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-.===_- JONES & SON, GROCERS, TEA jQEALERS, JJAKERS & JpROVISION DEALERS, Beg to inform the public that they are now selling c plendid HOUSEHOLD BREAD AT r PER L B, Which (at this Establishment) is always weighed in the presence of the purchaser. JONES & SON also offer their excellent FLOUR at the following exceptionally low prices :— SIbs. for Is., 91bs. for Is., lOlbs. for Is., 121bs. for Is. Try our 101b. FLOUR it makes a splendid Loaf and is unsurpassed for household consumption. JONES & SON'S is the best house in Wales for T EAS at the following 1/4, 1/8, 2/ 2,6, and 3/- per lb. The finest LOAF SUGAR, 2Ad. per lb. Excellent MOIST SUGAR, Id. & ld. per lb. Try JONES & SON'S splendid Spiced Belfast ROLLED BACON; also, their Home-cured and American BACON from -3d. to 8d. per lb. JONES & SON are also noted for their HAMS and Family Provisions of all descriptions. Note the Address— JONES & SON, CRESCENT ROAD AND ABBEY STREET, RHYL, AND LIVERPOOL HOUSE, ST. ASAPH THE S.P.Q.R. STORES ARE NOW OPEN. i FIRST. CLASS Q OODS Sold at Wholesale Prices. J. W. Roosep_, E7, QUEEN STREET, RHYL. 1^1 NGLISH PRESBYTERIAN CHAPEL J BRIGHTON ROAD, RHYL. REV. J. ELIAS HUGHES, M.A., London. WILL PREACH TO-MORROW. Services, Morning at 10-30. Evening 6-30 Collections after each service. ENGLISH WESLEYAN CHAPEL" BRIGHTON ROAD, RHYL. TO-MORROW REV. THOMAS WILDE. IColwyn Bay.) WILL PERACH. Services — Sunday, 10.30 a.m. and 6-30 p.m Wednesday, 7-30 p.m. Prayer Meeting on Friday at 7-30 p.m. Organist—G. E. Fielding, Esq., Fernleigh. QR R T3 T QHUR C H, gHYL. (PASTOR REV. D. BURFORD HOOKE). During the Erection of the above Church, in Water Street, there will be SERVICES AT THE TOWN HALL. TO-MORROW, (SUNDAY) REV. H. ELVET LEWIS, (Hull.) Will Preach Morning and Evening, Sernces- Morning at 11 Evening at 6.30 ^Collection at each Service. Week-even Service on FRIDAY, at 7 o'clock in Queen-street (Welsh) Congregational Chapel T) ATTrrill o Be sure and ask IlUWdLl b for one of R O WATT'S P„ i Dr.. LAMPS Jl di/TJXLL and have no other. LAMPS Their Patent SPLIT-WICK ANUCAPNIC and LORNE Lamps are the most Economic Light Pro- ducers from Paraffin or Petroleum Oil. They re- quire no Chimney, and keep the Flame full up till the last diop of Oil is consumed. NONE GENU- INE but those STAMPED ROWATT'S PATENT. Retail from Ironmongers and Lamp-Dealers. Wholesale only ROWATT A SONS, Edinburgh, London, and Dublin GREAT riLOTHING CLEARANCE SALE AT TIn: GOLDEN GLOVE, RHYL. J. pAEBI JONES Has determined to clear out the entire Stock of Winter Clothing, having purchased and secured a Royalty in a Patent Trousers, being a novel and ingenious invention, offering many advantages to the wearer. I beg to announce my p.. EAT C LEARANCE SALE COMMENCING THIS DAY, And o itinued to the 10th of January, 1885, And beg "> call special attenton to the Wnderful ";E.DUCT^ jNS which will be offered, and accom- amed by a t ALMANAC and an extra 10 per cent. on all purchases. ) secure u and thorough good Bargains I would solid and advice an early call at tàe "GOLDE GLOVE." ■ o he ADDRESS— J. PA RRY JONES, f E AGENT fnr HOLM'S Patent TROUSERS 2, WELLINGTON ROAD, RHYL. DET,IOHL-'t~ /^AVOTJB, CEACROFT'S ARECA NNT i PASTE.