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• .EANING I >1 SB FURNISHING I AND GARDEN REQUISITES I LL ki-ds of BRUSHES and BROOMS, ,l':IL"G COMPOSITION, &o. "CI TEADS at exceptionally Low Prices. C;- 2,-G MATRESSES. Cjr ices, Cornice Poles, Stair Rods, Venetian bands. Bassiuette Shappd PERAMBULATORS with STEEL S PR1lJS-35/. Sewi g Machines, Lock Stitch ;E2 10 0 Ditto CuainStitoh JE1 10 0 A. SHEFFIELD, (Late Wright and Sheffield) 170, WELLINGTON ROAD, RHYL. H. A. STEER, Wholesale and.Family Y^INE & SPIRiT MERCHANT, I ALE & PORTER DEALER & BOTTLER, MINERAL WATER DEPOT. 72, HIGH STREET, RHYL. TENTH ANNUAL SALE. IWGEN-L-INE BARGAINS BOOTS & SHOES AT LESS THAN C03T FURTHER REDUCTIONS! J. AMOS, 8A, SUSSEX STREET, RHYL. 8gS to announce that his Tenth Annual Sale of BOOTS & SHOES IS NOW GOING ON, the whole of the Large and Varied Stock ';8 submitted at GREATLY REDUCED PRICES. IN announcing his Annual Sale,begs f to state that the whole of his Stock tiered at Clearing Prices, and that he ■ i 'v ught inferior Goods to make his Sale T ut all the goods he will offer will b9 of i* tufacture, and in many instauces are ¡,1. cost. illive been airanged in Lots, and be- particular" Women's Strong Lace Boots- did value, aud undoubtedly the icd ever offered in Rhyl. Vomen's Nailed Laco. A very id well-omde boot. A remark- at 4 '10 per pair. 'ov's Strong Nailed Boots, (with );t,) 2 LI. Worth 4/: J.A. V. r l l known for the excellence of t gOO'ls. fj "11: ditto 3ill-Worth 5/6. Ai .out'iViei Poors various make and new?' "'I^o ellecTa complote clearance they will be offered at coot price. Amos's Celebrated Strong Water-tight Lace Boots. heavily nailed. 6/9. Usual price 8/6. Iheso arc a matrel of cheapness, and are sold at other shops at 12 aud 10;. per pair. 16 Pairs Men's Elastic Boots at 6/11. Worth 8;- A good fitting boot and a genuine bargain. The same in Lace at 6/9. Usually sold at 7/11. Special !-J.A's stock of gentlemen's hoots is very large, comprising about 350 pairs of the best Northampton make. Each pair will be guaianteed, and will be sold at exactly coat price, A large stock of gent's low shoes left over from last season will be offered at a great sacrifice to clear. 80 Pairs Ladies' Levant Button Boots- 4/11. Usual price 5/11. 70 Pairs Lace same make and same price Both the lace aod the elastic are extraordin- ary cheap and will wear well. 90 Pairs Saperior Ladias Levant Elastic Button Boots- substantially and :fashionably made-5/9; Worth 7/6. Special!—The noted 11 9 Button and Laeo Boots will be sold as usual during the sale at 8 6. These boots are specially made for J.A., are the best value in ladies' boots in Rhyl. There are 150 pairs, and each pair is enclosed in a box. An immense stock of Ladies' Stafford- nake Boots and Shoes, and Slippers will be -I(i regardless of cost. 400 Pairs assorted sizes It nd makes of ( Daren's Button, Elastic-side, and Lace 7 at cost price. Rare bargains. CO Pairs of Amos's noted Houoe Boots, r Slippeis from 2 6.—Good make and ?ap. '20 Pairs Children's Plain Leather Lace f: aool Boots at 1/10. Worth 2 6. A well i serviceable boot. The same at 2 9. iJsirs Slippers and Goloshes (well- L below cost. during sale—Strictly Cash. the address: Amos's, 8a, Sussex E h/3. H A X' S jg A T II S 15, HIGH STREET, Dosite the GčOlgr RHYL, .r OPEN FOR THE SEASON. i, I Tepil Pure Sea Water Baths from f p.m. Sundays, 6 a.m. to 10 a.m t -wed Baths made to order. Also 1 • -i t'rvng Machines upon the Beach i ,r vI" I..u aud Gentlemen. "VOCES OR SHARES BOUGHT OR SOLjJ ,» T M tj yp'V pricks. i":CUL A TTVE ACCOUNTS OPENED FliOM 491 PER CET. COVER. JPTIONS GRANTED AT MARKET PRICES. CLIENTS GIVIKG REFERENCES ARE NOT REQUIRE'aTO PAY ANY COVF.R JN ADVANCE V*»08PECTL^R' AND INVESTS TENT CIR- CULAR FORWARDED BY AND SHARE BROKERS. f t Election of Commissioners I ELECTION OF COMMISSIONERS. TO THE RATEPAYERS AND ELECTORS OF RHYL. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, —Having bepn invited to offer myself for election as one of the Rhyl Improvement Commissioners, I have determined to do so; and I hope you will support me with your votes and interest. Although I may not be well acquainted with you personally, I have no doubt some of the members of my family hare beeu well known to you, especially my uncle, the late Dr Lloyd, of Ty'n Rhyl, who was for some time a Commissioner. Should you honour me with your support, it shall be my care to second all oeasures which may tend to the prosperity of the town of Rhyl; and especially those measures which may tend t awards the reduction of the rates, and the encouragement of trade in Rhyl by affording improved accom- modation and facilities for visitors as well as for re.-iaents. I am, Ladies and Gentlemen, yours faithfully, LLEWELYN LLOYD, Ty'n Rhyl, Rhyl, March 26th 1885. ELECTION OF COMMISSIONERS. TO THE RATEPAYERS OF THE DISTRICT OF RHYL. I" ADIES AND GENTLEMEN,—My term of J office having expired I a^tm solicit your support at the forthcoming election. During the six years I have been a member of this Board, I have endeavoured to the best of my ability to promote all measures conducive to the prosperity of the town. With regard to tie future, taking the Mersey Tunnel and other Railway matters into consider- ation, Rbyl is, iu my opinion, destined in the near future to become a large residential distiict. And during the ccu 83 of its development many matters of importance will necessarily occupy the attention of the Improvement Commissioners. If I have the honour of being again elected, I will give all matters brought before the BO"Jd my most serious consideration,and whilst promoting all necessary improvements will endeavour to study economy so that the present district rate may in a short time be reduced. As the town has increased so much in size I shall be unable to make a housj to house c<"nv'tss, but I trust that will not prevent r..y receiving your support and intere-t on the niuth of April next,—I am, Ladies and Gentlemen, your obedient, servant, EDWARD W. KEATINGE. 63, Hig-h Street, Rhyl. March 30th, 1885. ELECTION OF COMMISSIONERS. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN,—The term for which yt,u elected me will terminate in a few d"ys, and I now respectfully solicit a renewal of your confidence. I hope I have by my attendance and votes given that satisfaction which it has been my sole aim to merit. My miny years residence in Rhyl and moving 1 among the ratepayers, I have I persume become acquainted with your wants and the necessities of the town, and I shall, should you again elect me. not fail as an owner of property and a heavy ratepayer to do my bpst as I have hitherto done, to advance the interest of all classes. I am, Lad es and Gentlemen, Yours faithfully, JOSEPH WILLIAMS. Alexandra Hotel. ELECTION OF COMMISSIONERS. TO THE RATEPAYERS OF THE DISTRICT OF RHYL. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN,—My term of office as one of the Rtiyl Improuement Com- missioners being about to expire, I again offer myself for re-election. Having fur the pat nine years represented your interests at tho board, I t-ust that my conduct has been such as to merit a renewal of your ccnfidence by supporting me at tho forthcoming election, on the 9th of April. As there are no very important questions at present involving the deliberations of th < board. I need but give a sing.'e pledge that the general routine business shall bu carefully watched, aud that as far as I am concerned the ratepayers of the ty,}Ybl miX UuiXi 'ffi^iXreS" as "will promote the pros- perity of the district. I am, Ladies and Gentlemen, Yours obediently. WM. WILLIAMS. 