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LANDLORDS and SMALL TENANTS, A point of very great interest to landlords and •mall tenants has arisen before the Chairman of Ways and Means in connection with the provisions of a bill promoted by the Oxford Corporation for the extension of their water supply. The bill contained A clause empowering the corporation, in all cases where j the landlords had undertaken in the first inetancf* j J 1j ^tt^er"ra^6s on holdings under £ 10 of rent I and had failed to pay the same, to proceed against the tenants themselves, leaving the tenants the right of deducting the amount from their next quarter's rent, tenants themselves, leaving the tenants the right of deducting the amount from their next quarter's rent, of which the rate really formed part. Sir Arthur Otway was at first disposed to pass the clause M it stood, holding that as the tenants had got the water they were bound to pay for the commo- if the landlord failed, seeing they had the privilege of recouping themselves out of their j rent. Mr. Bonham Carter, the referee, however, took a different view, and held that the real 'I defaulter was the landlord, who had come under an obligation to the corporation to pay the rate on the small houses in question; that the working people might be unable to pay at the time of the demand that their attendance at court involved the loss of a day's wago; and that they would be sub- jected to costs which they could not seccver from the landlord. Jt was further brought out that the corporation, by the Statute of Limitations, might allow the landlord to run into arrear for six years that by the bill they might then come down the tenant for the whole amount. Sir A. way said he could not permit any such extensive '.ver to be given to any corporation or company .e suggested that the corporation should limit recourse against the tenant to a quarter's rates, The referee did not see that even this ttion met his objection as to costs and los.» -f -s being made to fall on a poor tenant. Sir A. vay, though willing to sanction a clause giving a arter s right against the tenant, advised the cor- ration to withdraw the clause, which they did.

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