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Saks trir udian. Messrs. W. Dew and Son. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. COUNTY OF MERIONETH. Sale of valuable Freehold Upland Farms, sit-aite in the parish of Llanelltyd, known as Cae-Mab- Seifion Uchaf and Isaf. TO BE SOLD BY PUBLIC AUCTION, BY MESSRS WM. DEW and SON, at the Golden Lion Hotel, Dolgelley, in the month of October, 1875, (subject to conditions then and there to be produced), the above exceedingly valuable UPLAND FREEHOLD FARMS, known as Cae Mab-Seifion, Uchaf and Cae Mab- Seifion Isaf, situate in the parish of Llanelltyd, county of Merioneth, close to the town of Dolgelley, and containing about 517a. Or. 3p. OF FERTILE LAND. Full particulars and plans will shortly appear. In the meantime, all further information may be obtained of Mr John Davies, Solicitors, Denbigh; Mr Edward Roberts, Solicitor, Rhyl; and the Auctioneers, Wellfield House, Bangor, and High- street, RhyL 9424c Mr Lovatt. FREEHOLD MALTKILN AND COTTAGES IN THE VILLAGE OF RUABON. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR LOVATT, at the Wynnstay Anns Hotel, Ruabon, on MONDAY, the 8th day of November, 1875, at Four o'clock in the afternoon, in the following or such other lots as may be agreed upon at the time of Sale, and subject to conditions to be then produced :— LOT 1. All that large MALTKILN with the Two COTTAGES adjoining, situate at Pont Adam, in the village of Ruabon, adjoining the Great Western Inn, and formerly in the occupation of Mr Edward Swan, malster, and now of Mr Robert Pemberton and others. LOT 2. One hundred and ten SHARES, fully paid, in the Ruabon Gas and Coke Company. The Freehold Property is advantageously, situate for Maltsters, Manufacturers, and others, as it abats npon a good stream of water and is within a short distance of the Ruabon Railway Station. The Shares in the Ruabon Gas and Coke Company are an excellent investment,, and have for sonre years past received a high rate of dividend. Fur tier particulars may be had on application to Messrs Acton and Bury, Solicitors, Wrexham, or to the Auctioneer. 484c Messrs Davies and Armor. Important and extensive Sale of Farming Stock, a •general and varied assortment of Implements of Husbandry, Horned Cattle, valuable team of Potrerful Waggon Horses, Household Furniture, and other Effects, at HENDRE DDU, LLANGERNIEW. MESSRS DAVIES AND ARMOR HAVE been honoured with instructions from Miss Bellis, Who is retiring from farming, to SELL BY AUCTION, on the above premises at Hendro. Ddu, situated within an easy distance of the village of Llangerniew. and midway between Llanfairtal-haiaru and I»lanrwst, ia the county of Denbigh, on THURSDAY and FRIDAY, the 4th and 5th days of November, 1875, the whole of the valuable FARMING STOCK, modem Implements of Husbandry, Dairy Cows Store Cattle, Pies, Horses, one useful Pony, Dairy Vessels, and the whote of the modem Household FURNITURE, briefly comprising the whole of the above valuable Stock, Modern Implements of Husbandry by first-class makers, 37 head of Cross-bred Dairy Cows, Store Bullocks, Heifers, promising rearing Calves and Bails, 44 prime Welsh Sheep, hatf-tored Berkshire Sows and Litters, Fat Pigs, very valuable and powerful Waggon Horses, 16 and 17 hands high, young and in prime condition, and suitable for town work; 1 very useful harness Pony, perfectly steady for saddle or harness. Also the depasturing of 21 Acres of Grass Land, Ricks of well-harvested Wueat, Barley, and Oats, a Stack of prime Meadow Hay, quantity of loose Straw, Dairy Vessels, and the whole of the valuable and modern Household Furniture. Order of Sale—First day Implements, Farming Stock, Horned Cattle, Sheep, Horses, Corn, Hay, and Pasture Land. Lunch at Eleven. Sale to commence punctually at 12 noon. Second day-Dairy Vessels and Household Furniture. Sale to commence at 12 o'clock prompt. N.B,—Three months' credit will be allowed on the Farming Stock only, or the usual diccount for cash. The Straw to be consumed cn the premises, bat ample accommodation will be provided, together with an outlet. 