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GRAND BANQUET AT WYNNSTAY. SIR WATKIN'S ENTERTAINMENT OF HIS TENANTRY. The hospitality of Wynnstay is proverbial; but it has rarely been exhibited on so grand a scale as yesterday (Friday), when Sir Watkin W. Wynn, Bart., M,P., gave a splendid fpast to 750 of hia tenantry, as a slight return for the numerous expressions of sympathy, and the many loyal addresses of congratulation which were presented to him wherever he WENT among his tenants and de- pendants after his recovery from his late severe indispo- sition. There is nothing more gratifying than to find a good understanding subsisting between landlord and tenant, especially in the case of a lord of the manor whe can boast of such a rent-roll as Sir Watkin; and however much this sentiment may be said to prevail between "landlord and tenant in other parts of the kingdom, we may venture to affirm, without fear of contradiction, that there is no landed proprietor from John O'Groat'A to Land's End who is more universally popular, or who stands higher in the estimation of those about him, and of those who farm his estates than the lord of Wynnstay, the genial kind-hearted gentleman, whose name is a household word in North Wales, and indeed throughout the Principality. In feudal times, the baron was to his retainers an object of almost idolatrous veneration and whenever in an civil strife he deemed it neces- sary to take up arms at the bidding of loyalty and patriotism, they were ready to follow him to the fray, to rally round him in the thickest of the fight, and- to lay down their lives in his service. Happily our lot is cast in more peaceful times, and there is no longer any occa- sion to put such devotion to tr e test; but the old spirit still iurvivcs, though in a modified form, and manifests itself in the joyful acclamations with which Sir Watkin Williams Wynn is everywhere and at all times received by his tenantry. There being no building at Wynnstay eapable of accommodating such a monstre dinner-party, it was necessary to serve the banquet in a spacious canvas pavilion which was erected near to the mansion, and a large staff of workmen were busily engaged on Thursday in fitting it up for the occasion. All tenants whose rent IS £10 and upwards received invitations. The caterer was Mr G. H. Browning, of Spring.street, i Paddington, who caters for the Grand Stand at Ascot every year, and to this gentleman was entrusted the commisariat for between seven and eight hundred guests, he providing everything except the game, venison, and wine, which were furnished by Sir Watkin. That he realised his position, and resolved to make adequate provision for the emergency is evident from the fact that no fewer than a hundred waiters arrived from London on Thursday, together with about a dozen cooks. The tent, which was supplied by Mr Blake, of Ealing, was tastefully festooned from end to end with evergreens and decorated with bunting, the decorative department being superintended by Mr Middleton, the head gardener. The tefct was illuminated at dusk by numbers of lamps suspended from the roof. The tables were placed cross-wise, and at one side of the tent was a Gïas and raised table for Sir Watkin and the principal guests, amongst whom were Mr C. W. Williams Wynn, M.P. for Montgomeryshire; Mr W. W. E. Wynne, Peniarth, Lord the Hon Edward and Miss Kenyon, CN- Rowley Conwy, Bodrhyddan, Ehvl; Captain Buik Clewer Lodge, Windsor; Lady Williams,Bodehvyuu. Japtain Williams, Pengwern Mr Owen Williams, Rev- H. Williams Mr William Jones, GwrgantMrs Owen Wynne, Mr Owen S. Wynne, the Eev Studhoime WILSON, KI,V E. Evan?, Mr Deninan (chief constable of Denbighshire), Hev