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Hocal Xctos


Hocal Xctos 1ST D.R.Y.—The first drill of the Volunteer year" will take place on Tuesday next, at half-past seven. HARVEST THANKSGIVING SERVICE.—A harvest thanksgiving service will be held in Acton School- Church, Rhosnessey, on Sunday (to-morrow) afternoon, when the Vicar of Wrexham will preach. THE PROPOSED CHURCH FOR ESCLTTSHAM.—The Misses Hayes, of Gatewen, have sent a second subscription of .£13 through the Rev Canon Cunliffe towards the Esclusham Church Fund. It may be mentioned that the above-named ladies have no property whatever in the district. THE TOWN CLOCKS.—" A Subscriber asks us to call attention to the irregularity of the town clocks. The Church and Town Hall dials have, during the week, stood for several hours, and one for days. Indeed, little dependence can be placed on any of the clocks. Cannot the Corporation effect some improvement by calling attention to the fact ? CHURCH CHOIRS.—Efforts are being made to improve the singing in Malpas Church, and Mr Harriss has been engaged by the Hon. and Rev. Trevor Kenyon and the Rev.. Mr Cox, rectors, to give the choir a course of lessons. Mr Harriss is also busy training a choir, which we expect will be a very superior one, for the new church at Bersham, built by T. LI. FitzHugh, Esq. STAMP DISTRIBUTOR.—We hear that Mr Potter, who had held the post of Stamp Distributor for 18 years, has resigned his post, and will be succeeded by Mr Scotcher, High-street, who will no doubt fulfil the duties of the officc to the satisfaction of the public. On resigning his trust, we believe a high compliment was paid Mr Potter by Mr S we ten- ham, the Distributor for North Wales and Chester, for the great attention he had given to the duties knposed upon him. WREXHAM EISTEDDVOD.—A meeting of the Literary Committee, under the presidency of Mr Trevor-Parkins, was held in the Council Chamber on Wednesday afternoon, when the supplementary list of subjects was discussed aud adopted. When approved by the general committee, they will be published in the usual way. Mr Hugh Davies (one of the honorary secretaries) kindly offered a prize of 5s, for the best essay on Sanitation." We are requested to state that the committee will not recognise any anonymous communication addressed to them also that intending competitors who inform the adjudicator of their intention to compete do not gain any benefit thereby. WREXHAM SCHOOL BOARD.—A special meeting of the board was held on Friday week, to consider an application from the visiting officer, Mr J. Lindop, ior an increase of salary. There were present Mr Chas. Hughes, chairman; Mr J. Jones, vice chairman; and Messrs J. Prvce-Jones, Coleman, and C. Rocke. After some discussion, Mr J. Jones proposed, and Mr Coleman seconded, that the salary of Mr Lirrdop be increased to .73 per annum, on condition that he devote all his time, except Monday mornit>g. to the duties of his office. Mr Lindop was ciiled, and thanked the board for raising his-salary, pro- mising that they should have no cause to regret it. It was then agreed to give notice that the board change the meetings from monthly to fortnightly, and that they be held on the first and third Tuesdays in each month, at three o'clock In the afternoon. HARVEST THANKSGIVINGS.—Mr C. Walker, of Brighton, author of the "Ritual Reason Why," writes to the Church Times as follows:—" Harvest Thanksgivings are excellent things, but they are in considerable danger of becoming a nuisance. They are peculiarly open to aesthetical extravagances Surely men can thank God for a fruitful harvest without turning His house into a greengrocer's stall. A witty friend of mine always calls these yearly rejoicings the feast of turnips and the nalll is certainly more appropriate than reverent. Where turnips are tabooed, apples and pears are freely admitted, even if the line is drawn at toma- toes, whose hue is considered to be effective by sundry lovers of prettiness in religious matters. I agree with you that the only decorations in ad- dition to flowers which should be admitted are corn and grapes." WREXHAM TEMPERANCE HALL.