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VisitorsList. Householders, Public Buildings, Places of Wor- ship, &c. Householders are reques- ted give the names of I VISITORS ONLY. WEST PARADE. Queen's Hotel, Mrs. Joy 31an-y-Don, Mrs Thos. Williams 6 Mrs Hopkins 6 Mrs Chambers 7 Mu N. L. Dyson 8 Mrs Jones 9 Mr Alger 10 Mrs Jones 11 Mrs Whittingham 12 Misses Qittoes 13 Miss Wooldridge 14 Mr W. Suffield 15 Mrs Harrison 16 Mrs R. Williams 17 Miss Davies 18 Mr W. R. Williamt 19 Mrs H. Jhomas 20 & 21 Miss Evans Clif tonhouse, Mrs Morris 22 Miss Edwards (p 23 MrW. Williams 24 Mrs O. Jones 25 Misses Reece 26 Mrs F. L. Byrne 27 Heron house, Mrs Condon 28 Mr D. H. Jones 29 Mr Z. Jones 30 Miss Pitchford 31 Mrs Meyrick 32 Emlyn house, Mr. Griffiths 33 Fenton house, Mrs Remington 34 Arden hous Mr Hewitt 35 Cecil house, Mrs Phillips 36 Rev Charles Whitaker B.A., Mrs Whitaker, and family 37 Mr R Owen 38 Ivy house, Mr Ellis 40 Stratford house, Mrt Jones 41 Sefton house, Mrs W IJ Williamt 42 Alexander house, Mr Brewster 43 Latham house, Mrs Morris 44 Clarence house, Mrs Matthews 45 Mrs Jonah Lloyd 46 Misses IJerrycourt 47 Astor house, T.Lloyd Murray Browne, Esq., and family (p 48 Edgbaston house, Mrs Medcalf 49 Edmondsley house, Miss Cox 50 Cheltenham house, Mrs Davxes. 51 Malvern house, Mrs R. lones 62 Melbourne house, Mr Roberts 53 Myrtle house, Xro Jones 54 Mrs E. V. Jones 55 Mrs W. Williams 56 Medlock house, Mrs D. Jones Si Fronwendon Mrs Davies 58 Meirion house, Mrs Johnson 59 Mrs Kitchen 60 Mr J. Davies 61 Mrs Williams 62 West end house, Mrs J. Evans 63 Glan y mor, Miss Parry 64 Tudno house, Mr D. Williams EAST PARADE. ] Miss Jones 2 Mrs J. Hughes 4 Sedgley House, Dr Girdlestone and Mrs Girdlestone 4 Min y don cottage, Mrs Wynne Min-y-don, Mrs Wynne 6 Miss Jones 7 Miss Jones 8 Sea Bank House, Mrs H. Davies 9 Sutherland house, Miss Ellis 10 Belvoir &Pier Hotel M" W.S.Ashby, mana- ger 11 Westminster Hotel- 12 Grosvenor house,Mrs Micklewright 13 Northcot house, Misses Hands 14 ElsinorejitfVi Garland 15 Envil House, Mrs Mincher 17 Salisbury house, Miss Nicholls r 21 Ysceifiog House, Miss Foster and Miss Roose Sandhills, J. Taylor, Esq Mrs Taylor & family(p 23 Devonia, Mrs King- don (p 4 Mrs Wallis 25 Mr Williams 26 Miss Holt 27 Moore cottage, Mrs Batho 29 Glan y don, G. Tur- ner, Esq. (p 31 Belle Vue T. R. P. Roylie, Esq., Mrs. Royle and Family (p 32 Fairfield, 1. Christ- ian, Esq.,$Family Dolowen, Mys C. H. Power and family (p 32 Miss Sneyd (p 33 Pen y don, M. S. Flunked Esq., Mrs Plunkett and family (p 35 M6ranedd,J. Churton, Esq., J.P., and Mrs Churton (p 36 Bod ]>nwen, W. Wilkin, Esq., Mrs Wilkin, and family (p pLASTIEION THEBACE 1 Mrs Orton 2 Mr John Robert s 3 Capt. Ducrot (p 4 Rev. Herbert Gordon Miller (p 5 Miss Milligan p 6 Mr Edwards 7 Mrs Dickenson (p 8 Rev. E. Webster, Mrs Webster 4-family (p Axandra I hospital Miss Vizard, lady sup- erintendent Coast Guard station- Mr Johns; chief officer An officer is stationed here day and night). Abbey btreet. Abbey vaults, Mrs Peter Edwards 2 Saratoga House, Mrs Davies 3 Wynne house Mr H.G. Roberts 4 Mr Jones 5 Mr Ellis Evans 6 Mrs Matthews 7 Mrs Hughes S Danesbury House— Mrs J. Roberts 9 Gladstone house, Mr Jones 10 Mrs Griffiths 