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RHYDWEN JUNES| [V VIES (Late J. RhyJwen Jones) CABINET MAKERS, UPHOLSTERERS, CARPET FA(3D0ESR AC'.V" 33 &34,QUEEN STBEET.BHXL Special Sale! CHANGE OF FIRM SPECIAL REDUCTIONS DURING THE MONTH OF APRIL TRANSFER OF~BUSINESS! J ri "U, LINOLEUMS Laid Free olChTge FLOORCLOTHS Laid Free of Charge 'B:E UD"'UO T IONS f:¡, .;¡; FURNITURE, BEDSTEADS-, T BEDDING, CURTAINS, i'- HOUSEHOLD DRAPERY, CARPETS, LINOLEUM8, FLOORCLOTHS For Cash Only During the Sale. SPRING CLEARING!, HOUSE FUR-NISHING I AND to.ll.MiL I ■' k% ■ GARDEN REQUISITIES! (d « < i 3-■ a: «».:?•- i -.4 t 4 LL kinds of BRUSHES and BROOMS, A POLISHING COMPOSITION, &c. BEDSTEADS at exceptionally Low Prices. rPING MATRESSES. tJ' •uiioea,. Cornice Poles, "• Stair Rods, :JetJan f Blinds. B ftte Shaped PERAMBULATORS with FC- EEL SPRINGS-2ó/. fc't. '.viucr Machines, Lock Stitch. £ 2 10 0 Ditto Chain Stitch.. £ 1 10 0 I T'*»•" ,il>l >1 'is {.1" A. SHEFFIED, (Late Wright and Sheffield) 170, WELLINGTON ROAD, RH Y L. TENTH ANNUAL SALE. BARGAINS 7 1 BOOTS & SHOES AT LESS THAN COST FURTHER REDUCTIONS! A. OS) 8A;'SUSSEX STREET, RHYL. Begs to announce that hia'Tentb'Annual Sale of BOOTS & SHOES IS NOW GOING ON, And ithe whole of the Large and Varied Stock will be submitted at GREATLY REDUCED .1 PRICES. TA IN announcingjhis Annual Sale, begs # to state that the whole of his Stock will be offered zrt Clearing Prices, and that he has nort bought inferior Goods to make his Sale attractive, but all the goods he will offer will b? of the beat manufacture, and in many instances are marked below cost. The Goods have been arranged in Lot's, and bfei low are a few particulars 70 Paira Women's Strong Lace Boots— 4/11. Splendid value, and undoubtedly the best of the kind -tver offered in Bhyl. 50 .Women's "Nailed Lace. A-very serviceable and wetl.mticf boot. A remark. ably cheap boót t {16 per pair. 150 pairs Boy's Strong,Nailed Boots, (with heel and toe plate) 2/11. Worth 4/- J. A. has long been known for the excellence of this oiass of goods. Ditto ditto a(Il"7Worth 5/6. A superior make. ,> About 180 Pairs Boy's Elastic-side Lace Boots various make and'jiew. To eflbct it complete clearance they will he offered at cost price. Amos's Celebrated; Strong Water-tight Tace Boots, heavily nailed, 6/9. Usual ] ce 8/6. Ihese are a marvel of cheapness, n i are sold at other shops at 12, and p. pair. ti Parrs Men's Elastic Boots at :"6;11. th S/i A good ntting boot and a p iuine bargain. • > I lie same in Lace at 6 9. Usually sold at 7 :i. Icial !-J.A's stock of gentlemeu's boots is large, comprising about 350 pairs of tho t Northampton make. Each pair will I- c anteed, and will be sold at exactly cc 'e. ■u, ^>3 stock of gent's low shoes left over iiO: j .st season will be offered at a great tar to dear. P -ira Ladies' Levant Button Boots- 4 11. T" sal price 5/11 7 u rairs Laoe same make and same price Bet! bc lace aed the elaatic are extraordin- ary • • find will wear well. I -?'arit Elastic ?i 8 n perior Lad'as Lc BuUou ¡;u.,ts substantially and :fashionably mado-) /n. Worth 7,6., Specvii !—The noted 111) Button and Laco Bo tg will be sold as usual duriug the saleaty/6. These boots are specially made for J.A., an' the best value in ladies' bl, ots in i<hyt-. There are 150 pairs, and each pair enclosed iu a box. An immense stock of Ladies' Stafford- make Booti and Shoes, and Slippers will be sold regardless of cost. 400 Pairs assorted sizes p n d makes of Children's Button, Elastic-side, and Lace Boots at cost price. Rare bargains. 