55, West Parade. ELECTION OF COMMISSIONERS. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN,—Three years ago you renewed your confidence in me by almost unanimously recording your votes in my favour I venture to hope that you will repeat your then expressed satisfaction with my con- duct. I have lived among you nearly 29 years, and have for 25 labored as a Commissioner to further the general interests of the town, and have steadily excluded all Theological and Political ionsiderations in the discharge of the duties ap- pertaining to the office, and have done all in my power to advance the popularity of Rhyl, and consequently the prospeiity of all classes You all know me and my unceasing anxiety to see success abound in our midst I have steadily set my face against the waste of a single penny of the Rates, and should you repose your confidence in me, I shall with undiminished firmness continue to do so. I can only ask you on the faith of my past efforts to honor me with your support on THURSDAY NEXT, and in return, my services shall be loyally devoted in promoting the common happiness and welfare of us all. I am, Ladies and Gentlemen, Faithfully yours, JAMES TAYLOR. April 2np, 1885. TO THE ELECTORS OF THE DISTRICT OF RHYL. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN,—I am once LJ more one of the body of Commissioners retiring out of office by rotation, and have pleasure in announcing my intention to offer myself for re-election. Having- represented your interests at the board for a period of about 20 years to the best of my abilities, and still having ample time t my disposal to continue in that capacity, I venture to appeil confidently for your kind support at the forthcoming election. I have the honour to be, Ladies and Gentlemen, Your obedient Servant. JOHN ROBERTS. 16, Queen Street, Rhyl, March 27th, 188.5. ELECTION OF COMMISSIONERS. TO THE ELECTORS OF THE DISTRICT OF RHYL. r ADIES AND GENTLEMEN.—Being one of J the m mbors of the Boar t of Commissioners who retire this year, by rotation, I beg to offer my- self for- re-electiou, aud most respectfully solicit your Votes and Interest at the forthcoming ELECTION, ON THURSD.1.Y, APRIL 9TH. During the last 4 yewrs that I have had the honour of being one of your representatives at the Board, I have supported every measure likely to oonduce to tie improvement of the town, and the bOGeHcial interest of the general body of Rate- pa, ers and if you again elect me, I promise, as a argp ratepayer and tradesman, whose interests are i ientieal with your own in the welfare and pros- perity of our rising town, to advocate a policy of efficiency combined with strict economy. Agdoiú soliciting the favour of your votes and interest, I remain, Ladies and Gentlemen, Your obedient Servant, JOHN ERIMSTON. ELECTION OF COMMISSIONERS. TO TilE RATEPAYERS OF TLIK DISTRICT OF RHYL. F ADTES A^D G&NJTLbMT.'N.— tliving been is• vil•_«;! to otl'jr myself as a C^udidaie at the oiuicoming Election of Commissioners, I beg re- spectfully to solicit your interest and Votes. if you do me the honour to rctirn me as one of Aiepresentatives, I will endeavour to give the most earnest consideration to nil matters affecting the prosperity of the Town and Trade of Rhyl.—I am, Ladies and Gentlemen. I Yours Faithfully, T. H. SUMMERHILL. Bod for House i Election of Commissioners ELECTION OF COMMISSIONERS. TO THE RATEPAYERS OF THE DISTRICT OF RHYL. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN,—I beg respect- fully to offer myself as a Candidate for a seat on the Board of Commissioners at the forthcoming Election. Should it be yonr pleasure to elect me as one of your Representatives, I shall, to the best of my ability, support all measures that may in any way enhance the prosperity of the town, with due re- gard to prudent economy.—I am, Ladies and Gentleman, Yours Obediently, JOHN H. ELLIS. 12, Water Street, Rhyl. ELECTION OF COMMISSIONERS. THURSDAY, APRIL 0TH. TO THE RATEPAYERS AND ELECTORS OF THE DISTRICT OF RHYL. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN,—My term as J)_J your representaiive at the Beard of Commis- sioners having expired, I feel great pleasure in soliciting your vote and iuterest at the forthcoming election. During the years I trnve had the honout of a seat at the Board, it has been my study to raise my voice and give riv vote fe irlessly to the best of my judgement in favour of those measures most conducive to the welfare and interest of the town. Should you kindly honour me with your support, and if returned, nothing shall be wanting on my part to study your interest, with due regrad to those measures which mav tend to the prosperity of of the trade and town of Rhyl. I remain, Ladies and Gentlemen, Your obedient servant. ABSALOM HUMPHREYS. Vale View Villa, Rhyl, 30th March, 1885. ELECTION OF COMMISSIONERS. TO THE RATEPAYERS AND ELECTORS OF DISTRICT OF RHYL. F ADIES AND GENTLEMEN,— At the request j of several influential ratepayers of the Town I beg respectfully to offer myself as a candidate for one of the vacant sents on the Board of Com- missioners. Having been connected with the town for a num- ber of years as a Freeholder, and a Resident for the last five years, it is needless for me to say that the general welfare and prosperity of the town has and will continue to have my earnest attention. If elected I will not attach myself to a any par- ticular party, but will at all times assist in the furtherance of any good measure that may be placed before the Board, having for its object the benefit of the ratepayers with a due regard to economy. I would support any good scheme of Incorpora- tion, believing that the town would be better go- verned by Corporation. I am of opinion that the Gas Works ought pro- perly to belong to the ratepayers. Humbly soliciting the favour of your vote and interest on the 9th lost. I beg to remain, Ladies and Gentlemen, Your obedient Servant, GEO ALfcX. TAVERNER. 1, St. Asaph Street, 29th March, 1885. ELECTION OF COMMISSIONERS. SPECIAL NOTICE. I. have not entered for this race, Not feeling yet inclined My ambition in the present case, Is a duty of a different kind. To the Ratepayers and the Inhabitants in general of Rhyl and Surrounding Districts. BE it known that the summer time is coming when nature will appear dressed in new garments; to be in keeping with the times, one and all should avail thems Ives of the advantages offered at the Golden Glove, where boys, youths, and men's clothing, to suit all ages and sizes, can be procured at very small cost, an outfit worthy of themselves and the society in which they move. The stock at the above establishment is now replete with all the latest novelties of tho season. Especial care has been taken in purchasing that ot the refined taste of the inhabitants of district, combined with elegance, fit and practical economy.—-J. Parry Jones. J. PARltY JONES, HOSIER, GLOVER AND HATTER, AND GENERAL MEN'S MERCER, GOLDEN GLOVE, 162. WELLINGTON ROAD AND QUEEN STREET, RHYL, Meris, Youths' and Boys' Clothier, Ready made or to order Agent for a first-class London Tailor. 