11 Aiiton Park House, Mr 4. Atgrrico 12 Walton house-Hr R' Davies 13 Bognor house, Mrs Profit 14 Mrs Edwards 15 Greville House, Misses Gilbert 16 Miss Williams 17 Mrs Saunders 17a Arfon House, Mrs R. Jones Ty Newydd Villa—Mrs Reberts 18 Lichfield house, Mrs Sanders 19 Leamington house, Mrs limmt 20 Mrs Hammond 22 Mrs Jones 23 Mr Daniels, 24 Mrs W. Williams 25 Mrs Burrowt 26 Mowcop House, Mr TEllis 27 Mr FoulHes 28 Claremont house, Mr Parry 29 Mrs E. Jones 30 Portland house, Mrs A. Jones 30A Mrs. C. Powell 31 Mrs Jones 33 Mrs Jones 34 Mr W. Evans 35 Mrs T. Hughes 36 Wrs E. Williamt Aquarium Street. 1 Staffordshire house, Mrs Daniels 3 Gwyroh Castle view 5 Snowdon House, Mr Sandford 7 Douro house, Mr 0. Hughes 9 Laburnum house, Mr T. Davies 11 Birmingham HOtUe- Mil, Abbot 13 Mra Richards 15 Mr R. Roberts 17 Miqse-t Jones 18 Mrs. Jones 19 Sheltonhouse, Misset Hawthorn 20 HaTershamhouse,ifr Lunt 21 23 22 Aquarium cottage, Miss Pearson 25 Mrs W. Evans 27 Mr Wallace GLADSTONE VILLAS 2 Mrs Bentley 4 Mr Jones 6 8 Mrs Asterley 10 Mrs J. B. Williams 12 Mr Davies 14 Mr T. Roberts Wheatville, Misses Wal- ton Albert Street. Albert villa, J. Foulkes, Esq.,$Mrs Foulkes (p 1 Mr Jones 2 Mrs Williams 3 Mr Gratton 4 Mr Roberts 5 Mrs Howell 6 Mr Hughes 7 Mr J. Meredith 8 Mr F. H. Homan Bath Street. Women's Convalescent Institution, manager- ess, Mrs Jones Morlan, Mrs Twiston (p) BKLLEVTTE TERRACE- 1 Mrs Royston 2 Mr Mrs Sheffield (p 3 Mrs Oastler 4 Mr and Mrs Colling- woodattd family (p 5 Mrs Sam. J. Amos 6 E. J. King, Esq., and Mrs King (p 7 Mr Pierce fp 8 Misses Blain 4 Miss Fennell CLABEMONT VIEW- 1 Mr & Mrs Jordan (p 2 Miss Robert,, p 3 Mr John Morris 4 GBOSVENOR TERBACE- 1 Mr Mrs Clews (p 2 Mt's Edlesene 3 The. Misses Johnson (p 4 Douglas house, Miss Mann (P Bod Meurig, S. Perks, Esq., Mrs Perks, and family p Bod Arthur, F. Wright, Esq., Mrs Wright and family (p Springfields W. E. Smalley, Esq, Mrs Smalley and jamily (p Grange villa, w: Wvnne, Esq. (P Ladies' College, Mrs Mercer Bodfor Street. 1 Albion hotel, Mr Jones 2 Mrs H. Evant 3 Mr Palethorpe 4 Mrs Wedgwood 5 Mrs Debney Land Agency Offlces- Messrs Clough 8f Co. 6 Birmingham house, Mr R Williams 7 Capt. Evans 8 Mr Campling fp 9 Temperance hotel, Mrs Sarsons 10 Dinorben Arms hotel, Mrs Mooresproprietress 11 Mi- E. Groucutt 13 Railway restaurant, Mr N. Costigan London & North West- ern Railway Station. Mr W. Stokes, station- master and goods and traffic agent; Mr Jones, inside passen- ger and booking agent; Mr Jones, piatform inspector; the Company's Re- freshment Rooms, Miss Armstrong man- ageress Messrs W. H. Smith?t and Son's bookstall Mr T. W. White, manager 14 Bee hotel, Mr Higson 15 Mrs 0. P. Williams 16 Mrs Fazakerley GLADSTONE BUILDINGS. 17 Mrs Griffiths 18 Mr H. Mudd 19 20 Wynnstay house, Mr T. M. Davies 21 Mr A. W. Merridtw 24 Miss Edwards (p 25 Mrs Martin 26 Mr Robert Samman 27 Mr Hughes Bedford Street. 