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FOOTBALL NOTES. j FINAL TIE-RHYL V. BANGOR ATHLETIC. This t'e in the Northern Welsh Challenge Cup Competition was played off last Saturday at Vaynol Park. Portdinorwio." The weather was fine but squally. There was not a large attendance of spectators. Bangor won the toss and played with the wind, sun, and ground in their favour. Rhyl were the first to attack, rushing for the enemy' goal, and ultimately T. Vaugh ai hent in a good shot which the goal-keeper cleverly fisted aside. The Bangor right-wings then got possession, but were stopped by J. O. Vaughan, who passed to Hughes and Lowe, but they spoiled by kicking into touch. Soon afterwards hands were given against Bangor naar mid-field, but was not improved upon, Humphrey Jones directly afterwards kicking out. The Bangor forwards then became dangerous, and Cripps missed his kick, but R C. Thompson came up in time to save. J. 0 Vaughan kicked out, and hands followed against Twiston Morgan not far from goal. Humphrey Jones badly placed the ball, which went behind. Bangor soon after shot at the Rhyl goal, but it went wide. J. 0. Vaughiu next distinguished himself by tackling the Bangor right-wing very finely, Bangor followed with a rush for the Rhyl gúal, but were cleared by Harry Thompson. A scrimmage in the Rhyl goal was the next itam, but the ball was sent behind. W. H. Roberts then got the ball and passed to his right, who ro-t)assad and the ball was entrusted to the left, who again re-passed andRobeits ian right up and the goal-keeper runuingout,Roberts dodged him and scored. Bangor however appealed but uneffectually- A foul was subsequently given against a Bangor ian, but the free kiuk was not im- proved upon. Bangor obtained a corner which was well placed, and a scrimmage in the Rhyl goal followed, but the ball went behind. Cripps next becama prominent with good tacxilllg oi me Bangor left-wing. Rhyl rushed up the field and seemed likely to score, but Humphrey Jones went to the rescue and cleared, and an attack was made by Bangor, R. C. Thompson missing his kick, but J: O. Vaughan saved. The ball was then well placed in the Rhyl goal by a long kick from the Bangor back, and the forwards rushed after it, but Wright cleared in a brilliant manner. Bangor however soon after, from a combined rush managed to score, which was followed directly afterwards by another, the play of the Rhyl backs and half-backs being wretched. Hands followed against Twiston Morgan, but the ball went behind. Soon after, Wright saved his goal in fine style Rhyl then attacked the Baugor goal, and the goal- keeper saved by sending iato touch. A corner for Bangor followed, but was badlv placed and nothing came of it. Hands against Rhyl near their goal was converted into a goal-a flukey one—which should certainly have been stopped by Wright. Cripps soon after averted danger with some dash. Roberts put in some good play and appeared dangerous but was not supported, and the opposing backs over-powered him and sent the ball well into the Rhyl goal, and Jones succeeded in scoring. Play was very even from this to half-time neither team gaining any advantage. On resuming, Cripps land R. C. Thompson changed sides, which was an improvement. Rhyl immediately attacked, but Roberts's final effort was spoiled by a deliberate foul, and a free kick was given to Rhyl, but Harry Thompson seut the Sail behind. W. H. Roberts again had an op or- tunity of scoring, but shot very wide. Rhyl now did the pressing, but through the absence of com- bination and over-anxiety to score, the forwards failed to ultilize the many chances tb,-tt were given them. Hughes however at last, by a good header, scored the second goal for Rhyl. Rhyl kept up the pressing i:ud several corners fell to them, ar.d were splendidly placed by Twiston Morgan, but through want of cohesion among the forwards, they were not improved up -3n. About ten minutes before call of time, T. Vaughan scored a third goal for Rhyl, the Bangor goal-keeper in the belief that the shot was a free kick did not try to stop it. Rhyl now played very wildly and, although press- ing the Athletics, failed to add to their score, and the latter won by 4 goals to 3. Thq Athletics were only dangerous twice during the last half, and had the Rhylites not lost their heads, they ought easily to have won the match. Rhyl laid a protest against the eligibility of Humphrey Jones (the Welsh International Captain) to play, on the ground that he was not a bona fide member of the Athletic Club,non-resident within the radius allow- ed by the rules, and also that the ground was small. The Association Officers appeared to favor the winners the decisions of the Umpires being open to question on several occasions that were disastrous to Rhyl and the ground on which the match was played was very small, not larger than the Bangor ground, although there waa plenty of room for the maximum size allowed by the rules, and the Bflngor ground had been declined by the members of the Association as being too small for the match. In the face of partizanship of this kind by its officers the Association cannot have a long lease of life. Humphrey Jones played a grand game for the winners, his tackling and kicking being ex- ceedingly good. F. J. Williams was also in fine form, and was a thorn in the sides of the Rhyl forwards. The whole of the Rhyl team were de. cidedly off colour, Lowe and Tom Vaughan particularly so; their play being of a wretched order compared to what they really can do when in form. Roberts was the only player who appeared to display any judgement, but he was not really up to his usual form, aad in addition was carefully looked after, as also were J. O. Vaughan and Twiston Morgan. J. O. Vaughan might fairly be said to have played best throughout for his team but he was very far below par. Rhyl have excell- ent grounds for thoir protest and if they have fair play, and the protest, is judged upon its merits, they will certainly succeed in carrying it, and the match will have to be re-played. Rhvl team :-Goal. C. Wright; backs, R. C. Thompson and A. J. Cripps half-backs, Twiston Morgan (captain), J. O. Vaughan, and Harry Thompson; righ-wing, T. Vaughan and Lewis 0 0 Morgan; left-wing, R. Hughes and J. Lowe; centre, W. H. Roberts.' Bangor team :-Goal, Richard Jones backs, J. Jones and T. Parry Jones half-backs, Humphrey 'jones (captain), W. Edwards, and J. j. Williams; forwards. W. R. Griffiths, Richard Jonos, and Richard Jones; Umpires, T. Farringtou, Conway, and W. Edwards, Carnarvon; referee, A. Ingleton. I am glad to find that the Welsh Association have selected J. 0. Vaughan (Rhyl) as half-back for the international mat h with Ireland, to be played on the 11th inst, and I feel confident he' will prove himself worthy of his place. IN TOUCH.

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