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fn&tsnuxt's brtØtJ. a^R EAT REDUCTION IN DRAPERY. T. J TVr 1L L 1 A M S, HIGHSTXEET DENBIGH, Begs respectfully to intimate to his numerous Patrons that the regaining portion of his SUMMER GOODS, In all the various Departments, have been Reduced to such Prices as will effect a Speedy Clearance, with a view of making room for heavy L-atuna Parcels. A eøJl is respectfully solicited. 209c BOOTS! BOOTS!! BOOTS! gENJAMIN JJOLGATE, 42 AND 49, HIGH STREET, DENBIGH, BEGS to inform bis Customers and the Public generally that he is now prepared to supply Ladies', Gentlemen's, m.d Children's Boots and Shoes of every description, suitable ;for the present and gcming season. He is now showing a Splendid Assortment of LADIES' OXFORD AND DERBY SHOES of the most fashionable Styles also a Large Stock of Ladies' and Children's Polish Button Boots The Gentlemen's Depart m<»nt will be found replete with every description of Button, Lace, and Elestic-side foets and Shoes, of the Best Quality. All the above Goods will be i ffered at the Lowest Prices possible. Ladies' and Gentlemen's Boots and Shoes Made to Order. ALL KINDS OF REPAIRS NEATLY AND PROMPTLY EXECUTED. b8366 CHEAPEST HOUSE IN THE TRADE. < WATCHES, CLOCKS, JEWELLERY, &c • p I E R C E S HENBLAS-STR.EET, WREXHAM, WHERE a well-selected Stock is kept, and sold at the LOWEST REMUNERA- TIVE PRICES. Every Watch and Clock is warranted from one to three years. Every description of Watches, Clocks, Jewellery, &o., cleaned and thoroughly repaired. Ten per cent off WEDDING RINGS. NOTE THE ADDRESS D D P- I E R C E WATCHMAKER AND JEWELLER, R E ,N B L A S S T R E E T (ADJOINING THE VEGETABLE MARKET), W R E X H A M. LONDON. CARRIAGE AND HARNESS WORKS, With NEW snow ROOM, near the Wynnstay Arms, CHESTER STREET, WREXHAM. J. S. CONRAN I BEGS respectfully to inform the Nobility and Gentry of Denbighshire, and of the adjacent Counties that having had his Premises considerably ENLARGED, and hia Workshops increased, he has .ew much greater facilities for carrying on an extended Business. BROUGHAMS, BAROUCHES, LANDAUS, WAGGOETTES, and every description of Four and Two-wheeled Vehicles built to order, of the very best materials, and in the most modern style. Repairs executed with despatch. Carriages exchanged. 6978 JOHN BEIRNE, ALBION CANDLE WORKS, 6?89 TOWN HILL, WREXHAM NOW READY. THE WREN-RA -NI GUARDIAN CRICKET SCORE BOO K SHOWING ANALYSIS OF BOWLING, &e. SINGLE SCORE SHEETS MAY BE HAD FOR ONE PENNY. ApPLY AT THE Guardian OFFICE, WREXHAM. MR. MAURICE, SURGEON DENTIST, LATE PRACTISING WITH MB, HORATIO JONES. of SHREWSBURY, Will attend re». '<rly at WREXHAM, THURSDAY^ FRIDAYS. I ARTIFICIAL TEETH on the most Improved Principles, guaranteed for Comfort, Durability, and Cheapness. EXTRACTION (withoutpain) withthe NITROUS •&IDE GAS. SURGERY at MR. SMITH'S, High-street (-next ieorto the North and South Wales Bank). 9407 JOHN H. KIDD & CO., Manufacturers of RAILWAY' WAGGON COVE RS RICK AND TENT CLOTHS, CART COVERS, LIME SHEETS, All sizes kept in stock. BRATTICE CLOTH, AIR-TUBING, HORSE CLOTHS, W-XTY.UritOOF Rum;, INDIA-RUBBER GOODS Hoofing Dry Hair, and Boiler Felt, SACKS, COTTON WASTE, LAMP WICKS. enICES PUBLIC HALL, WREXHAM. 6991 SUMMER GOODS. BEFORE Purchasing, call and inspect R. ARTHUR DAVIS'S (DENBIGH) Large and Choice Stock of SUMMER GOODS, which comprise all the novelties of the season, and are being offered at very low prices for Nett cask. 8368h F. W. Mawek- HAIR DENSER, AND PERFUMER, WIG MAKER, AND ORNAMENTAL HAIR MANUFACTURER, 1 ARCADE, WREXHAM. 748 NOTICE. Mil, K E N -N E D T, ARCHITECT, PUBLIC HALL, WREXHAM. (Opposite to the Vegetable Market). ARANAIRAA —FNO 9 *.m. to 1 p.m.t ehi fr#a NORTH OF ENGLAND DRESS WAREHOUSE, AUTUMN, 1875. GEORGE JJ E N R Y EE AND COMPANY, BASNETT-STREET, LIVERPOOL; Having made some extraordinary cheap SPECIAL PURCHASES OF DRESS MATERIALS, BLACK SILKS 4s 6d to 10s 6d per yard, COLOURED SILKS in three qualities, In anticipation of the coming Season, will be happy to send Patterns of the same on request. GEORGE HENRY LEE AND COMPANY, BASNETT-STREET, LIVERPOOL. ESTABLISIIM 1835. 