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Visitors' List. :

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Visitors' List. Householders Pubiic Buildings, Places of Wor- ship, &c. Householders are reques. ted give the names of VISITORS ONLY. WEST PARADE. Queen's Hotel, Mrs Joy C Chesterton, Esq C C Watson, Esq Glan-y-Don, Mrs Thomas Williams General Pearce Mrs Pearce Miss Pearce and maid Mrs Ramage, L'mington Miss Taylor, do 5 Misses Gittoes W Wilkes, Esq. Miss Chamberlain, Birm- ingham The family and attend- ants of the Right Hon- ourable J. Chamberlain, Birmingham MrsH Bridge,Westbrom- wich Miss Bridge, do Miss Pattie Bridge, do Miss May Bridge, do W White. Esq, B'ham Mrs White and family, do Mr Aston, do 6 Mrs Chambers Miss Orried and maid, Whitchurch — Bloomer, Esq., Hales Owen Owen Mrs Bloomer & family, do Mrs and Miss Williams, Ruthin 7 Mrs N. L.Dyson G Applebly, Esq, B'ham Mrs Applebly, do Mr Sovereign, do Mrs Sovereign, do Mrs Lambert and family, Manchester Mrs Reith, Liverpool Mrs R. Brownhill, Walsall The Misses Brownhill, do 8 Miss Pressdee 9 Mr A laer L Fennings, Esq, North- ampton Walker, Esq, do Mrs Peele, family & maid, Chester J D Jones, Esq, Whit- church Mrs Jones and family, do Mr & Mrs Luckett, family and maid,Birmingham Mr and Mrs Crutchley,do J Ford, Esq, Stoke-on- Trent Mrs Ford, do Mr and Mrs S Ford and family, do 10 Mrs Evans Misses Turner, Wellington Miss Brisbourne, do 11 Mr Whittingham Mr and Miss Goodal Mrs Smythe, Dublin Miss Smythe, do Mr and Mrs Griffiths and family, B'ham 12 Miss Matthews 13 Miss Wooldridge Mr & Mrs Hilton, family and nurse, Manchester Mrs Wood, W'hampton Miss Wood, do 14 Mr E. Lloyd Williams 15 Miss Nelson Mrs Pearson, Stourbridge Miss Pearson, do 16 Mrs R. Williams Mrs Dd. Yardley, Stour- bridge Mr Yardley, do Mr Richard Duley, do Mrs Duley & family, do Mrs & Miss Mobberley, do Rev. J. Lawler, Abbey Cix, Ireland 17 Miss Davies Mrs Martin Scott & baby, Birmingham Miss Richardson, B'ham Master Charles Scott, do John Heathorn, Esq, AJ- tringham Mrs Heathorn, do Miss K Heathorn, do Miss A Heathorn, do Mr and Mrs Scott, B'ham t8 Mrs Evans Master A Reade & nurse, Chester Mr & Mrs Cooper, Stour- bridge Master Cooper, do Dr and Mrs Camden 19 Mrs R. Thomas Mrs Booth, baby & nurse, Birmingham Mr Appleton, Stoke on Trent Mrs Appleton, do Miss Appleton, do j Miss E Appleton, do Baby and nurse, do ] Master T Appelton, do ( 20 Miss Davies 21 Miss Davies ] 22 Miss Edwards (p 23 Mr S. Jones ] Mr Bealey, Bloxwich ] Mrs Farnall & maid, do ] 24 J r 0. Jones ] Miss Evans, London ] Miss Ellis, do ( Walter Jas. Beebee, Esq., J Armadale, Eccles Mrs Beebee, do ] Miss Kenyon, Liverpool I Miss Amy Kenyon, do ] Mr and Mrs Conard and family, Nantwich ] 25 Ocean View-Mrs R. Jones ] Mrs A. Fletcher, Wolver- hampton ( A. Fletcher, Esq., do ( J. E. Brotherton, Esq, do ] Mrs J. E. Brotherton and family, Penn Fields, do ] 26 Mrs F. L. Byrne 27Heronhouse,Mrs Condon ( 28 Miss Lloyd Mrs and Miss Fellows, W olverhampton 29 Mr Z. Jones 30 Miss Piteliforà Misses Penketh, Chester ] 31 Mrs Meyriek ] Mrs Murries, Chester 2 32 Emiyn house, Mr ] Griffiths Mrs Mercer, Cherry Tree I 83 Fentonhouse,MissHall Mrs Booth, Gomersall Hall, Leeds ~t Miss Booth, do 1\frs Taylor, do Mr & Mra Bridgewood, Stafford ] Miss M Bridgewood, do Miss D Bridgewood, do Master Bridgewood, do ] 34 Arden house, Mrs I Hewitt ] R. W. Jelf, Esq., Birch- 3 fields H. Jelf, Esq, do 35 Cecil house,MrsRobertS J 36 Rev. Charles Whitakert