7 Mr. D. Williams 8 Mr F. Downing 9 Studley House, Mr QrJHths 11 Mrs E. Jones 12 Mrs M. Jones 13 Mr Henry Parry 13a Mrs Williamt 14 Mr W. Thomas 15 Elwy cottage, Mrs J. Ellis 16 Mr Davits 17 Mrs. Davies 17affrs Jones 18 Mrs Jones 20 White Horse, Mr. G. Sid dons 21 Mr Williamt 22 Mrs Parry 23 Miss Owent 24 Mrs Williams 27 Mrs Davies 28 Mr Edwards 29 Mr Ll. Lloyd 29aMrs Williams 30 Mr E. Edwards 31 Mr E. Griffiths ZlaMr H. Edwards 32 Mr Parry 33 Mr J Owens 34 Mr H Jones 35 Mrs H. Edwards Brighton Boad. 1 Mrs Bernard Parry 2 Mr Haselden 3 Mr 11 Mrs Parry and family (p 4 Woodlands —Captain Groucutt, Mrs Groucutt andfamily ( p BBIOHTON TERRAOE- 5 Mr W. Hughes 6 Mr and Mrs R. Lt. Jones fp 7 Mrs Brown p 8 Mr Peet 9 Mr J. Aitkin andMrs Aitkin (p 10 Mr D. Thomas 11 Mrs Batrd. (p THE WELSH WESLEY AN CHAPEL 12 Mrs Evans 13 Mr T. Evant 14 Miss Morris 15 Miss Davies 16 Misses Edwards p 17 Mrs T. Griffiths (p ENGLISH WESLEY AN CHAPEL Epworth lodge, the Rev Fred Payne, (English Wesleyan minister), Summerfield William Williams, Esq., Mrs. Williams$family (p Bodhyfryd, B. Littler, Esq., Mrs Littler If. NOBTH WALES HYD- ROPATHIC ESTAB- LISHMENT, (Clare- mont) Manageress, Miss Char I- ton, Mrs Sleddon, Claremont HIGHFIELD COTTAGES 1 Mrs Jones 2 Mr J. Ellit Sywell house, Rev. E. Tudor Owen, M.A., and Mrs Owen (p Richmond house, W. R. Williams, Esq., Mrs Williams and family (p Clwyd house, Rev. G. A Butterton, D.D., J.P. and Miss Butterton (p South lawn, O. George, Esq., andMrs George(p Pen y coed, Mrs Morris Mrs Eddlesten (p The Cedari W. Mills Esq., Mrs Mills and family (p COBDEN TEBBACB IDr. W. Thomas (p 2 Mrs Jones (p 3 Miss Tonks 4 Mrs Price 5 Mr Thompson (p 6 Miss Jones fp 7 Miss Henderson fp Beaconsfield house, Miss Henderson (p Cheater Street, Moranedd, J. Churton Esq., J.P., Mrs Chur- ton fp Olinda, Mrs Wynne and Capt. Wynne Jones (p Church Street. I Mrs E. Davies 2 Morgan lodge-Mrs Evans and the Misses Evans fp STANLEY TERRACE— 3 Af-rs Neale 4. Havelock house, Mr W. J. Simcock 5 Mr Jones 6 Miss Liddell 7 Bodlonfa Mr and Mrs J. Robert3 If family (p 8 Landsborough house, Mr Thomas 9 Nrs Buckley Morfa lodge S. Perks, Bsa. and Mrs Perks (p 11 Women's Convales- cent home, Mr If Mrs Jones, managers Morfa cottage, Mr 0 wen 16 Mrs Mannix 17 Westminster house, 1 8 19 Miss Bradwin 20 Caradoc Cottage S. L. Tildasky, Esq. p 21 Ton y mor 27 Fern villa, Mrs Smith Ty'n-y-Coed, Mr H. L. Carruthers 31 Mrs Most Clwyd Street. ] Mr Turner 3 4 Rev. W. Earns Foote and family fp 5 Mr T. Williams b Miss M. E. Richards 7 Nurse Perkins 8 Mrs Lewis 9 Mr Williams 10 Miss lJI. Williamt 11 Miss Nott GROVE TERRACE 1 Miss Roberts (p 2 Mr W. 11. Hardeman (p 3 Mr D. J. Davies (p 4 Mrs. Gyle (p 5 Major McKay (p THE WELSH CALVINISTIC METHODIST CHAPEL 14 County Court and Magistrates' offices, Messrs Sisson fy George Rhyl District Water Co.'s offi ces,MrBayliss manager 15 Mr Bayliss (p National schools, Mr Davies master; Miss Beaseley Lylli8s Burns, mistresses Crescent Road. I Marine villa, Mr !f Mrs G. Bellyfatntly 2a Office of 'The Provin- cial Trade Protection Society' (and at Shrewsbury and Wol- verhampton).—Mr] W. Preece Jones, manager 20- 3 Lincoln house, Mr TV. Freeman W. Pi ■eece Jones, Esq., Mrs T^eece Jones and Mis" Preece Jones (p 6 Fror- Don Colin Maeaulay, Esq, Mrs Macaulay and family, p 7 Mrs Barrett 8 Gwalia House, Mrs R. Ll. Jones 9b Cresent Cottage, Mr and Mrs Cooke p 11 Convalescent Institu- tion for men, Mr T. J. Williams, manager 52 Inmates 12 Meiriadoc viHa, .1J1." Piclcrill CRESCENT IEBEACE. 