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Parliament is further prorogued to the 15fh December^ Prince Leopold has been presented with the freedom of the City of London. The Bessemer steamer is understood to have involved a loss of £ 10^>,000 to its projector. Mdlle. Titiens is suffering from the trying effects of the New York climate, and has been obliged to cease singing for a time, Captain Veitch, R.N., who for many years past has held the post of Governor of the Liverpool Borough Prison, at Walton, has resigned the position. The Bristol Times and Mirror, hears that it is not improbable that Mr Gathorne Hardy will be elevated to the Upper House before Parliament meets again. The appointment of Sir R. Baggailay to the judgeship of the High Court of Appeal has baen ratified, and it is stated that Sir J, Holker will be the new Attorney- General. The list of immigrants who arrived in the United States in the year ending June 30, 1875, includes 363 clergymen, 3 female clergy, 90 Jesuits, and 94 sisters of charity or mercy, or nuns. A resolution, expressive of good wishes for the safe return of the Prince of Wales from India, passed at a meeting of Welsh residents in London, has been laid be- fore the Princess of Wales and acknowledged. Mr Bright, in writing to a Birmingham gentleman on the subject of funeral reform, recommends for imitation the practice of the Society of Friends. Nothing, he says, could be more simple, and nothing could be better. The South Wales solicitors have published an address condemning an attack by Mr Macdonald, ft.f., on Judge Falconer, whowas described by the member f )r Stafford as a garrulous old fool" and a meander ng cockatoo. "i With the object of opening up more freely the district of Cannock Chase, a new line of railway has been pro- jected, starting from Colwich, in connection with the North Stafford line, and joining the Great Western at I Hockley. The London correspondent of the Leeds Jlercury says Mr Gladstone, in a private letter, expresses in the Dlainest terms his resolve to remain apart from public affairs. Mr Gladstone says that he now considers him- self as a mere spectator of passing events." The Cunard Company's steamer Scythia, which left Liverpool on Saturday for New York, bad, in accordance with the new shipping law, the load line marked on her broadside. The Cunard Company have anticipated the act, which does not come into operation until the 1st of next month. The Lieut.-Governor of the Iide of Man is about to in- troduce a bill into the Legislature to amend the law as to fisheries on the coasts of the Isle of Man. The measure proposes to prohibit the use, on the coasts of the island, of trawl nets, trammel nets, or draw net, for the taking of fish. The Lord Mayor's Show, in London, next Tuesday week, will have a much longer route than usual, and will go to almost the eastern extremity of the City, arrangements having been made for it to pasi through the three wards represented by the Lord Mayor and the sheriffs. Lord Coventry makes an appeal to conductors of agricultural societies to give greater encouragement to the breeders of useful hors-.s, by offering money prizes for brood mares, yearlings, two, three, and four years old, in addition to those contained in the usuil pro- grammes. The Liverpool Town Council, on Wednesday, unani- mously agreed to the recommendation of the Health Committee to put in force the provisions of the Artisans' Dwellings Act in a low district of the town, known as Nash Grove. The cost will be about X62,000, which will be defrayed by a special rate. Mrs Susan Stokes on Friday received the sum of X500 from the Lords of the Admiralty, in full satisfaction of ail claims in respect of her husband's death ia the ccllision between her Majesty's yacht Alberta and the Misletoe." The funeral expenses of Miss Peel and Stokes were entirely borne by the Admiralty. It has been finally determined at the Admiralty, that on the removal of the lower musts of the Vanguard, no further attempt to raise the ship or any of her heavy stores should be made until the spring, and officers and men now engaged in conducting operations will at once return to their respective ships and dockyard. NEPIUNL'S W ARNISG.-Father Nep.: "Look here. my lass Ye used to rule the waves, but if you misrule them as you've done !a ely, by Jingo, there'll be a row." Britannia: "I'm sure I don'r know who's to blame, papa, dear." Father Nep.: Don't know! Then pipe ill hands and find out."