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WOMEN'S CONVALESCENT HOME ANNUAL MEETING. annual meeting of the above excellent was held on Tuesday last, P. H. Esq., Llysmeircbion, in the chair, mg being also present: Mrs Main- Mrs Chambres, Mrs Perks, Miss jd Miss Clarke; Rev. G. A. Batter. Rev. T. Richardson. M.A., Vicar, lenn, Messrs Perks, Winston, and « 'honorary Dental Surgeon). -mal leport was presented and read Vrs;- umittee have again the gratification of a most favourable report of the finan- -ion and general prosperity of the Convalescent Home. In the last year's ,hey had the pleasure of announcing that It (. 1 the buildings had been entirely cleared i tl 'ttt there was a small balance also to the Df the Institution in the N. and S. Wales fj-J4t balance on the 31st of last December, i L irea" to the large sum of about £ 570 and matter :or consideration now is how that sum, after retaining*, sufficient reserve for any incidental expenses, shouV! be invested, or to what purpose it should be applied. For this gratifying result we are partly indebted to several magnificent donors, the list of whom is headed this year by the name of Mrs Gerald Carew who has given the handsome donation of iilOO. His Grace the Duke of West- minster also, whose continued liberality has had to annuauy recorded, has given £ 20, Arthur, Esq., X6 6s., and T. H. Charles, Esq., whilst other small donations, and offertories (F arches: of Canonl Howell Evans and aacon Ffoulkes amount to upwards of £ 12. these the meeting will cordially unite with -nmittee in returning their warmest thanks bind and liberal support. oiittee have also to acknowledge with ts presents of flowers from the Hon. n Cotton, Mrs Churton, Mr Luxmoore imons, Wrexham-of fruit from Mrs g, Miss Mannix, and Miss Simons-of ,-on bedsteads from Mrs Richardson—of books Mr and Mrs Perks, Miss Butterton, and Miss .as, 3, Church street-and of pictures from Inst- 1.. To this should be added that daily s have been supplied by Mrs Main waring, he "Illustrated London News" has been lent r Winston. Thus provision has been made ily fc; the wants, but also for the enter tain and comforts of the inmates. a subscriptions for the past year amounted to 4s. 6d., being again an increase of more than tr tJJ)se (jfjthe previous year; to which may id *hi Iliat contains the names of 38 new b* GdVfying to see that as old Mr places are more than ieu tJ oJ of new ones. e numl of patients admitted during the last W83 4dl, or 45 more than in the preceding ind of these 313 were nominated by subscrib- ed 1'8 were admitted without a nomination. this large number 108 came fiom Birming- 37 from Chester, 27 from Wolverhampton, 21 Shr <wsbury, 20 from Leamington, and 174 Lonujn and various towns and districts in the and counties. The remaining 64 came from nland parts of North Wales. 3 Committee have to regret the loss of one of number, J. Churton, Esq., who was one of the zealous and most active amongst the original voters of the Institution, and up to the time of ,mented decease took a deep interest in its we] and a leading part in its management, and they to express their deep sympathy with his jw in her bereavement. affords sincere pleasure to the Committee to at i. dr acknowledgement of the services ronù- to the Institution by Mr and Mrs T. Jones, to e careful and excellent management they feel much of its prosperity is due. The remarks he ''Visitors' Book" made by ladies and Iemen who have gone through the different is in the Home, and those also made by the maleficent Inmates on the expiration of their wi'l well repay perusal, shewing on jne hand the perfect order, cleanliness nept- and home-like appearance in every part of the se, and on the other hand the grateful feeling ,-be patients for the kind treatment they had ived, 10 goodness of their diet, a nd the great 3fits they had derived. y the loss of Mr Churton the number of sur- ng trustees is now reduced to two, and it would ■xped )nt for you to take into consideration the oly of the vaoancios now existing, or to adopt i measures as may seem best for the proper vrity and management of your property. n collusion the Committee have to acknow- ;e the continual debt of gratitude which is due die Honorary Chaplain, Medical Officer8, and litors for the services they have, us usual, so and gratuitously rendered; as also to Miss vnsenddor her continued kindness in playing harmonium during the season, and to Miss nnix for reading to the patients eaoh Sunday Tnoon. lemhers will kindly bear in mind that the sub. .tions become due on the 1st of January in year, between which time and the opening of He a on May 1st, it would be most conven- for them to be paid, it being borne in mind no nomination is valid until the subscription the current year has been received. he following was the nread — tncial statement of accounts for the year ending Deoember, 31, 1884. Expenditure. Fol. X s. d. amount paid for Furnishing 170 42 19 11 Alterations & re-.airs 160 50 15 6 Fuel & light 165 21 15 7 Printing, books, .ationary & stamps 180 23 15 4 Medicines .••• 175 4 18 2 ————— 144 4 6 Provisions, viz., I Butchers meat 190 ..114 18 8 Fish. ..11 4 7 Bitpd, butter, bacon, ..112 10 6 Milk and eggs., 60 10 7 Vegitables » 11 118 Tea k groceries) „ 43 10 11 344 6 11 Insurance. 270 1 13 6 Rates and taxes 200. 32 8 2 Wapes .210,, 111 7 3 Sea waier baths. ,216 2 19 0 JE63618 4 ilance in Secretary's t-ids on Petty Cash account 3 10 1 incc :.n the bank 107 566 8 10 ————— 569 18 11 E1206 IS 3 Rectxpts. Fol. £ s d Balance in the bank 104 164 19 11 Do Secretary's hands. 3 8 9 ————— 168 8 8 amiual subscriptions 6 333 4 6 Donations. 55155 9 11 lecting box in tneHome. 71 1 12 4 ———— 490 6 9 Receipts from patients. 186.. 480 15 7 For Sundry work. 38 4 0 518 19 7 ty rent of school. 95. 19 11 8 Ininvest allowed by bank 80 9 11 7 :amincd and found correct, 10th January, 1885. T. WINSTON. SAM. PERKS. the motion of the Chairman, seconded ,or Penn, the report and statement of .ccounts were unanimously adopted. Mr Winston proposed, and Miss Mannix jaded, the re-election of the General omv ttee, and that a vote of thanks be ac- 'deú. to them for past service. This was ried nem. dis., as was also the re-election the House Committee, and a similar com- iment to them (proposed by Mr Keating, i seconded by Mrs Chambres) the re- petition of Auditors, Medical and Dental 'ws (proposed by Dr Butterton, and led by Mrs Mainwaring. A vote of tbanks to the Chairman, pro- sed by the Vicar, and the response of Mr -itres, brought the proceedings to a.






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