300 PATTICENS OF THE LATEST AND BEST MAKES TO SELECT FAOM. Fit Guaranteed. Leggings, M'intoshes, Baqa, Portmanteaus, and Umbrellas. Boys' Felt Hats, from 1/3. Youths' do. from 1/11. Men's do. from 2/- Every variety in Straw Hats, for Boytf, Youth's, and Men. Polo Caps, Helmets, and Hats, in Tweed, Serges, &e. White Shirts, from 3/11. Print Shirts, with two collars, from 3/11. Oxford do., with two collars, from 3/11. Silk Ties, Scarfs, and Poekethandkerchiefs, suitable for presents, in great variety. Boys, Youths,' and Men's Hosiery, in Cotton, Merino and Wool. An immense variety of Men's Youths,' and Boys' READY MADE CLOTHING, in the most fashion- able styles, of superior make and fiuish. All at POPULAR READY-MONEY PRICES. J. P. J. rec-pec'.fidly solicits a call at the "GOLDEN GLOVE," 162, Wellington Road, and Queen Street, RHYL. J^HYDWENJ ONES DAVIES (Late J. Rhydwen Jones) CABINET MAKERS, UPHOLSTERERS, CARPET FACTORS, Ac., 33 & 34, QUEEN STREE T,RH YL. Special Sale! CllANUE OF FIRM! SPECIAL REDUCTIONS DURING THE MONTH OF APRIL 'I TRANSFER OF BUSINESS! LINOLELMb Laid Free of Charge FLOORCLOTHS Laid Free of Charge: REDUCTIONS I FURNITURE, BEDSTEADS, BEDDING, CURTAINS, l I.J. l, HOUSEHOLD DRAPERY, CARPETS, LINOLEUMS, FLOORCLOTHS. For Cash Only Daring the Sale. j Sales by Auction. Highly Important and Extensive Sale of Valuable Modern Household Goods & Furniture, Paintings, Engravings and Drawings, Books, Grand and C Ittage Pianofortes, Linen, Full-sized Billiard T tblo, Horses, C'ir. iages. Harness, Saddlery and Clothing, Greenhouse and Bedding Plants, Gar- den Requisites and other Miscellaneous Effects, at BRYNTIRION, RHYL, FLINTSHIRE. MESSRS. CHURTON, ELPHICK AND CO., Have bpen favoured with instruction from ARCHIBALD KELSO, ESQ., to SELL By AUCTION, ON MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY and FRIDAY, the 13th, 14th, loth, 16th, and 17th, and On MONDAY, aad TUESDAY, the 20th, and 21st days of APRIL, 188.5, commencing each day at ELEVEN o'clock a.m., punctually, the whole of the COSTLY MODERN HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE appertaining to Dining, Drawiog and Morning- Rooms, Boudoir, and Numerous Bed and Dressing Rooms, in Mahogany, Walnut, Rose and other Woods, beautifully upholstered in Maroon. Morocco Leather, Satin and other Damask, Velvet and Needlework Valuable Cottage and Semi-grand TRICORD PIANOFORTES, by Collard Collard, and Kirkmm Superior Ax- minster, Brussels and Tapestry Carpets and Hearth RUSTS Handsome Satin Damask, Tapestry, Cloth and Rep Window Curtains Excellent Brass, Cast and Polished Fenders Sets of Handsome Fire Irons and Brasses Brilliant Chimney and Pier Glasses, Girandoles, Convex and other Mirrors Choice OIL PAINTINGS, ENGRAVINGS AND DRAWINGS, Valuable Antique China and Decorative Objects; Clocks and Time Piece" in Marble, China and other Cases; Chinese Gong, Cut Glass; a large assort- ment of Excellent PLATED ARTICLES; Handsotre China, Dinner, Dessert, Tea and Coffee Services Set of Elegant China and Glass Table Decorations; SUPERIOR MAHOGANY FULL-SIZED BILLIARD TABLE, with Fitting's, complete, by Bayliff, of Liverpool; about 300 Volumes of Books Bed and Table Linen, Blankets and Counterpanes Cutlery, Lamps the Contents of the Domestic Offices and Coachman's Cottage together with the OUT-DOOR EFFECTS, Including Valuable HACK AND HARNESS HORSES, Superior Carriages, Harness & Saddlerv Horse Clothinar, Stable Requisites; about 2600 CHOICE GREENHOUSE, STOVE AND BED- DING PLANTS, Lawn Mower, Cucumber Frames, Garden Seats and Chairs, Lawn Tennis Nets and Poles, Small Tent, Garden Tools, and other Mis- cellaneous Effects. i N.B.