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YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIA- TION. The first meeting of the coming session was held on Friday evening last week, when the following officers were elected :—Chairman of committee, Rev. T, Prichard. (curate); Messrs J. Asher, E. Thomas, B. Williams, Gr. F. Gunner, Jacob Jones T. Luff, and Joseph Williams, committee-men treasurer, Mr D I Davies; librarian, Mr Walter Pringle secre taries, Messrs R. Watkiu Hughes, and W. J. P. Storey. His Grace the Duke of Westmins- ter, K.C., continues patron and S. Perks, Esq., 1has become president instead of B. Littler, Esq. The Rev. T. Prichard, delivered the inaugural address on Friday evening. We regret tba space will not permit of its being published in extenso therefore we extract the following This society has now been in existence for & period of 12 months. The object of its for. mation being, "the promotion of the social, intellectual, moral and spiritual welfare of young men in Rhyl and neighbourhood." This, and this only, has been the guidiug motive in all our endeavours both in founding and in fostering this institution at consider able sacrifice and convenience. Young men are admitted as members who subscribe in writing to the following declaration I re- gard the Lord Jesus Christ as my God and Saviour according to the Holy Scriptures, and I desire to be His disciple in my doctrine and life and to associate my efforts for the exten- sion of His kingdom amongst young men." Now we had a right to expect that a work so gloriously desirable would without hesitation or murmur have commanded the willing and enthusiastic aid of all those that call them. selves Christian workers. However, as it often happens, in all labour of love and self- sacrifice, such expectations have been only partially realised. Some religious quietists whose creed is that Rest is good" have shunned the enterprise on account of its many labours and responsibilities. ood work they believe in, but it must not cost them anything. Unlike David they would offer nnto the Lord of that which cost them nothing, and are as idle as a painted ship on a painted ocean. Others dislike the Catholicity of its platform and prefer for ever to inhale the stagnant air of a narrow ism, rather than rusticate occassion ally in the bracing atmosphere of Christian co-operation in the midst of sectional differences. Then we had experience of others who having put their hands to the plough have looked back. Like the children of Ephraim they have turned their backs in the day of battle And lastly, there are the worthless worthies, whose part is in Sanballat style, to sneer and soorn at all patriotic and philanthropic efforts. However, these gentle- men have not influenced us in any of our actions, except to nerve us to re-double our efforts. Realizing as we did that the young men of this town had & claim upon us-that both patriotism and religion called for action, it would indeed have been cowardice on our part, to relinquishJJBT efforts on account of the difficulties in tQe'way. Therefore to him that knoweth how to do good and doeth it not to him it is sin." Not one of us liveth to himself." We are the keepers of our breth- ren." Self-sacrifice is the very key note of Christianity, and lies at the root of all useful- ness. At the commenment w6 were fortun- ate in securing very commodious and central premises in which to carry on our work. The Y.M.C.A. newsroom is beyond doubt one of the best in North Wales, affording every facil- ity for reading purposes. It is well supplied with quarterlies, monthlies, weeklies, and dai- lies (a quarterley and 3 weeklies being in the Welsh language). As is well known we have thrown this room open to the general public for a nominal fee of one penny, and townsmen and visitors have greatfully acknowledged the boon conferred. Then, again, thanks chiefly to the generosity of Mrs Charles, Mrs Murray Browne, Mis Jones, Elwy Hall, the Misses Crawford, and Mr W. P. Jones, we are able to boast of a very respectable library containing some excellent volumes, and which are at the call of members. Laat winter to our iorrow we were unable to no much in the way of thr formation of tnitional classes on account of the difiieuky of obtaining volunteer teachers and als,) the lateDess of the season when we L.i I got things into working order. However, we secured some very good leeiures, viz., on "The food which we eat by Mr Adam Taylor "The human frame," by Dr. Eyton Lloyd; Reminisccnces of China and the East," by Dr. Crstairs and which were great'y appre- ciated by those who listened to them. We had also some very instructive ceL.tes or subjects such as the following, -)Ia-,infacLar. ing industry for Rhyl," ,.y egetariiUi"lli Ac Miscell»neoii= entertainments were also given and were well attended, and presided over by Messrs Murray Brownn, Peter Brown, De llaiice, S. Perks, &c. Then ag-tin later on in the year we had a most creditable performance of The Messiah at the town hall under the able c ondncter^hip of Mr D. J. Davies. For: a while united prayer meetings were hell in the rooms on Sunday evening- after service hours, and were largely ateldei and we have still a prayer meeting every Monday at noon, though not numerously attended. Our principal difficulty has been the monetary one, onr liabilities being about per annum. To meet this we had a very handsome don- ation from His Grace the Duke of Westminster, and smaller donations from J. Roberts, Esq., M.P., the late Mr Mainwaring, Messrs Hazle- hurst, Littler, Raby, HOJk, -&-C &-C. Still it has been with difficulty that we have been able to keep a balance of accounts, the members' fees amounting but to a small total. Then again the busy Beason of summer tells very adversely on all institutions of this nature. We have lost through death two of our vice- presidents, viz., Mr J. Churton, and the Rev. J. Ogwen Jones, the latter of whom had p:-o- mised to lecture for us this winter. We alai lost very promising and popular members iu Mr Fawcett's death, and the removal to Lon- don of Mr Percy Taylor, our librarian. But it is now time to say a word as to our plans for the future. We have already managed to secure lectures as follows —Nov. 21, Prof. H. Jones, U.C.N W., on Philosophy and practi- cal life." Nov. 28, "The Catacombes of Rome," Rev. J Jenkins, H.A. Dec. 5, Rev W- Glanffrwd Thomas to be followed Mr De' Ranee, Dr Easterby, T. Morgan Owen, Rev. E. Lloyd Jones, cV'3. Classes are also being formedjin French and German, under Pro. J. B. ilarth, and in shorthand under Mr Gamlin, and also a Parliamentary debating class,which latter promises to bewellsuppsrt^d by our young men. Then in addition to these we hope to have mission addresses delivered,! and it is under consideration as to what this institution may do to stimulate Bible stuly: and to promote temperance among the young. Such is an outline of our past history and future intentions. We are not responsible for results, but we are for earnest attempts. The real merit of a good deed is not in the success but in the endeavour; success is thei world's criterion, fidelity is God's standard. Fully occupied as many of us are with other duties, we are willing, if properly supported by the young people, to sacrifice evening lei- sure and again to work overtime if thereby we can benefit them. The Rev. gentlemen closed his address urging both members and officers to furth p work and faithfulness. The usual votes of thanks closed the pro ceedings.


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