all that is Artisiie in Design, or valued for Beauty of Material, in whatever is FOREIGN, whether found in Continental, Colonial, or other foreign marts. $§5° Their prices will conimv.e to be ap- portioned, with a strict moderation, to the nature and extent of the commands with which they imty have the honour to be entrusted in the future. Messrs. W. g- E. offer this expression oj their most grateful thanks for the very kind patronage they have so long received, and their Patrons may rely upon ALL ORDBRS receiving their own PERSONAL SUPERVISION. 66 & 68, Argyle-street, Birkenhead. 1120 I I BUY RECKITT'S PARIS BLUE, IN SQUARES, As supplied to the Laundress of the PRINCESS OF WALES IT is *s«d by the RICHEST On accouut of its BEAUTY, And by the POOREST, Because of its CHEAPNESS! PRICE ONE PENNY THE SQUARE. To be had of all respectable Grocers, Oilmen, and Druggists. Beware of Injurious Imitations. Letter from the Duchess of Edinburgh's Laandress Shepherd's Bush, October 28th, 1874. Messrs Reckitt aud Son! M GENTLEMEN,—lam very much pleased with your SQUARE BLUE. I have now used it for some time, and both for BEAUTY of COLOUR and ECONOMY it far SURPASSES any other I have hitherto used.—Yours respectfully, SARAH GARDNER, 845c Laundress to H.R.H. the Duchess of Edinburgh W & A GILBEY'S NATURAL LIGHT WINES FROM FRANCE, GERMANY AND HUNGARY Owing to the favorable recommendation of the Medical Profession, the increase in the consumption of Natural Light Wines has during the past few years been altogether unprecedented. The under. mentioned List contains some of the leading varieties of each class of Natural Light Wines, and while offering an agreeable variety of choice to consumers the Wines will be found of remarkable quality and value at the prices charged. The moderate prices of these Wines are accounted for to a great extent by the fact of their coming to this country at the lowest rate of duty. DR. DRUITT'S report on Sparkling Saumur Wines, which appeared in the Medical Times, will be forwarded on application. AGENTS- A. & T. ASHFORD, Grocers, High Street DENBIGH NATURAL RED WINES I NATURAL WHITE WINES Bottle Dozea 1 Bottle Z>02en Castle A CLARET f These four Clarets NI/ 12/ Castle A WHITE BURGUNDY •• 1/6 18/ I Castle B CLARET quality and valtie, (1/3 15/ Castle B WHITE BURGUNDY •• 2/ 24/ -< and are as pure >, Castle C CLARET j«du-\ 18/ castle A SAUTERNE •• •• 1/3 15/ Castle D CLARET \retsproduced J2/ 24/ J Castle B SAUTERNE •• •• 2/ 24/ o Castle 1 RED BURGUNDY •• 1/3 15/ Castle A WHITE HUNCARIAN 1/6 18/ Castle 2 RED BURCUNDY 1/6 18/ Castle B WHITE HUNCARIAN » 1/9 21/ Castle 1 KARLOWITZ HUNGARIAN 1/6 18/ | Castle A HOCK (Still). 1/6 18/ Castle 2 KARLOWITZ HUNCARIAN 1/9 21/ Castle B HOCK (stizz) 2/ 24/ The above Wines can be supplied in Pint Bottles at half the prioes mentioned, with 6d. per dozen Pints added. SPARKLING CHAMPAGNE.-Attention is directed to the reduction in price of the following Champagnes, namely, 3/ per dozen each :—Castle I & 2 are pure wholesome Wines for ordinary use; Castle 3 & 3A are Champagnes usually sold in this country under special brands and at high prices; Castle 4 & 4A are high-class Wines of extra quality; and Castle 5 & SA are the highest classed Champagnes produced in France irrespective of price. Castle 1 Fruity CHAMPACNE { Castle 4 Fruity CHAMPAGNE/ 0—4/6 54/ n/o on Castie 4A Dry CHAMPAGNE ( Pints 2/5 29/ Castle 2 Fruity CHAMPACNE{ | Castle 3 Fruity CHAMPAGNE/Q^rt, 3/6 42/ Ca3tle 5 Dfy CHAMPACNE(0^5/6 66/ Castle 3A Dry CHAMPAGNE ( Pints 1/11 23/ Castle 5A F^ryZJryCHAMPACNE ( 2/11 35/ SPARKLING SAUMUR WINES.