E. Evans, Rev R. T. Owen, Mr, Mrs, and Miss Yorke, Etddig Mr Longueville, Mr O. G. Jones, Miss Brancker, &c., &c. Immediately in frost of it was one for the representatives of the press. The tables were beautifully set out, and there;was of course an abundance and great variety of fare; and the assembly were seated the coup d' aeil was sufficiently striking. With- out attempting the menu, we may mention that pro- minent among the numerous dishes which graced the festive boards was a splendid baron of beef. At the rear of the platform on a sideboard covered with crimson cloth was a magnificent dis- play of gold and silver plate, CONSISTING of cups, tankards, and salvers. The central ornament was a massive silver vase containing ferns, &c., bearing the arms of the Wynnstay family, and the following inscription in English, Welsh, and Latin:—"To Colonel Sir Watkin Williams Wynn, Baronet, the patriot leader of his brave countrymen during the Rebellion in Ireland and the invasion of France, as a memorial of his repeated voluntary services the county of Denbigh presents this tribute of esteem and gratitude. MDCCCXV." There was also a splendid silver salver bearing in its centre the family crest and embossed with facsimiles of coins found in Wynnstay Park; also a number of handsomely-framed addresses which have been presented 0 Sir Watkin hince his recovery. During the morning Sir Watkin's celebrated huuting pack was paraded about the grounds; the stables were also thrown open, and the house was also open to visitors. The Montgomeryshire tenantry travelled to Wynnstay by a special, leaving at eight in the morning; and the Bala, Oswestry, and other tenants arrived by ordinary trains. of company were to return home at half-past seven by special and ordinary trains. The rain, it raineth every dstJ," said the prince of bards; and the weather of the past week was never more truthfully described. 'Although the tent was tolerably impervious to the wet, the ground on which it was w., i1 l TROOFULLV FLOPPY condition. Three distinguished Welsh bards were present to assist in the MUSICAL D.'parhnont, Mr John Owen, of Chester, Owsiin Alaw," ,h Kiohard Davies, and Mr L-jwis, "Llew Llwyfo." The band of the Montgomeryshire Yeomanry, under the ftblp direation cf Mr Walter Hay, ox Y-AVBY;afcury, was also engaged for the occa- sion, and performed GAME good selections during dinner, <:> It will BE recollected that, on Sir Watkin's first visit to Llangedwyn, after his recent illness, congratulatory addresses WERE r>esenterl to him. Oae was from the tenants of Llwydiarth estate and inhabitants of the parish of Llanlihargel. Ir expressed a hope that Sir Watkin AND Lady W illiams Wynn might be spared for many years to come to carry out and continue those works of benevolence AND chnitv which so eminently distinguished them. The address concluded as follows To these expressions of our affection and regard, we would add our earnest prayer that the blessing ot God may ever rest upon you and your children." To the address were attached 160 signatures. Time, however, had not permitted the tenants to have it illuminated and framed. But this was done in time for the dinner yesterday, when it was presented to Sir Watkin. The following particulars of it may be interesting. It is placed in a handsome frame 36 by 2f) inches in size. The address is surrounded by a white mount—the arrcorialbear- ingr of Sir W. W. Wynn are introduced at the head of the address, emblazoned in the heraldic colours. The initial letters are very elaborately designed and richly gilt, being tooled over with a burnished pattern, and had a very rich appearance. The border, which is most elaborately designed, consisted