396b ESTABLISHED 1835. WHELPTON!S VEGETABLE PURIFYING PILLS ARE warranted' not to contain a single particle of mercury or any other mineral sub- stance, bat to consist entirely of' medicinal matters parely, vegetable. For forty years they have proved their value in thousands of instances in diseases of the head, chest, bowels, liver, and kidneys; and in all skin complaints are one of the best medicines known. Sold in boxes, price 7 Jd, Is l!d, and 5s 9d each, by G. WHKLPTON and SON, 3, Crane-court, Fleet-street, London; and may be had of all Chemists and Medicine Vendors. Sent free on reeeipt of 8, 14, or 33 stamps. 202o THE LABOUR NEWS AND EMPLOY- JL MENT ADVERTISER. PRICE ONE PENNY. Oflices-1, Long Acre, London, W.C. An Independent Weekly Organ of Information on the Condition and Requirements of the Labour Market in Town and Country, at Home and Abroad. Published for the use of Workmen, Employers, Boards of Guardians, Societies, and all interested in the World's Industry. Correspondence is requested from all parts. The paper should be on the table of every employer in the couatry.Leeds Mercury. Publisher, GEORGE SHEPHERD, to whom'stamps atad P.O.O. should be seat. 7001 NIXEY'S BLACK LEAD. L E A N L I N E'S S.-W. G. NIXEY'S C Refined BLACK LEAD for polishing stoves, &c., equal to burnished steel without waste or dust. Sold everywhere by aU Shopkeepers. CAUTION.—NIXEY'S Refined BLACK LEAD.—Cleanliness.—The proprietor begs to CAUTION the public against being imposed upon by unprincipled manufacturers and tradesmen, who with a view of deriving greater profit, are veBding spurious imitations of the above article. Aek for W. G. NIXEY'S BLACK LEAD, and see that you have it, 12, Soho Square, London, W. W76e. CraSwsnwit's 5UrErr,es&es. MACKINTOSH COATS AND LEGGINGS. MACKINTOSH DRIVING AND RIDING APRONS. MACKINTOSH GARMENTS OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS. S. DAVIES AND SON, 58, HOPE-STREET, WREXHAM, JTAVE much pleasure in informing the Public that, in consequence of the great demand for articles of the above-named description, they have just made VERY LARGE PURCHASES, and have now READY FOR INSPECTION a LARGE AND VARIED STOCK OF ALL THH NEW MATERIALS AND IMPROVEMENTS IN WATERPROOF GARMENTS. Ladies and Gentlemen are respectfully invited to inspect UPWARDS OF ONE HUNDRED PATTERNS OF VARIOUS •MATERIALS, From any of which COATS and CLOAKS can be made in ANY SHAPE that may be required, and a PEREECT FIT and SUPERIOR WORKMANSHIP GUARANTEED. S. DAVIES SON, 58, HOPE STREET, WREXHAM. PHOTOGRAPHIC PORTRAITS. W. G. Helsbt> jun-> (BY ROYAL LETTERS PATENT) ARTIST AND PHOTOGRAPHER, 24, TALE-STREET, DENBIGH (Nearly opposite the N.P. Bank). Late of 34, Church-street, Liverpool. The STUDIO is Opened from Ten a.m. till dusk for the production of HIGH-CLASS PHOTOGRAPHY At Moderate Prices, with Despatch. All the Newest Styles of Portraiture. An inspec- tion of specimens solicited. No extra charge for Children's Portraits. Two positions always taken, and proofs submitted for approval. Photographs or other Pictures Framed. A large assortment of Frames for Cartes and Cabinets in metal, ivory, gilt velvet, and leather in stock. Cartes of the Denbigh New Church Reredos for Six Stamps. I THE ART STUDIO, 24, VALE-STREET, DENBIGH. [Appointments can be made by Post.] 37h RICHARD EVANS & COMPANY, "W R E X H A. M. PURE AERATED MINERAL WATERS. SODA WATER, LEMONADE, &ELTZER WATER," POTASS WATER, | GINGERADE, ] QUININE TONIC, AND LITHIA WATER. These and other Aerated Beverages are prepared with the utmost care by Practical Chemists. r Oun Vans deliver on regular days throughout the year at the following places:— WREXHAM, PENLEY, CAERGWRLE, RUABON, TILSTON, RHOS, CHIRK, BE'RSHAM, CEFN, GOBOWEN, FARNDON, RFLOSYMEDRE, MALPAS, BANGOR ISYCOED, BRYMBO, ELLESMERE, VRON, MINERA, OSWESTRY, FFRITH, TRYDDYN, HANMER, MOSS, PONTBLYDDYN. GRESFORD, ROSSETT, We also forward, CARRIAGE PAID, to any Bhilway Station in the Kingdom. AERATED WATERS IN FRENCH