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F. GRIFFITHS & CO. FREE TRADE HALL, HIGH STREET, RHYL. NVING to the Disastrous Fire that occurred on December 10th, 1884, the Salvage and the 5le of the Immense Stock will be offered at such ices as will secure a SPEEDY CLEARANCE. •Any.MATTES, HA.TS, SHIRTS, DRESSES, DOLMANS, ULSTERS, ALL MILLINERY, FLOWERS, CORSETS, at about Quarter the Prices. ..iNELS, BLANKETS, QUILTS, SHEETS, TABLE LINEN, TABLE COVERS, CALI- COES, HOLLANDS, DRE8S STUFFS, STOCKINGS, all at nearly Half Price. ^—rsm Barclay & Perkins' Stout is UNIVERSALLY ADMITTED to be SUPER- IOR TO ALL OTHERS. WM. P. JONES. WHOLESALE AND RETAII WIN a.* SPIRIT, ALE & PORTER MERCHANT, 10, Sussem-street (Corner of Water-street, Rhyl,) ;ng been appointed SOLE AGENT for the hove can now supply them as follows:— Porter. 23s. 18-gals. casks.12s. 9-gal. casks. B SHut 28s. .14s. B.B Stout.32s. JI .17 s. Impei.l or in- iq- valid Stout 38s. Agent for the BURTON BREWERY COM- PAQ Y'S celebrated Burton Mild and Bitter Ales, BASS'S Ales and Sole Agent for Messrs. BAR- CLAY, PERKINS & Co's London Stout. East India Pale Ale 3s. 6d. per doz. pints Extra Dublin Stout 3s. Od. ditto Wines and Spirits of First Class Brands ONLY. THE TRADE SUPPLIED. -AE DRINK OF PLEASURE AND OF HEALTH. -=' 4. 1' j jA f ø ,4, P. JONES'S pURE TEAS ARE THE Bt Value ever offered the Public, PRICE from 1/4. THE 2/" AND 2/6 ARE SENT TO ALL PARTS OF THE KING- DOM, AND ARE WORTHY OF A TRIAL BY ALL WHO APPRECIATE FINE TEAS. \I F.'I j E. P. JON E S, TEA SALESMAN. T H 0 M A 8 w ILLIAMS, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL I BUTCHER, 3. WATER STREET, I R H Y L. 4: constant supply of Meat always on hand including Beef, Mutton, Lamb, Veal, Pork &c. G. II. ] .■ n'w & SECOND-HAND FURNITURE S1 ORES 3, MA,RKET STREET RII Y L. CHILDREN'S CHAIRS, COTS & MATTRESSES, PERAMBULATORS & BATHS for HIRE. Agent for the Guardian Fire & Life Assurance Co. JJDWARD OWENS, BUTCHER, B, WATER STREET, RHYL (OPPOSITE SUSSEX STREET) "amities supplied with the Best Quality of Beef Mutton, Lamb. Veal, and Pork. J Orders Promptly Attended To. Fine Flavoured Pork Sausages. A Tr 0 N E 8 A. JONES JOINER AND BUILDER, Begs to inform the inhabitants of Rhyl and district that he has re-commenced business, and is now rqady to do any repairs or alterations, and to give ettimates for work tn the several branches of the Trade. WORKSHOP AND YAED WEST KINMEL STREET Enquiries may also be made at the Queen's Din- ing Roome, I I, Queen Street, Rhyl. A RIDE TO KIIIVA BY CAPTAIN FRED. BARNABY, ROYAL HOBBE GUARDS. Page 13 says-Ct Two pairs of boots lined with ?- ur were also taken and for physic-with which it is as well to be supplied when travelling in out-of ..e-way places-some quinine and Cookie's Pills, he latter a most invaluable meaicine, and one orhich I have used on the natives of Central Africa with the greatest possible success. In fact, the marvellous effects produced upon the mind and body of an Arab Sheik, who was impervious to all native medicines,when I administered to him five COCKLE'S PILLS will never fade from my memory; and a friend of mine who passed through the same district many months afterwards, informed me that my fame as a medicine man had not died out, but that the marvellous cure was even then a theme of con. versation in the bazaar. c OCKLE'S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS, FREE FROM MERCURY. COCKLE'S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS, THE OLDEST PATENT MEDICINE. COCKLE'S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS, < THE SAFEST PATENT MEDICINE. COCKLE'S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS, c THE BEST FAMILY APERIENT MEDICINE. C~OCKLE'S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS, FOR LIVER. COCKLE'S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS, I J FOR BILE. COCKLE'S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS, FOR INDIGESTION. COCKLE S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS, FOR HEARTBURN. COCKLE'S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS, c FOR SICK HEADACHE. COCKLE'S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS, IN USE AMONGST ALL CLASSES. COCKLE'S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS, J IN USE EIGHTYTHREE YEARS. COCKLE'S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS, VY IN USE EVERYWHERE. COCKLE'S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS, May be had throughout the United Kingdom Boxes, at Is. ld., 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., lis., and 22s 18, NEW ORMOND STREET, LONDON -"YTERVOUS & PHYSICAL DEBILITY.