—On Saturday evening last a large audience was present, and an excellent programme was very creditably gone through. It consisted of two part songs, by the Excelsior glee party, who also joined in the chorus of a song by Mr W. A. Holland three songs by Mr J. B. Cook, of Cefn; two songs by Mr Gilmour, who was honoured with an encore as were likewise the Misses Lewis and Jones, and Messrs Holland and Stanford, in the humorous quartett, Prophundo Bassoand the Cefn hand-bell ringers in Home, sweet home" BE sides the above, Miss Jones and Mr Holland sang the duet, "Flow on, thou tuning river," and Mr D. Dodd sang "John Barleycorn." The readings were better than usual, Mr F. Samuels, in William Tell," holding the attention of the audipnee in a marked manner on that most thrilling incident of the patriot's; whilst Mr Wilson's reading, in the Lancashire dialect, afforded equal satisfaction. The meeting was presided over by Mr Hugh Davies. and closed about ten o'clock. It was announced that the "Swiss Tyrolesa singers" would give two entertainments next Saturday. BILLIARD MATCH AT THE WORKING MEN'S HALL. The new saloon at this hall was opened on Monday last. In the evening, there was a tolerable attend- ance of gentlemen of the town and neighbourhood to witness a billiard match between Mr W. Tim- brell, of the Adelphi Hotel, Liverpool, and Mr T. Owen, the manager of the Working Men's Hall, W rexham, the former giving the latter 300 out of 1,000. At the commencement of the game there was nothing remarkable to notice; there was some pretty good all-round playing, and Mr Timbrell appeared to be somewhat careless. Shortly, how- ever, he displayed some of the finest billiard play- ing that has been witnessed in this town or else- where. He seemed to be able to place the balls where he pleased, and when Mr Owen had scored 56! (including the 300 given), Mr TimbreU de- monstrated his skill and made a break of 634, in which were included 184 spot hazards, and won the game amid loud applause, having scored over a thousand in one hour and thirty minutes. THE WREXHAM DEANERY CHURCH ASSOCIATION. Thejinnual meeting of this association was held at the Savings Bank on Wednesday, under the presidency of the Rev W. H. Boscawen, Rural Dean. There were also present the Rev Mr M'Gill, Rev E. B. Smith, Captain Griffith-Boscawen, Dr Wil- liams, Captain Godfrey, Mr John Lewis, Mr Ras- botham, Mr Bartlet, and Mr Trevor Parkini (hon. secretary). The first business was to elect the lay representatives and to appoint the officers. Mr Trevor Parkins was unanimously elected hon. secretary, and Mr Overton treasurer, and a cordial vote of thanks was passed to them for their services in the past. The following gentlemen were elected as a Choral Union Committee:—The Rev W. H. Boscawen, Mr Jones-Parry, Capt. Godfrey. Mr J. Lewis, the Rev G. H. M'Gill, the Rev Mr Streat- field (Isycoed), Mr Trevor Parkins, the Vicar of Wrexham, and the Rev D. Lloyd. Wrexham. The annual report of the committee was read by Mr Parkins. Regret was expressed that through lack of support the annual festival of the Choral Union would not be held. Nothing had been done towards training the choirs in the deanery. A return to the practice of former years was very desirable, as it was calculated to exercise a beneficial influence on the character cf village psalmody. A committee of the Church Association held in Mold, had decided to hold a conference at Rhyl in May, 1876. If the recommendation met with approval their association would elect seven representatives for the committee that would make the necessary arrangements. The efforts of the association to increase the collections in aid of the four diocesan societies had been successful, and it was recom- mended that the same course be adopted next year. After reviewing the business of the past year, the report concluded as follows:—" Your committee sincerely trust that no diminished interest will be taken in the proceedings of the association by those who are its members. 1 voluntary society which can compel no person to belong to it, and which possesses no machinery to give effect to its decisions, must rely entirely upon the moral support and active zeal of those who join it. If strong in this respect, it may exercise an important influence. And in the prospects of dangers which, though they may appear to be less imminent thaa they lately were, are still threatening us, those who appreciate the blessings they enjoy should strenuously co- operate, to use the langmge of our rules, in a.ll measures calculated to increase the efficiency or to maintain the integrity of the Church.' "STREAKED WITH GOLD."—This is the title of the Christmas number of the Gentleman's Magazine for 1875. It will be interesting to Welshmen since it is a romance on lead mining in Merionethshire, and a study of life and character in North Wales. We have perused its pages with much pleasure, and hope next week to notice it more fully. WREXHAM INFIRMARY AWD DISPENSARY.—The Secretary acknowledges with thanks that he has received from the Ven. Archdeacon Wickham the sum of .£6, being a moiety of a collection made in Gresford Church at the harvest thanksgiving; and also a further sum of.