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FLINTSHIRE QUARTER SESSIONS. These sessions were held at the Court House, Mold, on Tuesday last, before a full Bench of magis- trates. J. Scott Bankes, Esq occupied the chair, and the other magistrates present were-H. R. Hughes, Esq. (Lord Lieutenant), the Rev. T. W. Puleston (Worthenbury), the Rev. R. H. Howard, W. Keates, Esq., T. [Griffies Dixon, Esq. (Nant Hall, Prestatyn), P. Pennant-Pennant, Esq. (deputy- chairman), R. V. Kyrdre, Esq., R. C. Webster, Esq., Edward Peel, Esq., Col. Roper, P. A. Llovd, Esq., W. B. Buddicom, Esq., W. H. Buddicom, Esq., and R. Frost, Esq. POSSIBLE DANGER TO THE PRIME MINISTER. The minutes of the last sessions having been read and confirmed, Mr. Scott Bankes said it had been recommended by the Home Office that extra police should be employed during the winter months to protect the Prime Minis- ter of England, who would spend the greater part of the time at Hawarden. There had been a correspon- dence between the Government and the Chief Constable of Flint, asking for an increase of four constables to be temporarily appointed and stationed at Hawarden during the winter months. That appointment the committee were disposed to recommend. The Home Secretary would be conferred with, and if it was done half the expense would be borne by the Government, but at the same time he (Mr Scott Bankes) felt that in consequence of the expense being put upon the local ratepayers for a matter not only necessary to to them but in the estimation of a great many people necessary to the country at large, they ought to be repaid in full by the Government, for it was the Prime Minister of all England they were asked to do this for. It should be an act of the whole country, and not Flintshire only (hear, hear). A magistrate remarked that it was not a country squire they were asked to protect, but the Prime Minister of England. THE MOLD PRISON AGAIN. The matter of the claim upon Government with respect to Mold Prison had given rise to differences of estimate between the Government and the county, and it was resolved to ask Sir William Harcourt to have the matter submitted to arbitration. COUNTY LOANS. With reference to the proposal to borrow £ 3,000 on county loan, the Clerk of the Peace stated that he had been in communication with the Commissioners, who were willing to lend the sum at 5 per cent. for a period not exceeding 20 years, and the Messrs Salter, of London had given them loans at four per cent., one per cent being the cost of the transaction. The total indebtedness of the county at the present time was L17,626 13s. 4d., upon which there was a yearly interest payable of £890. The oldest debt was on account of the Militia Barrack, and was contracted in 1856, of which there remained;C160 to be paid off in 11882. There was a new loan in 1858 on the same account, of which the remaining X80 would be paid in 1883. On the lunatic assylums loan of 1863, £ 640 remained to be paid in 1893. In 1867, X9633 6s. 8d. was borrowed on account of the prison; and in 1869 a second loan was obtained of X3333 6s. 8d., and this in addition to the police superanuation fund, for which £2440 was obtained from the bank by order of the last court. It was decided to consider further upon the matter of the new loan. CHIEF CONSTABLE'S REPORT. Mr. Peter Browne reported that during the year ending Sept. 29th, 81 indictable offences had been reported and 61 persons had been apprehended, of whom 47 were" committed for trial, as against 71 offences, 46 apprehensions, and 34 committals during the previous year. The number of persons proceeded against summarily had been 1,649, of whom 1,441 had been convicted, as against 1,758 proceeded against and 1,565 convictions in the previous year. Of the 1649 proceeded against 211 were for assaults, 352 for drunkenness, 382 under the Elementary Education Act, 92 for larcenies (under the Summary Jurisdiction Act), and 48 for vagrancy; as against 241, 356, 397, 98, and 68. During the year 1 ser. geant had died, 1 constable had been dismissed, 3 had resigned but the vacancies had been filled up, and the force was now complete in numbers. THE LUNATIC ASYLUM. Upon the recommendation of the committee it was resolved to rant a farm of 60 acres in connection with the Lunatic Asylym at the rate of £ 3 per acre. MAIN BOAD ACCOUNT. The Chairman stated that the total sum to be paid on this account, including the Government share, was JE578 10s. 3d. THE COUNTY AND POLICE RATE. The county rate and police rate were the same as last