-These dry Sparkling Champagnes from Saumur axe of most excellent quality, and are highly recommended by the Medical Profession. 0 Castk'siUMUB SU*r Foil { 25/ J SA0MUR GM F,a {^> £ S°j For particulars of more than 200 varieties of Wines & Spirits see W&A Gilbey's Book of Price* WREXHAM. JACKSON and SONS, NORTH WALES CARRIAGE WORKS, HOLT STREET. J Landaus, Sociables, Broughams, Victorias, &c., &c., to order. 7536e E. POWELL, Genera Furnishing Ironmonger, Iron Merchant, Agricultural Imple- 4 ment Depr.t. 6 Town Hill? and 6 Abbot Street. 6727 JEWING MACHINES. Agent for the Singer, Howe, Wilcox and Gibb's Princess of ^5 "Wales, Peabody and a iiFirst-class Machines, S. SOTHERN, 21, Charles Street. 6408 ILLIAM SNAPE, FAMILY WINE and SPIRIT MERCHANT, LION HOUSE, w tilf..H STREET. VIA, ;åhbrrsfJts. D D. P I E RCE, H E N B L A S STREET, WREXHAM, Begs to call attention to his well-selected stock of WATCHES. Silver Genevas, Xi to Z3 3s. English I evers, 10s to JB10. Gold Genevas, X3 5s to M 10s. Gold English Levers, X7 10s to X25. The Reiiowned Wattham Mass Lever Watches, £4 10s to £8 10s. Geneva Levers, jewelled in ten holes, from X2 Is to xs 10s. CLOCKS. Bedroom, Gs to 30s. Kitchen Eight Days' (Strike) 19s to 60s. Brass Case Horizontal, 15s to 25s. Cuckoo, 50s and upwards. Invalid Lamp Clock at £2 10s. Bronze Alarums, 30s and up- wards. Cupid Swinging Timepiece, £ T 28 to X5 10s. JEWELERY. Plated Lockets from Is 6d to 5s. Gold Lookets (bright), 7s 6d to 35?. Plated Earrings, Is 6d to 5s. Gold Earrings (bright), 8s 6d to 25s. Stu s and Sleeve Links, Is and upwards. Sleeve Links, Collar, and Front Studs (complete), 3s 6d to £3 10s. Ladies Fancy Rings from 5s 6d to X5. Gentlemen's Signet Rings from 78 nd to £ 10. The Renowned Austrian REGULATORS from X2 10s to X35. CLOCK, BAROMETER, AND THERMOMETER COMBINED AT ALL PRICES. Every Watch and Clock Warranted from one to five years, and exchanged in one month, if not approved. Bvery description of WATCHES and CLOCKS skilfully REPAIRED upon the premises. SPECTACLES AND EYE GLASSES TO SUIT ALL SIGHTS AT ALL PRICES. M4 GEORGE HOTEL, QUEEN-STREET, RHYL. IF any visitors require Bass & Co's Prime Bottled Ale, or Messss Arthur Guinness, Son, & Co's Extra Stout, apply to Mr HEALING, George Hotel, Queen-street, and there will be found tbe genaine and well-matnred article also Wines and Spirits of the finest quality. All orders promptly attended to, and sent out according to appointment. N.B.—Constantly on Hire, at the George, a stock of COTTAGE PIANOFORTES, ia rosewood, walnut, and mahogany cases. Apply as noted above. 670 GREAT BRITAIN MUTUAL LIFE ASSURANCE SOCIETY, FOUNDED 1844. Empowered by Special Act of Parliament 25 and 26 Vic., chap. 74. CHIEF OFFICE: 101 CHEAPSIDE, LONDON E.C. THE Abstract of Valuation Balance Sheet to 31st December, 1873, prepared by Mr W. M. Makeham, Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries, and Mr Peter Grey, Hon, Member of the Institute of Actuaries, shows the Ic II. d. Total Assets 1,090,060 3 11 Total Liabilities 927,034 11 3 Reserve £ 163,025 12 8 From the Insurance Review Index of One Hundred British Life Assurance Ofticifl, it appears that the Great Britain is one of a very few which has kept up a continuous yearly increase since the passing of the Life Assurance Act in 1870, as follows:— 1871 JJ255,809 1872 306,465 1873 364,467 1874 374,30'2 1875 426,675 COMMITTEE OF REFERENCE FOR NORTH WALES Captain R. LLOYD WILLIAMS, J.P., Denbigh, JOHN R. HUGHES, Esq., M.D., Denbigh. JOHN PRYSE LEWIS, E-q., Solicitor, Park-street, Denbigh. DISTRICT MANAGER: Mr JAMES A. YORKE, Branch Office, Vale-street, Denbigh THE GREAT BRITAIN FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY. CHlJIF OFFICE: 101, CHEAPSIDE, LONDON Subscribed Capital, JB 100,000; Premium Inoome for 1875 above .