—The above Effects will be on View on Satur- day, April 11, from 10 to 4 o'clock. Catalogues (3d. each) may be had at the "Journal Office," Rhyl; at the "Kings Arms Hutel," Holywell Bee Hotel," Abergele Bull Hotel," Denbigh Castle Hatel," Ruthin II Im- perial Hotel," Colwyn Bay; or from the Auctioneers, MESSRS. CIIUETON, ELPHICK, ROBERTS & RICHARD. SON, Chester. 11, WATER STREET, RHYL. Re T. J. Griffiths, Grocer and Provision Dealer— By order of the Trustee (E. B. Roose, Esq.,) under a dted of assignment- VTESSRS R. D. ROBERTS and SON have I been instructed to SELL BY AUCTION (if not previously disposed of by Private Treaty, on SATURDAY NEXT, APRIL 4TH, 1885, the whole of the STOCK IN-TRADE and utensils ou the above premises, Consisting of Home-cured Hams and Bacon Ricb Cheese; Tinned Salmon and Lobster Tea, Coffee, and Sugar Currants, Raisins. Rice Cocoa, Flour, Lard, Soap, Blackinqr, Matches, Wax Candles, Vinegar, Brushes, &c. The goodwill, fixtures, and trade utonsils will be offered in one lot. Sale to commence to two o'clock prompt. For further particulars apply to Messrs. Roose, Price and Co., Chartered Accountants, 26, North John Street, Liverpool, or to the Auctioneers at their Officers, Wellington Chambers, Rhyl. TO BE SOLD, ''J JMyato Treaty, all that, FERN ViLLA, t3icuate in'oud 'D, called For cards to view and particulars apply to WM. NAVIES AND ROBERTS, Solicitors, Hhyl. TO BE LET.- An excellent and commodious j[ LODGING HOUSE, centrally situate and near the Beach; suitable for private dwelling house; present tenant having occupied same nearly ten years. Low rental. For particulars apply to W. WYNN PARRY, ESQ., Solicitor, Brighton road, Rhyl. la3 TO BE LET OR SOLD.—An old established BREAD and CONFECTIONARY BUSI- NESS situation, very central; Capital Shop, with a-ood house attached. Particulars, &c., apply to address, A.I Advertiser Office. rO BE LET, at COLWYN fclose to Railway Station) a commodious DWELLING HOUSE with Coach House and Stabling. Immediate pos- session. Rent X60 per annum. Apply to OLIVER GEORGE, ESQ., Rhyl. OTATOES.-MAGNUM BONUM & READ- JT ING HERO, of Splendid Quality. 4116 per hobbet. 40 lbs. for a Is. To be had from E. AMos, 26, Bedford Street. LAUIsDRESS WANTED hing to be done in the country. Apply any evening at St. Thomas College, Rbyl.-2m28. SHOP ASSISTANT:—WANTED, by the 1st of May, a GIRL, about 15 years of age, to as- sist in a Shop, &c. Light business.—Apply K., Advertiser office, Rbyl. CATfLE FENCING.—For^ALE, 100 Iron Cattle Hurdles, 6ft. long, with 5 bars and screws for fixing; quite new. Price, 3s. 8d. each, carriage paid Sketch sent.—STANBY & Co., 6, Livery street, Birmingham. rl3all T0 LEND ON GOOD SECU- Vv/ RITY, In Sums from £ 100 upwards.—W. W. PARRY, Solicitor, Brighton Road, Rhyl, and Burslem, Staffordshire. HOUSES TO LET IN PRESTATYN.-Con- JTL veniently situated, within easy distance of lailway station and beach.—For particulars apply to Mr E. HUNT, Laburnum House, Prestatyn. [ollml TO LET at South End Villas, Kimnel and Elwy Street, TWO HOUSES at £ 19 10s rout each. Apply to Mr JAKES DAVIES, Estate Agent, Rhyl. ENGLISH WESLEYAN CHAPEL, BRIGHTON ROAD, RHYL. TO MORROW REV. E. VI. FOSTER, B.A., Will Preach in the Morning, and REV. A. J. FKENCH, B.A. In the Evening. Services Sunday, 10 30 a.m. and 6-60 p.iii Wednesday, 7-30 p.m. Prayer Meeting on Friday at 7-30 p.m. Organist—G. E. Fielding, Esq., Fernleigh. 