—A gentleman having tried in vain every adver- tised remedy, has discovered a simple means of self- cure. He will be haypy to forward the particulars to any sufferer on receipt of a htamped and directed envelope.—Mr J. T. SKWELL' Bro(k Villa, liaw ouerenutK T mdon W, CHESTER HOUSE, RHYL, APRIL 1885. C. J. WALMSLEy Having returned from London, begs to intimate to the Ladies of Rhyl and neighbourhood that he is prepared to show the LATEST NOVELTIES in MANTLES, JACKETS, MILLINERY. NEW DRESS MATERIALS, INCLUDING CRASHES, CANVAS & NATTE CLOTHS, MOUSSELAINE DE LAINE, JERSEY CLOTHS, &c. Special attention given to DRESS & MANTLE MAKING. UNDER-LINEN. BABY-LINEN. WELSH SHAWLS AND FLANNELS. THE S. P. Q. R. STORES QUEEN ST., RHYL, Is the BEST and CHEAPEST place in North Wales for FIRST CLASS PROVISIONS. Prime Wiltshire and Cumberland Cut Bacon and Hams at Prices which defy competition. THE LARGEST BOX OF VESTAS IN THE WORLD FOR 2D. J. PIERCE LEWIS, ACCOUNTANT, HOUSE, ESTATE, FIRE AND LIFE INSURANCE AGENT, AURON VILLAS, RHYL. THE HOME-MADE BREAD SHOP" J. T. JONES, FAMIl y GROCER & rjpEA JQEALiK BAKER, PROVISION DEALER, N TALIAN WAREHOUSEMAN ALED HOUSE, 27, WELLINGTON ROAD, RHXL "The best of Everything." r-' "BREAD IS THE STAFF OF LIFE." FOR PURE, CLEAN, UNADULTERATED BREAD GO TO W. DANIELS, GROCER, BAKER, & PROVISION DEALER, ABBEY STREET, RHYL, Who has recently had fitted up two of the most APPROVED OVENS. TO have pure, wholesome Bread care and atten• tion should be paid to the surroundings of the Bakery. W.D. has erected one of Mr JENNISON'S DECKER OVENS, which consumes its own smoke, and thereby renders it practically impossible for obnoxious gases to exist in the bakehouse, and therefore cannot be absorbed by the dough in the process of fermentation. This added to the fact that nothing but (he best flour is used in this estab- lishment is a guarantee for the purity and excel- lence of the Bread. Hot Rolls, Milk Rolls, Whole-Meal Bread, Buns, Scones, &c., daily. 52-283 QUEENSLAND. THIS young and promising Colony offers Special Advantages to all classes, and the QUEENS- LAND ROYAL MAIL LINE convey passengers BY STEAMER FOR 17. Mail or other Steamers will be dispatched from LONDON or PLYMOUTH fortnightly by which ASSISTED PASSAGES will be granted to eligible Persons, such as Engineers, Farmers, Fitters, En- gine Drivers, Railway Carriage Builders, Black- smiths, Bricklayers, Stonemasons, Sawyers, Carpenters, Wheelwrights, Shoemakers, Tailors, Shipwrights, Farm Labourers, Domestic Servants, Gardeners, Vine Dressers, Road Makers, Quarry- men, Navvies, at the following rates:— ECOND CABIN.. £ 21. 10s. I THIRD CLASS £7 Children under 12 years half price. Infants under 12 months free. Persons not eligible for assisted passages will be taken at the following rates:— Second Cabin, £ 31. 10s. Third Class, X17. For further particulars regarding Passages, Land Laws, and Resources of the Colony, apply to Gellatly, Hankey, Sewell and Co., 109, Leadenhall Street, London, and 12, Renfield Street G asgow. [26ml A FORTUNE. IN the event of a stroke of good fortune you can win -500,000 marks. The winnings are guaran- teed by Government. First prize-drawing 10th of June. You are invited to participate in the Chances of Winning in the grand drawings of prizes and guaranteed by the State of Hamburg in which 9 Millions 880,4,50 marks surely have to be won. In the course of these advantageous drawings, which contain according to prospectus only 100,000 tickets the following prizes will be forthcomig, viz The highest prize will be ev. 500,000 Marks. Premium of 300,000 Marks 2~U Prizes of 2,000 Marks 1 Prize of 200,000 Marks 51'J Prizes of 1,000 Marks 2 Prizes of 100,000 Marks 818 Prizes of 500 Marks 1 Prize of 90,000 Marks 25 Prizes of 300 Marks 1 Prize of 80,000 Marks 61 Prizes of 200 Marks 2 Prizes of 70,000 Marks 64 Prizes of 150 Marks 1 Prize of (iO,000 Marks 31720 Prizes of 145 Marks 2 Prizes of 50,000 Marks 3U50 Prizes of 124 Marks 1 Prize of 30,000 Marks 1)0 Prizes of 100 Marks 5 Prizes of 20,000 Marks 3950 Prizes of 94 Marks 3 Prizes of 15,000 