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STRA.NGE COXDUCT OF AN OFFICER. HUNT iKG" ON SUNDAY AT RHYL. An exciting scene was witnessed last Sunday in Rhyl. For a month past a young office?" and his wife had been staying at Mr Abol Jones' dining rooms, in Queen street, but owing to Borne disagreement in financialllr- rangements the gentleman did nit sleep there on Saturday night. Between 10 and] 1 on Sunday morning however he presented him- self for admission, but it appears admittaaoa was denied him, and he at once commenced to indulge himself iu the antiquated pastime of smashing windows. The police were called, but inasmuch as the gentleman's wife was in the hous >, they appeared to be de- barred from taking him into custody, and ne went away, after amusing himself at his plea- sure. In a short time his wife left the house, and joined him, aud he again took in his head to have another "go "at the windows, and quickly made himself scarce. This time, however, the police were under no restrictions, and an officer was despatched after the high spirited lieutenant, or perhaps more correctly the "left" tenant. He was traced over Gladstone bridge, and from Grange road, he appeared to have made bis way to Yale road across the fields, for the next scent of the game was found near Peuycefudy. The fleet-footed constable was ordered forward, and sighted the object of the chase near the piggeries of a farm house—prodigals, by the way,seem to have a liking for the company of swine since the days of one of the scrip- tural note. On perceiving hie pursuers—for they were many, the constable having beeu joined by several volunteers — he dashed through the stack yard, and cleared a five barred gate in fine style, but unfortunately for him, this gate proved. to be the means of bringing the" game to earth. Some por- tion of his clothes caught in the top bar, and brought him down. A Sparrow also sprang over the gate, fell on the persued, and kept him under until the upper came. After a while the young gentleman was brought back to town, and was escorted to the police station by a large crowd. On the following day (Monday) the prisoner was browght up before Major Birch, R. J. Sisson, Esq., Rev. R. H. Howard, Edwin Morgan, Eq., and Capt. Howard, at the Asaph Petty Sessions. On being pur in the box, the prisoner said, in reply to questions from Mr Oliver Geor; (the Clerk to the justices;, that his name w, Herbert Murray Aidershaw, and from the: -J of December last had lived in KJ. 11, Queen street, Rhyl. Mr George What are you ? Prisoner I am a lieutenant in the 6ch Br., gade of the South Division of Artillery. Mr George: Where do you live-have y, any place of abode apart from your apar. • ments. Prisoner: Apart from lodgings, no. Ihav^ independent means, and can live where 1 choose. Capt. Howard: Are you, then, on leave £ absence now? Prisoner I am in the militia—the oth bri- gade ia the Waterfoid Militia. Mr Abel Jones, the prosecutor, was 8WC: and deposed that damage to the extent of £1 Ts. Od. had been made. Prisoner He said it was JE1 when I was charged at the police station- Prosecutor gave particulars of damage done with dimensions, &c., but of his own know- ledge he could not say that prisoner had com- mitted all the damages, as he was not in the house at the time, but he saw prisoner throw- ing a stone through one window. Prisoner pleaded guilty to breaking some windows, but he had received great provoca- tion.— Evidence was given by Thomas A. Jones, prosecutor's SOB, who hnd seen pris- oner throw a etone through the window. Mrs Jones at some length detailed the circumstan- ces under which the prisoner had become her lodger, and how in consequence of a cheque in payment of board and lodging being dishon- oured he was requested te leave. Oa Sa.a-.iriv morning witness stated prisoner came to the bouse and broke the lock of the front door and the glass panels.—In reply to Mr George, Mrs Jones said the door was opened for ilim when he came each time. Prisoner admitted that b8 hid broken soma glass, but he had been sui jeotid to the grc t- est provocation. He was ue jarred from see- ing his wife, and in trying to force an entrance through the front door he did break windows. The cheque Was not dishonoured, but sitnply returned to drawer for farider particulars. Mr Davies (Messrs Davie; and Robert:) here interrupted,and said that prosecutor had instructed him to say he would withdraw toe case if prisoner would pay what he ovvua. and all costs and damages. Mr Aidershaw was quite prepared to this, and a settlement was effected. The Chairman said it was very fortunate for prisoner that the prosecutor was willing to withdraw the case. Had he been convicted a. copy of the conviction would be sent to u. commanding officer, aud his character if he had one at all, would ba then gone. The money being paid the parties thsa left the oourt.


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