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THE ILAKFIIAOB or WINS with Mr Aviet Agabeg to tak- • ii November 16th. THE WELSH UNI VK I Y COLLEGE.—A rational con- cert, under the pat. jnji-e of the Duke of Westminster, Viscount Sandon, M P.. hir Watkin William, Wynn, M.P., Wiiiiam Rathbone, Esq., M P., Juhn Torr, Esq., M.P.. and other- is r I) e ,Iven in St. George's Hail, Liverpool, on tile 10th November, in aid of the University College of Wales. It i. k iy to prove very successful. CONCERT AT THE DILJ, HALL, HOLT ROAD, TRANMERE, BIRKENHEAD.—On Friday evening, the 15th inst., a concert was given by Mr Ashbrooke Roberts and Mr Alfred Donkin, at the above hall, Holt-road, in ai.i of funds raised on behalf of the widows and orphans of the Liverpool Life Boatmen, who lost their lives in trying to save the crew of the Ellen Southard, on the 27th of September last. A capital evening's entertainment was provided, most of the artistes being popular favour-ires. Mr Curwell's IVU i"ring of "Fire" was excellent. Miss Leeming E <ng i x her usual good style, and her nice singing was the cause of" Killarney'' f> ::ug repeated. Miss R-dsiing sang H II Bacio," and gavj Happy be thy dreams'' as an encore. Mr Bi-ulley's Death of Nelson," a.nd Mr Whittle's Man the Life-boat" were very well sung. The greatest hit of the evening was a clever musical perform uice by Mr Alfred Donkin (the hon. treasurer) ull eight instruments, including a. musical caffee pot" -and watering can," which created much laughter. The audience marked their appreciation of his excellent playing by loud and prolonged applause and by recalling him several times. Mr Lunt's piano solo, Storm at sea," took very well. The Cambrian Choral Society also rendered valuable assissance. Just before the close, Mr Ashbrooke Roberts (the honorary secretary), in addressing the audience, said it gave himself and Mr Donkin great pleasure in seeing so many there that evening, and he thanked them for the kind and generous support they had given on such a laudable occasion. He also said he had received a letter from their worthy representative in Parliament, Mr Maclver, which he thought it was only right should be read to them. The purport of the letter was that he (Mr Maclver) being out of town, could not very well attend, but if his name as patron would be of any i uso, he would gladly give it. He also enclosed a donation of three guineas towards the concert fund. Several other gentlemen sent subscriptions. The handsome sum of £ 2'J Is 4d was raised. Mr Donkin thanked the artistes who hai given their services.