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FOOTBALL NOTES. RHYL F CONWAY.-NORTHERN WELSH CUP TIE. Rhyl was able, at the last moment, to strengthen their team on Saturday, there -being only T. Vaughan, W. H. Thompson, Watkin Brown, and C. Wright, from the first team absent. The weather turned out most unfavourable, a very strong wind blowing from goal to goal, and the ground was in a sloppy condition, particularly along the centre and near the goals. Notwithstanding the inclement weather, a goodly number of spec- tators mustered to witness the match. The two teams were pretty evenly matched in physical ap- pearance. Conway having won the toss chose to play with the wind at their backs. Immediately on the kick off Conway, favoured by the wind, be- came the aggressors, and kept the ball for a time in the Rhyl quarters, but Thompson ultimately cleared with a huge kick, and the visitors left-wing raced up the field, and Hughes made a very good shot at goal, but the goal-keeper managed to turn it aside, and the attack ended in the ball going behind. After some even play in mid field Conway attacked in turn, but kicked behind. The next conspicuous event was a magnificent bit of passing by Hughes, Lowe and Roberts, along the greater part of the ground, ending in a pass to Vaughan, who sent in a hot shot, but it was capitally stopped by the goal-keeper. Vaughan a few seconds after had very hard lines, a swift shot sent in by him striking the bar underneath, but it was forced back into play by the force of the wind. Conway then playing well together managed to get in front of the visitors goal, and obtained a corner, which was placed right in the mouth of the goal, and a fu- rious scrimmage ensued, but Thompson ultimatel Y cleared. Vaughan and Lewis Morgan getting I possession, dribbling and passing in fine style, and I entirely outpacing their opponents, ran the ball up the whole length of the ground, but the defence in front of goal was most stubborn, the visitors, in a combined attack, only succeeding in getting the ball behind. Roberts next had a shot at the Con- way goal, but it went wide. Rhyl still kept up the attack, and had hard times, a shot by Vaughan,' and another by Lewis Morgan, being capitally I stopped by the home goal-keeper, and another at- tempt was made by Lewis Morgan heading the ball full tilt against the cross bar, and striking it under- j neath, but the wind pgain did good service for the j home team. Conway now had a look in, and press- ed the visitors, but Skeates, Twiston Morgan, and Thompson defended magnificently; the former, although a second team man, shewing that he was fully entitled to the trust reposed in him on this occasion he only made one miss during the whole game, and fully made up for it by his sub- sequent fine and well judged kicking. The defence of the visitors kept the home players at bay for some time, but they succeeded twice in getting corners, but nothing came of them. After some good play in mid-field Roberts, Hughes, and Lowe, with good passing, succeeded in getting in front of the home goal, and Hughes sent in an unerring shot from the left corner, which the home goal-keeper with great difficulty listed aside. Conway then made headway and a swift high shot from mid- field was ruled by the referee to have gone under the visitors bar, although spectators in the close proximity of the goal, stated it had gone over. From where the refeiee stood the ball had every appearance of having gone under. The decision of the referee was hailed with enthusiastic cheer- ing by the supporters of the home team. The game however, was very quickly made even. By fault- less passing by Roberts, Hughes, and Lowe, the visitors got within striking distance of the home ¡ goal, and a furious combined attack took place, the 1 Conwayites defending most sturdily, and shots by] Lewis Morgan and .Lowe being fisted out by the goabkeejer but Roberts, who was in grand formjj and playing like a demon, by one of his peculiar! low swift shots, finally disposed of the home cus-j todian, and registered a goal for his team. After,' some give and take play, half-time was called, the score being one goal each. Rhyl having the wind behind them in the second half simply penned in the home players, and the latter crowding into the mouth of their goal made it very difficult work to to get an opening they also paid particular at- tention to Roberts. The best part of the defence was that of the home goal-keeper, who played a most careful game, and displayed remarkable skill between the posts. Rhyl, however, were not to be denied, and succeeded in adding three more goals to their score Lewis Morgan, Vaughan, and Twieto- Morgan, putting in one each. Conway once only during the second-half got beyond mid-field. The 5ame was decided in favour of Rhyl by four to one. C. Owen and F. Rees played excellently, and J. H. Evans brilliantly for Conway. The whole of the itliyl team played remarkably well, the forwards shewing great dash and speed, and the left-wing and centre faultless passing. Twiston Morgan played very smartly and with great coolness throughoutthe defence of R. C. Thompson and •ikeates at times during the first half was unsur- passable. Williams had very little to do in goal, but what did fall to his lot he disposed of very well. ■Thg following were the teams—Couway gual, J.