Marks 3950 Prizes of 67 Marks 26 Prizes of 10,000 Marks 2950 Prizes of 40 Marks 56 Prizes of 5,000 Marks 1950 Prizes of 20 Marks 106 Prizes of 3,000 Marks in all 50,500 Prizes. which will be sure won in 7 drawings within the space of a few montos. The first prize-drawing is officially fixed for the 10th of June of this present year, and the price is for a whole original ticket, only 6s. or G Marks a half original ticket, only ;38. or 3 Marks; a quarter original ticket, only Is. (id. or li Marks and I will forward these original tickets guaranteed by the State (not prohibited promissory notes) even to the most distant countries, in return for the amount forwarded prepaid. Every ticket holder will re- ceive from me gratis along with the original ticket the original prospectus provided with arms of the State, and immediately after the drawing the official list without any charge. The payment and forwarding of the sums won to those concerned will have my special and prompt attention, and with the most absolute secrecy. jgg" All orders can be sent by the medium of a Post Office Order, or per Cheque, or in English Postage Stamps, or by Postal Orders. iggp Please address the orders before the 10th of June, on account of the approaching drawing of prizes, in all confidence direitly to SAMUEL H. ECKSCHER, SENR., Danker and Exchange Agent at HAMBURG, j Germany. HARVEY'S SAUCE FOR FISH, GAME. X EACH \J BOTTLE OF THIS STEAKS, N CELEBRATED SAUCE YY PREPARED FROM THE &0. ORIGINAL RECIPE BEARS THE WELL-KNOWN LABEL SIGNED This label is protected by perpetual injunction in Chancery of the 9th July 1858 and without it none can be genuine. PREPARED ONLY BY E. LAZENBY & SON, LONDON, And sold Retail by Grocers, Oilmen, Italian Warehousemen-, Sfd. throughout the Kingdom. JOHN H. ELLIS, WHOLESALE AND FAMILY i, WINE and SPIRIT MERCHANT, ALE & PORTER DEALER & BOTTLER, 12, WATER STREET, RHYL. AGENT FOR MAX GjREGER'S HUNGARIAN WINES, ^488 & CO.'S AND ALLSOPP & SON'S ALES., JACOB'S PILSENER LAGER BEER, GUINNESS'S EXTRA DUBLIN STOUT, In Casks and Bottles. ELLIS'S CELEBRATED MINERAL WATERS CANTRELL & COCHRANE'S AND ROSS'S BELFAST GINGER ALE. Full Price List of all Wines, Spirits, &c., on application to JOHN H. ELLIS, 12, WATER STREET, RHYL. Their Goods have the merit of excellence and cheapness." -Court Circular. IT5 "r* O TT Fish NaPkins 2s lid per dozen. Dinner Napkins, 5s 6d per » jTi I a^% 1 8 dozen. Table Cloths, 2 yards square, 2s lid; 2! yards by 3 yards, W JLJL -5s lid; Kitchen Table Cloths, 11-Jd each. Rual Irish Linen Sheeting, fully bleached, 2 yards wide, Is lid Samples and "1"^ A T\/T A "XT" Pcr 3rd- Hollar Towelling, 3id per yd. Illustrated I 1 *& I w I A% Surplice Linen, 8 id per yard. Linen Price Lists ■ A ■■ »■ Dusters, 3s 3d; Glass Cloths 4g 6d post freo per dozen. Fine Linens and Linen Diaper lOd per yard. Strong Huckaback Towels, 5s 6d per dozen. TABLE and house LINEN. ROBINSON & CLEAVERBELFAST. Pnncess of Business Cards. BOOT AND SHOE MAKERS. JOHN AMOS 8, SUSSEX STREET, RHYL (Opposite the George Hotel). A latge and varied stock or Boots Shoes, Slippers, &c., of the best makes, and at very low prices. A trial is solicited. OTED BOOT AND SHOE WAREHOUSE, WELLINGTON CHAAIBERS, WeUington-road, Rhyl. Large and well-assorted Stock of Boots and Shoes to select from. PAINTERS AND DECORATORS. TWlPWBFJXERTl'ainteiTTaper-'imng"^Plumber,~ Glazier,~&c~CRESCENT"ROA'dT"(late| 7, Gronant Street), RHYL. All orders receive prompt and personal attention. HOTELS. GLADSTONE TEMPERANCE BOARDING HOTEL, Bodfor-street, RHYL (close to the Rail- way Station.) Hot Dinners daily. Tea and Coffee always ready. Special Terms for Pleasure Parties and School Trips on application.—MISSES GRIFFITHS. SULPHOLINE LOTION. The Cure for Skin Diseases. IN A FEW DAYS ERUPTIONS, PIMPLES, BLOTCHES, ENTIRELY FADE AWAY. BEAUTIFULLY FRAGRANT. PERFECTLY HARMLESS. CURES OLD STANDING SKIN DISEASES. REMOVES EVERY KIND OF ERUPTION, SPOT, OR BLEMISH, AND RENDERS THE SKIN CLEAR, SMOOTH, SUPPLE AND HEALTHY. There is searcelv any eruption but will yield to << Sulpholine in few days, and commence to fade away, even if seemingly past cure. Ordinary pimples, redness, blotches, scurf roughness, vanish as if by magic; whilst old enduring skin disorders, eczema, psoriasis, acne, blackheads, scaly eruptions, rosea, prurigo, tetter, pityriasis, however deeply