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RUTHIN. IMPROVEMENTS.—In a town like Ruthin where there are so many "tumbled down old places," wrongly called dwelling houses, it is satisfactory to see a few good now houses being erected. Such building is going on near the approach to the station, and tends to greatly improve its appearance. THE GUARDIANS AND THE BREAD CONTRACT.—A good deal of talk is going on in town as to the late rejection of Messrs Jones and Son's contract for bread it being Is 6d per cwt. below that accepted. The general impression seems to be that Messrs Jones and Son have just cause of complaint. TRAMPS.—Tramps seem to be unusually numerous in this district. At a County Magistrates' Court, before Colonel Jones-Mortimer, a few days ago, John Jones, of Penllynog, was sent to gaol for 8 days 'for sleeping in an outhouse the offence being proved by P.C. Row- lands; and a companion was sent for 16 days on the information ot P.C. Lloyd, for begging in Llanynys. FOOT-AMD-MOUTH DISEASE.—The inspector of the district reported up to Saturday, that in the parishes of Llanfwrog, Llanynys, Llangwfan, Llanrhydd, and Ruthin, there were under treatment 226 cattle, 104 sheep, and 66 pigs. During the week the disease had made its appearance on five fresh farms, but three farms, previously infected, were declared free. Sixteen cattle had died of the disease. THE TOWN COUNCIL AND THE WATERWORKS COM- PANY.—At a meeting of the Council on the 20th inst., the intended application of the Water Company for the provisional order to increase their capital by £5,000 was considered, and the following resolutions were agreed to:—(1). "The draft copy of thy proposed pro- visional order of the Ruthin Water Company having been read and carefully considered at this adjourned meeting of thf Town Council, as well as at the special meeting on Monday last, and the Council having taken into consideration the reports of the late Mr Duncan, engineer of the Liverpool Waterworks, and Mr Chas. H. Baloe, of Liverpool, C.E., on the Plasy Nant brook, and the storage capacity of the reservoir required for the supply of the town (which, according to the lowest computation, should contain 9,000,000 gallons) ana haying regard to the fact that the utmost quantity which could be stored in the present reservoir and the one proposed to be made, would only be about four million gallons," (2). Re« solved unanimoasly that the Council cannot with due regard to the interest of the town, and in the face of the reports and advise of the engineers, consent to a provisional order which dees not provide for the required ttoMge." WHO IS TO BLAME?—Some weeks ago we stated that the council had granted a sum of money for the re- construction of the bridge over the railway; as the public were greatly inconvenienced by the bridge being closed. This work should have been completed by the 1st of November, but for some reason it had not even been commenced on Monday, seven days before its promised completion. Clearly there is neglect some- whqje, and the public are beginning to inquire 11 who is to blame." PRESENTATION.—Oar readers are aware that for some mont is past the friends of Mr Hugh Morris have been getting up a testimonial for him on his leaving the town. It took the form of a handsome watch and chain, and was presented to him a few nights ago at a meeting of the committee held at the Star Inn. Mr John Simon was voted to the chair, and made the pre- sentation in a suitable manner, addresses being also delivered in commendatisn of Mr Morris and of his bardic abilities, by Dr Ellis, Clwyd Bank! Rev J. James, Eos Clwyd"; Mr Walinsley, &c. A very happy meet- ing was held. THE FORTHCOMING ELECTION OF MAYOR.—Mr R. G. Ellis has refused re-election and will retire from office with the thanks of the townspeople generally for the able and dignified manner in which he has filled the chair. Two names have been mentioned as his successor, but we have every reason to believe that the choice of the Council will fall upon Councillor William Green. He has just retired from business,. and has, therefore, ample leisure to devote to the duties. He is a gentleman possessing rare business, qualifications, and would bring to bear on all matters of importance a calm and mature judgment, whilst his cuurteous and gentlemanly conduct has made him a favourite with all classes of the towns- people. We feel sure that he would fill the office with dignity and do credit to himself; the Council and the borough cannot do better than unanimously elect him to the chair. THE MUNICIPAL ELECTION.