4Catalogues will be had at Mr Rogers', Stag's Head, Llangerniew, the principal inns in Llanrwst, Llanfair- talhaiarn, the place of Sale, or from the Auctioneers on receipt of postage stamp. Royal Oak, Denbigh, October 18th, 1875. 485c Mr. Lloyd. FA.IR DAY. NORTH WALES AND CHESHIRE AUCTION MART, WREXHAM. MR LLOYD (late Jones and Lloyd) fcegs to announce that ho will hold his next SALE, on THURSDAY, Nov. 11th, in the Auction Mart, situate as above. A magnificent lot of Fat and Store Sheep. Ditto ditto Pork and Bacon Pigs. Ditto ditto Fat Calves. b Mr Lloyd •gives notice that he intends presenting at his next CHRISTMAS SHOW DINNER, in addi- tion to the usual CUPS, value £ 42 15s., 1st Prize.—A Silver Cup, value £7 10s 2nd „ -A Piece of Plate, „ £3 3s To the Seller whose Live Stock realises the largest amount of money in the Auction Mart or elsewhere, during the present year, from January 1st to December 13th (Christmas Show Day), both days inclusive. Any gentleman winning 1st or 2nd Prize, and not wishing to compete against a Tenant Farmer, will be awarded a Silver ]\led:d, the Farmer coming next will receive 1st Prize. A Cup or piece of Plate, value 23 10s, wiil be given to the Buyer of the largest amount of Stock between January 1st and December 13th (inclu- sive). Sellers and Buyers will please keep their Bills as a guide Further Entries respectfully solicited. SALE TO COMMENCE AT TEN O'CLOCK PROMPT. Office, Plassey, Wrexham. 8096 Saks by riinttt. €mxtract FOR SALE, SO" Welsh EWES.—Apply to J. B. Murleas, Wynnstay Arms, Wrexham. d5lG rpo BE SOLD, a PONY, DRAY, and _i. HARNESS, trice for the whole, £ 25. Apply at the office of this paper. d521 CULr.-TO BE SOLD, a BAY COLT, c rising two years, 14 hands; by "Salpintis." I May be seen at Mr JOHN PARRY'S, Broughton. 501b PRELIMINARY NOTICE. AN Important SALE of .Border Leicester sheep, fat and store cattle, agricultural implements, and horses, green crops, &c., &c., the property of Captain Philips, of Rhual (who is giving up his farm), will take place at the "Maesgarmon" Farm, one mile from Mold station, during the last week in November. The flock consists of 120 breeding ewes, 40 fat ewes and wethprs, 140 ewe and wether lambs (all from. noted prize-taking stock, bred with great care and, judgment), 30 fat and store cattle, four excellent working horses, and about 17 acres of swede turnips. The implements are nearly new, and by the best makers. Catalogued m.ty be had after the 1st November, from Mr 1 Waddel, Bailiff, Maesgarmon Farm, Mold. October 14 th, 7i. 479d dlttiion Jifrbmsus. TO THE BURGESSES OF THE BOROUGH OF WREXHAM. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, In deference to the wishes of several deputations of my fellow townsmen, who have waited on me, I have consented to become a Candidate for one of the vacant seats in your Town Council. For nearly seven years I was a member of your Body Corporate, and during four years of that period I had the honour of presiding over your Sanitary Committee, when a large amount of the Sanitary Improvements were carried out. I have been for a number of years associated with many of your Public Institutions, and consequently am thoroughly acquainted with the needs and necessities of the town. If my past services have received your approval, I hope I may justly ask for your support. I am, ladies and gentlemen, Your obedieat servant, 507c THOMAS EYTON-JONES. TO THE BURGESSES OF THE BOROUGH OF WREXHAM. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN,—Having been nominated to refill one of the four Vacancies in the Town Council on the 1st of November next (for which there are five persons nominated), I am induced to ask you to give me your Vote and Interest on the occasion, and thank you very much for the honour you conterred upon me three years ago by placing me at the head of the poll out of Sixteen Candidates, and trust that since my Election I am deserving of a Renewal o your confidence and support. If it be your pleasure to re-elect me, I shall endeavor to merit a continuance of your good wishes by promoting your interests. My opposition to Reckless Schemes involving in- creased Rates, and fresh Corporation Mortgage Debts shall be continued, and every legitimate means on my part shall be ussd in keeping down rates and taxes. Shortness of time prevents a personal convass, but I shall wait upon as many of the Burgesses as I can before the day of Election. Believe me to be, ladies and gentlemen, Yours faithfully, W. SUERRATT. Regent-street, October 25th, 1875. 505c TO THE BURGESSES OF THE BOROUGH OF WREXHAM. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN,—THE term for which you elected me as a Member of our Town Council is about to expire, and I beg to offer myself for re-election. We are well known to each other, and as I consider Canvassing an attempt to use undue influence, I shall leave the matter entirely in your hands, feeling confi- dent that you will do whitt you believe to be most conducive to the public good. I am, Ladies and Gentlemen, Yours faithfully, 511b J. M. JONES. TO THE BURGESSES OF THE BOROUGH OF WREXHAM. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, — MY three years' term of office as one of your repre- sentatives in the Town Council will expire on the first day of November uext. If during that time my actions in the Council Chamber have been such as to merit your approval, I will again venture to ask you for a continu- ance of your confidence, and the honour of your votes at the ensuing election, assuring you that if re-elected 1 shall pursue the same independent course in the future as I have in the past, and give my earnest support to any pro- posals that would have a tendency to benefit the town generally. I am, Ladies and Gentlemen, Your obedient servant, 26, High-street, EDWARD SMITH October 21st, 1875. 487h TO THE ELECTORS AND BURGESSES OF THE BOROUGH OF DENBIGH. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN,—At 'the repeated solicitation of numerous Friends and others of mv fellow-townsmen, I ¡have consented to become a Candidate for Election to the Town Council on the 1st of November next. Having time at my disposal, and a desire to serve, as well as I possibly can, in promoting the best interest of our borough, I shall, if elected, carefully consider all matters brought forward, and give my votes independently, and without any regard to one interest or another, save the public benefit of the ratepayers, upon whom the weight of -taxation bears at present with, I think, more than ordinary severity. If not elected, I shall cheerfully bow to your decision. I do not seek to oppose any of the other candidates. My consent to stand is solely given on the ground that those who know me, believe that I would be useful in the deliberations of the Town Council. JOHN SYMONDS JONES, Bryn Hyfryd, Denbigh. October 21st, 1875. 502c TO THE ELECTORS AND BURGESSES OF THE BOROUGH OF DENBIGH. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, — THREE years ago you did me the honour to elect me as one of your Representatives in the Town Council. It hay been my pleasure, as it has always been my duty, to take an active share in the conduct of public business during the term—always having the interest of the borough and welfare of the ratepayers at heart. I now beg to offer myself for re-election, and promise that no effort on my part shall be wanting to deserve the renewal of your confidence. I have the honour to remain, Your obedient servant, E. T. JONES. Britannia Buildings, Denbigh, October 18 th, 1875. 503c TO THE ELECTORS AND BURGESSES OF THE BOROUGH OF DENBIGH. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN,—The time has arrived for me to re-offer myself, according to promise, as ono of your representatives in the Town Council. Should your verdict be in my favour, I will endeavour to carry out your wishes by attending assiduously to all matters brought before the Council, having regard to strict economy, as the present rates are heavy; whilst I shall at the same time carefully attend to the public wants of the borough at large. I remain, ladies and gentlemen, Your humble servant, JOHN LLOYD Bull Hotel, Denbigh, October 20th, 1875. 505c tg,aI antr Jlofias. ST. MARKS CHURCH, WREXHAM. THE ANNUAL SERVICES to augment the Salary of the Organist and Choirmaster of this church (Mr Edwin Harriss) will take place on SUNDAY, the 31st of OCTOBER, PREACHER: THE VICAR (The Rev David Howell). The-Choir of St. Mark's will on this occasion be assisted by several Cathedral Singers, and the SERVICES WILL BE FULL CHOSAL. :1 The Morning Service takes place at Eleven o'clock, the Evening Service at half-past Six. { » i vv 83e. __r JtgaI xmb fjitblk U-ofkes. i, ST. ASAPH CHURCH 1XTENSION SOCIETY, I APPLICATIONS for prants in supporio., Additional Curates must be sent in to the^ |tagj Canon Wynne Edwards, Secretary, on or before the 15n| of November next. I ■ fa Forms of application can be had from the Secfe^ tary. of; October 27th, 1875. 510c WREXHAM, RUABON, AND LLANGOL DISTRICT OF ROADS. fM THE MEETING of Trustees fixed* 1|fl adjournment to be held at MR WYATT'S OFFSCEB in WREXHAM, on the 14th day of OCTOBER, instant, One o'clock, p.m.. not haying been attended tyCjfc Quorum of Trustees, we being the only Trustees. ? attended, DO HEREBY ADJOURN THE SM | MEETING to THURSDAY, the 18th day of NOVg? I BER next, ta the v same place and at the same hotlljf 1 (Signed) G. H. WHALLEY, fH WILLIAM LOW, 'r TRus Wrexham, 14th October, 1875. t, JgSCLUSHAM NEW Amount of Subscriptions already announced 1384$pjf!k Miss Hayes, of Gatewen (second subscription) 13 0* (} Thomas Clayton, Esq. 5 0J Oliver Burton, Esq. 2 (J Collected by Mrs H. Roe Miss Emily Townshend (for needlework). Bv Mrs Manley (additional) 1 ItfSfr W. Jones, E^q. (Island Gieeri) l 0 C. Greville, Esq By Miss Ralph •Charles Townshend, Esq Ellis W. "Cunliffe, Esq 8 L Interest ,3m g Interest on Miss Harris's Bersham Fund Jig (additional) 3 Sundry sums, by Mrs Greville (additional/ -2 fi" Collected bv Miss Rovve •. OjMLo Collected by Miss Harris Interest up to July, 1875. g Mrs Barlow J. jXr(j> £ U36Jpi JAMES DIXON, »: 51b PRESENTATION. TO MR J. W^ITEF00T' 1Mb*' Formerly Head Ostler at the Wynnst." Arms Hotel, Wrexham. Subscriptions previously announced 13 8~fg 'j Mrs Johnson, Erless 1 J Mrs Owen, Cefn Park 1 0 Mr Jones, plumber 1 O Mr Abraham Williams, Dudley. 0 10 Col, Jones, Abenbury 0 5. y?- Mr William Cross, Cefn Park. 0 S lp Mr John Williams, wine merchant 0 5 J5. Mr James Taylor, auctioneer. 0 5 A. Marsh, E-q 0 5 fifefeSk James Ollerhead, E-q Mulberry Mr Cheetham, Bridge House 0 5 Mr David Jones, Vounog 0 5 JmL A Mr Stant, Charlos-street 0 Mr Thomas Jones, Llanfynydd. 0 2 SflMH Mr Johu Cross, Cefn Park 0 2 Mr Henry Bithell, Mount-street. 0 2 HHjp? Mr Walter Stant, Fairfie d 0 2 IS" Mr Hugh Price 0 2 Mr John Oliver 0 Mr James McCarthy 0 2»W?Pifi Mr Joseph Wilding 0 Mr John Newns, Bridge House. 0 Mr Edward Perry, Salop-road 0 A Friend 0 .flHHH Further subscriptions thankfully received Mr J. W. Jones, Saddler, High-street, Wrex&iH^^ Mr Richard Evans, Corn Dealer, &c., 9, Wrexham. tmfjP Mr Joseph Williams, Tobacconist, 43, Ho Bank-street, Wrexham. Mr Manley, Feathers Hotel. -if" • On behalf of the above, RICHARD OIL 9, Charles-street, Wrexham, October, 1875. FESTIVITES TO CELEBRATE THjf^IHTH OF A ? SON AND H EI If TO THE HOUSE OF A AT a Meeting of the Tenantry anilFriends of SIR R. A. CUNLIFFE, DAR'AABM FA Thursday, the 23rd of September, mittee composed of the following gen