1 Miss Worsley (p 2 Birchfielu. house, Mrs Moss 3 Englefield house, — 4 Mrs Greasley 6 MI iviii. Roberts Grejston Villa, Misses Gillbani (p Christ Church British Schools- Head Master Mr. W. li. EvwaU Head (Girls) Mistress Miss C. E. King Head (Infants) Mistress: Miss H. M. Hood SOUTH VIEW VILLAS, 1 Mr f Mr* Edwards (p 2 Mr Lloyd 14a Vine cottage, Mr Evant (p 14 bsandfield cottage, Mr John Pmrry lie Messrs Jones If Son 16 & 17 Mrt Roqers Belle Vue Hous-Mrs Teale (29 Mrs Trevitt Sherbourne houiae-Mr8 Livley Conwy Street. 1 2 The Manse, Rev. D. B. Hooke §r Mrs Hooke 3 Jones, Eag fp 4 Morgan Owen, Esq., Mrs Owen !t family (p Earnest street. NORTH TERRACE. 1 2 The Miss Wigleys 3 Mr James Bell 4 Mrs and Miss Lloyd 5 Mr J. R. Williamt 6 Mr Joseph Evant 7 Mr Joteph Griffitht 8 10 Mr J. Fielding Edward Henry Street. 1 Lansdowne house Misses Jones 2 Mr W. L. Williams 3 Mr Evant 4 Miss Williamt 5 Rev T. PritchardMr8 Pritchard § family (p 6 Mr C. Jonet 1 Mrs Owent *8 Glencoe, Mrs R. P. Jonet 9 10 Mrs Pringle 11 Mr Reeve 12 14 16 MrR. Warren 17 Mr Blake 18 Mrt Thomas 19 Mr B. E. Hught, 20 Mrs Harrtt fp 21 Shropshire house, Mr E. Hall 22 Hawkstone House, Mr C. Blackmore 23 Mrs P. O'Neil 24 Crescent hotel, Mr Jot. Williamt Elwy Street. 2 Mrs White 3 Mr C. Egerton 4 Mrs Eliz. Hughes 5 Mr J. Owens 6 Mr D. Evant 1) 7 Mr, J. Shepherd 8 Mrs J. C. O1 Brian 9 Mrs Proffit 10 Lozells House, Mrs Dowell 11 Llys If or, Mrs Taylor 12 Mr J. T. Shepherd 13 Mrs Davies (p 14 Mr J. Jones 15 Mr R. T. Roberts 16 Mrs Lodge 1 7 Albion villa, W. P. Jones Esq., J.P. (p Elwy villa, Rev. J. Wil- liams, and family p Emral Villa, Mr Jones p Alpha Villa,-■ ■ Fernleigh, G. H. Fielding Esq. Ij" Mrs Fielding(p Bodeuron, Jacob Jones, Esq., Mrs Jacob Jones (P Clifton Villa, Mr f M", Robert Jones, and Miss Lilian Jones fp SOUTH VILLAS, 1 Mrs Capel and Miss Owen (p 2 Mr R. n. Roberts and Mrs Roberts (p Gronant Street. 1 2 Mr j. Hayes 3- 4 Mr & Mrs J Orderley, Leicester 5 Mr Potter 6 Mr W. C. Davies 7 Mr J. Wheeler 8 Mrs Berrie and Miss A. Jones fp 9 10 Mr T. Barrett 11 Mrs Liddall 12 Mr. R. Simcox 13 Mr J. Jonet 14 Mr Charles Rosney Mr and Mrs Spence, Shrewsbury 15- 16 Mr Roberts 17 Mr Isaac Jone, 18 Mr J. Hockey 19 20 Mr Tansley 21 Mrs E. J. Shannon 22 Mr JWilliams 23 Mrs .Parker Owen (p 24 Mrs F. H. Homan 25 Nr J Jonea 26 30 Mr H. Jones High Street. 1 Mr C. Roebuck 1a.Mr F. McKernan 4 Mr E. Slinn 5 Mrs Jones 6 & 7 Mr Harris 8 Mr J. Jones 8a Mr T. J. Haselden 9 & 10 Crown Vaults- 11 Mr F. Jones fp 12 Mr. J. A. Soink- (p 13 Mr F. Jones 14 & 15 Mr E. Vaughnn 15bO. T. # W. Holloioay 16 Messrs Wright$Son 17 BlueCapMewsRiding School, proprietor, Mr John Cossins 18 Mrs S. Williams ISaMrs E. Davies 19 Mrs Sleigh 19aMr Araent 20 Mr IP". H. Foulkes GBEEN BANK SQUARE— 15 Mrs Swain Roberts 16 Mrs C. Jones 21 AIr Wm. Jones 22 Tones p 23 Lo lor house, J. A. M wes 24 Mr J. Williams fp 2 ) Mr C. Hardeman 26 Messrs Strathern and Co. 27 Leamington house, Mr Hackforth 28 Mr Ber ring ton 2 9 30 "Journal" office, My Morris 31 New inn, Mr Dobbins 32 Compton House, Mr 1 Edwards 33 Britannia inn, Mi Jones 33aMr J. Jones 34 Mr R. Jones 35 Mr R. Williams 36 Mr E. Hughes .17 Mr I. Williams J8 Mr H. Evans :>0 Mr R. Price 10 Rhyl Cocoa House, MrsSnowden, manager- ess 41 Mr Reynolds 