of the rose, shamrock, and thistle Q con- ventionally treated, and in place of the not very pleasing emblem of Wales—the leek—the arms of the Principality are introduced. The body of the address is in old English Court hand in use at the time of Elizabeth, and the signatures of the subscribers are appended at the bottom. The ground-work of the border is a pale yeilow with spots of gold, which, being I punctured and burnished, give a most sparkling appear- « nice to it. The work was executed, by Mr James Or" I Marples, of Liverpool and London Chambers, Liverpool, I who has recently held the honour of preparing an address from the Protestants of England to his Majesty the German Emperor, who was so pleased with it that in his reply, through Count Munster, he states that he has given instruc ions that it be hung up in ,his library, noL "enly for the sentiments which it contains, but because it is a masterpiece of art." MS- Marples has also had the honour to prepare addresses from the Corporation of Liverpool, to her Majesty the Queen, his Ko> al Highness the Prince of Wales, the Duke and Duchess of Edinburg, and the Duke of Connaught. the Duke of Westminster (from the City of Chester), Earl Grosvenor, &c., &c., besides numerous similar works, to almost all the crowned heads of Europe. Dinner was served at three o'clock. Sir Watkin of course was The president of the feast, and on his right were Lady Williams Wynn and the Misses Williams Wynn, and on his left Lady Williams. Dinner was served up in capital style, the waiting being unexceptionally good, and was carried out under the personal supervision of Mr Browning. The following is a list of THE GUESTS who acepted Sir Watkin's invitation, and the parishes in which they reside BANGOR PARISH. Mrs Margaret Ellis, Crab Tree Green Mr John Green, Crymbal Farm Mr William JonQi, Pcnybryn Farm CEMMES PARISH. Mr David Jones, Craigfawr Mr Thomas Breeze. Friddfawr Mr David Davies,. Groe.-hoel Mrs Joanna Davies, Glanrafon Mrs Mary Jones, Rallt Mr John Davies, Talyglannan CARNO PARISH. MrOwen Burton. Btaengianhanog Mr John Richards. Gaeauduon Mr John Morgan, Ffosddu Messrs John and William Jones, Galltyfronuy Mr Thomas Breeze, Glanhanog Ucha Mr John Francis, Pickins Mr Joseph Jones, Tyddyntwyntrpwll DAROWEN PARISH. Mr Morris Jones, Castel Mr Hurh Hughes, Gwerabere Messrs Edward nd Richard Davies, Tynynant Mr Humphrey Humphreys, Tyddyn Cogwalcog ERBISTOCK PARISH. Mr John Weaver, Top Farm Mr Samuel Lewis, Psirk Eytnn Messrs Robert ana Thomas Morris, Caegwydd Farm Mr Robert Junes, Cel'nydd Farm Mr Ambrose Withers, Rutters Farm Mr William Lei»hton, gamekeeper Mrs Eliza Daniels, Cross Foxes Mr John Thoma". Manterral Mr Richard Taylor, P"rk Eyton Mr Joseph Thomas Boote. Lower Eyto* Mr John Roberts, Field Farm William Brancker, Esq., Erbistock Hall eGARTHBEIBIO PARISH. Mr Evan Huches, Caerlloi Mr Richard Hughes, Dolymaen Mr Owen Jones, Nantydugoed LLANGEDWYN PARISH, Mr Edwird Davies, Mr Peter Williams. Cilmawr Messrs Hugh and David Jonel Hughes, Penybryn Mr Hugh Hughes, The Mill Mr Thomas Jones, Wernole Farm Mr Thomas Morris, Gellyfelin Farm Rev. R. T. Owen. Plas Uchaf Mr Cadwaladr Ellis, The Gate Public House Mr Richard Thomas. Highland Mr Thomas Jones, Hendre Farm Mr Charles Vaughan Mr William Sands, sen., and jun., Wernypennant Mr David Foulkes, Tytanydderwen Mr Thomas Davies, Ddol Ucha Mr John Daniels, Tanllwyn I LLANRHAIADR PARISH. Mr Thomas Hughes, sen., and junr., Gartheryr Mr Robert Richards, Tanygraig Farm Mrs Mary Vaughan, Brynybriw Mr Charles Davies. Banhadla Isa Mr Humphrey Hughes, Cefnhirfawr Mrs Alice Morgan, Rhydgaled Mr Thomas Evans, Tynbedwin Mr Maurice Jones. Tyttanyffordd Mr Allen Evans, Tyuvnant