formed for the purpose of raising a ahd 9 carrying out the celebration of the abov Ctous event. COMMITTEE: JEVJ, Mr Henry Bate, Pantyockiil. (ChdfflHtfi)!J> Mr E. Lewis, Pickhill Mr T. Meredith, Borras -fjM jf** Mr E. Williams, Borras m'" mrfc Mr Peters, Pick hill Mr McLevie, Rhosnessney I mL&fr Mr G. Price, The Fields f Mr T. Jones, Tygwyn Mr J. Price, Croesyn Iris Mr E. Roberts, Gresford Mr Robert Jones, Rhosnessney Mr J. Farquharson, Rtiosnessne. Robert, Lloyd, Esq., Mayor of T. T. Griffith, Esq. Edward Williams, Esq., M.D. Edward Davies, Esq., M.D. J. Pryce-Jones, Esq., J.P. Henry Humphreys, Esq. John Jones, Esq. Subscriptions in aid of the above pIH^OS&4m|H received by any"of the above named by the Treasurer; or may be paid intffjfcafe £ §B|&iCP Provincial and North aud South s, Wrexham, up to the 10th of Nove "the list will be closed.. Ja»* .jgjftfcmjr- SUBSCRIPTIONS PROMIS (8. 4., Amount already acknowledged G. Osborne Morgan, Esq., M.P William Overton, ttsq Edward Kvans, Esq.. Bronwylfa 2 2 0 Harold Lees, Esq., Pickhill Hall 2 0, J. Osweli^Bury, Esq '-gill "'iff 0 John Lewis, E?q 0 0 Mes rs Acton and Bury JHF.. 1 1 0 Watkiu Williams. Eoq" .'LP .t. "10. 0- The Rev. T. Kirk 1 1 0 Mr Thomas Price. Isycoed 1 V Messrs Baugh, Jones and Co J. G. Buckton, Esq Mr E. Lloyd, Blue Bell 0 Mr W. Turner, architect 0 10 Mr J. Milligan Miss Harding affjf 0 10 0 Mr Thomas Roberts. High-street^ 10, Mr E. Rogers, Charles-street jt u Mr TSvan Davies, Pickhill 0 10 Mr I'. Fraser.. 0 It) 6^ Mr John Jones, Tynyholl 0 .0* Mr John Jones, TynyhoU ofo, 0- lvlr N. b. Scotcher 0 Mr John Evans a WILLIAM SNApE,' mSjmver. THOMAS WO^Vl^H|^ioereta^^ ,.f •S M O K E?B S}, • KJ CAVENDISH TOBACCO 'gold leaf and black. From 7s 6d per ihe Amterican Stores, 44, South Castlei'Street. £ ir^MMD|^ d520 i •' E '-i,î ¡uhlic DtittS.. [ r CO#NT Y OF DENBIG H. FISHERY DISTRICTS. P^meftators «pf- the Fishery Districts of the Rivers t J' De#" (including Bala Lajte), Clwyd and E_lwy," I COB way," arid Severn," and their Tributajies. 'i" '} OTICE i:i BY GIVEN, that at f the. Quarter wssions of the Peace for the County Denbigh, held^J: Wrexham, on the 21st day of October, the following appointments of Conservators were ia pur»aance of the 15th Section of th* S drnOn ■Hpteries A^h^ndment Act, 1865:— K; toj.'Fishery District of the River Dee and its BF ^&S»utaries, including Bala Lake and its Tribu- l-^ltetain Charles Worsley Tottenham, of Plas Barwyn. Laflp^ilangollen; Arthur Mostyn Owen, of Woodhouse, ■KeWsbury, Esq.; Frank Scott Hodgson, of Sodyllt rail, near Ruabon, Esq.; George Lloyd Dickin, of jH&dwr, n6ar Llangollen, Esq Captain John Charles pmi, of Plasynvirod, near Llangollen; and Peter P^pairod, th. younger, of Penylan, Ruabon, Esq. ffrbt- he Figk* District of the Rivers Ciwyd and Elwy J and their Tributaries: 'BrownloV Wynne Wynne, of Garthewin, near Aber- gQe, Esq.; Whitehall Dod, of Llanerch Park, near St. j Ajsaph, Esq.; William Douglas Wynne Griffith, of Garn, nflar Denbigh, Esq.; Philip Henry Chambres, of Llys- cbion, near Denbigh, Esq.; Charles Salusbury Main- ^rmg, of Galltfaenan, near Rhyl, Esq.; Philip Hugh jjttufeberston, of Glanywern, near Denbigh, Esq.; Robert )WýJine, Price, of Brynmorwydd, near Denbigh, Esq.; and Tom Naylor Leyland, of Nantclwyd Hall, near Ruthin, Esq. <• For the Fishery District of the River Conway and its Tributaries: I Henry Robertson Sandbach, of Hafodunos, near Llan- rwst, Eeq.; Robert Owea Moulsdale, of Bryndyffryn, pear Llanrwst, Esq.; Heneage Wynne Finch, of Voelas, near Llanrwst, Ecq.; John Blackwall, junior, of Oak- lands, near Llanrwst, Eq.; the Honourable George Shoito Douglas Pennant, of Penrhyn Castle, near ngoihand John Jones, of Tanrallt, near Bettwsycbed (mer. For the-Fishery District of the River Severn and its Tributaries: Owen Hughes, Land Agent, Wtn* nstay Estate Offices, Ruabon and Allen E. Evaus, gentleman, Bronhaulog, Llani^#iadr-yn-Mochnant. JOSEPH PEERS, Clerk of the Peace for the County of Denbigh. Ruthin, 27«h October, 1875. 