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NEWS IN A NUT-SHELL. A British protectorate has been proclaimed over the whole coast of Pondoland. -Toseph Shill, for the murder of his wife, at Clewer, has been committed for trial by the Windsor magis- trates. The losses in America by fire in 1884 amounted to over 112,000,000dol., the heaviest in one year ever known since the year of the Chicago fire. Heuben's ¡picture the "Garden of the Hesperides" leit j'.nij'iaud (within the past few days, to be placed among a -all known collection in Paris. I.c113 reported from Buenos Ayres that a railway accia-nt has occurred on the Southern Railway. T '.vecty rtraons were killed or injured. V ;ll:a,in Hodges, a Birmingham pork butcher and peroral -.saler, has been fined R15 and costs for ■hav :ng in his possession a quantity of meat unfit for foccl. The French report that they have gained a great victory in Tonquin, completely routing the Chinese, 600 of whom were killed, besides a considerable num- ber being wounded. A young man named William Albert Hurst, against whom several convictions were proved, has at Mar- gate quarter sessions been sent to penal servitude for five years for stealing three perambulator wheels. A postman, charged with the payment of money orders has mysteriously disappeared at Trieste. After the recent murders in such cases in Vienna and Berlin, it is suspected that this postman has also been robbed and murdered. For stealing 10,230 ball cartridges from the Sunder- land garrison, John Heffernan, drill instructor and eergeant-major to the 3rd Durham Rifle Volunteers, and Thomas Miller, gunsmith, have been each sen- tenced to two months' hard labour. A number of children, whilst picking coal at a pit head at Low Walker, Newcastle, undermined a por- tion of it, and a great mass fell upon them. A girl, named Mullen was taken out suffocated, and two other children were very badly injured. An unfortunate blind woman, named Kate Sim- mona, has met her death in a frightful way at her I20Q30 in tho Ea8t-€nd. Some one had made a fire in the back yard of the house, and while walking across the space, she fell over the hot coals, and was burnt to a cinder. The other day Thomas Ridgway, belonging to Bromley, assisted a man, who owed rent, to remove his furniture, in the middle of the night, from Lewis- ham to Bromley. For this offence the Bromley bench has fined aim P,14, double the value of the goods removed. Sir Charles Dilke has intimated to the chief liberal organisations in the constituency which he represents that he has decided to accept the invitation to stand at the next election for the borough of Chel- sea al it will be oonatituted under the Redistribution of Seats Bill. George Golleck has been committed for tiyj for ^kh0U8°- In consequence of rtfiwM he had been admitted into the workhouse in- nnnary, and when convalescent he broke into the ..workhpqoe *ard and helped himself to t'ae property elf the himat418. Two carters, after delivering goods and colleating Moouat. at Rathmines, varia returning home to ro » anc* when (according to their ■tatement) they were set tlpon by a large gang of high- waymen and robbed., One of the carters was dan- gerously assaulted, gerously assaulted, A man nan^i Smith who stabbed another of the same name w-^th a knife which touohed the braiD, the point of the instrument remaining in the head, is under rsxr.and at Hull. The prisoner alleges that the injured man attempted to rob him, and that he struck nim iil self-defence. On Monday the vicar of a country parish a few miles from Birmingham, having caused two women of illfame to be locked up on a charge of robbing him in a disreputable house, failed to put in an ap- pearance at the police-court, and the prisoners were therefore discharged. While skating on a pond at Betlsy Court, near Crewe, three young men were immersed, through the giving way of the too, and two of them were drowned. The scene witnessed was a most exciting one, one' of the unfortunate men fighting for life amid the break- ing ice for half an hour. A permanent and free art gallery has been opened at Leicester. A considerable number of pictures by eminent artists have been presented to the town, and the trustees of the National Gallery have rendered vai'jatue aid by granting the loan of a seleotion of cele- crated pictures, the proper# of the nation. A man who attempted to commit suicide by throw- ing himself from Clifton Suspension Bridge was seized by two passers-by just as he had reached the outer ledge, and they succeeded in holding him in a suspended position for 10 minutes, when assistance arrived and he was dragged back to the footway. A mason has been played, at Melbourne, between bnaw 3 team of English oricketers and a representa- tive Australian eleven, composed of picked men from the diiTerent colonies, exclusive of the members of Murdoch s team, who visited Engird last year. The match resulted in a