rooted, Sulph- oline" successfully attacks. It destroys the animalculce which mostly cause these unsightly, irritable, painful affections, and always produces clear, smooth, supple, healthy skin. "Sulpholine" Lotion is sold by most Chemists. Bottles, 2s 9d. PEPPER'S QUININE AND IRON HEALTH, STRENGTH, HEALTEhNIRGYength' TONIC GREAT BODILY STRENGTH, GREAT NERVE STRENGTH, GREAT MENTAL STRENGTH, GREAT DIGESTIVE STRENGTH- Follows the use of PEPPER'S QUININE AND IRON TONIC. It improves the appetite, pro- motes digestion, greatly strengthens the nerves, increases strength of pulse, gives firmness to the muscles, alters pale countenance, supplies deficient heat to weak circulations, overcomes bodily weari- ness and weakness,cures mauy painful complaints— neuralgia, sciatica, fflc. is a remedy for dyspepsia, stomach affections, &c., and thoroughly recruits the health. — Peppers Quinine & Iron Tonic MOST IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS A new, smaller size bottle of this valuable medicine is now supplied at 2s Gd, thus bringing it in the reach of all classes, aud greatly preventing the many injurious imitations largely oiler od. PEPPERS TONIC. Insist on having it. Bottles, 1G doses, 2s Gd, next size, 32 doses, 4s Gd. Sold everywhere. PEPPEU'ST" Taraxacum IIIIIIINE AND Podophyllin. A FLUID LIVER MEDICINE, WITHOUT MERCURY, MADE FROM DANDELION AND MANDRAKE ROOTS. Is now used and regularly prescribed by many Physicians instead of blue pill and calomel for the cure of dyspepsia, biliousness, and all symtoms of congestion of the liver, which are generally pain beneath the shoulder, headache, drowsiness, no- appetite, furred tongue, disagreeable taste iu the morning, giddiness, disturbance of the stomach, and feeling of general depression. Bottles, 2s 9d, and 4s Gd. Sold by all Chemists. Insist ou having Pepper's. Lockyer's H- Sulphur Hair Restorer. The Best. The Safest. The Cheapest. RESTORES THE COLOUR TO GRAY HAIR. INSTANTLY STOPS THE HAIR FROM FAD- ING. OCCASIONALLY USED, GRAYNESS IS IMPOSSIBLE. REMOVES SCURF, AND EM- BELLISHES THE HAIR, CAUSING IT TO GROW WHEREVER THIN AND PATCHY Large Bottles, Is 6d. Sold everywhere. Pepper's Tannin Tnroat Gargle. Tannin Gargle should be within the reach of all in the least degree subject to throat affections, whether inflammatory, relaxed, ulcerated, hoarseness, swollen tonsils, enlarged uvula, weakened voice, &c. Those constantly bpenking, singing, or read- ing, by using the Gargle prevent the huskiness, dryness, aud irritation so frequently attendant on over-exertion also of producing unusually sus- tained powers without injury to the mucous sur- faces of the throat. Tannin is a great purifier, and so useful as a mouth wash in cases of dissagreeable breath, aris- ing from decayed teeth, disordered stomach, mouth ulcerations, or other causes. As a cure for ordinary sore throat, with its usual painful and sometimes dangerous symptoms, the Tannin Gargle is far better than anything Bottles, Is 6d. Sold everywhere. Pepper's White Cough Mixture, The most reliable, speedy, and agreeable cnre for coughs, colds, asthma, bronchitis, consumption and all diseases of the lungs and air-passages. I is soothing, comforting, and tranquillizing in it action, quite different fram ordinary cough re medies Affords relfef after second dose. Bottles Is !td, and 2s 9d each. Sold by all Chemists. y Cracroft's Areca-Nut Tooth Paste. Regularly used every morning the teeth are kept in beautiful order. All decaying and destructive tartar is removed from the enamel, which assumes its ivory-like appearance. CRACROFT'S PASTE. Removes all causes of decay, and will preserve the teeth intact for many years. Branded Pots, Is each. Sold everywhere. Cracrofts Areca Tooth Paste. By using this delicious Aromatic Dentifrice the enamel of the teeth becomes white, sound, and polished like ivory. It is exceedingly fragrant, and specially useful. Get Cracroft's, DEAFNESS, NOISES IN THE EARS, &c. Dellar's Essence for Deafness Should always be tried, as in numbers of cases seemingly incurable, it has done wonders. Slight deafness, obstructions in the years, and the inces- sant humming sounds so frequent with affected hearing, are removed. Sold everywhere. Corns Corns Corns Bunions and enlarged Toe Joints! Cured in a few days. Dellar's Corn and Bunion Plasters Are the only real remedy. They