100 Pairs of Amos's noted House Boots, and Slippeis from 2/6.—Good make and cheap. 220 Pairs Children's Plain Leather Lace School Boots at 1/10. Worth 2 6. A well made serviceable boot. The same at 2:9. 250 pairs Slippers and Goloshes (well- made i at below cost. Terms d u'ing sale—Strictly Chsh. Note th? address: A?os'? 8a, Sussex Btreet? ?hyh ? 0 LET, a :;rplendid HOT_TSE 6, El wy street, Rh-yl- Apply to Btf,'DAxxim EvAxs, draper, T 31, High-street, Rhyl. TO LIET. from .tlfe 1st of May, the DWELLING HOUSE an cK PREMISES. No 2, Brighton road, Rhyl. The house contains 3 enter- taining rooms, 6 bedrooms, w.c., kitchen and scul- lery, china v^t and pantry, with good trard^n and outbuildings eaeily convertible into stable and ^coach-h'-mi^e. For further particulars, &c., apply to H. MILLWARD, 54, High-street, Rhyl. A SMALL stack of HAY on SALE, near /V. Rhuddlan. Apply to A.B., Post Office, Rhuddlan. A GENERAL SERVANT WANTED. One accustomed to waiting.—Apply stating salary expected, to X, Advertuer office, Rhyl. RHYL.—TO LET in Aquarium street, two New DWELLING HOUSED, containing 8 Bed- rooms, Drawing, Dining, and Sitting rooms, 2 w,c.'s Kitchen, Back Kitchen, and 2 pantries in each honse.-Apply to JOHN EDWABDS, 26, Wellington road, Rhyl. 3a 11 OTA TOES. — MAGNUM BONUiTTc per Sack (224 lbs) READING HERO, ditto; CHAMPIONS, 3/9 ditto.—To be had from EDWABD A3108, 26, Bedford Street. TO BE LET OR SOLD.—An old established BREAD and CONFECTIONARY BUSI- NESS situation, very central; Capital Shop, with good house attached. Particulars, &c., apply to address, A.l. Advertiser Office. TO BE LET, at COLWTN ('close to Railway Station) a commodious DWELLING HOLTSE with Coach House and Stabling. Immediate pos- session. Rent £ 60 PEI1 annum. Apply to OLXVBE GBOBQB, ESQ:/Rhyl. TO LET at Sonth End Villas, Kimnel and Elwy Street, TWO HOUSES at £ 19 10s rent each. Apply to Mr JAKES DAvrzo, Estate Agent, Rhyl. SHOP ASSISTANT—WANTED, by the 1st of May, a GIRL, about 15 years of age, to as liist in a Shop, &c. Light business.—Apply K., Advertuer office, Rhyl. ATILE FENCING.—For SALE, 100 Iron; Cattle Burdles, 6ft. long, with 5 bars and screws for fixing; quite new. Price, 3s. 8d each, carriage paid Sketch sent.—STANBY & Co., 6, Livery street, Birmingham. [13all rs-| Pinri T0 LEND ON GOOD SECU- 3^.1 QUI" RITY, In Sums from £ 100 upwards.—W. W. PARRY, Solicitor, Brighton Road, Rhyl, and Burslem, Staffordshire. ri OUSES TO LET IN PRESTATYN.—Con- £ "J venient'y situate^, within easy distance of Railway station and beach.—For particular applys Mr E. HTTNT, Laburnum House, Prestaty. T O BE SOLD, by Private Treaty, all that FREEHOLD HOUfcE and LAND, called FERN VILLA, situate in Church Street, Rhyl. For cards to view and particulars apply to WHo DAVIES AND ROBERTS. Solicitors, Rhyl. Election of Commissioners ELECTION OF COMMISSIONERS. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.—You have this day by a unaniminity absolutely unparalleled in our local history, again triumphantly put me at the head of the poll. To those who sojhandsomely placed their carriages at my command, to the noble army of all ranks who voluntarily and gratuitously rendered assis- tance, and indeed to the whole constituency I ten- der my sincere thanks. I will strive to retain your confidence. I am, Ladies and Gentlemen, Faithfully yours, JAMES TAYLOR. BMtdMlltf, April 9tn, iasi). BLECTION OF COMMISSIONERS. ;r, TO THl!; ELECTORS. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN,Ple&89 aOl'ept my warmeøt thanks fur placiug me in the- honourable position you did in the poll of Thursday, thus shewing your approval of my iefvioes during my past term of office. You may rest assured that I shall, in future, as I have endeavoured to do in the past, give my earnest attention and consideration to all matters affecting your interests, and the prosperity and welfare of my native town. Again thanking you, I am, Ladies and Gentlemen, Gratefully yours, JOSEPH WILLIAMS. Alexandra Hotel. April] Oth, 1885. ELECTION OF COMMISSIONERS. [ADIES AND GENTLEMEN,—I beg to ten- j der you my most sincere thanks for the hon- our you have done me by eleoting me as on j of your representatives at the Board of Commissioners on the 9th inst., and hope by strict attention to duties you will not regret your choice. I remain, Ladies and Gentlemen, 1 Your obedient servant, ] ABSALOM HUMPHREYS, Vale View Villa, Rhyl, 10th April, 1885. ELECTION OF COMMISSIONERS. T lADIES AND GENTLEMEN,—I-beg to teii- 1 i der my sincere thanks to those Electors who so kindly recorded their votes in my favour on the 9th inst. Although placed lowest on the poll it is my intention again, at some future time, to offer myself as' a candidate, and to solicit the support of the Electors and Ratepayers of the District. I am, Ladies and Gentlemen, Yours Obediently, JOHN H. ELLIS. 12, Water Street, Rhyl, j 10th April, 1885. 33 and 34, QUEEN STREET, RHYL, MARCH 7th, 188.5. Dear Sir,—I beg to notify that the Goodwill and Stock-m»Tmde of-Cabinet Mskerj Upholsterer, and Carpet Factor of the late M-r -.T. -Rbydwen Jones, and carried on at the above addre.sa, has been this day transferred to Mr Alfred Jones and Mr Thomas Davifcs, ^ylio purpose continuing the same under the title of"~Rnvi3w:IVN JONI^ AND DAVIES." I trust-your patronage wilLbe continued, to the new firm All debts owmg to, aud by the estate of the late [Mr J. Rhydwen Jones will be received aud paid by me. Yours truly, R. OLDFIELI), Executor of the late Mr Rhydwen Jones, 33 and 34, QUEEN STREET, RHYL, MARCH 7TH, 188-5. Dear Sir,—Having this day purchased the busi- ness of the late Mr J. Rhydwen Joues, as carried on at the above address for the past 11 years, we trust to receive a continuance of the patronage be- stowed on the late firm. We have both a thorough practical experience of the trade, and our l'oim will be to produce the veiy best workmanship at the lowest possible cost, and we have every confidence in ulicitiug your support. We are, Yours respecfully, 10-.LN-ES, TIIOAIAS DAVIES, Trading as RaYDWEN JONESAXD DAVIES." H. A. STUIitt, Wholesale and Family \\T1?E & ?PiKiT ?/aEttUHANT, ?T k? J3JL ALE & PORTER DEALER & BOTTLER, MINERAL WATER DEPOT. 72, MAIL is [REE R, RHYL. yr A u G fTN s A T ji S 14 & 15, HIGH STREET, (Opposite the Geolye Hotel) RHYL, I 4E NOW OPEN FOB THE SEASON. Hot, CUJcl, and Tepid Pure Sea Water Baths from G a.m. until 10 p.m. Sundays, 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. Uzone anp Sea-weed Bath* made to order. Also, well constructed Bathing Machines upon tlie.Beak h fur both Ladies and Gentlemen 8aW5i3itiiflBEBB Sales by Auction. MESSRS. CLOUGH & CO.'S ENGAGE- MENTS FOR APRIL AND MAY. April 13th.—Sale of Farming Stock, at Plas Cham- bers, near Denbigh. April 14th.