£6 10s 2d from the Rev David Edwards, being the amount of a collection made in Berse Church at the harvest thanksgiving. The Secretary takes this opportunity of earnestly requesting the clergy and Dissenting ministers in the town and neighbourhood to be kind enough to make the necessary arrangements for collections to be made in their respective places of worship on the established Hospital Sunday, viz., the first Sunday in January next. ANNUAL CONFERENCE OF THE WXEXHAM DEACONAL SUNDAY SCHOOL ASSOCIATION. —The annual meeting of this association was held in Wrexham on Wednesday last. In the forenoon there was Divine service at the Parish Church. An excellent sermon was preached by the Rev. T. Vowler Wickham, and the holy communion was subsequently administered to a large number of persons of both sexes. In the afternoon a public meet- ing took place at the Tenter's Schoolroom, Penybryn. Archdeacon Wickhan presided, and there was a numerous attendance. Amongst tho.se present, and who took part in the proceedings, were the Rev. LI. Wynne Jones, rector of Llanllwchairn; the Rev. D. Jones, vicar of Rhos; the Rev. E. B. Smith, vicar of Gwersyllt; the Rev. D. Howell, vicar of Wrexham the Rev. T. Kirk, of the Wrexham Grammar School; the Rev. T. Llewellyn Griffith, rector of Deal; the Rev. G. Coke, curate of Gresford the Rev. T. Vowler Wickham, vicar of Rossett, hon. secretary of the Deaconal Sunday School Association. The speeches delivered were interesting, and the advice and suggestions conveyed to Sunday school teachers truly practical, a jd listened to with much attention. No resolution, however, was proposed, and, singulariy enough, the usual vote of thanks to the chairman was overlooked. SPECIAL SERVICES AT ST. MARK'S.—The annual services at this church, in aid of the Organist's sti- pend, are to be held to-morrow. Particulars of the services appear in our Church column. Mr Harriss has held the post of organist and choirmaster of St. Mark's for a period extending over nine years, and the care and attention devoted by him to his choir have secured for Wrexham a service that will bear very favourable comparison with aay of the Cathedral services. The organist's remuneration is not large, and a year ago the congregation agreed that the offertory on one Sunday—oyer and above .£10, the average weekly collection—should be ap- propriated to his use. The Vicar, on Sunday night at the evening service, reminded the congregation of the services, and we hope with him that there will be large congregations both morning and even- ing, and that they will show their appreciation of the organist and choirmaster's services by giving most liberally. THE MUNICIPAL ELECTION.—As there are five candidates for the four vacant seats in the Council, there must now under any circumstances be a poll on Monday next. There will be two polling booths. That at the Guildhall will be presided over by the Mayor, and voters on the register, from 1 to 792 (in- clusive), will poll there, whilst those whose numbers are to be found between 793 and 1,543, must vote at the Savings Bank, where the Town Clerk will pre- side. The candidates are (1) Mr S. T. Baugh, auctioneer/nominated by Messrs G. Bradliy and J. F. Edisbury; (2) Mr J. M. Jones, leather manufacturer, nominated by Messrs J. Gittins and Simon Jones (3) Dr Eyton-Jones, nominated by Councillor Shone and Alderman Jones (4) Mr W. Sherratt, solicitor, nominated by Mr Joseph Clark and Alderman Beaie; (5) Mr E. Smith, draper, nominated by Messrs J. Bury and G. Bradley. With the exception of Mr Baugh, all the candidates have issued their addresses, but little or no canvassing has been attempted, and very little excitement prevails. The general opinion is that should Dr Eyton Jones be successful on Monday iu gaining a seat, he will be elected Mayor. We hope the electors will further this arrangement by placing him at the head of poll" THE MAEUIAGE OF THE HOK. G. T. E"ENYON.