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WREXHAM BOARD OF GUARDIANS. The weekly meeting of the board was held on Thursday, when there were present—Capt Gnffith- Boscawen, chairman Mr S. T. Baugh, vice-chair- man Lieut.-Colonel White, Messrs J. Beale, Evan Hughes, A. W. Edwards, J. Burton, C. Belmont, J. Rogers (Gwersyllt), Gomer Roberts, E. Evans (Bronwylfa), J. Daniel, J. D. Beard, E. B. Samuel, A. Sutton, W. Williams, E. Rowland, E. T. Williams, G. Thomson, B. S. Roberts, J. M. Jones, and J. R. Bennion. THE HOLT RELIEVING OFFICER. The Clerk read a communication from the Local Government Board transmitting for the information of the guardians a copy of a communication which bad been received from Mr J. T. Sheppard. in reference to the circumstances under which he had been suspended from the performance of his duties as relieving officer. A copy of the board's reply was also enclosed. The letter of Mr Sheppard was as follows:— » Holt, October 9th, 1875. My Lords and Gentlemen,—I am extremely sorry for having altered the order of the presiding chairman. I had paid tiie paupers, two very ohl cases, withou', having made application for the renewal ùi their relief to the fruardians at the proper time. I have been suffering from nervous debility for many weeks consequent upon my not properly understand- ing the accounts belonging to the office; and was under the impression at the time it woitM somewhat assist me and straighten my books for the coming audit, and not with any intention of doing wrong. Trusting, my lords and gentlemen, to your clemency for having made so grave an error. I am. my lords and gentlemen, your most humble and oùedieut servant, JOl N THOMAS SHETPARD. The letter of the Lee tl Government Board wag as follows:— October 21st, 1875. Sir,—I am directed by the Local Government Board to aekllowiede the receipt of yonr letter of the 9th iust., in rpferpnce t,) the circumstances under which the guardianus of the Wrexham Union have suspended you from the perform- ance of your duties as rplieviug ollieer for the Holt district. I am directed to state that the board are of opinion that the explanation which you have offered as to your conduct is most unsatisfactory, aud having regard to the "grave nature of the irregularity of which you have been" uilty they cannot permit you to continue in office. The boair will, therefore, issue an order under seal removing you from the office of relieving officer for the Holt district.—I am, sir, your obedient servant, FRANCIS FLETCHER, Aftistauc l'cretary. It was ordered that an advertisement be issued inviting applications for the vacant office, and that the board proceed to fill up the appointment in three weeks from that date. THE CASE OF WIDOW PARRY. Mr Daniel called attention to the case of a widow named Elizabeth Parry, of Ponkey, who wifh her six children had been offered the house at the last meeting of the board. She had received outdoor relief until a few weeks ago, when it was stopped. Her eldest child was about 14 years of age, and she was in very bad health. The next child was a boy, whose age was 12 years and 2 months. A few months ago, this boy went to work and got a few pence per day; but the board had stopped the relief because it was illegal so long as the boy did not attend school. Some of the guardians then advised her to send the boy to school and apply again to the guardians. This she had clone iaso Thursday; but by a majority of one a resolution was carried that the woman and her children should be offered the house. He would ask them to look at it in a pecuniary point of view. If the woman and her children were taken into the house, the cost to the ratepayers would be no less than £1 5s 6d per week or £6G 6s a-year. If once the family- were taken into the house the members of it would become paupers for many years, and the total cost to the ratepayers would amount to some £400. If this principle were adopted the hotte would soon be overcrowded, and the Local Government Board would compel them to build an addition \0 tha house at a cost of several thousands. He moved that the woman be given 8s a-week outdoor relief for thireeen weeks, and nothing else. Mr Gomer Roberts seconded the motion. The Vice-Chairman explained that the reason why the guardians passed the order for offering the house to Mrs Parry and her family was that they did not think 8s a-week out relief was sufficient to support her and her six children, as she had con- cealed from the relieving officer and the guardians the fact that, she was earning six or seyen shillings a-week towards the support of the family. A letter was read from Mr Fitz-Hugh, of Plas Power, to the effect that the woman had been doing casual work about the gardens; and might have worked there all through the winter at Is 3d per day. It was eventually resolved in consequence of these explanations to rescind the previous order of the board, and allow the woman out relief to the amount of 8s a-week.