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IN PARLIAMENT. SESSION 1885. T)EE ACTS-AMENDMENT. (To amend the Provisions of the River Dee Acts, and to require the River Dee Company to restore and maintain the Statutable Depth of Water in the River Dee to confer further powers on the River Dee Commissioners with respect to the Navigation of the River Dee, and the levy:ng of Tolls, It ttes, and Duties thereon Powers to the Company and the Commissioners to make and carry into effect Arrangements and Agreements for transfer of the Company's Powers with respect to the Navigation to the Commissioners or to a Conserv mcy Board or Committee; Powers to rd-e Moneys for purposes of Act; Powers to levy Tolls, Rates, and Duties Amendment or of Acts and other purposes.) NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that applica- tion is intended to be made to Parliament in the ensuing Session for an Act to carry into effect the following, o • somn of the following, among other purposes, and to confer the following, or some of the following, among other powers, that is to say — To amend and enlarge, and in certain respects repeal, the powers and provisions of the several Acts following, or such of them as may be still in force, and of any other Acts relating to the navigation of the River Dee and to the company of Proprietors of th Undertaking for recovering and preserving the navigation of the River Dee (hereinafter calledthe River Dee Company" J, namely :-] 1 and 12 Will. III., cap. 24 6 Geo. II. cap. 30; 14 Geo. II., cap. 8 17 Geo. II., cap. 28; 2G Geo II, cap. 35; 31 Geo. III. cap. 88; 5 and 6 Win. IV., cap. 88 "The Dee Standard Restorition Act, 1851," and 31 Vie., cap. 25 (which Acts are here- inafter called" the recited Acts"); and also of the local and personal Act, 16 Geo. Ill, cap. 61, relating to pilotage, buoying, and lighting within the Port of Chester and of all other Acts, char- ters, grants, customs, rights, and pri vilegfcs which may be inconsistent or would interfere with the exercise of the powers and provisions of thr¡1 intended Act- To make more effectual provision for the main- tenance and improvement of the navigation of tha River Dee within the county of Flint and the county of Chester, and county of the city of C-heste; from the sea to a certain point within tho Lberties of the city of Chester, called Wilcox Point, inclu- ding all streams, havens, creeks, bays, an l inlet, within the limits aforesaid, and for requiring at compelling the River Dee Company to maintar and improve such navigation, and to fulfil the obli. gations imposed upon them by the recited Acts, or some of them, and to confer such further powers upon the River Dee Commissioners as may be necessary for enabling them, in tht event of the failure of the River Dee Compan to fulfil such obligations, to carry into effect all tl powers contained in the recited Acts, or oth powers or remodi s. to be conferred by the intended Act, and to execute such works as may bo necessary for the purposes eforesa: at rhe cost uf the River Dee Company, an t cut. r upon and hold possession of the hwdg an' ( ire now or hereafter to be reclaimed by virtue oi' tho recited Acts and to raise money bymor gage or charge thereon, and to receive and apply the rents ani profits thereof in payment of the coats and charges incurred by them in executing such