differ from all plasters, shields, or compositions. By instantly softening tho callous surrounding the pain goes at once, the Corn soon following'. Bunions and en- arged toe joints require more time but the action and relief is certain. Boxes, Is lid. Sold every- where. SULPHOLINIF, SOAP. Is a delicately refined, chemicaly pure Soap, in. tended for general use, but specially by those en- dowed with sensitive skius. Common imperfectly prepared Soaps, scented with injurious acrid oils, frequently cause skin diseases. For washing at frequently cause skin diseases. For washing at all times, and bringing the skin to a soft, pliable, healthy condition, Sulpholine Soap holds the first place. Its odour is very pleasant, and the Soap not expensive. Tablets, Gd cacli. Liver Complaints, Biliousness, Indigestion, Stomach Derangements CURED BY Dr. KING S Dandelion & Quinine Liver Pills (WITHOUT MERCURY). I Act effectively on the liver, and, while mildly aperient, are all that can be desired. Dr King's famous Pills purify and clear the entire system by freeing the liver from sluggishness, causing the stomach to properly perform its functions, quickly and entirely removing all feeling of headache, dizziness, oppressions at chest and back, disagree- able taste, nausea, indigestion, spasm, sensation of heaviness, and irritating depression atteuding bilious attacks and liver derangements. BE SURE TO HAVE DB. KING'S PILLS. SOLD EVERYWHERE. SPECIAL NOTICE. SPRING SALE. NEW LACE CURTAINS, in White, Cream, and Cardinal. LINEN AND COTTON SHEETINGS of all kinds. ^JLOTH AND WITNEY BLANKETS. COUNTERPANES, QUILTS, and all kiBds of General HOUSEHOLD DRAPERY. W. J. KE N T Has made large purchases of the best kinds of NEW GOODS-to meet the requirements of the Spring, and the usual preparatians for the Season. NEW &OODS are cheaper and better value than ever, and economy and good quality can be found in New Stock that cannot be obtained in old or out of condition goods at Sales. Several special lines in TOWELS, much under the usual prices. REAL I N D I A IATS, In all Sizes, from ONE SHILLING each. CO MP A BISON REQ UESTED. W. J. KENT, 70, HIGH STREET, (Near the Parade), RHYL. ESTABLISHED, 1866. QHARLES JJARDEMAN AND G°N, PIANOFORTE, HARMONIUM AND ."I -1-I, 1. I GENERAL MUSIC WAREHOUSE, 26, HIGH STREET, RHYL. Pianofortes and Harmoniums of the best make and selection, FOR SALE OR HIRE. New Music at half-marked price, post free. Schools and Teachers supplied on advantageous terms. Single tunings or by yearly contract, promptly attended to in Town or Country, all kinds of Musical Instruments tuned and repaired. ORGAN, HARMONIUM AND PIANOFORTE Lessens on Moderate Terms. CONCERT AND ENTERTAINMENT AGENTS "THE OLD TOWN HALL STORES," HIGH STREET RHYL, (Estab.ished 1850), FOULKES & CO., WINF & SPIRIT MERCHANTS, IMPOR- TERS & BONDERS. MAX GREGER'S HUNGARIAN WINES. SAINT RAFAEL TANNIN WINES 30/ per doz. This wine is strengthening and digestive. It is an Invigorating Tonic, and more efficacious for con- valescents and debilitated persons than Iron or Quinine. It is a sovereign remedy in cases of Gastric Debility and Anemia. BASS,ALLSOPPS, & WORTHINGTON'S ALES, GUINNESS'S, BARCLAY, & PERKIN'S STOUT in Bottle and on Draught, DEVONSHIRE CIDER IN BOTTLES. And ELLIS & SONS' celebrated Mineral, Soda Potass Lithia, and other Waters. 21, HIGH STREET (OPPOSITE THE POST OFFICE), RHYL. WILLIAM JONES having taken the above premises (lately carried on )y Mrs TnoJUS HUGHES in the Drapery business) i-ogs to intimate to the inhabitants and visitors of tbyl and neighbourhood that the establishnmt ..11 henceferth be conducted in the GR 0 C E Ry JJTTSINBSS Groceries aDd Provisions of the finest qualitie wil be sold the lowest possible prices. Note the Address: — 21, HIGH STREET (OPPOSITE THE POST OFFICE) 52—279 RHYL. CURE FOR ALL! HOLLOWAY'S OINTMENT. IMPORTANT DISCOVERY. No More Suffering! The Discovery of this Ointment has proved an invaluable boon to thousands of sufferers; when rubbed over or near the seat of suffering, its rare Balsamic properties are conveyed to every part. Thus it heals inward wounds and ulcers of the STOMACH, BOWELS OR WOMB, strengthens the spinal marrow in cases of nervous weakness and depression, and all diseases of the THROAT, LUNGS, AND CHEST. No invalid need despair of cure, whilst this Ointment can be obtained. Bad