— y using this delicious Aromatic fricc, the camel of the teeth becomes white, and polish""1- like ivory. It ia exceedingly tnt, and dally useful for removing incrus- ns of tartar o¡ neglected teeth. Sold by all :1181;:> r,, '1 2s. 6d each. (GetCracroft's) -1'- ï STKTTT^ l-ONOO^^f IL'OCIvo SHARES BOUGHT OB SOIDJ A" -ŒT PRICES. SPECULATIVE ACCOUNTS OPENED FBOJI ..£1 PER CENT. COVER. OPTIONS GRANTED AT MARDT PRICES. ,CLIENTS GIVING REFEBENCE8 ARE NOT REQUIRED TO PAY ANY COVEB IN ADVANCE. AND INVESTMENT em. CULAR FORWARDED BY PROPRIETORS. f' V AND SHARE REQUIRED by a YOUNG LADY (associate of the College cf Preceptors), situation as daily or resident GOVERNESS, in or near Rhyl. For particulars as to acquirements, &c., apply to F. J. G., Englefield House, Crescent Terrace, Rhyl. 7RATTLE FENCING.-F(,r SALE, 100 Iron Cattle Hurdles, 6ft. long, with .5 bars and screws for fixing; quite new. Price, 3s. 8d. each, caniage paid Sketch sent.-STA.BY & Co., 6, Livery street, Birmingham. [13all TO LET at South End VRillas, Kimnel arid Elwv Street, TWO HOUSES at £ 19 10s rent Apply to Mr JAmEs .DAVIES, Estate AGES. Rhyl. OUSES TO LET IN PRESTATIN.—Con- venientiy situated, within easy distance of lailway station and beach.—For particulars apply to Mr E. HUNT, Laburnum House, Prestatyn. [ollinl ARMY SERVICE. YOUNG MEN wishing to JOIN HER MA- JESTY'S ARMY will, on application at any Post Office in the United Kingdom, be supplied, without charge, with a Pamphlet containing de- tailed information as to the Condition of Service and advantages of the Army, as to Pay, Deferred Pay and Pensions. Great prospects of Promotion are offered to eli- gible Young Men. Applications can be made, either personally or by letter, to the Officer commanding the Regimen- tal District at Wrexham, or to the nearest Volun- teer Serjeant Instructor or other Recruiter. Recruits, if eligible, can be edfisted for any arm of the Regular Service they may select. [52—28 BRYNTIRION, RHYL, NORTH WALES TO BE SOLD OR LET FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED. THE House stands in about 3 acres of ground* There is a large tennis lawn and extensive fruit garden containing vineries, peach house, forcing pits, melon house, &c. The house contains 10 Bedrooms, Dining Room, DrE-wing Room, Morn- ing room, Lady's Boudoir, Billiard Room, and Smoke Room two large Bath Rooms Butler's Pantry, Servants' Hall, House-keeper's Room. Kit- chen, Scullery, Larder, Cellarage, &c. Stabhng for five horses, Harness Room, Coach House, Groom's Room, and Dwelling for Coachman. For terms, &c., apply to Messrs BAILEY AND NEEP, 77, Lord Street, Liverpool, or to k. KELSO, ESQ., Bryntirion, Rhyl. MESSRS. QWEN & KSON UNDERTAKE SALES BY AUCTION and by PRIVATE TREATY of Freehold, Leasehold, and Copyhold Properties, Residences, Farms, Building Land, Ground and Improved Rents, Equities of Re- demption, Reversions. Life Interests, Policies Of Amurance, &c. Also, SALES BY AUCTION of Household Furni- ture and Effects, Horses, Carriages, Live and Dead Farming Stock, Ships, Machinery, Timber Fixtures, Fittings, and Building Materials. And VALUATIONS of any of the above enumera- ted descriptions of Properties and Effect s for the purpose of Probate, Mortgage, Compensation, Enfranchisement, Division or Exchange. The LETTING of Furnished or Unfurnished Resi- dences, Farms, Shooting