42 tort Parry < 43 Office of the Rhyl Gas Light and Coke Co. Mr Jos. Williams, managar Peterborough house, Mrs J. Williams 44 Mrs A. Jones 44 Office, Mr G. Bell 45 Dudley Arms hotel, Mr Midgley 46aMr A. Furber 46 Alexandra hotel, Mr Williams 47a Registery office for births and deaths, Mr Jones, registrar. At- tenance Wednesday & Saturday 47 MessrsLunt§ Griffiths 48 Mr E. P. Roberts 50 Mr J. G. Davies 51 White Lion hotel, Mr Thomat Parry 52 The Old Town Hall Vaults, Mr J. R. Den- man 52a MrO. Roebuck VAUGHAN TEBBAOB- 2 Mrs Thomas 3 Mrs Jonet 53 Mr Owen Owent 54 Mr Henry Millward 55 Mostyn hotel, Mr Lloud 56 Mrs T. Hughes 57 Miss Roberts 58a "Record" office,Mr J). Lt. Lewis, pro'tor 58 The Lome hotel, Mr C. Clarke 59 Mr Frimston 60 Mr J. Foulkes 61 Bonne Marche, Mr. D. Trehearn Post and Telegraph Office, Mr Ather, postmaster 62 Mr Bathgate 63 Misses Jehu 63 Mr A. Torkington 63aMr E. W. Keatinge(p 64 Mr E. T. Lee 65 Linden House, Mittet Cooke 66 London andProvinc- ialBank; Mr Chambers manager Royal hotel, Mrt Roebuck TOTTENHAM BTJILDINOS 1 j. Little and Son 2 Mr W. J. Kent 3 Mrs Crooks 71 Misses Edwai ds Cambriam house, Mrs Cooper 73 k 74 Mr H. A. Steet Hope Place. l 3 Mr Middleton 4 Mrs Jones 5 Mrs Edwards 6 Mrs Hughes 7 Mrs Langfield 10 Mrs Hughes 11 Mrs Roberts 12 Mr Williams 13 Mrs Middleton ( p 14 Mrs J. H. Jones John Street. 1 Mr J. Shaw 2 Mrs Coiquhonn 3 Miss Parry 4 Mrs Moling s 5 Mr F. J. Gamlin 6 Mrs. Pearson (1' Glanllyn, MrsE Williams 7 Miss Cox 8 Mr E. Morris 9 Mrs Jones 10 Mr Hatwood 11 12 Mrs Williams Xinmel Street. 3 Mr J. Brown (p 4 Lindow House, MrJ. Edwards 5 Mr Burton 6 Mr Hughes (p 7 Mr F. Williams 8 Mr Bishop GLADSTONE BUILDINQS- Restaurant-Misses Gri- ffiths Offices—Messrs J Oldfleld f Co field Offices of Messrs W. Davies and M, D. Roberts, so- licitors 9 Mr R Oldfield fp 10 Mr Hughes 12 Miss Bethell 13 Mr A. Shepherd 14 Mrs Griffiths 15 M"s Moore Lewis and Misses Price Roberts (p CYNVAL VILLAS. 16 Dr A. E. Lloyd and Mrs Lloyd (p 17 Mr Hughei 18 Mrs Smyth 19 Mr Samuels 20 Mr Murphy WEST END VILLAS, 23 Bron Holway, Mr it Mrs Purvis 24 Mrs Andrews 25 Mrs Roberts (d 26 Mrs & Miss Sinister 27 Mr Carmalt (p 28 Mr J. W. Jones fp 29 miss Jones (p 80 Mr and Mrs Lloyd (p 31 Mrs Yorke Jones and Miss Williams fp 32 Mrs Williams 33 Mrs Matthews fp 34 Bodelwyddan view, Miss Jones 35 Mrs Jones 36 Mrs Clarke fp 37 Ye Windsor, — Mr Clark 38 Mr J. Goffe 39 Mr B. Williams 40 Mrs Lambsdale 41 Mr W. Allman 4 2 43 Castlehotel, Mr Pimb. lett 44 45 46 Belmont house, — Mr G. Ditchfield 47 Wynnstay hotel, Mr James Kilshaw 4b Mrs Roberts 1) O 0 Mr Jones 51- 52 Mrs Daviet 53 Mr Howard Kinmel Terraoe. 1 Mr W. Evans 2 Airs .7ohn Williams 3 Mrs Hassell 4 Mr Roberts 5 Mr Gan-igan 6 Mrs Jones Morley Road. 1 Mr P. Evans 2 Mr G. W. Aplin 3 Sergt.-Instr. Morrison Cefndy Villa, Mr Joseph Humphrers IV MOBLEY VILLAS 1 Miss Hughes p 2 Mrs Pryce Roberts p ITreelands, Mr Davies (p Whitford House, Mrs J. Rhydwen Jones It family Market Street. 1 Mrs Lewis 2 Miss Hughes 3 Mrs Robbtns < Mrs Evans 5 Mrs Jenliins 6 North Stafford house Mrs Spink 7 Singer & Co.— Mr. John Moses, manager 8 Mr Jno. Evans 9 Mr J. Edwards 10 Mrs T. Roberts 11 Mona hotel, Mr W. G. Jom, Glanglasfor, Mr J. Ellis Mill Bank. Mill Bank Inn, Mr Williams MerifcJoe Villa, Mrs Williams MOUNT PLEASANT. 