— The following is a copy of address sent by the Burgesses of Hoit, with a piece of plate presented as a wedding present to Mr Kenyon, last week :—" The Court House, Holt. 20th October, 1875. To the Hon. G. T. Kenyon, Gredinglon, Flintshire. Dear Sir,—We, the undersigned, mem bers of the Committee of the Holt Tcstimoniat, on hearing of your approaching marriage, have ven- tured to consider that the occasion was an appro- priate one for evincing to you, in some shape, the affectionate esteem in which you have always been, and are still, held in regard by the inhabitants of Holt and the immediate neighbourhood. A com- mittee was at once formed for the purpose of taking the matter into consideration, and to collect sub- scriptions. some of which reached us from friends at some little distance from Holt, anxious to join us in the movement. The result of our efforts has been the selection and purchase of a piece of pJae, which is contained in the case accompanying this letter. We may say there have been some differ- ences of opinion among the members of the com- mittee and other of the subscribers as to the form and design of the testimonial itself, buc we re happy to say that but one feeling has been shown by them as to the sentiments which they wished to have expressed in the letter they desired should accompany its representation to you, namely, those of the most sincere and most affectionate esteem for your person and character. We, whose names are appended below, confess to a feeling of the most unqualified pride in having been selected as the medium of conveying these sentiments to you, and in being allowed this opportunity of telling you how heartily and how lovingly we join in the expresssion of them. It is our most earnest wish a.nd prayer that you may long be spared to hear these sentiments of affectionate regard again and again repeated, and to enjoy, in the society of the vary amiable and estimable lady whom you have selected for your partner in life, the health and happiness which we all most heartily wish you, and we beg to subscribe ourselves, my dear sir, most faithfully yours, Samuel Dale (Mayor), Thos. Morris, C. W. Cliallinor, Thos. Rymer, W. Baker." The following is Mr Kenyon's reply :—" The Bur- lington Hotel, Cork-street and Old Burlington street, London, W., Oct. 22, 1875. Dear sirs,—I cannot too warmly thank my old friends of Holt for their most handsome gift, and for their most kind interest in me at this time. I need hardly tell you how entirely I reciprocate your good wishes; and I trust the good feeling which has existed so long between my family and the inhabitants of Holt may long continue without abatement. Mrs Kenyon joi.3 me in thanking you most sincerely for your kind- ness, and I am always yours truly, GEORGE T. KEWYON." At Llanypwll on Friday evening, there was a ball in the tent, which had been erected for the dinner on the prlivious day. The invitations were made through the subscribers to the "Rejoicings Fund," and were numerous. -Amongst those present were:—Mr and Mrs Parry, family, and party, Holt Lodge; Mr and Miss Beckett, Hanley Hall; Mrs Parker, Farndon; Mr T. Parker, Churton Hall; Miss Davies; Mr T. Wil- liams, Wrexham; Mr Frank Lloyd, The Plassey; Mr and Mrs S. Dicken and party, Hugmore House; Mr and Mrs Roberts and party, Borras Lodge; Mr and Miss Roberts, Berse Mr R. Weaver, Castle- town; Mr Jonathan Davies, Gourton Hall; the Misses Davies, Sontley; Mr Davies, Sontley; Mr Roberts and the Misses Roberts, Middle Sontley Mr Griffiths, Plas Goulbourne; Miss Luton, New Hall; Mr Griffiths, Heath Lane, Whitchurch; Mr and Mrs Milligan and party, Borras Head; Mr and Mrs Jones and party, Erlas; Mr and Mrs Parry, Common Wood; Mr and Miss Harrison, Clay's Farm Miss Harrison, White Horse; Mr Page, National Provincial Bank; Mr J, Allington Hughes, Mr J. Oswell Bury, Mr T. Bury, Mr F. Dutton, Cobden Mill; Miss Sadler, Tattenhall; Mr Knight, Mr J. W. M. Smith, Mr Palmer, Wrexham; Mr Ellis Woolrich, Trevallyn, and Miss BagaJey, Pulford; Mr E. and the Misses Woolrich, Allington Hall; Mr Pugh, Oswestry; Mr E. and the Misses Gtifliths, Stansty; Mr, Mrs, and Miss Manley, The Feathers Mr and Mrs T. Price, Mr and Mrs Lee, Spring Lodge; Mr and Mrs Lewis, Rossett Mill; Mr and Mrs J. Price, Croes-yn-Irris; Mr T. and Mrs Jackson, Wervin; Mr Allison Lewis, Marford Mills, and Miss Holland, Pulford; Mr Woolrich, Marford, and Miss Evans; the Misses Scotcher, Wrexham; Mrs and Miss Goodfellow, Mr and Mrs Jones, Hope; Dr LI. Williams, Mr Wilson, Miss Higginson, Mr E. Piggott and Miss Cocks, London; the Misses Morris, Miss Dickin, The Bryn; Mr and Mrs Davies and party, Caeca Dutton Mr E. Edwards, farmer, Llanypwll; Mr D. Edwards, Mr and Mrs Eastwood, Mrs Gronnow, &c. On the same day the women and children residing in the neighbourhood, to the number of 150, were enter- tained to a capital tea. The rejoicings were wound up on Saturday by a dinner to the workmen on the estate, to the number of 90. Mr Milligan pre- sided, and having given the loyal toasts in appro- priate terms, proposed the health of the Hon. G. T. Kenyon and his bride, which was received with much cordiality. A dance afterwards took place, in which the wives participated, a.nd a most pleasant day was spent everything passing off in an agree- able and orderly manner.