victory for the English eleven. i i ■pimerick Corporation baring asked' that the hu 1' that city at night may be trans- T foiit* V K E°YAI Constabulary, the Lord Lieutenant h»8 appoint a Commission as a preliminary to proposing an Act of Parliament next session 10 enable the request to be complied with. At tr.e Kensington petty sessions the Countess de It i-"rr5iUS "ee? fined 10s. for disobeying an order of justices removal of a large number of cati and dogs, kept in her dwelling-house. The magis- trates also agreed to issue a distress warrant for tba recovery of a former fine of sij, unless it were oaid within seven days. A marriage by telegraph has just been annulled by an Indiana Court. Miss Susan Orten, of Pitts- burgh, answered a ^soi»al advertisement, cor- Sled wi-h T £ ?m\s elch) Of Indianapolis, and, marry:ng hma oy wire> found that he was a negro, and brought "uit to have the ceremony declared YQid, which was "nne. Residing ra an isolated house at Baxenden, near Accringto" a man named Whitworth and his wife f Tu a a narrow escape of being killed. The roof °, .6 house is an old one, made of flag slates, and nile the two were in bed it collapsed, the ruina falling upon them. Both were able to extricate them- selves, but are seriously injured. For stealing two books from railway bookstalls, Charles Montague, described as a confirmed book thief, has, at the Middlesex quarter sessions, been sentenced to five years' penal servitude. Montague pleaded that when drunk he had an uncontrollable propensity to steal books, but it was proved that when he committed the theft he was perfectly sober. Strong expressions of opinion as to the necessity for funeral reform were made at the last meeting of the Canterbury guardians. A young woman applied for relief. Less than two months ago she was left a widow with four children. A sum of about S23 was all the money she had to subsist upon, and out of this it transpired that £15 had been expended upon the funeral obsequies and attendant expenses. A short time ago a man named Uarlingbold was fined 10 guineas by the county magistrates at Dover for an alleged theft of a dog talued at 50 guineas. The case created great sympathy, as it was generally believed that the dog had followed the man, and that he only picked it up thinking it had strayed. A peti- tion was, therefore, forwarded to the Home Secretary, with the result that the whole of the fine has been re- mitted. Professor Forrest, while examining the records in the Bombay Secretariat, has discovered several original autograph despatches of Sir Arthur Welles- lSy, afterwards Duke of Wellington. They are said to be in a beautifully clear handwriting, without cor- rections or interlineations, and to describe, with simplicity and brevity, events and victories of the highest importance. The governor intends to publish fac-similies of them in te coming volume of selections from the fcrovernmep* records. While a man Earned Price was 'making his way at Nottingham through a crowd of Salvationists, who occupied ttie whole width of a streetJte was struck on the 'ose by one named Marriot, with a brass instru- PLent, and was knocked down insensible. While he lay on the ground he was, according to the evidence fc. the prosecution before the magistrates, assp.ult ed by "Captain "Spratt and others. Witnesses for the defence stated that the prosecutor was drunk and v0ry violent, and that he ran against the instrument played by Marriott. After a lengthened hearing, the n vistrates fined Marriott and dismissed Soratt.' Three brothers nained:Thornton, residing in Carn- lac near Glasgow, have been apprehended for caus- in--r e death of John Banks, aged 50. The Thorn- to: '1"d a grudge against a man named Connelly, w, courting the deceased's daughter. They tried to :ir 4 Connelly on New Year's Day, but, failing to r-.i "attacked- Banks, whom they kicked so si\r chat he died. A ,-erton, a youth named Osmond, aged 16, hi;; been committed for trial, charged with Pu< ;wo pieces of wood and two stones on the branch line of the Great AVestern Railway, tiiv. r the lives of passengers. A baker 1'a, r r over a bridge observed and removed the o which were so placed as to upset any pass- ■>V :1. The discovery was only made half an .ore a crowded market train was due. lunenl at Paris on Monday of Madame )1 e mother of Louise Michel, the notorious -.sxarcaist, was made the occasion of a great A:: .vu^demonstration. It waa attended by .>.■ ,-ie. oome violent speeches were de- 8hout" wer« msed of ♦ ( aune> but there was no disturbance. ..3 vell,a chemist of Kingabridge,Devou, i.-ii .1 > guineas for manufacturing coloured • r.uga licence.The defendant had an r r r. d Crimp, who was manu^actut^ «- !< •; 0 had a quantity of chlora^e of potjasg L; :oin, 1, contrary to nis er's inakruc. iii) t".C'V soe ¡¡lphur m!c) 1 Js, and com* 1 L,11.1id it with a pestie Tl^ result was V. ] 55lon partly wreck¡r As the shop and kill- »•