1 Mrs Salisbury 2 Mr Higgins 3 Mr Cunningham 4 Miss Salisbury MILL BANK VILLAS. 1 Mr G. Farrant SOMMEBSEI VILLAS, 1 Mrs Jones VALE VIEW TEEBACE. 1 Mrs Edward, 2 Mrs Roberts 3 Mrs J. Jones 4 Mrs Price 5 Mrs Jones 6 Miss Davies 7 Mrs Davies 8 Mr Roberts 9 Mrs Lewis 10 Mr T. Jones 11 Miss Roberts 12 Mrs Matthews 13 Mrs Edwards Elwy villa, Mr Thomas Paradise Street. REGENT VILLAS 1 Mr J. D. Ainsworth, Mrs Ainsworth and family fp CHUBTON THBBACB, 1- 2 Mrs and the Misses Wynne Edward. (p 3- Churton villa Eden cottage, Mrsjestun r vy cottage. Mitt Burnt Princes Street. 1 Miss Jones and Miss Mary Ann Jones fp 2 Mr R. Davies 3 Mr Hornby 4 Mr Mason 5 Mr J. Owent 6 Mrs Viggei staff 7 Mr R. Jones fp 8 Mrs Thomas fp 9 Mrs Miss Davies (p 10 Mrs Irwin and Misses Crawford Queen Street. Town Hall Establishm't Mr J.Fell, proprietor 1 Mr Pryce Davies 2 Messrs W. Williams and Co. 3 Messrs Homany Sons 4 Mr Robet ts 5 Mr Graves WELSH CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH 6 Dining Room-Mr, Pritchard 8 Temperance hotel,Mr Ayre 9 ej 10 Mrs Jones 11 Mr Abel Jonet1 dining 12 Talhaiarn house, Mt s S. P. Evans 13 Mrs Jones 14 Mr J. McGill 15 Mrs 0. Huqhes 16 Mrs Brereton 17 Mrs Godfrey W. Parry Brunswick Cottage Mrs Dvvies 18 Adelphi house, Mrs J. Roberts 19 Cleveland house, Mrs Rice 20 Albert house, Mrs Allen 20a Mr Slinn 21 22 Mrs W. Lewis 23 Mrs Williams 24 Mr J. Lloyd 25 Mrs P. Davies 26 Stanley houseMrW. Vaughan 27 Mr E. Vaughan 28 Mr W. Boddington 29 George hotel, Mr A. Stroyan, proprieter 30 Mrs Thomas 31 Mr Henry Jane. 32 Mrs W. Jones 33 # 34 Mr J. Rhydwen Jones 35 Mr Hatwood 36 Mr C Spink 37 The People's Tempe. rance hotel, Mr John Snowden, proprietor Russell Road. 1 The Big Book, Mettrs Strathem f Co. 1 aMr F. Homan lb Mr T. Evans 2 Mr Piercy 4 Mr T. Momt 5 Misses Morris Swan inn, Mrs Ellit 6 Mrs Jones 7 Mr R. Roberts 8 Mrs Hughes Plasgwyn, Mr Deuman Plasgwyn Cottage, Afro Povah Aston cottage, AfrHughes ST. THOMAS'S CHUBOH ENTBANOE TO TBINITY CHURCH Englefield house, Miss Mason Englefield cottage, Stephen Roose, Esq. (p Knighton lodge, Mn and Miss Lodge 18 Mrs Crooks Preswylfa, Miss Evans (p Bodanerch, T. Winston, Rvq. (P 9 Mr Eowards (p 10 Plasnewydd, Dr Bar- stow Carstairs tj Afrs Carstairs fp Vavuol- Clairville, Mrs Atcherley Esmond house, Major Keyworth Oriel house, Mrs Oastler Sydnop house-Frank Scholes, Esquire, Mr. Scholes Sl Misses Scholes The Vicarage-Rev. T. Richardson, M.A., and family fp Rianva, Misses Sneyd p) Southlands, G. S. Hazle- hurst, Esq., MrsHazlc- hurst and family (p Bryn Estyn, the Misses Atcherley Bryntirion, Archibald J Kelso, Esq., Mrs Kelso and family (p Plastirion, Peter Browne. Esq., chief constable; MrsBrowne family (p Sussex Street. BANK BUTLIDINGS. Ebury College, Rev H. J. Cooke, B. d, principal 1 Mrs Keyzar 2 Misses Mendoza and Furber 3 Mr Helsby 6 Mrs Griffiths 4 Mr McEwen 5 Mr E. A. Jones fp St George's Hall, Messrs Ainsworth and Co.'s offices 7 Mr Mark Davies 8 Mrs Stalker 8aM" J Amos, boot & shoe manufacturer 8bMr W. Jones (p 9 Chester house, Mr C. T. Wahn.