Mrs Marv Ellis, Henblas Mr Maurice Owen, Be laneinon Mrs Mary Kynaston, Fron Goch Mr John Davies, Pentrevelin Messrs Richard and Charles Buckley, Frondeg Farm Representatives of Mr David Jones, Tanygraig Mr David Edmonds, Cefn Farm Mr Robert Vaughan. Cryniarth Mr Robert Evans, Glantanat Mrs Ann Evans. Tynypistill Mr Robert Daniels Mr John Edwards, Caerfach Farm Mr Edward Jones, Tybrith Farm Mr Thomas Williams, Efel Rhyd 3fill Mr David Evans. Trewern Isaf Mr John Humphrey Evans, Wynnstay Arms Mr Edward Buckley, Glanercb Uchaf 1 Mr Evan Jones, Pénrallt Mr Evan Hughes Mr John Vaughan Mr G. G. Edwards LLANRHAIADR PARISH, MONTGOMERYSHIRE. Mr Charles Charles, Clynog Farm Mf Edward Thomas, Caenant Mr Charles Bibby Messrs Edward and Charles Pierce, Frongoch Mr Thomas Rees Mr Evan Rowland, Tanygraig Farm Mr Evan Lloyd, Pentre Abarmarchnant Mr Evan Roberts, Tycerrig LLANARMON-DYFFRYN-CEIRIOG PARISH. Mr John Jones, Gyrchynau Isa Messrs Thomas and Edward Jones, Gyrchynau Ucha Mr Henry Evans, Glasaber Mr John Jones, Cwm Egar LLANSILIN PARISH. Messrs Richard and David Richards, Glascoed Rev Waiter Jones Mr Thomas Morton, Cross Foxes Mr Bell Edward Richards Mess-s John and David Lloyd. Fron Mr David Evan Jones, Penlan Mr Griffith Morris, Fentregwynbach Represen:ative.< of Mr Edward Hughes, Derwendeg Mr Edward Jonet, Penygraig Ucha D Mr David Edwarcls, Golfa Isa Mr John Hughes, Penygraig Isa Mr Thomas Peate, Muestanyglwyden Mr Thomas Edwards, PwUytiieireh Mr Robert Sides, Golfa Mr Thomas Ellis, Mount Sychart Messrs Charles and Henry -Williams, Pandy Sychart Mr Edward Vaughan. Golfa Isaf Mr John Wilson, Tygwyn Mr Morris Evans, Graigwen Mr Richard Lloyd, Rhiwlas Mr Richard Lewis, Nantrhiwlas Ucha Messrs J. Jones and E. Edward, Blaenrhiwlas Ucha Messrs Evan and John Jones, Plastregeiriog Mr Humphrey Morris Mr David Ellis, Hendre Mr C. Charles, Hendre Mr Richard Hughes, Tynycelyn Farm Mr Thomas Morris Mr John Hughes, Penrallt Mr John Robert?, Penrallt Mr Edward Davies, Graigwenfach LLANPANVR, PARISH. Mr John Jones, Brynmelyn Mr Edward Williams. Gelligron Mr James Parry, iiryndu Mr Robert Evans, Hafod Tydyr Mr Robert Edwards, Tyddyntyfod Mr John Williams, Tynant Mr William Roberts, Tyddyn Scubor Mr Humphrey Williams, Tynypistill Mrs Ellen Jones, Tyudynfrydlin Mr William Jones, Ysbyddadog LLANYCIL PARISH, Mr David Edwards, Bryndu Mr John Evans, Brynmoelucha Messrs Owen aud David Owens, Cerrigllwydionr Mr John Jones, Frondro Mr John Williams, Gwernhefyn Mr T. LL Anwyl, Bala Mr Evan Owen Mr John Roberts, Wayn Brycoch LLANUWCHLLYN RARISH. Mr Richard Williams, Alltygwine Mr Robert Jones, Brynian Mr John Jones, Braichceunant Mr Hugh Roberts, Bryngwyn Mr David Davies, BrynUecb. Mr Robert Parry, Brynlleoh Mr John Jones, Buarthmeini Mr David Pugh, Blaenlliw Isaf Messrs Joseph and Robert Williams, Blaenlliw Uchaf ■vfr itn«rh .TO" Brvncaled Mr David Jones, Uiacir. c-vui Xtr Cadwaladr Joi.Cs, Jhyn Mr D;n id Jort'es. C.rgai ivfr William Jones. Cvsdtalog Henry .Tones, Cet'uprys lr John j'vans, jy-ssrs 1 rnry and Robert Parry, Tynybwlch Messrs Cadwaladr all Thoma Jouës, Cefnperfed 1 Edward Howelis, Gmigytajj Mr Robert Evaus, Cwmtyio Mr Owen Edwards,^aerjrws M>' Edward fidwarus, Penygeulatt Mr Thomas Jones, Cefugwyn Mr Owen Evans, Cwmoiien Mr John Evan. Cwmffynon Mr Thomas Williams, Cae Llwyd Mr Edward Rowlanrls, Dwr>.udon Mr Evan Edwards, Drwsvnunt Messrs Johe. Caduaiadr & Rowland Williams, Drwscaegwenyn Mr Robert Roberts. Dolhendre. Ucha Mr Thomas Jones, Deildrt, Tygwyn Mr Evan Jones, Dolfudr MrElIi Rowlands, Tynyfron Mrs Jane Davies. Dolbich Mr William Thomas, Eagles Inn 1\Ir Harris Jones, Eithinynydd Mr William Hughes, Goat Inn Mr Henry Jones, Gwerngrug Mr Henry Holt, Glanrafon