—funch. Smce the unanimous selection of Lieut. Colonel Black- burne as the Conservative candidate the Liberal party have made no sign of opposition, the general opinion among them being that a contest would result in a disastrous defeat. It is therefore more than probable that Colonel Bla'kburne will have a "walk over." The writ was issued on Friday (yesterday). The parishioners of Williamstown offer a strong Dppositioli to the recent appointment of Father Lottus, 8Y the Archbishop of Tauin, as parish priest. Lust. Sunday, when Father Loftus entered the chapel, the people made a rush, and were only prevented from getting at him by a guard of police that stood art-und the liter rail, who were ultimately obliged to fix bayonets. Two batteries of Monmouthshire Artillery volunteers, it Blackwood and Abercarue, haye been disbanded by an order from the War Office. The instruction is alleged to issign as a reason for this step thai Government considers the men ot the district "lantiot better serve her Majesty in time of war than by cutting coal." It is thought that )ther corps in nrning localities will be simiLuly treated. Dr Kenealv on Monday sight addressed a crowded meeting at Woolwich. There was a liberal display of thick sticks, and oppenenis were threatened with being tossed out of window. Dr Kenealy denounced the chtap aewspapers as penny liars, and the bench, the bar, and the press as a triune league against him, and declared that he was prepared to shed his blood for the good and bbe liberties of his country. Availing themselves of their power under the special act of Parliament obtained last session, the Biimingbain town council on Tuesday unanimously resolved to pur- chase the undertaking of the local Waterworks Company. It has been calculated that the Corporation will lose pEl500 on the first year's trading, that they will gain £ 1500 on the second, and that their profits will go on increasing at the rate of £ 3000 a year. The Rev. Dr. Banner, of the Methodist Episcopal Church in the South of the United States, has been sus- pended from preaching for a year fGr hav ng wntteo imatory letters to a yeung lady which were ueld to be immoral in their tone. He admitted writing the letters, and sent through his counsel this message to the younger members of the co:ifetence: "Look upon my agony; behold my stricken o d age, and learn to avoid every appearance of evil," H inner was one of the oldest, most influential, and most eioqeen preachers ia his clurcb, md was known thr< wghnu t. th • south. THE ABSCONDING Li .,E.,tro-), CASHIER.Edward John Barry, the absconding ess* ier who escaped at Plymouth from the custody of » Liv.-rpool detective and was recaptured at Yeovil, So nerse shire, on Friday, was taken to Liverpool on Sat: rday. tie was brought up at the Pohce-court on Moi day, and formally remanded for a week. Barry's eseaj e trom the detective who brought him home-from i a, and the circumstances of his capture, have thrown H ha oof romance abou'. him, and the coarl was crowded w.it persons eager to obtain a sight of the prisoner. Mr feffles counselled the prisoner to consult Mr Coleman With reference to hisg ievance. THE WHITRCHArhL TRAGEDY.—The Recorder Mr Russell Gurnev, Q C., M.P.), in hiij charge to ,h Grand Jury at the Central Criminal Court on Monday, adverted at some length to the Whitechapel traged'. In the calendar of prisoners for trial, Henry Wain > r ght was described as a brushmaker, aged 37 years, and WjII edu- cated. His brotner, Tnomas Wainwright, as an iron- monger, aged oO years,. and well educated, and I h, particulars of the charge are thus te, out—" The said Henry Wainwright, for the wilful murder, in the county of Middlesex, of one Harriet Louisa Lane, and that for the said Thomas Wainwright did aid and abet the said Henry Wainwright to do and commit the said felony, and that he did also, well krow:i g the said felocy to have been committed, feloniously rtceive, harbour, and maintain the said Henry \Vlliuwr;g')t." The grind jury returned a true bill ag "inst Henry Wainwright. for mur- d-r, and against Thomas WaiLWright tor bL-iftg an accessory. The trial is p a poned tiil the November sessions.


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