-There does not appear to be as much stir as usual over the municipal election. Perhaps this is due to the changes in the Municip 1 Elections Act. The retiring councillors are Messrs H. Powell Jones, Robert Jones (Unicorn Inn), John Hughes (Cross Keys), and Edward Edwards, ex-Mayor. The two former decline to stand again, and Mr H. P. Jones's friends have made everv effort to induce him to do so, but without success. The following are the persons nominated :-Dr W. D, Jones, John Huehes, and D. E. Davies, corn merchant, proposed by William Lloyd, draper, and David Davies, grocer; Messrs William Lloyd, solicitor, and Edward Edwards, ex-Mayor, proposed by Mr John Jenkins, and seconded by Alderman Thomas Jones; Edward Ellis, Clwyd Bank, and Edward Evans, Spread Eagles, were proposed by Hugh Jones, Star Inn, and seconded by T. H. Jones, plumber; Mr Augusta E. Davies was proposed by Mr Hugh Jones, and seconded by Dr Thomas Jones. Each nomination paper btfre the names of the eight ratepayers as required by law. On Saturday the Mayor and Town Clerk attended at the Council "Chamber to receive objections to nominations, when Mr Augusta E. Davies withdrew. There are therefore seven candidates in the field to contest four seats. Two are now in the Council-Messrs E. Edwards and John Hughes; and will very probably be re- elected. Dr W. D. Jones formerly sat in the Council, but retired to take office as medical officer. He was a good and useful member and ought to secure a seat again. Mr William Lloyd, solicitor, seeks the honour for the first time; but his father was up to the time of his death an alderman. Mr Lloyd is a man of good business habits, besides having legal training, and by position and in every other respect is well qualified for the office. The other three seek office for the first time, and will no doubt be supported by their various friends; and there is every probability of the contest being a keen one, although there is no question of interest before the ratepayers at the present time. BOARD OF GUARDIANS. MONDAY.—Present: the Warden of Ruthin, in the chair; Mr R. G. Ellis, in the vice-chair Mr Andrew Doyle, Local Government Board Inspector; Major Cornwallis West, Mr R. G. Johnson, J.P., Lieutenant-Colonel Jones-Mortimer, J.P., the Rev J. C. Davies, Derwen the Rev Henry Jones, Llanychan; Messrs J. W. Lloyd, Brookhouse David Griffiths, Evan Thomas, Llangwfan George F. Byford, Llanganhafel; H. Powell Jones, Thomas Jones, Llauynys; John Roberts, Nantglyn; John Roberts, Llanarmon; John Jones, Ruthin John Hughes, Ruthin John Jones, Clocae- nog; Hugh Williams, Aberwheeler Edward Jones, Llanarmon John Barber, Llandyrnog John Jenkins, Ruthin John Davies, &c. FINANCE AND POPULATION.—The master reported 74 inmates against 77 in the corresponding week last year; ten vagrants relieved. There was no call due. Out- relief for the past fortnight, in Ruthin district, S85 2s 6d; in Llanrhaiadr, £52 19s 6d; cheques granted for the next fortnight for EISO balance in the hands of the treasurer, XI,077 2s. THE NEW SANITARY DISTRICT.—The board, as a Sanitary Committee, held a brief discussion on the pro- posed amalgamation of the districts under one district medical officer, upon terms fully explained a fortnight ago. The following resolution was passed :—" That this Sanitary Authority desire to represent to the Local Government Board that it would conduce to the more I efficient administration of the Public Health Act if the several Sanitary Authorities of the county of Denbigh were combined for the appointment of one officer of health for the united district." AUDIT WEEK.—The Clerk stated that the auditor had fixed his half-yearly audit of the accounts of the union for Thursday and Friday of this week. The board signed cheques for the payment of the salaries of the various officers of the union. OUT-DOOR RELIEF.—An important discussion, in which Mr Doyle took part, took place on this subject. Oar space being limited, we prefer holding the report over I for next week in preference to publishing it in an abridged form.