Mr David Parry, Gra: Mr pavid Williams, Tyddynronen Mr 1 horn:15 Rowland, Hafoilyrhaidd Mr Davies Parry, Hafodyrwyn Mr G' iffirh Jones, Hendre Mr George Rowlands, Hendre Mawr Mr John Jones, Lone Mr Edward Watkins, Lone Mr David Jones. Lone Mr William Jones, Lone Mr David Roberts, Lettycrippill Mrs Margaret Davies, Llwynypiod Mr John Rowlands; Llys Messrs Robert and Howell Jones, Llwyngwem Mr Robert Jones, Llwyn Lhvydyn Mr John Jones, Maesgtvyn Mr John Evans, Nantydeiiie Mr John Jones, New Inn Mr John Jones, Nanthill Mrs EUenLloyd, Pentre Mr Jolll1 Thomas, Plasmadoc Mr Lewis Jones, Pantgwyn Mr John Jones, PautclyU Mr Evan Davies, Prys Mr David Roberts, pursau Mrs Margaret Jones, Pantycenbren Mr John Rowlands, Pandymawr ]\lr Edward 11orrls, Pantsaer 11r David Jones. Rl1ydvbod Mr Thoma^ Williams, libyd^arn Mr William Pierce, Ronwvdd Mr Griffith Roberts, Talybont Mr Edward Roberts Mr John Edwards, Tyddynvfelin Mr Henry Parry, Tyddyullywarch Mr Robert Roberts Mr Thomas Roberts, Trawssroed Mr Edward Ed.vards, Tynybryn Mr Evan Evans, Tycoeh 1\11' Thomas Davip, Tymawr Mr Rowland Jone", Tymawr Mr William Robert Jones, Tynycornel Mr Elizabeth Jones, Tynrhos Mr Thomas Edwards, Tydu f Mr Thomas Jones Tanybwlch Mr Hugh Edwards, Tynyfedw Mr Johll Jones, Wern Mr John Rowlands, Wer^lodd Ddu Rev J. S..Tone; Werglodd wen Mr Robert Williams, Wernddu M Mr John Pugh Mr Rowland Rowlands, Rhydydrain Mr Robert Monis, Tynycae Mr Thomas Thomas, Nantgollen LLANFYLLIN PARISH. Mr Thomas Jones, Blaenycwm Mr Thomas iv'idiams, Cammen Mr Edward Watkin, Cammen Mr Thomas Jones, Cammen Mr W, Davies, Gwaelod, Cammen Mr Thomas Evans, Groes Mr Edward Jones, Hendre Mr Evan Thomas, Llawrycwm Mr David Lonl, Lloran Mr John Smith, Peutrepoeth Mr Robert Roberts, Rhosfawr Messrs. Thomas and William Davies, Tynymynydd Mr David Evans, Tynycoed Messrs Griffith and Robert Jones, Tanyfoel Mr Robert Thomas, Wynnstay Arms LLANWDDYN PARISH. Mr John Lloyd, Abermarclinant Mr Griffith Evans, Brynyfedwen Mr William Williams, Glanrhyd Mrs Elizabeth Owen, Nauteinion Mr Thomas Jones, Nantbacher LLANFIHANGEL PARISH. Mr Robert Evans. Brwynog Mr David Evans, jun., Brynglas Messrs Rowland Evans andWmiam Williams, Bryn Mr Watkin Lloyd, Bryn Mawr Mr Rees Davies, Braichywaen Mr William Jones, Bryngogledd Mr William Williams, Cefncleisiog Mr Richard Owen, Cadwnfa Mills Mr Richard Parry, Cefn Halfen Mr Griffith Jones, Coedleos Mr William Jones, sen., Cudaig Mr John Jones, Ceunant Mr David Thomas, Moelerfyl Mr William Watkin, Moelerfyl Mr Thomas Jones, Cefn-y-coed Mr Rees Davies, Dolwar Hall Mr Evan Jones. Dolanog Mill Mr Richard Davies, Dolwarfach Mr Thomas Jones, Eitlnn Geifr Mr David Lloyd Barnett, Efel Llwydiarth Mr Thomas Parry, Farchwel Uchaf Mr David Thomas, Farchwel Ganol Mr John Jones, Farchwen Isaf Mrs Ann Humphreys, Fachwen Ganel Mr William Jones, sen. and jun., Fachwea Mr Thomas Jones. Fronlas Mr David Evans, Glanrhyd Mr Sylvanus Edwards, Llwydiarth Hall Messrs Robert and David Roberts, Llwynhir Mr Henry Davies, Llettypiod Mr William Davies, Llwynymoelae Mr William Davies, Llettyllwyd Mr Benjamin Davies, Llettyn Deryn Mr Thomas Jones, Llettyn Meirch Rev. Edward Bvans Mr Thomas Owen, Llettyshenkyn Mr David Edwards, Lettypisd Mr William Gittius, Moelfronllwyd Mr Nathaniel Owen, Moekldiwid Mr Jacob Owen, Melinwnfa Mr John Jones, Mynydd-dwlan Isaf Mr Edward Jones. Mynydd-dwlan Uchaf Mr Lloyd Jones, .Melindwr Mr John Ellis, Myuyddlnr Mr Thomas Rees, Melin-y-graig Mr Joseph Gough, Penraradlas Fach Mr David Lloyd, PenrarddJas Fawr Mr Evan Evans, Pendugwm Mr Evan Jones, Penisaf-y-llan Mr Evan Williams, Public House Mr John- Pride, Pentrheryn Mr David Jones, Pandy Llwydiarth Mr Evan Humphreys, Pontllogel Rev. Edward