Legs, Bad Breasts, Old Wounds, and Ulcerations of all kinds. The application of this Ointment heals, in a remaAaM* manner, every kind of Ulceration, softens the stiff or contracted tissues, causes "proud" flesh to disappear, and foul and loath- Some discharges to become converted into healthy healing surfaces; and these effects are not temporary, but are radical and permanent. Piles, Fistulas, and Abscesses. These and all similar affections must be carefully treated according to the plan recommended in the printed instructions. The Ointment must be applied directly to the parts affected, and Holloway's Pills be simultaneously taken to purify the blood, and to relieve the internal congestions which are so fertile a cause of this class of disease. Dropsical Enlargements, Swelled Legs, and Varicose Veins. In the reduction of all Glandular Swellings no remedy equa" this incomparable Ointment; it prevents the formation of extra, reous growths, and is an invaluable remedy for checking all Chronic Discharges; when diligently rubbed into the parts effected, the worst case will yield in a comparatively short Space of time. Scrofula and Old Skin Diseases. "This Ointment is a certain remedy for all diseases of the skin, whether simple or complicated. Scurvy, ringworm, blotches. pimples, and other cutaneous disorders, are at one eradicated by this invaluable Unguent. The Ointment and Pills are sold at Professor HOLLOWAYS Establishment, 533, Oxford Street, London; also by nearly every respectable Vendor of Medicine throughout the Civilised World, in Pots and Eoxes, at is. Id., 2s. gd., 4s. 6d., 11s. 22s. and 33s. each. Full printed directions are affixed to each Pot and Box, an4 can be had in any language. N.B.—Advice can be obtained, free of charge, by applying at the above address, daily, between tht > hours of 11 and 4, or by lottv;, H. A. STEEB, Wholesale and Family W INE & SPIRIT JYJERCHANT, ALE & PORTER DEALER & BOTTLER, 73, HIGH STREET, RHYL. l MINERAL WATER DEPOT. STRATHERN & CO., "BIG BOOK." 26, HIGH STREET. BOOKS, gTATIONERY, JPANCY Q.OODS AND rpOYS, CIRCULATING LIBRARY ONLY 6D. A WEEK AGENTS for W. BROWN & SONS, Steam Dye- ing and Laundry Works, Whitehaven. Every description of work executed with despatch and on reasonable terms. WHITE CURTAINS CLEANED from Is. PER PAIR. NOTICE BY Al lESSRS. CLOrGH & CO., AUCTION EERS, VALUERS, &c., DENBIGH and RHYL OWING to their Offices in Bodfor Street having to be re-erected, their business will be temporarily carried on at GWYNFA VILLA, Where instructions for Sales and Valuatiocs will be received and promptly attended to by m R. PTAMEs D AVIES. N.B.-From the 1st of May next the business will carried on at the Offices No. 51, Kinmel Street. .JAMES |^A VIES, Registrar of Marriages, GWYNFA VILLA, RHYL, HOUSE & ESTATE AGENT, Collector of Rents, &c. Agent for the' ALLIANCE,* PROVINCIAL,' I QUEEN'S,L Fire And Life Assurance Com- paniefe, MORTGAGES CAN BE PROCURED. J. BROWN, Å RTIST & PHOTOGRAPHER, 8, KINMEL STREET, RHYL. ALL PHOTOGRAPHS TAKEN BY THE INSTANTANEOUS PROCESS. CARTES (any position), 5s. 6d. per doz.; TWO POSITIONS, 6s. 6d. per doz.; CABINETS, 12s. 6d. per doz. Enlargements finished in various styles. Note the Address-3, KINMEL ST., RHYL. (Nearly opposite the Alexandra Hotel). A FACT WORTH KNOWING. BEECHAM'S PILLS Have now been before the Pablic Thirty Years, and the rapid sale from the commencement, and the still increasing demand by the Public, is one of the best guarantees to the NervouB and Debilitated. Thousands, in every sphere of life with one ,voice pronounced them the best, the safest and the surest for eradicating all those comH^ats of which flesh is heir to. They stand without a p*F&]tel an d have the largest sale of any Patert MeGiotDe tn th world. BEECHAM'S PILLS ARE admitted by thousands to be worth above a Guinea for Bilious and Nervous Disorders, such as wind and pain in the Stomach,sick Headache,Giddiness,Fulness and Swelling after Meals, Dizziness and Drowsiness, Cold Chills Flushings of Heat, Loss of Appetite, shortness of Breath Costiveness,Scurvy and Blotches of the skin,Disturbed Sleep Frigntful Dreams, and all Nervous Trembling Sensations, &c. The first dose will give relief in twenty minutes. This is no fiction. for they have done it In Thousands of cases The Proprietor of these Pills having obtained (at great expense) a