—Sale of Fat Stock, opposite the Royal Oak Inn, Denbigh (Fair Day). April 14th.-Sale of Household Furniture and Ef- April 15.—Plas-yn-Green, and Plas Clough. Grass letting at the Crown Hotel, Denbigh, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. fects at 16, Barmouth Place, Ffynnongroyw, Rhyl. April 16tb.-Sale of Stock at the Marsh Inn, Rhuddlan. April 16.-Grove, Bodfari. Annual grass letting. April 17th.-Sale of Household Furniture, at Plas Chambers, nerr Denbigh. April 21st.—Sale of Freehold Property at the Royal Hotel, Rhyl, at 2 foi 3 o'clock. April 24th. —Sale of larm Stock at Tyddyn lssa, Near Bodelwyddan. 30. -Sale of Farming Stock, &c., of P. H. Chambrns. Esq., at Ty gwyn farm, Henllan, near Denbigh. May II.-Ilighlv Important Sale ofHorses, Car- riages, &c., at the Royal Mews, Rhyl. VALUABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY I?N HE TOWN OF RHYL. y- ES,')RS CLOUGH and CO., are instructed b? INT the ,everal Mortgagees, to offer for sale by PUBLIC AUCTION (unless previously disposed of by private treaty, of which due notice would be «iven) at the Royal Hotel, on TUESDAY, 21ST OP APRIL, 1885, at 2 for 3 o'clock in the afternoon the following Valuable Properties, viz. Lot 1.—All those two substantial and well built FREEHOLD DWELLING HOUSES, situate Nos. 16 and 17, Water Street, Rhyl, in the several occupations of Miss Ll. Humphreys and the Misses Sprouson, at the yearly rents of £ 40 and JE35 respectively Lot 2.- 7000 yards, more or less, of FREEHOLD DWELLING LAND, situate at the junction of ?fndy Road, with frontage the Vale Road and the CE, to both roads, at the extreme boundary of the town of Rhyl, together with those four comfortable well built COTTAGES, recently erected thereon, with early possession, yielding a rental of L36 per annum. Lot 3.—All those well and substantially built I FREEHOLD DWELLING HOUSES, formally Nos 22 and 23, but now Nos 27 and 28 West End Villas, Kinmel Street, Rhyl, in the several occu- pations nf Mr Carmalt and Mrs Weir at a yearly rent of JE19 10s each, standing on 201 square yards or thereabouts. Lot 4.—All that well and substantially built FREEHOLD DWELLING HOUSE situate No 5, Mona Terrace, Mill Bank, in the town of Rhyl, presently occupied by Mrs Ann Jones. Lot 5.-All thosi two well built FREEHOLD DWELLING HOUSES, situate Nos. 6 and 7 Hope Place, Rhyl. The former being at present unoccupied, and the latter let from the 1st of May to Mr Thos. Jones. Yearly rent, JE12 each. Orders to view, and all further particulars, may be obtained as regards Lot No. 1 from W. R. Wil- liams, Esq., solicitors, Rhyl Lots 2. 3 and 4, from W. E. Smalley, Esq., North and South Wales Bank, Rbyl and Lot 5 from A. H. Morecroft, Esq., 15, Castle street, Liverpool, or from the Auctioneers at their offices, Vale-street, Denbigh, and Gwynfa Villa, Rhyl. 16, BARMOUTH PLACE, FFYNON- GROEW, RHYL.. The* HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE will be sold by Auction by ESSRS CLOUGH AND Co. on TinSDA.T, I 14th April, at 2 o'clo(3h. A TY GWYN, HENLLAN. P. H. CHAMBBES, Esq., who is giving up farming, has instructed MESSRS PLOUGH & CO. to offer the whole of his Valuable STOCK and IMPLEMENTS of HUSBANDRY for sale by public AUCTION on THURSDAY, 30TH XPBIL, 1885, comprising 31 Choice head of Cattle 5 Powerful Cart Horses 2 Very promising Colts I 3 Sows About 100 head of Poultry, and a large assort- ment of Implements by the best makers Also about 18 Tons of well-secured