509c WREXHAM UNION. i14" ■ V RELIEVING OFFICER WANTED. THE GUARDIANS- of the Union will on ..1- the 48th November proceed to elect a RELIEV- ING OFFICER for a district ealled the HOLT DIS- /FRXCT.y'frhich comprises the Townships cf Abenbury Fawl'^Al 1 ington, Bangor, Bieston, Borras Hovah, Borras Rifirti, Burton, Oacca Dutton, Dutton. Diffeth, Dutton-y- Jatan, Erlas, Gourton, Holt, Pickhill, Ridley, Roy ton, SeasWick, Sutton, ShockJach Church, Shocklacli, Oviatt, I Thfeapwood, Worthenbury, Gresford^ and Hay, and Th, contain^ a population of 6.1)03. rbesalary will be X80 per annum. The person ap- I vpofejied must be cf active hahits, quick at accounts, and ft^good hand. He must devote his whole time to tlie duties, sad-give a security; by bend, with two re- sponaible sj^reties in £ 100. He will also be required to reside in the said,district. The duties to commence from the date of appoint- meat. '• *.> r e I will "Ol! 'I-e* -ad of el ecti be4lia asubje6t to the orders of the G^v^nnCienj; 9 elee. d.- .,bo ik jited 446kr4r of the Holt Approva..Qt the Registrar General. Qerk,, ° ^g,hftmt Oct. 28t^ J. OSWE 5234 • €AINT ASAPH UNION. APPOINTMENT OF SCHOOLMASTER, j TB^^Gu^rdians of tins Umbn will, on 1 ;9wsdi$^jihe 11th day of November notit, pro- Qe^w8|& Ele(;tioa,o{ a Schoolpa«ter for the Union ,;#Or^l», The will be perv annum, with such farther $um as MAY, be ,ad by the certificate of the Local Governfiaent Board After the examination of H. M. In- spector of School^ tpgether with Board, Lodging, and WaAing. Candidates musti be.' single menor widowers without encumbrance. Applications, in the handwriting of the candidates, stating age, and accompanied by testimonials, to be sent to. vae on or before Wednesday, the 10th day of Novem- ber next, mid the candidafft will be required to attend the meeting of the guardiiR.N* thi. following day at 12 o'clock; but no travelling or ether expenses will be allowed. By order,, St. Asaph, PRiNbtg 28th October, 1875.. Clerk. 51t\}i i THIS WIE XH|T-F E hL, THE SWISS |rjpr t.R O L E S E SflN STRJS L S, SjjL*(retdi^N VIMT^ iMnnra. C. AJFTOKB,- • | ANCEE, MARGUERITE, | MDLLE. ALBERTE. EMM^'AND LA BE Ti TE irt:L j 'jifi G.ArWARRINER,MI^||M^ORT^ MR.,AST zr 7 siol Full a)3i -At.,Three ,ioci Admission: Chi and 3d, a 51!b M^ Cbucatmn. ■i&rf/Bjhs—.—r—-? —>— W0 IBDUCATIOI^ <&AVISTOCS HOUSE, WREXHAM fjpHE MISSES- SIMONS; (who had JL much experi^nce^.ia £ eaclJiii £ ) *reeeive EfeM Young Ladies to Board-ahd Edik3a~te. Referenffe to clergymen ajid, i>arents o^ormef pupils. Quarter comnieiipes on day of entrance. 242h • • "i ■' > < i. 4; ART NiGBT ,I I. r r "J. (in. connection with South Kensington), Si"VINCW IhtNE. .jSnms CEASS now in fui|,worfcj. Jntend- ing Students of both sexes should'' ^^ister H 'caace. Houre Seven ta on Wednesdays and ^Friday5. 5PeeR,*8s per session,:jof^s per month. Prospectuses for private lessossw application. jg(;5b'r j I v ljorne-street, Rhosddu, w% maWer-v f,J ¡ '.L..L t:U-R jDBESSEB AND PERFUMER,' ji WG MAKER, AND ORNAMENTAL HAIR v, v MANUFACTURER, 1. ARC&D&, WREXHAM. .if■ 5 ..n..¡. 748 tnhtrs. SAINT ASAPH UNION, RURAL SANITARY AUTHORITY. TO CONTRACTORS AND OTHERS. THE Sanitary Committee of this Union -B-. are prepared to receive TENDERS for the con- struction of a Main Sewer in the Parish of Abergele within their district. The plans, sections, and specifica- tions of the proposed works, can be seen on application at the office of the surveyor, Mr George Bell, of Kinmel- street, Rhyl, daily from 10 till 4. The (contractor will be required to give security for the due performance of iJte contract. Tenders to be sent to me on or before Wednesday, the 10th day of November next, on'the form provided and to be endorsed Tender for Sewer- v age Works." The committee do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any Tender. By Order, FRANCIS WYNNE, Denbigh, Clerk. 