and Hunting Quarters and Building Land. INVENTORIES of Furniture Fixtures aud Effeds made and Checked. RENTS Collected and Estates Managed. MORTGAGES procured on Freehold, Leasehold and Copyhold Properties. SURVEYS made and PLANS prepared. Terms may be had on application to the AUCTION AND ESTATE AGENCYY OFFICES, BRIDGE STREET, CARNARVON UAWAGSS—MB. WK. HUGH OWEN. 21, HIGH STREET (OPPOSITE THE POST OFFICE), RHYL. WILLIAM JONEb Having taken the above premises (lately carried on by Mrs THOMAS HUGHES in the Drapery business) begs to intimate to the inhabitants and visitors of Rhyl and neighbourhood that the establishat wil henceforth be conducted in the QROCEEY USIAT E. 3 S Groceries and Provisions of the finest qualitie wil be sold the lowest possible prices. Note the Address:— 21, HIGH STREET (OITOSITE THE POST OFFICE), 32-279 RHYL. A TESTIMONIAL TO AT JOH N PROFFIT, The great Temperance man, and supporter of the Rhyl Band of Hope. Subscriptions, towards this fund will be thank- fully received by the treasurer, Mr J. T. J JES, Aled House, Wellington Road, Rhyl or by the secretary Mr DANIEL EVANS, draper, 25, Welling- ton Road, Rhyl. £ S. D. Amount already promised.. 20 2 0 Mr W. R. Williams, IS, West parade 0 5 0 J. T 0 5 0 Mr Allen, Queen street. 0 2 G X20 14 (j RHYL POOR RELIEF FUND. THE TREASURERS thankfully acknow- L ledges receipt of the following Subscriptions in aid of the above fund :— £ S. D. Amount already acknowledged 30 17 6 Mr A. Sheffield, 0 10 0 Rev E.Tudor Owen 2 2 0 Dr. Girdlestone, 0 10 6 £ 34 0 0 MR. E. SMALLEY, RON. TEEASTJEEE. 4, CRESCENT TERRACE, CRESCENT ROAD, RHYL. SALE OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND EFFECTS. THURSDAY, 12th FEB., 1885. Auctioneers—CLOUGH & CO., Denbigh. H. A. STEER," Wholesale and Family WINE & SPIRIT MERCHANT, ALE oc PORTER DEALER & BOTTLER, j MINERAL WATER DEPOT. HIGH STREET, RHYL. J. PIERCE LEWIS, ACCOUNTANT, HOUSE, ESTATE, FIRE AND LIFE INSURANCE AGENT, AUROX VILLAS, RHYL. Every description Of Printing Executed at the "Advertiser" Office C' COMPANY 2ND VOLUNTEER BATTAL- ION ROYAL WELSH FUSILIERS. ANNUAL PRIZE SHOOTING CONTEST. THE COMMITTEE bog to return their best thanks for the liberal support accorded them by the gentr- tradesmen of the tew-u of Rhyl and Uf<; bow-hood upon collection of contributions f -ii-ryiiiqotit this contest. The prizes will bo • outed at the Town Hall on on early date, v. Hi wiil be duly announced in the advertisnv •„ columns' of this paper.— Hhyl, J. eary. >. ANN L1. L~V(N7C?RT E ELVB A L I7. » A GRAND BALL Will take place, under distinguished Patronage, at the TOWN HALL, RHYL, in aid of the Rhyl Volunteer Fund ON FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 13TH., 1883. Dancing to commence at Nine o'clock. Singlo Tickets Double Tickets 7s Gd to be had from the Secretary, SERGT. ROBERTS, South Villa, Rhyl. N ERVOUS DEBILITY. DEAFNESS. NOISES IN THE EARS, AFFECTIONS OF THE EYES, and other bodily ailments. Sufferers should send for HEV. E. J. SILVER- TON'S WORK on these complaints (275th Thou- sand), containing valuable information. Post free or Six Penny Stamps. None should despair. Note the acidress, RLv. E. J. SILVERTON, 16 to 10. IHPEKIAL BUILDINGS, LUDGATE CIHCUS, LONDON, E.C.



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