HAY and 20 hobbets of < Magnum Bonum Potatoes. Luncheon at 11. Sale to commence at 12 o'clook 1 punctually. Catalogues may be head at the Hotels in the district, on the premises, and from the Auctioneers, j at their offices, Denbigh,and Gwynfa Villa, Rhyl. TYDDYN ISAF, NEAR BODELWYDDAN. < MESSRS CLOUGH & co. wm SELL the LIVE and DEAD FARMING. STOCK (of r Mr JONES, who is leaving the Farm) by Public Auction on FRIDAY, the 24th April, 1885, com- prising 20 Head of very Choice Cattle 3 Powerful Cart Horses 2 Cobs, rising 2, by Almanger" Pigs, Poultry, and the usual Implements of Hus- bandrj, Lhncheon at 11. Sale punctuully at 12. Catalogues and all particulars. may be had at th^ Hotels in the District, on the Premises, and frqm the Auctioneers, at their Offices, Vale street, Denbigh, and Gwynfa Villa, Rhyl. PtAS^CHAMBERS, NEAR DENBIGH- Extensive sale of LIVE and DEAD STOCK, IMPLEMENTS OF HUSBANDRY and HOUSE. HOLD FURNITURE by MESSRS CLOUGH and Co. On MONDAY and FBIDAY, the 13th and 17th of April, 1885. (Jnrnmencing each day at 12 o'olock. Luncheon on Monday at 11. For particulars see posters. Estate Offices, Denbigh nd Rhyl. i ..GRASS LETTINGS. ■ _■ "■ •- _■ "■ •- ESSRS CLOUGH & CO. will hold the fol- ly! lowing, viz., at the Crown Hotel, Denbigh, on WEDNESDAY, the 15th Apjril, the Plas-yn-Grden and Plas Clough Grass Lands. Also the Grove Grass Land, at Mr ROBERTS" WAEN, Bodfari, on THURSDAY, the 16th April, at G p.m. ENGLISH WESLEYAN CHAPEL, BRIGHTON ROAD, RHYL. .< -> TO MORROW REY.: Ii,O WILDE, r' j 4. I Will eaoo. '0 d > L Services — Suuday, 10.30 a.m. and G-30 p.m Wednesday, 7-30 p.m. Prayer Meeting on Friday at 7-30 p.in. Organist—G. E. Fielding, Esq., Fornlelgh. C, HRIST CHURCH) R HYL. (PASTOR REV. D. BURFORD HOOKE). During the Erection of the above Church, in Water Street, there will be SERVICES AT THE TOWN HALL. TO-MORROW, (SUNDAY) Rev. D. BUtiFORD HOOKE (Pastor) Will Preach-Morning at 11 Evening at G.30. Collection at each Service. !WéÜ.OVCll Senice 011 FRIDAY,' at 7 o'clock in Quet!Il -tj trü(;; t(1V 01811) Congn:ga tioual Db aI'el .-+- J' NULŒH !'RESBYTE1UAN CHAPEL JLJ DRIGHTON ROAD, l\.i!YL. Rev. Prof. Ellis Edwards, M.A. Bala, WILL I'RFACli TO-XORH()W. Service: .Murn,illg at 10-30. Evening 6-30 ColJection8 after each service. AHl\lY SERVIC. \lOUNG- MEN wishing W JOINHJ!)R MA- l.. JErrY'S ARMY will, 011 application at allY l'?bt Office in the United KiGgdom, be supplied, wlthvut charge, with a Pamphlet containing de. tailed information as to the Condition of Service and advantages of the Army, as to ray, JJeferred Pay and Pensions. Great prospects of Promotion are offered to eli- gible Youn illen. 'o A-pplicat!'ns can be made,, either personally or by letter, to the Officer commanding the Regimen- tal District at Wrexham, or to the nearest Volun- teer Serjeant Instructor or other Recruiter. [ teel' t;erjeant Instructor or other &crniter. [ Recruits, if eligible, can be enlisted for aDY arm of LIt!1 Hegulu.r Service tire} Jnay l:iclcct. [52-2 1. Sales by Auction. Highly Important and Extensive Sale of Valuable Modern Household Goods & Furniture, Paintings, Engravings and Drawings, Books, Grand>and C ittage Pianofortes, Linen, Full-sized Billiard Table, Horses, Car.iages, Hainess, Saddlery and Clothing, Greenhouse and Bedding Plants, Gar- den Requisites and other Miscellaneous Effects, at BRYNTIRION, RHYL, r". FLINTSHIRE. MESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK AND CO., Have been: favoured with instruction from ARCHIBALD KELSO, ESQ., to SELL By AUCTION, ON MONDAY, TUSSDAY, WEDNESDAY, THUBSDAY and J FBIDAY, the 13th, lith, 15,th, 16th.and 17th, and ¡ On MONDAY, and TUESDAY, the 20th, and 21st days of APRIL, 1885, commencing each day at ELEVEN o'clock a.m., punctually, the whole of the COSTLY MODEBN HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE I appertaining to Dining, Drawing and Morning- Rooms, Boudoir, and Numerous Bed and Dressing Rooms, in Mahogany, Walnut, Rose and other I Woods, beautifully upholstered in Maroon, Morocco Leather, Satin and other Damask, Velvet and Needlework Valuable Cottage and Semi-grand TRICORD PIANOFORTES, by Collard Collard, and Kirkman Superior Ax- minster, Brussels and Tapestry Carpets and Hearth Rugs Handsome Satin Damask, Tapestry, Cloth and Rep Window Curtains; Excellent Brass, Cast and Polished Fenders Sets of Handsome Fire Irons and Brasses Brilliant Chimney and Pier Glasses, Girandoles, Convex and other Mirrors Choice OIL PAINTINGS, ENGRAVINGS AND DRAWINGS, Valuable Antique China and Decorative Objects; Clocks and Time Pieces in Marble, China and other Cases; Chinese Gong, Cut Glass; a large assort- ment of Excellent PLATED ARTICLES; Handsome China, Dinner, Dessert, Tea and Coffee Services Set of Elegant China and Glass Table Decorations; SUPERIOR MAHOGANY FULL-SIZED BILLIARD TABLE, with Fittings, complete, by Baylif, ofltverpool; about 300 Volumes of Books Bed and Table Linen, Blankets and Counterpanes; Cutlery, Lamps; the Contents of the Domestic Offices and Coachman's Cottage; together with the OUT-DOOR EFFECTS, Including Valuable HACK AND HARNESS HORSES, Superior Carriages, Harness & Saddlery Horse Clothing, Stable Requisites; about 2600 CHOICE GREENHOUSE, STOVE AND RED- DING PLANTS, Lawn Mower, Cucumber Frames, Garden Seats and Chairs, Lawn Tennis Nets and Poles, Small Tent, Garden Tools, and other Mis- cellaneous Effects. N.B.—The above Effects will be on View on Satur- day, April 11, from 10 to 4 o'clock. Catalogues (3d. each) may be had at the Journal Office," Rhyl; at the "Kings Arms Hotel, Holywell Bee Hotel," Abergele Bull Hotel," Denbigh; Castle Hotel," Ruthin Im- perial Hotel," Oolwyn Bay; or from the Auctioneers, MESSRS, CHURTON, ELPHICX, ROBERTS & RICHABD- SON, Chester. HYDROPATHIC & BOARDING HOUSE, RHYL. XCELLENT Billiard and Smoke Room. Terms from 35/- per week, or 6/ per day. Special E arrangements for commercial gentlemen who will find charges very moderate. No charge for atten- dance. Excellent Saturday to Monday Resort. Discount allowed to Families, Clergymen, and Medical Men, and those remaining over a fortnight. Consulting Physician, Dr. W. THOMAS. Address—Miss CHARLTON, Manageress. N.B.—Turkish and all other Baths FREE. THE RHYL ADVERTISER May be had from the Proprietors, AMOS BnoTHiKRS By Pott. Delivertdin Town S. D. 8. D. One quarter 1 8 One quarter I 1 Half-yearly 3 4 Half-yearly 2 2 Yearly 6 8 Yearly 4 4 TO CORRESPONDENTS. Correspondents are requested to give theirname and address when sending communications. Orders, Advertisements, &c., to be addressed to the Publishers; and all cheques, P.O.Orders.&c. to be made payableto the Proprietors, AMOS BROTHERS Advertiser Office, Rhvl. To ensure insertion all correspondence should be received not later than noon on Thursdays. We Cannot undertake to return rejected manuscript



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