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Upwards of 30 unacka arrived at Hull on Tues day. Ten of them have loat all their fishing-gear in the recent stoma. The Young Greg was boarded in the North Sea, and only the cook was found on board. Four of the crew are missing, and it is supposed that they have been drowned. Two men named Webb and Lee, who had been concerned m an affray at Rushmere, near Ipswich, made their escape from the police under extraordinary circumstances while being conveyed to Woodbridge. Both men were in a cart with their captors, and were handcuffed together. They suddenly made a desperate jump, literally throwing a somersault over the head a of the policemen. Both fell to the ground, but were soon up again, apparently unhurt, and before the constables could get down were well away. The Cape Premier and the Treasurer-General have left Cape Town for Bechuanaland, hoping to effect a peaceful settlement. The First ComnaMioner of Werka has given in- structions tor the immediate demolition of the re- mainder of the old storehouses which block the view of the Tower fo London from the river. The death from over-pressure of a little girl at Macclesfield has been reported by a local medical man who says that during his attendance upon the child she was" in a. state of muttering delirium concern. ing school and lessons." He can, he adds, call to mind three cases where children have died from I over-bi ain pressure at leasons whilst they were in a weakened condition." The facte have been laid before the Education Department, The number of application. already sent in for a next year's Exhibition at Kensington reprelent r liiore than twice the available space. The display I s to consist of useful inventions patented since W62; I_>ut novelties shewn at the two previous exhibitions will, except in rare instances, be excluded. Mr. Marriott, M.P., speaking at Brighton on Egyptian affairs, said that had Sir E. Malet's advice Wen followed Arabi would have been put down, the subsequent disasters would have been avoided- we rai would not have been sent to Khartoum, and not now be hunting for him.