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also off steam when tin, ththe carriages acbed fr*>rn the tetsrs he told nis BRVP *O rake off 'he Irak" in tl engines on a few y les* the defacveliites ght, overtake th hen he got off ha rd dac^ed it. flom th, t'i r engine. H. s,>otlrs eDge on to Kirk- line on, and went back vmttaiw enpe to the car- riage There wen- thveigs tin on the Ir e, fcu; tlw leading wheels of 11 orfbei were off the rai" on the near side of lowi lir, He did Dot BO^ r" the position or the, tes a te side of the eTri -Vment suffi-intiv tcitify tbse positions. He 'nlv noticed the doarfie fstof the third- elK = carriages. It waS Ie cna bridge. It lay on the perm,tnent ibetiee the down tir > and the middle aent of the bridge. He not seen. felt, or lfcnythnito make him thi here was anything wgth tb lain till he saw ibi r-ma rope shake. He wt on ueDxford side 01 th • ^h«rwell river bridgffl engftewas reversed wbon he was passing 'hat h Tha was sure of He t; Hot see any carriltlri the prapet of tb ,er n Hthe canal) bridge. iebe tW the bi fe whi' ;!e 'hat, was a signal to iv°r ofie first erge to He sounded the wleefore ) reveTfop a leou nof say in how short iitnce fa cl-ul yards i'a.V Certainly he coaldtsop it a^d on the wl,r he could stop it in) arris }¡:e!l, and the Ita:" of the rails, the weiirhhd the, told not stop ap, nt ",hich the train w»v. w:th one. The a 1r j;, quicker w:th two eftsVp ^stg by revers- i,ivr>r of the first engine reft jbrak, 0K He saw inf. engine also. and Tutta,ge virdows. no one making signals nu hE vas positive h, eply to a jnror, thft.idu nol on the river tbr H Whs on the C3n(')f t ¡,alP bri^sre, he Raw the dft »^ral of bis brother The juror said.(oor on tfer briifee, and not on jurors had seen fr^y weretve of that, whitevci tb,, cian:,l bridybt ,ay. the wnnes^ested by Mr G' that ptrhaps tber< I; wajnd door lving on Ttoforidge. *rS olv to further qu»stio<Vitne*a said he be ,1 some portions of the the carriages wer mi as firewood during the the i4th, It wa a n inutes past 12 when he Plio engine up. Whei be carriages parted from tKhe enpnes went o r After he descended 's engine he was a V lionr *«nd t, half before he retfe it. In the mear in. he was assisting to revic. dead and woundei Be moved 14 bodiss from uncages, three of the] ^The inquiry was then adjoi; WEDtfS. The inquiry was resumed trning- Mr Webst agP n represented the C'jnand many of tl MD i any's officialswere pI eSt F,-Lrlv in the momng the cand city jury sat i the hifirmary, to lear evidelthe i entification ZiLh Fryer, who tied at thitution the previc ^a, Mr Morgai, the hjur^eon, «aid th dec ided had a frature in t and on the temp sn(; injuries on th chest, injuries caused I i6To ^av the foremn of tb<jury addressing t Coroner, on behalf f both juid he expressed th verv .teep regret tbt the re!0f the killed w Dot profeRsionallyepresentele Coroner said resided the case si far as aparte one but •juries might dependipon it inquiry would be i-iosed until an oportunityoeen given to ev nerson who could gle ov during on the issm have that evidence lid bof,)rcourt.—Mr Brys hushed of Mrs Br)n t,av d Wiggs, uncle of I Dohohoe (both ladiebeing RIthe dead), expres theiiiselves verJ eipiiaticall the fact that tuff IO'S were no represer. Subsequently "jJJ«-kerton, solicitorappeated tch the case for relatives of Mr Sylister, of 1, who was killed the train. J' Mi F. Bell. statiimaster atstock, deposed t &local train was stsding in thion ready Ito foil .ithe express, when. passeDgQ had run along rfJiBo, came to him wh inform8-' the accident. local train was aiO'din^ly Id, and preparati wele made for sendig assiftanrice> the head gui came along the linemd canedn Yon must t, graph to Oxford aonce the I frightful accidi and we must get jsistance." mmediately sent "the men he could sp.re iroalthbn, seven in num got the passengers ut of i he trading in the st4t and sent it on to he scene Occident for the < veyunca of the funded, antgraphed for med aid. felegraphlccollmunicahoqpxford was very 1 as the wires were dranged. James Hill, firenan on Rison's engine, w' joined the train a. OxforCi, Bait his attention firflt drawn to the jict that the larriflge in the t (the third-class cariage taken uOxford) was off '"ails. Up to the time of passi\mpton Gay enl d,d not observe anything wro the train. The f ine was a few yaris from the riridge on the Ox 3 ne fiist. ^s.,erved somg, 3e saw the -r looking outs,4e tbe t0n tie off side, y] irned round and saW • witi his hands age window on the ie e. 