V. Uwen. Pontllogel Parsonage Mrs Elizabeth Evans, Penyrallt Mr Evan Williams, Pantglas Mr Thomas Jones, Penybryn Mr Thomas Ellis, Rhiwlas Mr David Watkin, Rhydlleche Mr David Jones, Tymawr Mr William Wi liams, Tygwyn Mr Pryce Morris, Ty Coch Mr Edward Rogers, Tynewydd Mr David Davies, Tanygraig Mr Edward Edwards, Ty Mawr Mr David Davies, Tynycul Mr Ellis Jones, Tanllan Mr David Evans, Tyny-hettin Mr Wiiliam Jones, Tynycelyn Mawr Mrs Elizabeth Parry, Tynymaes Mr Robert Thomas, Tyarygraig Mrs Jane Lewis, Tynyrhos Mr David Owen, Ty Isaf or Glyn Mr Edward Edwards, woodman LLANGADFAN PARISH. Mr Humphrey Ellis. Blaendyfnant Representatives of Mr Evan Evans, Caer Mypecb Mr Henry Thomas, Cyffin Mr Lewis Hughes, Dyfnant Mr Evan Thomas, Dol Howell Mr Edward Mills, Hafod Mr Joseph Jones, Pantrhydvnog Mr Miriam Davies, Tynyfedw Mr Richard Jones, Tyntwll LL AN FAIR PARISH. Mr Maurice Davies, Goat Inn LLANERFYL PARISH. Mr John Mathews. Ahercannon Mr Evan Davies, Brynmawr Mrs Mary Williams, Cringoed Cottage Mr Cadwaladr Thomas, Cannon Farm Mr John Roberts, Cwmderwen Mr Thomas Jones, Reps, Dolfrwynog Mr Isaac Jones, Dohven L'chaf Messrs Robert and Hugh Thomas, Dolygarregwen Mr Rees Jones, Doleceinion Messrs Richard and Evan Roberts, Dolydd Mr Edward Vaughan, Hafodybeudy Messrs William Id Thomas Davies Jones, Moelddolwen Mr Morris Jones. Meinthirion Mr Thomas Vauorhan, Syclityn Mr Edward Hughes and Cadwaladr Thomas, Nantyreira LLANGOLLEN PARISH. Mr Richard Davies, Plas Eg'.wyseg Farm Mr Simon Hughes, Eglwyseg Mill Mr Samuel Pugh, Eagles Inn Mr William Jones, Hendre Farm Mr Elias Jones, Tynyfron Farm Mr Edward Davies, Dergoed Farm Mr David Jones, Rock House Farm Mr Robert Roberts, Tanybwlch Farm Mr John Williams, Pentredwr Farm Rev E. R. James LLANARMON-IN-YALE PARISH. Mr Price Jones, Miners' Arms LLANFAIR-DYFFRYN-CLWYD PARISH. Mr William Eyton Lloyd, Graig Farm Mr Hugh Jones, Garthgynan Farm Mr John Denman, Glanrafon Mr Thomas Roberts. Pentrecoch Mr Samuel Owen, Tyntwll LLANBEDR PARISH. Mrs Mary Evans, CaCrfaeneth LLANGOWER PARISH, Mr Griffith Evans, and Wm. Jones, Brynbedwog Mr Rowland Morris, Brynhynod Mr John Jones, Coruelau I Mr John Roberts. Cwmhyfed Mrs Catherine Rowlands, Caeglas Mr John Morris, Ffynongower T' Mr Edward Jones, Gj rn Mrs Blanche Rowlands, Llechwedd du Mr Morris Peters, Myrddin, Marredd Mrs Jane Hughes, Maes Meillion Mr Zaccaria Jones. Pantymarcli Mr Owen and Hugh Pugh, Pentrecogwra. Mr William Jones, Tycerrig Mr William Jones, Tyntwll Mr Rowland Williams, Tyn Khos. Mrs Catherine Richards, Werddonbach Mr Edward Jones, Wenallt Mr Rowland Davies, Gilrhos Mrs Jane Roberts Bryncocyn Mr Cadwalladr Jones Ty Isa Rev. W. Roberts, Erwlas LLANRWIN PARISH Mr-William Williams, Brynme!yn .'J Mr John Jones, Bryngronwy Mr Evan Evans, Cefngader Mr Elias Rowlands, Crockshed Sir Eraa Jones. eae Iaco Mr Eiuion Thomas, Cilgwyn Mr Richard Edwards, Ceniwsbach Mr Stepnen Breeze, Esgirwion Mr Lewis Evans, Esgirfor Mr William Jones, (Geily MrEdwiird :Xl)¿, Goed-ddol Mr Henry Thomas. C vernstablon Mr Morgan Morpm, Melingaerig Mr. Win. Owen, Mathalarn Sir Hugh .ii.u«varcjs, jlaesycru 3I.t Hugh Evans. RU.v'ygvviel Mr iiiciianl Ryder, Tvucha Rev Daniel Evans, Llanwrin I Mr DaYlù, JOIWS, woodmau LL AN B RTN 51 AIR PARISH. Mr Evan Evans, BlaenycWtll Mr William Rich irds, Borthlwyd .lIr Thomas Jone, Brynal!re Mr William Pughe, Brynllys Mr Richard Jervia Mr Edward Edward-, Bryncoch 3Ir Tlwmas Jones, Braichoduant Mr Edward Owen, B lan m MrDavul Robert. Bynbach Mr Thomas Richants, Clegyrnant Mr John Jones, C:va\1glei,ion lYlr Abiah Jones, Cwmffynon Mr E van Jones, CleLryrddwr Mr Edward Morgan,"Cock Inn Mr David Evans, Crilloed Mrs Ann "foberss, Coed Prefyde Mr John Hughes, Cwmcarnedd Uchaf Mr IJuvid Evans, Coedglyniau Mr Thomas Watkin. Cefn Messrs Edward and Thomas .Tones Hughes, Caetwppa 1.11' David Evans. Clawddycoed Mr John Evaus, Cwmcalcli Ucha Mr Edward Jones, Cwmcalcli Isaf :!vIr Edward Jones, Caelan 3Ir Evan Ellis Mr Edward E vans Mr John Bebi), Doliawr Mr Edward Jones. Dollyden Mrs Elizabeth Evans, Diosg Mr Richard Lewis, Flriddfawr Mrs Elinot Evaus, Foelfach JirRichard Wigley. Fron Mr Hugh Francis, Froulwyd Mes.