-ley 10 Albert buildings, Mr W. P. Jones 12 Mr 0. Owen 18 1 TUE ADVERTISER' OFFICE, aud STEAM PRINTING WORKS; Messrs Amos Brothers, Proprietors Office of I I Y GWYL- IEDYDD 11 (The Watchman) 14 Mrs Iddins 15 16 Mrs Morland South Kinmel Street. 1 Mrs Humphreys 2 Mrs Davies 3 Mr J. Morris 4 Mrs Manning 5 Mrs Edwards 6 Mr D. Wynne 7 Mrs Billinq (p 8 Mrs Roberts 9 Mr D. Owem 0 11 Mr McKenna Thorpe Street. 1 Mr A. Lee fp 2 Mr T. Daviet 3 Mrs Roberts 4 Mrs Pritchard (p Gwynfa villa, Mr James Davies, Mrs Davies and family (p Welsh Wesleyan Manse, Rev lshmael Evans, Welsh Wesleyan Min- ister Vaughan St. 1 Mrs Denham la Mr Jas. Jones 2 Mrs Jones 3 Mrs Griffiths 4 Mr Johns 6 Mr E. Williams 7 Mrs Hughes 8 Mr W. Beuan 9 Ma Beech 10 Mrs Jones Tudor Villa— Vale Boad. 2 Mr J. Clarke 2a Mr T. Owen 3 Mr J. Edwardt 4 Mrs Hoole 5 Mr J. Morris 6 Mr C. Evant Maesincle Rev. T. Hughes Llys Arvon, 9 Mr W. Jones Victoria inn, Mr Evans British Schools:—Head master, Mr G. Ntttall. Infants' mistress, Miss J. Jones. 10 Colomendy house, Mr Morgan COLOMENDY VILLAS. 10a 105 Mrs Hulley COLOMENDY Vmw- 1 Mr Clark 2 Mr E. Jones 3 Mr Mason 4 Mr Ellis Evant 11 Messrs Williams$Go 12 Mrs Esther Roberts 13 Prince of Wales hotel, Mrs Davies Brynhyfryd, Mr Hughet 16 Mrs N. Parry Greenfield cottage, 17 Mr John Millward 18 Mr Jos. Davies 19 Mr Wm. Jones 20 Mr E. Williams 21 Mrs Griffiths Hand, Mr John Roberts Ty'n-Rhyl Lloyd, Esq. fp Maesgwilym Cottage,— Mr John Jones Pen Dyffryn, Rev. E. Lloyd Jones, Mrs Jones and family (p Plas Llewelyn,Mr J. H. Day, Mrs Day and family (p Reynolds' Villa.s- 1 2 Mr Robert Hughes Penycefndy, Mr Twitt The Poplars, Terfyn Cottage, Mr W. Jonet Bethel C. M. Chapel Chapel House, Mr Ellit National Schools, Miss Bell, mistress School House, Mr Jonet East View, Mr Willis Seirian house, Mr Hubbl 61 Mr W. Pendleton 62 Mr J. Roberts 63 Mr R. Jones 61 Mr Wm. Williams 65 Mr, Hollingsworth 66 Mr Isaac Hughes 66aMr W. Hughes 66bMr John Thomas 66cMr Thomas Jonet 67 Nottingham House, Mr R. Jonet 67b 67cMrs R. Jonet 67dMr T. William QfeMr Jas. Bamford VALE TEBBACB 1 Miss Hughet 2 Mr Williamt Mrt Jonet 4 Mr R. T. Williams 5 Mr Lamb 6 Mr Ll. Foulket 7 Mr T. Edwards (p 8 Mr D. Williamt 9 Mr W. Hosskint 10 Mr J. Jones 11 Mr D. Evant 12 Mr R. Emerson 67/Glenville house, Mr W. Thomas 67g MrJ. Owens 68 Mr P. Morrit 69 Mr. Simner 70 Miss Parry 75 Mt-i Jones 76 Mr. John Parry 77 Mr Isaac Jonet 78 Captain Jom, 79 Mr Edwards 80 Bod Elwa, Mr Milkr 82 Mr J. Davies 83 Elwy House, Mr. J. Hughes 84 Mr J. Hughes 85 Mr Isaac Ellis 86 Mrs Davies Water Street. 1 Shamrock house, Mrs It Miss Price Roberts laffr Maltby bMr Pendleton 3bMr Simcux. 3 Mr T. Williams 4 Mrs Foulkes 5 Miss Davies 6 Swiss cottage, Mr P P. Jones WELSH BAPTIST CHAPEL 7 Mr E. P. Jones 8 Bodowen,Mr E. Owen 9 Mrs Price Jones fp 19 Meliden house, Mr 7. Griffiths 11 Mr T. J. Griffiths 12 Mr Johu H. Ellis, wine y spirit merchant 13 Mr Mar pies (p 14 F. Wrigley, Esq.,Mrs cl Wrigley, and family (p Cliftonouge, Mrs Morris 16 Mrs Jfumphreyt 17-, 18 Mr R. O. Evans 19 Mr-Lloyd Edwards p 20 Mrs J. Owen 31 Mr* George 2 Mrs Ruige Mis* Stuurt -1 Mrs H. Owen; Mrs Wlliams 2G Mrs Jones 27 Regent house, Misses Furber 2S T. E. Perkins, Esg (1' 29 Capt Sanaoe Mr Myerscough 32 Mrs Marshall 32:10ffices of P,4 Wil. Hams I I Windsor Street | 1 Mrs Roberts 2 Mrs T, Jones 3 Mr Roberts 4 Mrs Evant 6 Mrs Allman 7 Miss Davies 8 Mr H. Jones 9 Llys: Aled, Mr E Roberts 10 Claremont house, Mr Usher 10 a H • McElroy 105 Vf e Rose Cottage, M,, Evans 10 cM" Williamt 11 M r » Jones 12 V2aMr Paddey 13 Mrs Tidyman 14 Mrs Jervis 15 Miss Davies 46 Mrs Prichard (p WindsorVilla, Mrs Dowell Wellington road. WELLINGTON CHAMBEBS, 1 C. NB.