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THE MOSQUE OF THE SULTAN MO'AYYAD.— This mosque, which has been lately restored, is, per- haps, the most splendid of all those in Cairo. Thirty polishers and a hundred workmen were employed on it for years but it no doubt displays a certain overloaded style. The desire to adapt and subordinate the perfect beauty of noble forms of detail to the harmonious pro- portions of a grand architectonic unity had given way to a wish to dazzle the beholder by splendour of colour- ing, costliness of material, and a superabundance of decorative design. The court, with its well, is sur- rounded, as in other mosques, with colonades. Among the pillars which support the arches we find several of the Corinthian order, which owe their origin to Greek or Roman artists, and which were removed, as has been said, from very ancient buildings. The sanctuary is particularly splendid, with a coffered ceiling, inlaid, painted, and gilt; but the effect is not produced by noble forms, but by material and display and though in many parts of this mosque the eye is charmed by lovely details, it is soon disenchanted again by others which are both inartistic in conception and careless in execu- tiQI)" j:.9!Lpt: Utscriptive, Historical, ami fifturevqut.

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