£00,000. DISTRICT MANAGER Mr JAMES A. YORKE. BRANCH OFFICE: VALE-STREET, DESTBIGH. N.B.—Agents Wanted. Respectable men are invited to apply to the Sistriet Manager. 1324o RICHARD EVANS & COMPANY, WREXHAM. PURE AERATED MINERAL WATERS. SODA WATER, POTASS WATER, LEMONADE, GINGERADE, I SELTZER WATER, I QUININE TONIC, I AND LITHIA WATER. These and other Aerated Beverages are prepared with the utmost eare by Practical Chemists. Our Vans deliver on regular days throughout the year at the following places:— WREXHAM, RUABON, CHIRK, GOBOWEN, MALPAS, ELLESMERE, OSWESTRY, HANMER, GRESFORD, PENLEY, TILSTON, BERSHAM, FARNDON, BANGOR ISYCOED, VRON, FFRITH, MOSS, ROSSETT, CAERGWRLE, RHOS, CEFN, RHOSYMEDRE, BRYMBO, MINERA, TRYDDYN, PONTBLYDDYN. We also forward, CARRIAGE PAID, to any Railway Station in the Kingdom. gr AGENTS WANTED IN EVERY TOWN IN NORTH WALES. AERATED WATERS iN FRENCH SYPHONS. ORDERS PER POST OR TELEGRAM PROMPTLY ATTENDED :M. RICHARD EVANS AND CO. Beg to call attention to their speciality of AROMATIC GINGER ALE Which is an AGREEABLE, STIMULATING, and HEALTHY BEVERAGE, at the same time NOT INTOXICATING. It is equally a pleasant invigorating drink in hot as in cold weather, and is highly recommended. ORDERS WILL RECEIVE PROMPT ATTENTION. CHEMICAL LABORATORY, WREXHAM: H THE PERTH DYE WORKS (ESTABLISHED 1814). p AND P. CAMPBELL, GENERAL DYERS AND CLEANERS, PERTH. NORTH WALES AGENTS AS UNDER:— WREXHAM—Miss Ellis, Hosier, 45, Hope-street. RUABON-Mr Smith, Groeer and Draper Bridge-street. LLANGOLLEN—Misses J. and C. Hughes, Milliners, 9, Castle-street. OSWESTRY—Mr P. H. Joues, Hosier, Bailey-street. BALA—Messrs R. and E. Jones, Drapers. PORTMADOC—Mrs Williams, Dressmaker. 126, High-street. CARNARVON—Mrs Roberts, 7, High-street. BANGOR—Miss C G. Hughes. Dressmaker, 33, Holyhead-road. LLANDUDNO—Mr Thomas Ellis, Cabinet Maker and Upholsterer, Church Walks. RHYL—Mr W. G. Howard, Upholsterer 48, Kinmel-street. DENBIGH—Mr Thomas Howard, 8, Hall square. 993h JOHN BEIRNE, ALBION CANDLE WORKS, 6789 v TOWN HILL, WBEXBAM ruhtsmtn' s 2\b()nsts. rjlHOMAS yyiLLIAMS, LATE OVERTON & WILLIAMS, Wine Merchant, TOWN HALL, WREXHAM OLD MARSALA WINE THE SICILIAN MADEIRA— Pure, Soft, and free from Acidity. Much superior to eheap Sherry. 2bperdoa. EXCELLENT DINNER CLAHET- At 12s and 14-s per doz. The Wire warranted perfectly pure, rich in body apd flavor, and best dinner wine at the price. ST. EMILION, 18s, ST. JULIAN, 24s, And other fine growths up to 84s 'perri«z. DINNER SHERRY- From 24s to 30s per doz. Much recommended- Finer Wine. rich or dry, ap to 72s per doz. FINE 8LD PORT- 30s, 36s, 42s, and 48s per doz. EXCEEDINGLY FINE IADElRA- 42B per doz. Own importing SPARKLING CHAMPAGNE— 30s, 36s, and 42s; tiaest qualities, 603 and 72. per doz STILL AND SPARKLING HOCKS AND MOSELLES— In great varieties from 28s to 60s per doz. FINEST OLD IRISH AND SCOTCH MART WHISKIES— 183 and 21s per gallon. FINEST PALE OR BROWN COGNAC- 288, 30s, and 32s per gallon PALE BRANDY— Twice rectified and divested of all Fusel Oil, 188 gallon. Of undoubted purity, and better adapted to the use of invalids than any other Spirit. Samples can be seen in Offices, front of Towi Hall. gg JOHN H. KIDD & CO., blanufacturers of RAILWAY WAGGON COVERJ RICK AND TENT CLOTHS, CART COVERS, LiME SHEETS, All sizes kept in stock. BRATTICE CLOTH, AIR-TUBINS HORSB CLOTHS, WATERPROOF RUGs, INDIA-RUBBER GOODS Roofing Dry Hair, and Boiler Felt, SACKS, COTTON WASTE, LAMP WICKS. OFFICES PUBLIC HALL, WREXHAM. 