-rs John and Evan Jones, Gerddigleision Mr Richard Thomas, Gelli Mr Evan Morris, Hafod-y-foel Mr Andrew Koh -ts, Hafod-y-wern Mr Richard Wigley, Hirnant Mr David Roberts, Lluastyfedw .àIt. Peter Jûaes, Livvyncelyn Mr E,!war.1 Evans, Llawrycoed 11\11' William Anwyl, Mwyers :1\11' E(lward Bree>e, Maesgwion 1\I1 Richard Jervis, lI,1aesym(lrisiol Mr -Thomas Morgan. Nantycarfun Mr Daniel Jarmau, Pwllmeyu Mr Richard Oweu, Penybout Mr Edward Hushes, Pentrelludw Mr Evan Moriran, Pantglas Mr John J nes, Peuybwlch Messrs Hugh Hugl'u-s, Vaughan Hughes, and John Jones. Pentremawr 311' Jo-eph Jervis, Rhydymeirch Mr Edward Peters, Rhiwsaeson Mrs Ann Owen, Tafolwern Mill Mr Samuel Breeze, Tycanol MrEvnll Evan; Ty Uchaf Mr David Jervis, Pella 3Ir Iaurice Jones, Tynycoed Mr Morris Jervis, Tymawr yn Llan Mr John Davies, Tymawr Mr R!shard Davies", Tvnygors 3Ir John Hughes, Tynyrwttra Mr Evan Bebb, Talerddig Mr Evan Roberts, T.■■ gwvn Rev J. W. Kirkham, Lianbrynmair Mr Richard Evans. jun., Ystradfach Mr Evan Jones, Ysiradfawr Mr Richard Lewis. Eskairykelymen Mr Harry Smith, Tynn.wr LLANIDLOES PARISH. Mr Richard Thomas, jun., Penclun LLAN GEHRIG PARISH. Mr Thomas Lewis, Hirgoed Mr Maurice Joues, Hore Messrs David and Tho.irxs Jones, Maesnant Mr Lewis EYns, Cilgwrgau MARCHWIEL PARISH. Messrs Joseph and George Forrester, FiTe Fords Farm Mr W. Cheetham, Reps, Gwrychteg MACHYNLLETH PARISH. Mr David Lewis, Clerie Mr Richard Evans, Cwmbyr Mr David Davies Mr John Breese Mr John Edwards Mr Richard Lloyd, Pandy Dolg Mr Jauies Jenkins, Rep* Mr David R. Pugh, Dolgae Mr Griffith W. Griffiths, Mr Wm. Griffiths, reps Mr John Evans, Dolsaeson Mr Richard Jones Mrs Elizabeth Jones Mr Edward Morgan Mr Evan Jones Mr Rowland Wood Mr John Jenkins, Hengwm Mr Hugh Lewis 1\11' Edward l'arry Mr John Henry, Henry, and Owen Williams, Melin Dolgae Mr John Williams, Red Lion Ian Mr Evan Jenkins, Talbontdrain Mr Griffith Williams OVERTON PARISH. Mr Edward Lea, Lightwoou Hall Farm OSWESTRY PARISH. Mr J. B. Murless, Wynnstay Arms Mr John G. Foulkes Liwyi ymaen Mr Edward Whiifiehi, Trefarciwydd Mrs Margaret Davies, Myuydd Myfyr » Mr Price Owen Williams, Fron Farm Mr William Hughes, Pentreshanuel Farm Mr John Morris, Oswestry Mr Thomas Stokes, Tytanymynydd Mr Joseph Evans, Plasdympling Rev. P. P. Evans Mr Charles Doiby, PlaKlymphng > Mr Thomas Mansell, Croe^ybach Mr Edward Price Mr Thomas Green, Llwynymaen Mr John Thomas, Pautyffynon Mr Richard Edwards, Penybryn Mrs Jane Jones Mr Thomas Evans, Nantygollen I arm Mr John Edward-, Pentregaer Mr Hugh Uoyd, Coedygaer Mr John Edwards Mrs Margaret Morris Mr Thomas Thomas. Cynynion Messrs Allen and Thomas Edwards, Cynynion Rev. Robert Williams Mr Stephen Jones, Brongoll Farm Representatives of Mr Robert Evans, Rhydycroesau Mr Robert Roberts Mrs Elizabeth Hughes. Cae Canol Mr Thomas Roberts, Llallforùa, Thomas Longueville, Esq., Llanforda Mr David Davies, Bwlch Farm Mr Edward Roberts Mr John Thomas, Pandy Mr John Jones, Llanforda Uchaf Mr Owen G. Joues, Llanforda Isa Mr Richard Myles Mr David Davie* Mr Thomas Morris, Pistill Mr Elias Davies Mr Charles Edwards Mr Thomas Morris Mr Jonathan Price Mr Hugh Davies PENNANT PARISH. Mr David Davie, Cedig PENEGOES PARISH. Mr John Rees, Abercarrog Mr Hugh Swancott, Bryntydor