6 CHRIST CHUROH, R HYL. (I'ASTOE REV. D. BURFORD HOOKE). During the Erection of the above Church, in Water Street, there will be SERVICES AT THE TOWN HALL. TO-MORROW, (SUNDAY) Rev. D. BURFORD HOOKE (Pastor) Will Preach—Morning at II Evening at 6.30. Collection at each Service. Wt-ek-even Service on FPIDAY, at 7 o'clock in Queen-street (Welsh) Congregational Chapel NGLISH PRESBYTERIAN CHAPEL O BEIGUTON ROAI, ltUYL. Rev. Prof. Ellis Edwards, M.A., Bala, WILL PREACH TO-MORROW. Services, Morning at 10-30 Evening G-30 I Collections after each servicc, Sales by Auction. VALUABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY IN THE TOWN OF RHYL. 1 ^"ESSRS CLOUGH and CO., are instructed by T the several Mortgagees, to offer for sale by PUBLIC AUCTION (unless previously disposed of by private treaty, of which due notice would be given) at the Royal Hotel, on TUESDAY, 21ST OF APRIL, 1885, at 2 far 3 o'clock in the afternoon the following Valuable Properties, viz. Lot 1.—All those two substantial and well built FREEHOLD DWELLING HOUSES, situate Nos. 16 and 17, Water Street, Rhyl, in the several occupations of Miss Ll. Humphreys and the Misses Sprouson, at tho yearly rents of 140 and Y,35 respectively Lot 2.-7000 yards, more or less, of FREEHOLD DWELLING LAND, situate at the junction of the Vale Road and the Cefndy Road, with frontage to both roads, at the extreme boundary of the town of Rhyl, together with those four comfortable well built COTTAGES, recently erected thereon, with early possession, yielding a rental of X36 per annum. Lot 3.—All those well and substantially built FREEHOLD DWELLING HOUSES, formally Nos 22 and 23, but now Nos 27 and 28 West End Villas, Kinmel Street, Rhyl, in the several occu- pntions of Mr Cirmalt and Mrs Weir at a yearly rent of X19 10s each, standing on 201 square yards or thereabouts. Lot 4 -All that well and substantially built FREEHOLD DWELLING HOUSE situate No 5, Mona Terrace, Mill Bank, in the town of Rhyl, presently occupied by Mrs Aun Jones. Lot 5 —All those two well built FREEHOLD DWELLING HOUSES, situate Nos. 6 and 7 Hope Place, Rhyl. The former being at present unoccupied, and the latter let from the 1st of May to Mr Thos. Jones. Yearly rent, Y,12 each. Orders to view, and all further particulars, may be obtained as regards Lot No. 1 from W. R Wil- liams, Esq., solicitors, Rhyl Lots 2, 3 and 4, from W. E. Smalley, Esq., North and South Wales Bank, Rbyl and Lot 5 from A. H. Morecroft, Esq., 25, Castle street, Liverpool, or from the Auctioneers at their offices, Vale-street, Denbigh, and Gwynfa Villa, Khyl. SUTHERLAND HOUSE,, EAST PARADE, RHYL. F VTESSRS CLOUGH AND Co. beg to annouce 1*1 that they are favoured with instructions from Mrs MORGAN (who is leaving Rhyl) to offer the whole of her substantial and useful HOUSE- HOLD FURNITURE and effects for sale by public auction on THURSDAY and FRIDAY, the 9th and 10th of April, 1885, on the premises, com- prising highly carved Walnut Drawing-room Suite, in figured Damask, containing Couch, gentleman's and lady's Easv Chairs, six Single Chairs elegant Walnut Cheffoniere with marble top, glass door and back inlaid Table Pair of Oilpaintings handsome Pior Glass in massive gilt frame now vi rtifial iron arrand piano Mahogany Mu 'uot: and Cheffouiers mahogany-framed I hair- i Couches, lady's and gentlemen's Easy and Siugle Chairs; stained Bookcase Mahogany Dining, Loo, Occassional, atd other Tables; Fenders and sets of Fire Irons; Coal Boxes; excellent Brussels Carpets, almost new; Hearthrugs; Footstools; Ornaments, Steel En- graving and Water Colour Drawings. Curtain Poles and Rings; Lace Curtains; Mahogany Hit and Umbrella Stand; Hall Chairs and Table case of Stuffed Brclst, Oilcloth, &c., Sixteen Brass mounted, Half-tester, and other Bedsteads, Palliasses, ten prime Feather Beds Bolsters and pillows Wood and Flock Mattresses, numerous pairs of Blankets and Quilts, handsome Mahogany and Stained Chests of Drawers, Birch and Painted Chests, Mahogany and Painted Wash- stand and Dressing Tables, Birch Duchesie Dressing Table with looking glass affixed, Birch and other Looking