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ST ASAPH BOARD OF GUARDIANS. THURSDAY, JAXHARY P. p. Pennant. 'K-q. tehairm-v.t), E, Morgan. Esq* (vioo-chai ';i in; s T. Wi risto; S. Perks, Rh) 1 It. Dtvios, E Asjgoi, Denbigh, John Roberts Fox'irri! il. Parry, Belt'-vs J". Yaaglian, D, Eiwor Is, Abergele; J. D. Jonas, Bodoryn J. filoyrt, So. Asaph W. Willhms, Prestatyn Taos. Parry, Vacuo!. THE PAUPiilv- Tho Master's journal fibewed Lho niirobnr of paupers in the houso last board day, 147 ad- mitted since, 10 discharged, 13 romaiiuug in the house this day, lit; as against 142 cor responding date last year 2. Yagrantd relieved during the fortnight, 60 corresponding period last year, 41 incsease, 19. REMOVAL OF IMBECILE PATIENTS TO THE WORK HaUFE. A letter was received last bo^rd from the- Local Government Board saying that there were two pauper patients at the Denbigh asy- luni who were reported by the Commissioners in Luancy as in for treatment at the work- house. The Clerk wrote t:) tho Superintendent of the asylum, who wrote that since the above p -.tbnts were to the Commissioners, be had had reason to change his opinion as to their mental condition. Mr. Grimsiey was instructed to send a copy of the Superintendent's letter to the board above. A MODEL HUSBAND. Elizabeth J.me*, 68 years of age, Meliden. admitted to the house last week, appeared be- fore the bonVd, and appliod for out relief. It appears that tho woman's husband was living, but he behaved so cruclly to her that she was afraid to live with him. She had been kft by her husband, who sold all her furniture (left by her lirst husband), and he went to America where he remained 8 years. About two years ago ho returned,and took up his abode in his wife's house and behaved very cruelly to her-even threatening to murder her. It was mentioned that tho doors were always open for hor to go in. Mr William Williams said that f,-om what ho heard the previous day, the man turned his wife out at midnight. It was decided to apply for magisterial in- terference in the case. ANOTHER WIFE DESERTER. John Gerrnrd, painter, appeared before the board to ask for a littlo time to repay the maintenance supplied to bis wife whom he had deserted. In reply to questions by Mr Joseph Lloyd the man said he had been to Knu'-sford gaol for one month for deserting his wife. He had not given her any money since, for he bad been unable to earn any. The Chairman: You do not appear to be over-anxious to work. Applicant Yes, sir, I work when I get it. But it is the worst time of the year now. It appears that a warrant was out against the man, and it was agreed to take steps to stay execution of the warrant, provided the man found sufficient security for the repayment of the money. RESIGNATION OF TIIE MEDICAL OFFICER. A letter was read from Mr F. L. Heaton, giving notice of his resignation as medical officer of the district. However, he would continuo to hold the office of medic.ti officer of the workhouse, and vaccination olFiear. In reply to a question as to whether Mr Heaton could hold one and relinquish the other office, the chairman said the letter ba i only just been placed in his hand, and the idea to him, he owned, was a new one, but it would appear the appointments were separate Mr Joseph Lloyd said that it was ruder- stood that the offices were held jointly and not separately, MrHeaton,had hid heavy work since his appointment, but it was prematare to apply for an increase of salary, and it would be much better if Dr. Heaton would reconsi- der his decision. Mr Parry said he bolioved that Dr. Heaton would be satisfied with an addition of £ 10 in the salary. Mr Joseph Lloyd said that if Mr Hea would be satisfied with 910 perhaps t Parry would give notice that he would m the recursion of the previous resolution an advance of E10. It was resolved that a committee be formed to consult with Dr. Heaton, but it was to be distinctly understood that both offices should be considered as joint appointments. PAUPER LUNATICS. A list of pauper lunatics chargeable to this union was received from Dr. Cox, showing the number to be 51. The Chairman remarked that there was a great increase in this union of these cases, whatever was the cause of it. The only con- soling feature about it was that the weekly cost of maintenance was reduced. THE HESKETH APPEAL. In reply to Mr Edwards, the chairman said that they took technical objection to Mr Hesketh's appeal against the poor rate assess- ment at the last quarter sessions, on the ground that the appeal should have been made the previous sessions. The court up- held the objection, .and the appeal was dis- missed with oosts. The merits of the case had not been gone into at all, and the reason the board had taken the objection was to gain time,for they could not get a fair valuation of the land in its present frozen condition. PARISH AFFAIRS Al ABERGELE. Mr. Roberts, parish clerk at Abergele, at- tended the board to-day and said he had to complain of the assistant overseer of the parish of Abergele, who did not do his duty by the parish. The Chairman: Wo do not appoint the assistant overseer- Mr Roberts (continuing) said he had come on the previous board when Mr Murray Browne was present. The assistant overseer's costs for the list of voters was increasing year after year, but the agreement with the parish was that he should perform all the duties of the office at a stated salary. The Chairman We can do nothing. All we have tc do with the assistant overseer is to require him to provide a substantial bond. Mr Roberts He won't produce his books nor call a vestry or anything. Tho Chairman The assistant overseer does not call vestries does be P Is it not the parish clerk who calls vestries ? Mr Roberts I called one, but could not get into the vestry, for tho vicar had not come, and the assistant overseer was not there. Mr. Roberts was again told that it was out of the province of the board to deal with the matter he brought before them. Ho then said thaton the previous Inari day he sew that the grave digger, John Roberts, had had his out, relief increased when that vary week he had earned 9s. as grave-diggor, The Chairman said this matter was within the province of the board, and if Mr Roberts would withdraw, it would be considered. The Relieving Officer on being called in and informed of what Mr Roberts had said, re- marked that he could make not out'how John Roberts cowld make 93. a week by grave-dig- ging. Certainly there were more deaths than usual during thelast nine days,but the Church yard was practically closed, for there were only a few graves open. And he (the officer) understood that John Roberts' BOn-in-law did the grave-digging. It appears that the pauper was in receipt of 4s. weekly, and that ils. was repaid by the pauper'a sons. Besides his relief the old man received certain moneys, which were taken into consideration when the relief was decided upon. The matter was allowed to stand on the books, till Inext board, when it will be thoroughly investigated.

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