Pateitfor them.he challenges the whole world to produced a medicine to equal them for removing the above- named complaints, and restoring the patient to sound and lasting health. Every sufierer is earnestly invited to try oneBox of these Pills, and they will be acknowledged to be WORTH A GUINEA A BOX. For Females of all ages these Pills are invaluable, a few doses of them carry off all gross humours, and open as tlrat is required. No female should be without them. There s no medicine to be found to equal BEECHAM'S PILLtffor removicR any obstruction or irregularity of the system. taken according to the directions given with each box, they will soon restore female of all ages to sound and robust health. For a weak stomach, impaired digestion, and all disorders on the liver, they pet like MAGIC, and a few doses will be found to work wonders upon the most important organs in I thehuman machine. They strengthen the whole muscular system,restore the long lost complexion.bring back the keen edge of appetite,and arouse into action with the rose bud of health, the whole physical energy of the human frame. These are facts admittedby thousands,embracing all classes of society, and one of the best guarantees to the nervous and debilitat.ed iF that Beecham's Pills have the largest sale of any patent medicine in the world 1 BEECHAM'S MAGIC COUGH PILLS. As a Remedy for Coughs in general. Asthma, Difficulty in Breathing, Shortness of Breath, Tightness and Oppression of the Chest, Wheezing, &c,these Pills stand unrivalled; and l any one labouring under any of the abr ve complaints, need J only to try ONE Box to prove that th èY are the BEsr EVE. orFERKE t~ TJDI PRBLIC for Asthf jitic and Consumptive Coug 11S, a." Oppression oftheChe' .They speedily remove that sense d Oppression and Di alty of Breathing, which nightly deprive the patient of rest They give almost ill. stant relief and comfort to those afflicted with the above distressing, and, when neglected, dangerous compiainte. Let any person troubled with any of the above complaints give BEECHAM'S COUGH PILLS a trial. CAU-.toli.-Th.e public are requested to notice that the words 'Beei-Lam's Pills St. Helens,' are on the Government Stamp affixed to each Box of the Pills; if not or they are aforgtry. Prepared sidy and sold wholesale ana retail by the Pro- prietor T BBBCHAM Chemist, St. Helens, Lancashire, in boxer 1 ( and 2s 0d each. Sent by post free for 15 or 3t fctan- J » l J BU. tgists and Patent Medicine Dealers in the United Kingdom. Every description of Printing Cheaply, Neatly4 and Promptly, Executed. TIM Alliance Inftoraaoe Company having settle JL all our claims so generously and promply, we are determined to give the full benefit to our numerous Custonsers. Wuite aware that the above Reductions appear incredible. A call to in- spect the Goods and Prices will very goon convince the most sceptical; and we trust that they will give all entire satisfaction. We also desire to tender our sincere thanks to all who have spontaneously expressed their sympathy and rendered valuable assistance. The Stock being heavy and the damage extensive we are unable to commence the Sale until Monday after Christmas. Doors open at 10 o'clock. DECEMBER 29TH, 1884. J. F. GRIFFITHS & CO., FREE TRADE HALL, RHYL ST. rpHOMAS'S COLLEGE, RHYL. Founded by the late VBN. ABCHDEACON MOBGAN, and conducted on the lines laid down by him. RESIDENCE—PLA8TIRION TERRACE. PEIKCXPAI REV. E. WEBSTER, Late Curate of Rhyl, SEKIOB TUTOB Hr .SA.pTSON, ESQ., B.A., London University; Intenned.B.Mus.; Latin Prize man of University College, London, and Prizeman for Musical Composition of Trinity College, London. PBOFBSSOB OF MODKBM Languages L. H. JUNOD, ESQ. PBOFBSSOB OF ADVANCED DBIWDTQ E. A. NOR BUR Y, ESQ., It. C A.. DRILL IVSTBUCTOB ( SERGEANT-MAJOR MORRISON. LOCAL TESTIMONIALS From the Rzv. THOJCAS RICHABDSOH, MA.. Vicar of Rhyl. The deep interest which we feel in the pros- perity of the School as conducted by you.