21st October, 1875. d493 WREXHAM, MOLD, AND CONNAH'S QUAY RAILWAY. TENDERS are invited for the erection of- a small GOODS SHED at Buckley Station. Plan and Specification may be seen on application. J. BROUGHTON. Company's Offices, Wrexham, Oct. 22nd, 1875. 499h TO BRICK AND G. S. PIPE MAKERS. TENDERS will be received at Aberderfyn Brick Works, Gutter Hill, near Ruabon, "for making Bricks and G. S. Pipes, The contractor to get and deliver the clay. and make, burn, and lo-id the bricks and pipes. Conditions may be had on application, personally or by letter, at the Works. <Qrrahtsmtn' s hhrtSsts. BONFIRE NIGHT, 5TH NOVEMBER. R SQUIBS, PIN WHEELS, ROMAN CANDLES CRACKERS, ROCKETS, AND EVERY DESCRIPTION OF FIR E w o B K s ALSO BALLOONS, COLORED FIRES, AND OTHER ILLUMINATIONS CAN BE HAD AT GOMER JONES'S, (Licensed Pursuant to Act of Parliament) FIREWORK DEPOT, 13, BANK- STREET, WREXHAM. Rejoicings, Fetes^ Wedding Parties, &c., supplied on the Shortest Notice. 515b Y, STRACHAN, SEED MERCHANT AND NURSERYMAN,, wRfcxHAiai, Offers ilw JoUo toing Nursery Stock 6:Q,000 'St.rorig Quicks, 30,()0(i Stx'ong Larcli, \7 Spruce, and Scotch Firs, anÀOOO Standard and Dwarf Roses, best sorts. Also a SplendidStock of Standard 9 Dwarf Trained Fruit Trees, Evergreen and Flowering $ .at ,th$^^W^Nuxseries. "¡. :nda.liB,:(Ø.Jt I f- » <;v- ':f' NORTH- OF fiNGLANl) DRESo WAREHOUSE E 0 R G E 'j^EN Rt J^E E' 'e' AND COMPANY, BA SNETT STREET, b.XV.ERPOOL; Having made sollie extraordinary cheap SPECIAL PURCHASE#. OF DRESS MATERIALS, BLACK SILKS 4e 6d to 10s Gdjper yard, 'GOBOURED three %&&&& In antiCmation of the cOnra^^e^son, will tie happy Patterns of the Bakne on request. I,&]& AND COMPANY, ^IS^lTT-STREET, LI^fcRPOOt? JOHN H. KIDD & CO., Mtinufacta&frs of RA'tlf-WA Y W A dO O N GO V E R S '-Y' WCK AMD TSNT CLOTH^, J' CAR?-COVERS, SBMMTS* All sizee kept in steck. jM||gg|S.CE CLOTH, AIL.TUBING, I N D X A 4 R tr t B B 5- v G O't)^ S I N D &fy Feftt L:" SACKS,, COTTON WXSTE", LiilP WICKS.# h "5- v'<. HALL, WREXHAM. mi H, COLEMAN, y&jbf SURGEON DE 01 ST N T 8 T IEL gicro •••;• 0, (opki,,Sitg, -the.: §< £ witips i afi: f), V; EX HAM, GS to inform the pubBfc that hIs NEW ESTi^BLtS HMENT, lately known as Davis's j^HspSrftnce Hotel, is now completely fitted- up to suit ^Kcomfwt and convenience of his patiertts. extracted without by NITBOBB Qzn>a AS :'i' ARTIFICIAL TEETH «upplidd-at-fowest possible prices. Natural appearand and comfort guatahteed. p A pr!*Vat WiLiting Room for each patient. May fe« consulted dany without charge. j .0 ESTABLISHED EIGHT YEARS. Now READY, g T R E A K E D W I T H G O J. ROMANCE OF LEAD MINING IN: MERIONETHSHIRE, Atjd a Study of Life and, Character in Nortlr Wales, .Price 4s at all Booksellers' and Railway Sookstrffs.; > Free by Post Is 2d., 1 :< J London: GBA«T AND Co., Turnmill-street, C. IRONMONGER LANE, LONDON,. CTHE OLD HOUSE). V ^JdjtNSTON'S fSi t -FLO?R' IS irfE To obtain the, best, ask for JOHN STON'S «ORN ^JfJiOUK. f f It is rich in flesh-forming and heat-giving propSties, ie,, and when boiled with milk affords coniplete and {yftfect .1joL Jriourishmentfor children and persons o C. It j delicious for Puddings, Custards Blaacmaage. jLc. i,J.)?), — PARLIAMENTARY NOTI(-, TO SOLICITORS A#D PAELIAMi': TARY AGENTS. .The Wrexham Guardian allows the fu> ;me of any paper in the District for the prepRra' Parlia- mentary Notices in matters relating to 1'" t s".shire, Flmtshere, Merionethshire, Carnaivonsbir. and Cheshire, the dates of publication being 1' 13th, 20th, and 27th. The Guardian is the recognised Count* ner for Denbighshire and Flintshire, being the ( Paper which receives the Official Advertisemeli t i r e both Counties, by Special Order of the Cour .)f Quarter Sessions. It has separate Publishing Offices in tt f r.