'he man wi 1 .ompartuient of the fif Cria. w- hich was 38 taken up at Oxfon he m -a his e train to stop. ■V7jt2asokfcbei& anu J first carriage was off /11: 1 otbel side. He hi nate that there was^ Cageffa line, and I urec an his brake while he<Vasakil}tlcoinmnni- e. The coaches then drted )DI fe der. He tofe off the brake an- theeuges rs £ ld. Whi o qlo!)ngi,e brtke on he heard th^uare stle. He lD.t with hIS engine while zharqent back •fg He did not See my age strike tb fanai bridge. In answi to at0n by the 3 V.ness said—"All Ikr.p abdj carriage f'.h brok* d0Wn, and which *e jckedifc Oxford, \le and I went to ^d 1 to t»n. There other uiriages there. 7e 0ok Srst that Bii|erj the drivers tl« fir^ilot ea- gin ce t examined. 3e said fain had VPe!d o{ 34 mi;e8 9 b0Ur wli had got & f T!!ftei of a mile b^nd Wo°tt Junc- S,a,^ r ir passed HtaPton G^ich his train line." « t 7 have b«\ then alio vards the rivflibridge. passing i •! ahout pule a^alf, be to e'an's side of the ejto look on ^011 8'8T and ie looked ba»Dg the Jam on the near s.deMad he w the 5 ^ate C £ -'d °U;^at thttrain waahe fifle n l.nt,nl !on ant ing was „ M itb When his Biate caiea out) 0 6hut o £ a ve^d en^e. an. wte appliedbrake. Ie gaw nothing more »te, fa, reversed ,ueioe, to the steam descerfit)gt(th r0UQ(^gd of pmg up, and batf «d his si^ near as i was ^f\here n.gb th, ^al bridge fi^!? from the ^(ri WhtJ en- |CS, Pf't ,Uf I6 JTPe< ^n to tb0UDd B then l°°Ked ba'-k and savv^>j lines blh.iicS- ctfheg. He g0t OD his engja Jje told jtofcs fa«t as he could to WocWae up onCei 'tfwtati^-niaster there to pufi the slgkinutes. >%xpe himself reffia'tied at Kington afor(j ^e- J*Kce!}^0D-master C'r'uld not got back .naaif in ^"es w0fe a11 an hour r.reS- He ran &-e •cedent. >e ^°Jromder the lAfAimo wil h a Ir"jg to get P,,rs'("to ]Bington a arte some brandy- s eogine v" 9lid j,anted to If -oaches and two Hlcman v ^caUeih a train 1,/a in question was. In ordip'J At\\trloaded as to pull UP V.e Vtearlf half ^sT«SRISO°'RO,H"1 the fi The xuaa bad c^kt to the ten<^ both his alIflS' aT1r)lyir t in oUeand was While be apply>r t »» ^gay any_ Ss go down the_t>ank 4 e_savV the i< ielt any caTriages ,,g ^g^h#lei[her paeipe of the canal brid ge t He tho Rs o>> line after the accident. too^t'1^ of sniishsd carnage )ur■ Whe tjj0 {ions attached Oxford v? as burnt be cou,k tel lass EÓward Rermon, a ganger on t e, WooiBtock when b e heard of the ac,ti j?t diitely went alopf the line wtth his^ Q- ty i saw a piej of a t e j Jg. 0. Hear Sampton Church, further n to scene #i the acc^^ he found anoth<e f s ,B?!rXr. Wire few ««lv '« V Am suS5cient -0 throw a train off theIld no think Tf .i115 'raffic inspector c0rrec' ,ielV bSz wt zr,' fteJ carnage. hat it rat a "tt.t of hi, d«Dgk< *«,»» lckotfate °'lt<! ta"PKt'-d l(win71 framework, ar,jtk i't of it but Y/f Pects to the o* similar etiyt^}°D, a local 11 \nty Hull. «o«i<S°* late /ppeq (op the — i ake l"is mcn °?d 'j/undtrneath vhile persons, dead or dying, ■> m ovflrned carriage. a^g tbe evj^ence Theoroner said he ^ihompsoa's s.ate- >f th«iror w"° contradicted 1 sent. district inspector of Cbfs Francis IWj tQ Banbury) 8aid that peroiint way accidont he ezamined a>oulr«o wee s w|jere occurred, and he tattl0D ,°,.c aspection since Thursday. The ■ ^t^ ,<sions was in good working order. o i o^^ removed since the accident, ad t .,3 bent outward. Witness had seen the a- scales to which attention was yesterday b nLi there was nothing in the slightest de- ^lause danger or calling for their removal. *p»ness also spoke to findi»g two pieces of a ofeyre some'distance from the scene of the icci*, and also said lie found an iron step of a carr between the two pieces of tyre. 113 arranged, on the rising of the court on Trie to adjourn until Wednesday next.