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LLANGOLLEN. POPUL ENTERTAINMENT.—The first of a series ,rof these entainments, which are to be held in the course of the wer season, took place in the Assembly-room, on Fridr¡lJvening, the 22nd instant, the chair being taken ba"jor Tottenham. The programme, which was a lJthy one, was exceedingly well sustained, the perfonr including Messrs T. Attnell, J. Sparrow, Ruabo/atnes Clarke, Richard Jones, William Hughes, A. C. iqueray, Mr Henry Hughos and party, Miss J. A. Pu3' &c- Miss Jenny Davies accompanied all the music th her usual ability, and also played a brilliant duet h Mr Sparrow, and another with her sister, Miss Kate vies. These meetings are to be held fortnightly, the feeds to be devoted to the purchase of a piano- fortr the use of the room. PETTY SESSIONS. TolAY, Oar. 26th.-Before Col. Tottenham (chair- a), Captain Barnes, Capt. Best, Major Tottenham, i G. LI. Dicken, Esq. IE CONTAGIOUS DISEASES Acr.-Mr Thomas S. prts, butcher, Llangollen, was charged by Inspector yiphreys with keeping diseased animals in a field on I Abbey Farm, the same not being properly fenced. pector Humphreys, after stating the case, called npon William Jones, Hendre Farm, who deposed that his Id was contiguous to the one held by Mr Roberts. e made several complaints to Mr Roberts Hod: hi" *eep were continually trespassing upon his (witness's) md, and ultimately he complained to Miss Humphreys. lis sheep caught the disease from Mr Roberts's. lefendant had paid him £ ?, for the tresspass. Mr .oberts stated to the beacn that he had done all in his ower to prevent the animals straying, by fencing the eld with hurdles, and otherwise fillisg up the gaps in ie hedges. Fined Xi for each animal. ANOTHER CASE.—Mr John Arthur Jones, Rhysgog, was charged by Inspector Humphreys with placing twelve infected sheep in the public highway, near Pen- trefelin. P. C. Phoenix deposed to having seen twelve sheep straying on the Ruthin road, on the 29th Septem- ber. They belonged to Mr Thomas S. Roberts, butcher. He saw Mr Jones, the defendant, and he admitted having turned them out of his field, they having strayed there. He had then just finished dressing his own sheep. Mr Jones admitted having found the sheep in his field, and having turned them out, a practice he always resorted to when he found strange sheep among his flock. Fined £ 1 for each sheep, and costs, total X12. CATTLE STRAYING.—Inspector Humphreys further charged Mr Jones with having allowed four calves, which, however, were not suffering from the disease, to stray on the Holyhead-road. The charge having been proved, defendant was fined 5s for each animal, and costs, total XI. TRANSFER OF LICENSE.—The license of the Red Lion, Bridge-street, was transferred from Mr Parry, the former tenant, to Mr John Edwards, late of Gvfelie, Llan- dynan. A few cases of an unimportant nature were also dis- posed of, and the court adjourned before the usual time of lunch.