-u-ities 01 Flint, Merioneth, and Carnarvon. mrahtmtnt hbn%St'J, WINTER FASHIONS. EDWARD SMITH is now pn. ed to show a large and varied Stock ü: Goods in the following departments, to which he L cctfully invites attention MILLINERY AND DRESSMAKIlv Silks Hosiery ano C, es Shawls Ribbons Jackets Laces, Ties, & r, Waterproofs Flannels and PV. kets Fancy Dresses I Linens Costumes Calicoes Skirts f llaberda-i. A Special Purchase of all-Wool French ( oe Cloth for Dresses in all the New Shades at Is t Is 9d per yard, worth 2s and 2s 3d. A Large Assortment of Mourning s'! -ays in stock. 26, High-street. >4.97 M R S G C O T 7 Respectfully announces her ret 1-11 from London "nth the L A J EST NOVELTIES in French ,d, v English Millinery, Costumes, Al s, &c., which she purposes shown n- TUESDAY NEXT, the 26th ins-.&U ,11 following days. 31, High-street, Wrexham, October, 1875. 4'.Jh THE TEA TRADJ. 14, HIGH-STREET, WREXHAIC. THE present Season's arrivals of FINE 'EAS from China are again exceedingly .tirge, while the excellent quality of formur years is ru: iaain- » tained. rrhe most delicate taste of eonnoLssf ur> will be gratified by the superior character of enmc t f tha ( INDIAN TEAS which have arrived, reseniblr' g tht; old CHOICE KAISOW-so highly appreciated by consumers of the finer classes of TEA. The unparalleled success which has marked Ihe pro- gress of our Business from year to y-ear 4s the r(i ult T? oj»r.practical knowledge of TEA, and of the exereisfe.S proper care m the selection of Stock, Trhich enablesuf to sell TEAS *aikd COFFEES of superior Qoaiuiesat moderate Prices^ t » W.e tendw oiHr &iec«re thanks to «ur-niu»exoiiB eri'f Customerii for their constantly increasing and extensire recommendation. They may rest a «ired that all orders entrusted to us will continue to have our prompt attention. The foUowiuqualities are well Worth special notice Choice Boxing CONGOU. 'Tea of ste^lijMg quality 2 S Finte^KJNSNG CONGOTJ. We especially high-cia«6 Tea; JHt £ BSnest jU4J,SA^T6 SOUCHONG, .unsurpassed at ,.the price 8 i'JM PlSOW CONGOU, a family mij(4r.re •n^, choicely blendert, rich in flttfour. 3 JtflXTTTKE Ot l&AS that can t,? .TM* is the prin<^Ef Tea* f > A Choice and Select Stotk- or TRENCH, ITALIAN, AJTD.COI^NIAl, GOODS. r- ^AGENTS SIXERS.,AND-PONi> fWLEBRATED WiNES AND SP1EITS. 'J I j'" X>rdet* pftfcPest or Carrier promptly attended t. i|J'*Tainil^ Orders of Two Pounds and Upwards 2^ delirered flree to any Railway iStation. l C. K. ■Family Grows, "t GHTRET, WREXHAM. < 4470j ,I v FAMMY DBA PERT. v ;♦ v • '"v •: y- IJltE are now in receipt of Gur Winter parcel of B L A N KE 1. >. v:*NGLIsk AKD WELSH F'3LAN*N3LS. COUNT^EFATFEST Igfe'llETl^GS, « i S'hese goods we.teàrï; ut the most fayomrable ctftains^nces,' and are therefor^r^e tn' titferba Cusfcmers better made ana better finished godds,, at lower prices than we for many years. •> We vety respectfully inspection and comparison of value, .J ■1/V- & J jjBfCHAED, .pers,( ■ ^toPE SrS' ir.'1, W KEXHiJS. ,.Optob«r,Jl875, 4391} V ,1 -y -NOTICE, IL L, W.SEXHAM. ,.i. {Op posits tothe VegctD-bl? Marker). 1 AJTBSDAKOF 9 a.m. to 1 p.m./ and fror4 3 to 6 dailv. Ä dl> :a I ,d A G> r |V) L^T,. ;the Wine aud %>irit .YAULl^fc? GH4rifb,Atr§^t, Llau^oika-tpply to T, M&nl6& '■$ High-stfi'eer, Wrexb«ru .• 350i -^Residence, with, garden in'front and rear, and § containing, di>iwing..imd .dining room, four btdroom dressing and hath.roQnjsjj with ysjjd jand domestic offic6K '—Apply at Hplly.Pa,t>k,.RaPvbon7K)a^ W^xha&i. 43Sf TO MIXEBS' AKD OxIIEHS, i rtxo LET;; xi.e; ;M"ai 1^ cefn mmr, '.a aVi the.Gefn^iiil».which is in good repair and a -■ pfe;iLicrtl supply qf v;a.ter from ti e euria,—Apply to T MAMLKT, IJiir"street, Wrexbsm. ^9^' A Goon OXtorn 'FOR CAPITALISTS. fTH) SeLD privately, a JL weIlrton^toaie4;^E[oase Business, near the r Statiotf, cAneff Binorbe'tf*Ariris»Hotel, lihvi. Furhit&e tb'; be*tAkfH araTshiatoH. iand- posWssion may be had at once —Apply to Mr WM, FISBCE, Cambrian Brewery, .JNiillt. 8510C