—With every kind wish for the success of the schooJ." Frnm STEPHEN ROOSE, ESQ., Senior Churehwarden St. Thomas's Parish. "I would earnestly wiah to remind parents of their obligation to the kindly forethoughk of the peat man (the late Archdeacon Morgan), who founded and originated your College, for the pur- pose of affording the great middle-class an oppor- tumty of educating their sons in sound religious and secular knowledge, at a moderate charge, at their own doors. And I rejoice that the responsi- bilities have fallen into such judicious hands, and heartily wish you all success. I feel certain that the wider your efforts are known, the greater will be your field of labour." Prospectuses, References, &c., from Rev. the Principal. s T- ASAPH GRAVVAR SCHOOL THE NEW SCHOOL BUILDINGS. The school re-opens May 5th, 1885. A CLASS has alreadj been formed for the Cam • bridge Local Examination n Dec., 1888 Pupils are also prepared for Matriculation and the other University Examinations; for the Preliminary Law and Medical Examinations, for those of the Civil Service, and for the Preliminary Examination of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society. Terms ke., on application. W. EASTEBBY, B.A., LL.D., Head Master the Archdeacon of St. Asaph, Chairman of the Governing Body. BRYN-Y-MOR HOUSE, LL ANT AFFIFE CHAN. .4 thorough preparation for Business and the learns Professions. DURING the past twelve months the Pupila _Lf have been successful at the Examinations)! the Royal College of Surgeons, the Incorporated Law Society, Durham University, the Home Civil Service, the Pharmaceutical Society, and the Science Examinations of South Kensington. No Pupil has failed in any Examination. Testimonials from the Archbishop of York, Lords Fitewilliam, Zetland. Houghton, ^everaham Wenlock, &c. Mr Robinson has had thirty four years' experience in at some of the best schools in England. -286 JPRUDENTIAL SSURANCE ^(OMPAJS Y (LOOTED), HOLBORN BARS, E.C. BTKBT PESCBPTIOK OF LIFE ASSURANCE AIm uarvzx BUSHOCS8 TRAXS&Cr=-RZWWOM PURCHASED. The amount of Claims paid exceeds Six Millions. The Invested Assets exceed Four Millions. Whole World Licenses granted to Seamen and othar* permaiwntly engaged: on board ship at an extra premium of £1 per oent. Limited Licensesfn voyages not exoeeding beyond 33 degrees north latitude. 10s. Da owt. IM JLIMMAL A.Jm VALVATION RXPOETS CM be obtained on application to the Secretary. AGENTS WANra»~I^;iy to the Saperinten- dent for Flintshire and Denbigh. CHAS. BLACKMORE, 6/62 2, Edward Htmrj Street, RhyL NERVOUS! BESTILITT. INVALIDS' GUIDE BOOK OF POSIT I VYV THE BOOK OF POSITIVE REMEDIES give alhJl list of the names in English, of all the Positiv Medicines used by a retired Physician in his practice for over Thirty Years. The Name, Nature and Dose given; also a list of Diseases for which the Positive Botanic Medicines are a certain Cure EVERY HOUSEHOLD, every Man and Woman should possess a Copy of this invaluable book IT IS WRITTEN and PUBLISHED to enable Invalids to form a correct knowledge of the disease uiat they may be suffering from, and to select Remedy and Cure themselves without consulting a Medical Man, either personally or by letter EVERYTHING THE INVALID should know on self-treatment, how to secure health, a long life and to avoid the doctor is given in this work. IT IS INDEED, and IN TRUTH, the Invalid's Hand-book and sure guide to the cure of all dinases by the Positive Botanic Medicines. OVER SIXTY THOUSAND INVALIDS have been cured by the Positive Botanic Remedies. THREE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED Tes- timonials given in favour of ;hese Medicines. SEND FOR THIS INVALUABLE BOOK, aLd read it before taking Medicine—before giving venr case into the hands of a Medical Man. NO WRITTEN STATEMENT OF CASE. NO CONSULTATION FEES. NO PERSONAL VISITS REQUIRED SELF-TREATMENT IS EASY, SAFE AND EFFECTUAL by following the rules given in this Book. GRATIS. -NoTicz.-MeGuicle Book to the treat. ment of all diseases by the new system of Positive Botanic Remedies may be had direct from the Publishers on receipt of Two Stamps to prepay the postage.—Address— f H. SMITH & Co., POSITIVE REMEDY LABORATORY, 26. Southampton Row London. W.C. JOHN EDWARDS, gUILDEB AND c ONTRACTOR, 26, WELLINGTON ROAD, RHYL, Every description of JOINERY WOEX undertaken. All Kinds OF ALTERATIONS, ADDITIONS, &c., PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. ESTIMATES GIVEN ON APPLICATION. A GOOD PLAN. .01 A AND,. ?Pwards invested, under the fV-JLv/ non -liability system, in carefully selec- ted Stocks and Shares often returns handsome & Z FuU detail8 Explanatory GEO fru- Address, GEO. EVANb & CO., Stockbrokers, Gresham safeet plau ever devimed.