Mr Evan and Thomas J ones, Begeilyn Mr Griffith Jones, Begeilyn Mrs Ann Rees. Cefnyfrifol Mr Morris Evans, Camderyffordd Mr Rowland Roberts, Dyffryn dulas Mr Ralph Dean, Dylife, Lianbrynmair Mr John Evans, Melindeflasse Mr David Morgan, Melin Newydd Mr Thomas Evans, Mynaclity Mr Edward Pugh, Nantyfydda Mr Owen Owens, Paudy Penegoes. Mr Hugh Tudor, Rhosygarreg Mr John Hughes, Rliiwgam Mr Evan Williams, Rhoswidol Rev W. Jenkins, Dylife RUABO'N PAEISJ Mrs Mary Jane Roberts, C binders Farm Mr Peter Wright, Plas tf Farm Mr Thomas Hughes Mr Thomas Wright, Clin .rcb-street Mr J. S. Laycoek, Hafo j Cottage Mr John Lloyd, Dinhii die Farm Mr John Green, Strce c Isaf Mr William Richards Mr H. C. Muriels, W ynnstay Arms Mr Samuel Sparrow organist Mr J. E. Yates, Gn Jt Western Railtf Station Mr Edwin Wall, b< lokstaJl Mr William LJoy< platform inspec1" Mr Edward Hug! jeS) Church-stree/ Mr William Mor ris, Chureh-street Mr John Rowla Jones, Church-et Mr John Parry late yoat Public-)186 Mr John Smitl graoeer Mr John Robr j{S> park-street Mr Charies W Wright, Rhos Fa' Mr Thomas I jrriSiths. Ruabon M' Mrs Maria f ^vies. High-street Mr Samuel jRaudles, Newbridf Mr Freder ,ck Thomas Morri^i Railway-terrace Mr David Jones, Cross Foxe Mr John Griffiths. Morel on -&>a_ Mr Lewi 5 Jones, L-wer }IOl!til Farm Mr Rich b.nl. PriLl Cefn Fan; Mr Edv Jones, surveyor,B°symedre Mrs Rf ¡.e Beckitt, the Dee rern Mr H' .nrY Dennis. Hi.-o iybv1 Mr E (jWard Morris, Mr William H. Hughes. Pla^aston Foundry Mr William Davies, Cefn Mr Robert Griffith, C<-fnBvan Mr Thomas Pemberton. I'o1<lam )1 x John Tomlev, Poutada1 IT David Roberts, Pontaf" Dr Roberts T„„ Mr Robert Pembertou, G1' Western Ina Dr Jones Mr John Davies, Ruabon Mr Joseph Hughes. RUilJl Mr H. R. Bowers, Chest G. H. Whalley, Esq., M. Plasmadoc Owen Hughes, Esq., Be111^ Mr Charles Payne, The""ni;ls Mr Henry Simpson, \Va^tay Mr John Evans, Mach' |,ar™ Mr Peter Middleton, X <jarJ;U:s, George Thomson, Es.lv Tf°» Co. John Garside. Eso„ p^ynaston Coal Co. Rev E. W. Edwards, carage, Ruabon TTHIN PARISH. Mr Thomas Jpnkin/Iayward Mr Hugh Edwards, Mr Robert Edwardif>"f11:or Mr William Jones perts, currier Mr William Lloyd. y»"s^y Anns Mr William Lloyd°,hc!lor Mr Edward Davie.'?'azlt'r T:FEGLWYS PARISH. Mr John Thonias%i);,|ijSH, Mr William Edwd>, Aberbacno Mr John Wigley'0,fWdd°l Mr Evan Owen, wynog Mr John Ed war .j'11-1 Mr George Hug*. Rhiwdefeidy A WSFYNYDD PARISH. Mr John Jone^^y-e'eiynog Mr J. D. Jarr'^ Bla.mcwm, Prysor I Mr W. Pugh, fK^air Mr Edward Tmas, Caerhonydd Mr John Do1.ymocu. „ Mr Edward glands, Defeidiog COW Mr Morris Evans, Defeidiog Isaf Mr Hugh Roberts, Darngae Ms William Williams, Dolvmvnech Mr Thomas Davies and Robert Griffith Roberts, Dolhardd Mr Jdhn Davies, Fadfllltir Mr Pierce Edwards. Glatillynio duon Mr John Pugh, GiliUchwrll Mr Rowland Williams, Gors Mr Robert Roberts, Havodygarreg Mr Griffith Williams, Llech Idris Mr Hugh Pugh, RhiVr"och Mr David Robert.?, Tanrallt Mr Will'am Owen, Tyddyn Mawr Air Howell Roberts, Twroiaen Llanuwchllyn Mr Robert Roberts, Tymawr Mr Robert Morris Tynycae Mr Thomas Thomas, Nautgollen WREXHAM PARISH. Mr J. B. Murless, Wynrstay Arms Mr Robert Harrison, Pliscoch Farm Mr Thomas Acton, Rhyibronghton Farm Mr Thomas Hanmer, Tarf Tavern Mrs Francis Goodwin, the Hop Pole Inn Mr W, J. Sisson Mr Edward Lovatt, Old Swan Mr Edward Lewis, Llvvynktiottia Farm Mr Edward Bevan, Sutton Green Farm Mrs Emma Johnson, Escles Farm Mr Edward Jones, Gtfersyllt Mill Mr Job Lea, Gwersyllt Hall Farm Mr William Barrett, Gwersyllt Mr Rooert Dodd, Gwersyllt Mr Thomas Anthony garrison, Gwersyllt Mr David Roberts, Gwersyllt Mr John Allmand



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AS IT lb.