Glasses, cane seated Chairs, Towel Rails,Single and Double Sets of Toilet Ware, Brass mounted Fenders, Tapestry and Kidder- minster Carpets, &c &c. Toethet with a full size Blue and White Dinner Service and a large quantity of Glass,China, Crockery, and Electro Plated Goods; and in Kitchen-Large Oak Dresser, 8 Day Clock in Oak Framd, Laive Table with Drawers, Wringing and Mangling Michine, Set of Dish Covers, Patent Knife Cleaner, and the usual culinary utensils. Sale to commence each day punctually at 12 o'clock. The Lots may be viewed Wednesday, the the 8,11 of April, from 10 to 4. Catalogues may be obtained upon the premises, at the Hotels in Rhyl, St Asaph, and Denbigh, and from the Auctioneers at ther offices. Vale Street, Denbigh, and Gwyufa Villa, Rhvl. Z0C11., ibbO. RHYL WINTER GARDENS. FORMATION OF COMPANY. THE PUBLIC are invited to take shares in a I Company to be formed for the purchase of the above gardens, the arrangement to rest on the above gardens, the arrangement to rest on the following basis :—The price for the gardens to be I £ 17;000, divided into 170 shares of £100 each, with a proportionate amount added on account of Chat- tels, the further price of which will be £ 500. Any capital expenditure however which may be incurred subsequently to this date (April 4th), will be add- ed to the above amount. Including the proportion for Chattels therefore, the present price of the shares will be X102 18s lOd. each. It is proposed that the shareholders shall pay pro rata on the shares which they hold towards all expenses of the Company. Thus, if it were deemed advisable to make any addition or improvement which might entail an expenditure of j6850, a call of L5 per share would cover it, and this being shared in proportion by all would not be felt severely by any. No calls, or number of calls to be made within the year, which in the aggregate, shall exceed 1;6 per share, without the previous sanction of a general meeting of the shareholders. A piospectus and report will be issued shortly. All parties desirous of applying, or obtaining in- formation, are requested to communicate and to leave their addresses with the Manager, MR S. BEBBINGTON, 3ap Winter Gardens, Rhyl. THE CLWYD STREET SUNDAY SCHOOL LITERARY SOCIETY. A TEA PARTY & COMPETITIVE MEETING In connection with the above Society, will be held on TUESDAY, APRIL iTII, 188.). PRESIDENT—JACOB JONES, ESQ. ADJUDICATOR OF MUSICAL COMPETITIONS- D. JENKINS, ESQ., Mus. BACH., Aberystwith. Tea on the Tables at 4 o'clock, in the Lecture Room. Brighton-road. The Meeting to commence at 6-30 in the Town Hall. Tickets, Is. each. IN AID OF THE LLANDDULAS CHURCH SCHOOLS TWO PERFORMANCES Of tho rausio of Gilbert and Sullivan's popular COMIC OPERA rji II E S 0 R C E R E R, (By permission of Mr Doyly Carte) will be given by the ARNOLD HOUSE CHOIR, IN SCHOOLROOM, LLANDDULAS, assisted by some well-known Amateurs ON APRIL, 7TH at 5.16 and 8.15 Tickets (price half-a-crown) may be obtained from Messrs Hatwood and Son, Hairdiessers, Rhyl. HYDROPATHIC & BOARDING HOUSE, RHYL. j| EXCELLENT Billiard and Smoke Room. Terms i ''J from 35/- per week, or 6/ per day, Special arrangements for commercial gentlemen who will find charges very moderate. No charge for atten- dance. Excellent Saturday to Monday Resort. Discount allowed to Families, Clergymen, and Medical Men, and those remaining over a fortnight. Consulting Physician, Dr. W. Tiro At AS. Address—Miss CHAELTON, Manageress. N.B,-Turkiiih and all other Baths FEEK, THE RHYL ADVERTISER I May be had from the Proprietors, AMOS BROTHEBS By Post. Deliver$din Town S. D. G. D. One quarter 1 8 One quarter 1 1 Half-yearly 3 4 Half-yearly 2 2 Yearly 6 8 Yearly 4 4 ♦