SYPHONS. ORDERS PH POST OR TELEGRAM PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. RICHARD EVANS AND COMPANY, WREXHAM 14 OJ MR. T. H. COLEMAN, SURGEON DENTIST RBGB N T-STBEET, (Opposite the Savings Bank), WREXHAM, BEGS to inform the public that his NEW ESTABLISHMENT, lately known as Davis'i Temperance Hotel, is now completely fitted up to suit the comfort and convenience of his patients. TEETH extracted without pain by NITBOUS OXIDB GAS. ARTIFICIAL TEETH supplied at lowest possible prioej. Natural appearand and comfort guaranteed. A private Waiting Room for each patient. May b« consulted daily without charge. ESTABLISHED EIGHT YEARS. TRY R A S E R'S WORKMEN'S TWO GUINEA WATCHES. 42, HIGH-STREET, WREXHAM. 8486o PT1HE BRITISH HON let loose. The JL sale of this satirical Britisher is immense. Price Twopence post free for three'stamps. Usual terms to Newsvendors. Published Monthly at the Office, 8, Piccadilly London, W. 375o WESTERN MAIL. Is distributed throughout eight counties, viz:— GLAMORGANSHIRE, CARMARTHENSHIRE, PEMBROKESHIRE, CARDIGANSHIRE. BRECONSHIRE, RADNORSHIRE, MONMOUTHSHIRE, GLOUCESTERSHIRE, and extensively in the ad- joining Western Counties. WESTERN MAIL. The oldest and only eight page daily newspaper published in South Wales and the West of England. Price One Penny. WESTERN MAIL. Has a Certified Cir- » dilation four times as great as any other daily paper published in the district. TX7"ESTERN MAIL. Is unsurpassed as a medium for all classes o advert'SMnents, and iB used V hit ocai MCMUM, auctioneers, parochial autho- rities, railway and assurance companies, county officials &c., &c. WEEKLY MAIL. The largest circu lated weekly paper in the Principality. HEAD OFFICES ST MARY-STREET, CARDIFF SWANSEA OFFICE CASTLE-SQUARE. NEWPORT OFFICE COMMERCIAL-STREET MERTHYR TYDFIL OFFICE HIGH-STREET. LONDON OFFICES 130, FLEER-ERAEST, and 108. BISHOPOATF,-STREET, CITY. 7BS INSTITUTION OF LANGUAGES 19, WEITETRIARS, CHESTER. FKOFESSOR W. GEORGES-SCHLSINITZ, Late French and Classical Master at the Military Academy. Berlin; Appointed Successor to Mons. Junod; FRENCH AND GERMAN MASTER AT Birkenhead College, Birkenhead, Miss Jones's Ladies' School, Birkenhead; Miss Gatchell's Ladies' Schsol, Birkenhead; Fairfield Classical and Commercial School, Liverpool; Prince's Park School, Liverpool; Mrs Wilson's Ladies' School, Wrexham Miss Morris's Lakes' Schoo), Great Crosby; and at several First-class Schools in Chester. PROFESSOR GEORGES-SCHLEINITZ Jt- teaches on the method now adopted for several years past by the German, Swiss, and Russian Govern- ment Schools, and which has in these countries proved so highly successful with respect to its practical results. In France tho same method has been recently introduced into all Public Schools by order of the Government. Principals of thy Schools where Professor Georges- Schleinitz teaches in Lancashire, Cheshire, and Wales, and his numerous Private Pupils, acknowledge that this method has produced higher and more practical results than those generally arrived at by any other system. Children may begin at a very early age, deriving sub- stantial advantages from it; and as Professor Georges- Schleinitz applies his system to whatever text books are already in use, no further change in them is needed. Prospectus, with terms and references, on application to above address; or to Mrs Wilson's School, 14, Gros- venor-road, Wrexha*. 7887h THE MONETARY AND MINING GAZETTE. A reliable Record and Review of Mining, Financial, and all other Joint-Stock Undertakings. Every Saturday Morning, price 4d.; annual subscrip- tion, payable in advance, 15s.; free by post, 17s 6d. Original articles on topics pertaimng directly or in- directly to joint-stock undertakings. Reports of shareholders' meetings, accompanied by such observations as they may appear to demand. An examination and analysis of directors' reports and balance sheets, as showing the actual condition of a com- pany's finances and resources. Reports of the working, progress, and prospects of mining undertakings, supplied