-II,Esq,Solici. tor 2 Mr Homan 3 M P Mostyn Willillml 4 R D Roberts$Son 6 Miss M Davies 5 Mr Rippon 7 Miss Amot (Boot and Shoe Depot THE ARCADE. Mr R. David Roberts Smi^h s Dining Hall Aibion hotel, Mr Jonei Bodfor flouse-Dr T. H. S-mmerhiil$Mrt Summer hill fp 11 Mru. William* • 12 -No-A-h Wales hotel, 14M," Edwardi 10 Avondale, Mrt Owen and Miss G. Parker Owen (p 6 Mrs. A. Franeu (p J7 Mrs Wtlliaki,sl f ? 11a Metsrs R. Evant 4- Co., Haydock Colliery 18 M, s Evans 19 Mr J. Roberts 20 Mrt Williams 21 Mr Gregory 22 Mrs R. O. Jonet 23 Mr T. Jones 24 My Jones 25 Mr Daniel Bean, 26 Mr J. Edward, 27 Aled House, MrJ. T. Jones 23 Mr T. P. Huqlteo 29 Mr Evans 30 Mr R. Jones 31 Mrs Evans 32 Mr Francis Gallagher 32aMrJ. Williams 37 GlanmorfaHall, Wm. Davies, Esq., Solicitot and Mrs Davies ( p 44 Mr Profit 45 Mr E. Davies 46 Mr Hughes 47 Bav View.Mr Daviet FFYNONGBOEW BOAD— Bannouth Villa, Mrs Parry 1 Mrt Parry (p 2 Mrt Johnt (p 3 Miss Brown (p 4 Mr Keogh (p 5 Mrs Bheppar ( p ST MARY'S ROMAN C&Tit OLIO CHURCH 43 Mr Silvester 49 Fron deg, Mr # Mrs M. Lloyd (p From hyiryd, ist Yellowby 53 Marine Villa, Mr G. Turner (p 54Belgrave Villa Mrs Skeates 55 Orme view, Miss Garbett 56 Mrs$Miss Caldicott 57 Mrs Sprostoan fp 68 Mr Gibbons (p 59 Mr Middleton 60 Mr R. Jones 61 Mrs Roberts NATIONAL Scuoor-Fl. 69 Chesterand Liverpool house, Miss Daviet 76 Mrs Hughes 7 1 72 Mr F. R. Harrison 73 Mr Kerry 74 Myrtle cottage, Mr J. RobertI 75 Sea View cottage, Mrs Wlliams 79 Refreshment Booms Mrs Jones 80 Mr R. Chadtoiek 81 Mr J. Roberts 82 Sun Inn Francis Lloyd Hughes 8-:0 Mrs T. Hughet 84 Capt. E. Jonet 85Mr J. Jones 86Mr William Jones 87Mr William Hughes Voryd hall, Major Wright MrsWrightffamitJl (p Rhyl Winter Gardens, &c, Skating Rink. Secretary-Nr S.Ber- rington 123 Gorphwysfa, Fred. Penn,Esq.,8f family (p 124Mrs Lewis (1' 126 Mr Crostby 126 Mrs Jones 127 Mrs A. Hutchfield 128 Mr Joseph Jones 129 Mr P. H. Jones 130 Mrs Williamt 131 132 Mrs Pryce Daviet 133 Mrt Hughet WATEBLOO VILLAS 1 Mr J. Evans (p 2 Mr Ashcr 142Westbromwich house Mrs Jones 443a Mr Henderson 444 Mr A. Rowlands 15 Plas Glan y don, Mrs Hartley (p 146 Mr R. Williams 148 Royal Oak, Mr H Davies 149 Mr J. Davies 150 Mr P. Williams 151 Mrs Jones 152 Mr T Jones 153 Mr Morgon 151 155 Albert Hoiise, Misee8 Jones and Davies 156 Liverpcol Arms, Mrt E. Amos 156 Mr Tames Dowell 156b Mr John Hannaby 158 Mr J. Humphreyt 159 ————— 160 Mr E. Roberts 161 Mr Clift 162 Mr J. P. Jonet 163 Mr Tomkiet 164 Birmingham Hotel, Mr John Smith 165 Stationer's Hall,.Mr D. Trehearn 167- 168 Mt F. Gunner Birmingham Chambers —?Jr F. J. Sarsons' offioo 160 Mr Bathgate 170 Messrs Wright and Sheffield 171 Mrs Griffiths Warren ftrots. ',1 i Mts Janes 2 Mr j. Hughes 3 Mr Tmft} 4 Mr$4wbvld 5 Mr C. Duffield 6 Mr Smith MOUNTAIN VIEW TEBBACB 1 Fairfield lodge, Mr Go F. Gunner (p 2 Rev. J. J. Williams & Mrs Williams (p 3 Mr A. Taylor 4 Mrt Lloyi