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Wlantth. OLLER LEATHER SHAVERS and CUTTERS DOWN WANTED.—Apply to John HosselL Regent-road Tannery, Salford. 450c GOOD General SERVANT Wanted. Must \JT be able to prodace good character for honesty, cleanliness, and quickness. Good wages.—Address, Mrs Owen, Working Men's Club, Wrexham. d522 AGENTS WANTED to sell JEWEL- LERY. WATCHES, and BIRMINGHAM GOODS. New Specialities! Wholesale Book Post- free. -A rjply Henry May, Birmingham. 4SOd ff OP.-Wanted a Shop, fitted-up for the S Provision Business, in one of the principal streets of Wrexham or Flint.—Address, giving Vull particulars, to "H Guardian Office, Wrexham. BRESSMAKING AND MILLINERY.— Wanted immediately, several Out-door Improvers and Apprentices to the Dressmaking and Jlillinerv.— Apply to Messrs Pierce & Horton, Silk Mercers, 11 Vale- street, Denbigh. e PHOTOGRAPHY. WANTED, immediately, an APPRENTICE to the above profession.-Apply to Mrs Jones, 56, Vale-street, Denbigh. « WANTED, a Situation as ENGINEMAN. Age 26. Would go as stoker to begin with. Has had sole charge of Steam Pumping Machinery of a Public Company, who will recommend him.—Address, JOSEPH ROBERTS, 41, Vale-street, Denbigh. 481o TO ACCOUNTANTS. "^€7ANTED, in a small Agency Office in T T North Wales, a CLERK, competent, to assist in collecting the Rents and to keep the Estate Books. He must be a good accountant. Preference will be given to a person having knowledge of Land Survering.— Apply to William5 and Wynne, Solicitors, Denbigh. Denbigh. 21st Oct., 1875.. d494 TO HOTEL PROPRIETORS AND OWNERS OF PROPERTY. WANTED, to Lease or Purchase, a good HOTEL, or HOUSE PROPERTY which could be converted into one. The locality must be near to Bango", Bettws-y-coed, Capel. Curig, Llanberis, or BeddgHert the position good, and close to a coach-road. No objection to a partnership arrangement.—Address, with full particulars as to price, to G. S., at C. H. MAY'S, General Advertising Office, 78, Gracechurch- street, London, E.C. 518h _18- FCXBTSTRTM'S SURTRRESSES. [ANNUAL CIRCULAR]. 44, LORD-STREET, LIVERPOOL. Season 1875-6. THE present Season's arrivals of FINE TEAS from China are again exceedingly large, -while the excfllenr quality of former years is fully main- tained. The most delicate taste of conn OCCURS will be gratified by the superior character of some of tke INDIAN TEAS which have arrived, resembling, as before remarked, the old CHOICE KAlsow-so highly appreciated by consumers of the finer classes of TEA. 7he unparalleled success which has marked the pro- GRESS of this Business from year to year is the result of our vraHicn! l-nortedge of TEA, and of the exercise of prøp"f -Qrf, in the selection of Stock, which enables ns to s(,]! TEAS ONE1. COFFEES of superior Qualities, at the moderate Prices at which all Families who complv wifV. «J;r* -mis- viz., X"t Cash on receipt and approval of u< -have a perfect rigbt to obtain their supplies. Jrill'" ii-o r irrfl afare that oil consumers of Tet and Coffee, "fldlf their own intercut by purchasing at Øftr nevertheless, tender sincere thanks to ovr numerous Customers for their constmtln support and recommendation; and th".II rewt ensured that all orders entrusted to us will continue to hare our prompt personal attention. The following qualities are well worth special not'ee 1'er! The Choicest EAISOW TEA -3s. 6d. The Extra Fme SOUCHONG (Choicest) 3s. 4d. First-class CONGOU (Rich Souchong Flavour).3s. Cd. The Very Finf CONGOU (Pelcoe-Souchongkind).2s. Rd. Fine CONGO C (Strong Anlcoi Hnd) 2s. 4.1. Strong CONGOU (Souchong kind) 's. Od. All Goods for the Country are despatched punctually on the day following receipt of Orders. English Families and others residing abroad may rest assured of ovr continued care in the prompt execution of FOffKlGX O/IDERS (under bond—duty free). Our strict personal attention to this department of the business for many years has secured to us a considerable amount of Foreign Trade, Yonobliged and faithful Servants, JgLLIS VIES & COMPY., Tern and Coffee Salesmen, 44, LORD-STREET, LVERPOOL. 425 NOTICE TO CORRESPONDENTS. It is REQUESTED that all COMMUNICATIONS be addressed to JONES AND LAKEMAN, GUARDIAN OFFICE, Wrexham.



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