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The annual meeting of the friends of the traiuing ship Clio, which is moored in the Menai Straits, was held on Thursday at Chester. The Duke of Westminister, who was accompanied by the Duchess, presided. The Executive Committee re- ported that the Institution had parsed through another year of progressive efficiency. The number of boys on the books was 273, against 260 the previous year. There was a deficiency on the re venue account of £1 i7. VISIT OF THE CONGBEGATIONAI- UXION.—Ar- rangements are now being pressed forward for the visit to Rhyl next month of the ministers and delegates of the English Congregational Churches of North Wales, when a series of meetings will be held of a deeply interesting character. A local reception committee has been formed of which the Rev. D. Burford Hooke is chairman Mr T. M. Davies, Bodfor Street, and Mr Walter Davies, Kinmel Street, are the secretaries and Mr George Pritchard, Crescent Road, treasurer. About one hundred beds will be required, free accommodation having been promised by the members of the church at Ehyl. This hospitality is invariably shown by members of all denominations when similar gatherings in connection with the Welsh denominations are held in :the town, and we have no doubt the same will be manifested to the English churches. The exact date of the meeting has not been settled pending the reply of Mr S. Morley, M.P., whose presidency is being sought for the chief meetings. Mr Morley's name has been closely identified with the work of the congre- gational churches in North Wales, and not the least among them* that in Rhyl, that it is to be earnestly hoped he may be able to attend. Most of the meetings will be held in the Town Hall, in which the English Congregationalists are worshipping duriug the erection of Christ Church, also in the Welsh Church, Queen Street. The full programme of the meetings will shortly be advertised in our columns, in the meanwhile it may be interesting to say that the Union Sermon will be preached by the Rev. S. Peacson, M.A., and that the address at the united communion service which is to follow will be by the Rev. H. E. Lewis. The two chief topics of discussion at the annual assembly will ba the critical position of the Union, so far as relates to finance, as caused by the death of Mr R. S. Hudson, so long chairman of the Union, and one of its most munificent supporters. It is hoped that means will be devised for carrying for- ward the work with renewed energy rather than for any diminution of it. The other topic will be The Higher Culture of the Ministry." With the rapid progress of education in Wales, it is of the utmost importance that the rising ministry should have every opportunity given of taking advantage of the increased facilities for educational purposes, and it is not at all unlikely that important proposals bearing on this point may be suggested. There will be a public meeting in the Town hall at which the Rev. Alex. Hannay, D.D.,secretary of the Con- gregational Union of England andWales, and others will take part. Also a banquet, at which the dele- gates will be entertained by members of the Rhvl church and other friends. The after dinner addresses will deal with Higher Education in Wales," and among those expected to take part are Principal Reichel, M.A., the Rev. Professor Ellis Edwards, M.A., and others. Advantage will probably be taken, on the day after the session has closed, to lay the foundation stones of the Hudson Memorial Church and manse at Colwyn Bay; and it is not at all unlikely that the temperance friends in Rhyl will take advantage of the visit of so many interes- ted in temperance work so as to hold a meeting for the advocacy of their principles. Altogether the programme is being arranged on the broadest spirit, and it is hoped that tho series of meetings will prove a blessing not only to one but to all the reli- gious communities in Rhyl. — Communieattd. THROAT IRRITATION AND COUGH.—Soreness and dryness, tickling and irritation, inducing cough and affecting the yoi<ie. Jr or these symptoms use Epp's Glycerine Jujubes. In contact with the glands a the moment tney are excited by the of sucking the Glycerine in these agreeable confections become actively healing. Sold only in boxes, íd., tins Is lj., labelled "JAMES Epps & Co., Homoeopathic Chemists, London." Dr Geoge Moore, in his work on "Nose and Throat Diseases," says: "The Glycerine Jujubes prepared by James Epps and Co., are of undoubted service as a curative or palliative agent." While Dr Gordon Holmes, Senior Physician to the Municipal Throat and Ear Infirmary, writes: "After an extended trial J I have found your Glyc?rine Jujubes of consider- able benefit (with or without medical treatmentnt) ¡ almost all forms of throat direase.



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