year, namely, Id. and td. in the pound. This concluded the business of the county. TRIAL OF PRISONERS. The court sat for the trial of prisoners on Wednes- day. The justices upon the bench were J. Scott Bankes, Esq. (chairman), P. P. Pennant, Esq. (deputy-chairman), Rev. T. Z. Davies, Rev. Walter Evans, P. B. D. Cooke, Esq., John Henry, Esq., W. H. Buddicom, Esq., P. A. Lloyd, Esq., E. Thompson, Esq., C. P. Morgan, Esq., and Edwin Morgan, Esq. THE CHARGI. The Chairman, in charging the grand jury, said he was sorry he could not congratulate them on the lightness of the calender, as there were nine prisoners for trial, and several were of fairly good education. Referring to the Welsh Sunday Closing Act, he said that measure was passed in accordance with the ex- pressed wish of the ratepayers and publichouse occupiers in Wales. Now that the Act was passed and there seemed to be some difficulty about it, every- body wanted to turn. As far as the Act was concerned he thought they were justified in giving the disputed words the signification which the Legislature intended provided that they did not straiu their meaning. He warned offenders against the Act within the jurisdic- tion of any court over which he presided, that in any infringements of the Act in future he would inflict a heavy penalty if he could get his brother magistrates to agree with him. SENTENCES. Frcdcrick Bird, butler, for stealing X47 7s. lOd. together with a cheque and foreign coin, belonging to Mr J. Scott Bankes, pleaded guilty, and was sentenced by the deputy-chairman to 18 months' imprisoumeut.— William Trice, labourer, for stealing four fouls, at Mold on the 11th of August last, the property of S. A. Jones, was found guilty, and there being prior convictions recorded against him, he was sentenced to seven years' penal servitude. Ellis Jenkins, 46, farm labourer, for having stolen from Ann Jones, of Overton, a ham and a bag, pleaded guilty, and was sentenced to six months' imprison- ment.— John Jones, 24, collier, pleaded guilty to having at Bagillt on the 15th September, stolen a mare valued at £ 25, and also a saddle and bridle and bit, the property of Robert Foulkes, and was commit- ted to gaol for twelve months with hard labour.— John Williams, 33, joiner, for feloniously breaking into the house of William Lee, at Mwdwleithin, with intent to steal, also pleaded guilty, and was sentenced to twelve months'imprisonment.—Anne Williams, 47, for stealing a 11 nnel petticoat, the property of Daniel Lee, Back Kane, Holywell, on the 2rd of September, pleaded guilty, and was sentenced to prison for six months.—John Thomas, 34, butcher, was found guilty of having stolen at St. Asaph, on the 21st September, five sheep, the property of John Kerfoot, and was sentenced to eighteen months' imprisonment. Mr A. P. Williams prosecuted, and Mr Ignatius Williams defended. NO TRUE BILL. William Hughes, 48, and George Hughes, 25, colliers, of Bagillt, surrendered to their recognizances on a charge of having on the 3rd September, unlawfully, knowinly, and by a certain false pretence attempted to obtain from the Bettisfield Colliery Company the sum of ninepence, with intent to cheat and defraud. The grand jury threw out the bill. THE APPLICATION BY LLANASA PARISH TO BE DISANNEXED FROM THE HOLYWELL HIGHWAY BOARD. Mr Ignatius Williams (instructed by Mr H. A. Cope), addressing the court, said that an application had been made at the previous Quarter Sesesions on behalf of the parish of Llanasa to be disannexed from the Holywell Highway Board, and which application the Court had respited to the present Sessions. Now, however, the petitioners had withdrawn their applica. tion, and he (the learned counsel) was instructed to ipply that the court should direct that the unsuccessful petitioners should pay their own costs as well as those of the Board. An order of the court on the subject was under the present state of the law essential, otherwise the Board would be obliged to pay not only its own costs, but also those of the unsuccessful peti- tioners.—Mr A. P. Roberts (instructed by Messrs Louis and Edwards) resisted the application ard argued that the whole costs as well of the petitioners as of the Board, should be borne by the Board out of its district fund, to which each parish within the district contribut a quota proportionate to its assessable value.—After a long legal discussion the court ordered that the costs of the Board connected with the appli- cation up to and including the adjournment on the last sesssions should be paid by the parish of Litn-isiL.