weekly, or as frequently as may be necessary to Keep all interested in them well informed as to their present and future. Notes on all notable things relating to joint-stock companies occurring during the week. Details of the products, constitution, capital, and posi- tion of all such mining undertakings as are deemed worthy of public confidence, carefully revised, as changes in them occur. Published by Thomas Lowther, at the offices, 213, Gresham House, Old Broad-street, E.C. and Edward Curtice, 12, Catherine-street, Strand, W.C.; and sold by Everett and Sons, 17, Royal Exchange, London, and all n«jws-vendors. 6896 BREAKFAST.—Epps's Cocoa.—Grateful andGomforting -By a thorough knowledge of the natural laws which govern the operations of digestion and nutrition, and by a careful application of the tine properties of well-selected cocoa, Mr Et) shas provided our breakfast tabled with a delicateiy favoured-beverage which may save us many heavy doctors' bills. Civil Service Gazette. Made simply with boiling water or milk. Sold by grocers in packets only, labelled "James Epps and Co., Homoao- pathic Chemists, 48, Threadneedlrf Street, and 170, Pic- cadilly; Works. Eust.on road, London. 6721 FLORILINE !-FOR THE TEETH AND BREATH.—A few drops of the liquid Fiorili-ne" sprinkled orr a wet tooth-brush produces a pleasant lather, which thoroughly cleanses the teoth !'rom all parasites or im- purities, hardens the gums, prevents tartar, stops decay gives to the teeth a peculiar pearly-whiteness, ana a delightful fragrance to the breath, It removes all un- pleasant odour arising from decayed teeth or tobacco smoke. "Tiie Fragrant Floriliue," being composed iu part of Honey and sweet herbs, is delicious to the taste and the greatest toilet discovery of the age. Price 2s 6d ofall Chemists and Perfumers. Prepared. by Henry GALLUP, 493, Oxiurd-street, London. u THE HAIR.—fcor Forty years Mrs 6. A Allen's World s Hair Restorer has received the commendation and favour of the public. It. has acquired the highest place that can be obtained for any moderate enterprise, and con- tributed to the adornment of tens of thousands of persons, who have the proof of its serviceable character. It will positively renew and restore the original and natural colour of grey, white, andfaded Hair. It will strengthen and invigorate the Hair,stop its falling, and induce a healthy aud luxuriant growth. No other pre- paration can produce the same beneficial result. Sold by all Chemists and Perfumers, in large bottles, 6s. Depot, 114 and 116, bouthamptou Mow, London. 211 THROAT AFFECTIONS AND HOARSENESS.—All suf- ering from irritation «f the throat and hoarseness will be agreeably surprised at the almost immediate rehe. afforded by the use of Brown's Bronchial Troches,' These famous "lozenges" are now sold by most re- spectable chemists in this country at is ill-d per box. People troubled with a hacking cough," a slight cold." or bronchial aifections, cannot try them too SOOM, as similar troubles, if allowed to progress, result in serious Pulmonary end Asthmatic affections. See that the words Brown's Bronchial Troches" are on the Government Stamp around each box.—Manufactured by JOHN 1. BROWN & SONS, Boston, United States Depot, 493, Oxford-street, Loudon. ADVICE TO MOTHERS !-Are you broken in your rest by a sick child suffering with the pain of cutting teeth? Go at once to a chemist and get a bottle ot MRS. WINSLOW'S SOOTHING SYRUP. It will relieve the poor sufferer immediately. It is perfectly harm less and pleasant to taste, it produces natural, quiet sleep, by relieving the child from pain, and the little cherub Swakes as bright as a button." It soothes the child, it softens the gums, allays all pain, relieves wind, regulates the bowels, and is the best known remedy for dysentery and diarrhoea, whether arising from teethins or other causes. Airs Winslow's Soothing Syrup is sold by Medicine dealers everywhere at Is Hi per bottle.-Mauufactured in New York, and at 493 Oxford- treet London.


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