6991 A R T I F I C I A L TEETH MR ALLIN, DENTIST, (174, YORK-STREET, HULME, MJJFCHESTER), Begs to announce that he wiil be in ATTENDANCE EVERT THUBSDAT, irom 10 to 7, at the APOTHECARIES' HALL, 18, TOWN HILL, WREXHAM. Teeth fixed without extracting teeth or stumps, and teeth filled, scaled, or cleaned without the least pain. Arrangements can be made to wait upon patients at tkeir own residences. Constitutions Free. 381) GLENFIELD. GLENFIELD. THE QUEEN'S LAUNDRESS SAYS THIS STARCH IS THE BEST SHE EVEH USED. GLENFIELD. GLENFIELD OLD SWAN COMMERCIAL I N )1 AND BREWERY. ABBOT-STREET, WREXHAM EDWARB LOVATT, PROPRIETOB AUCTIONEER AND VALUER. EQUAL TO HOME MADE. \VM. P. HARTLEY'S MARMALADES & PRESERVES ARE THE BEST. WILLIAM P. HARTLEY invites attention to the superior quality of this season's Prest rves, the fruit for which has been hand-picked and snuffed with the same care as is exercised in domestic preserving, pro- ducing an article equal to home-made. The quality of Mr Hartley's product is excellent." CONFECTIONERY WORKS BOOTLE, LIVERPOOL. HEALTH FOR ALL I HOLLO WAY'S PILLS. This great Household Medicine ranks amongst the eading necessaries of life. THESE famous Pills purify the BlooJ A and act most powerfully, yet soothiigly on the LItER, STOMACH, KIDNBT8, and Bowels, giving tone, energy, and vigour to tbeM great Main Springs of Life. They are confidently recommended as a never failing remedy in all casea where the constitution, from whatever cause, has becOllle mpaired or weakened. They are wonderfully efficaciow in all ailments incidental to Females of all ages. and as a GENERAL FAMILY MEDICINE, are nW- passed. HOLLO WAY'S OINTMENT. Its Searching and Healing Properties are known throngfc- out the world. For the cure of Bad Legs, Bad Breasts, OLD WOUNDS, SORES, AND ULOKBS, it is an infallible remedy. If effectually rubbed on the neek and chest, as salt into meat, it cures Sore Throat, Diphtheria, Bronchitis, Coughs, Colds, and erem Asthma. For Glandular Swellings, Abscesses, Piles Fistulas, QOBV, RHEUMATISM, and every kind of Skin Disease, it has never been knowm to fail. Both Pills and Ointm»n are Sold by all Medidiw Vendors throughout the Civilised World. 1259c For the Blood is the ife."—See Deuteronomy. chap, xii, verse 23. /CLARKE'S WORLD FAMED BLOOD V-/ MIXTURE for Cleansing and Clearing the Blood from All Impurities, cannot be too highly rocom nended Oures Old Sores Cures Ulcerated Sores ia the Neck Cures Ulcerated .);"IJ jLers Cures Blackheadi, or I uripjes on Face •; •" Cures Scurvy Som> Cures Cancerous Ulcers Cures Blood and Skin Diseases Cures Glandular Swellings Wears the Blood from all Impure Matter, from whatever cause arising. As this mixture is pleasant to the taste, and warranted tree from mercury-which all pills and most rut-dif-jae, scld tor the above diseases contain—the Proprietor solicHj sufferers to give it a trial to test its value. THOUSANDS OF TESTIMONIALS FROM ALL PARTS Soldi n Bottles 2s. 6d. each, and in Cases containing ottles, lis. each, sufficient to effect a permanent cure it ong-standing cases, by all Chemists and Patent Medicos Vendors 5 or sent to any address on receipt of 30 or 189 stamps, by F. J. CLARKE, Chemist, High-street, LINCOL2& WHOLESALE AGfiXTS Barclay & Sons, London, and all the Wholesale Houses 3 J97 ONE BOX OF is warranted to cure all discharges from the U inary Organs, in either sex, acquired or constitutional, Grarel, and pains in the back. Sold in boxes, 43 6d each, ky all chemists and patent medicifie vendors or sent t. address for 60 stamps by the maker. F. J. Clarke, 808- suiting efaemist, H eb-street, Liacaln. Agents, Barclay and Sous, London, and all the WhoWIe Houses. 1*