J B.A.tMrs Whitaker, and family fp < 37 Mrs T. Roberts 33 Ivy house, Mrs Ellis Mrs Heaton, Edgbaston Misses Heaton, do Master Heaton, do 40 Stratford house, Mr Jones Miss Hill, Wednesfield Miss Haines, do Mr Woodford, Ruabon Mrs Woodford & family, do Mrs Parry, Chester Miss Parry, do Miss K Parry, do Mrs Hill, Wolverhampton 41 Sefton house, Mrs W.D Williams Mons. Del Campo, L'pool Madame Del Campo, baby and nurse, do Berry, Esq, Coventry Mrs Berry, do 42 Alexandra house, Mr J. Medcalf Mrs Wilkinson, family & nurse, do Mr H. B. Smith, E'baston Mr Chas. S. Smith, do The family and attendants of Mrs Tomkinson, Tar- porley Mr & Mrs Foden, family and maid, Macclesfield Mr & Mrs Roberts, M'ter Master Roberts, do Misses Roberts (2), do 43 Latham house, Mrs Morris Col Manbeverer, London J. F. Hoffgerard, Esq., Bowdon Mrs Hoffgerard, family & attendants, do Dr Price, Wigan Mrs and Miss Price, do Dr Willis, M D, Dublin Mrs Herbert, do Mrs Ford, Manchester Miss Pepper and maid, do 44 Clarence house, Mr Matthews 45 Mrs Jonah Lloyd ^QDerrycourt 47 Astor house, Mrs W. Roberts Mr & Mrs Murray Brown, family & maid, Chester The family and nurses of Archdeacon Derby, do Rev E. P. Noble, Salop Mrs Noble, family and maids, do Mr & Mrs Topham,family rnd nurses, St. Asaph 48 Edgbaston house- Miss Cox 49 Edmondsy house, Miss Cox 50 Cheltenham house, Mrs D n vies. Miss Strachel, B'ham Miss Pattison, do Miss Shearnay, do F Forder, Esq, Wolver- hampton "Mrs Forder, family and nurses, do Mr and Mrs Drawbridge, family and maids, Chel- tenham Mrs Green, children and maid 51 Malvern house, Mrs Viggerstaff Mr & MrsStewarcl, Cb ester J. Tildesley, Esq., Wil. lenhall Mrs Tildesley, family and maid, do W Denson, Esq, Chester Mrs Denson & family, do 52 Melbourne house, Mr Roberts Mr, Mrs and Miss Kleon, Handsworth Miss Ansel, do Mr & Mrs Goodall, Edg- baston Master Goodall, do Miss Goodall, do 53 Myrtle house, Mrs Jones Mr and Master Walters, Eccleshall Miss Sykes, Southport Mr Harris, Wrexham 54 Mrs E. V. Jones Mrs de Ranee, London C E de Ranee, Esq, do Miss J Gilbert, London Miss E Mackinder,Belleau 55Mrs W. Williams Mr and Mrs Jones and family, Oswestry Mr and Mrs Robinson Mr & MrsBaddeley,family and maid, Hanley 56 Medlock house, MrsD Jones Mrs Raynor, B'ham Misses Raynor, do Master Raynor, do Mr and Mrs Green and family, Basford Mrs Gibson, Runcorn 57 Fronwendon Mrs Davies H E Roberts, Esq Miss Arnott Mrs Cole H Jones, Esq, B'h ead Mrs Jones, do Miss Jones, do Mrs Harding, Market Drayton Miss Harding, do 58 Meirion hous e, Mrs W. Williams 59 Mrs Williams Mr D Low, Dublin Mrs Low, family & maid, do Miss Grotter, Newnham 60 Mrs W. Thomas A Walton, Esq, London Mrs Walton, do Coxhead, Esq, Bagshot Mrs Coxhead, do Miss Coxhead, do Mr Wray, B'ham Mrs Wray, do Master Wray, do 61 Mrs Williams Rev T WBoughton Leigh, Newbold on Avon N&Jjg Mrs Boughton Leigh, do Miss Boughton Leigh, do Miss Ethel Boughton Leigh, do Miss Lelia Boughton Leigh, do Master Percy Boughton Leigh, do 62 63 Glan y mor, Miss Parry Mr & Mrs Grove & family, Stoke Mr and Mrs Mobberley, Stourbridge 64 EAST PARADE. 1 Miss Jones Miss Currey, Gresford Mr & Mrs Kerr, Maesmor Mrs TurnerGreene, Wigan Miss Middleton,Leaming- ton Mrs and Miss Wilson, Kenilworth 2 Mrs J. Hughes Mrs Frank Wynne 3 Sedgley House, Dr Girdlcstone and Mrs Gir. dlcstone Min-y-don, Mrs Wynne, 4 Min y don cottage, Mrs Wynne Dr Owens, W'hampton Mrs Owens, do Mrs Nickson, Ludlow Mrs & Misses Cox, L'ester 6 Miss Joneil T Shutt, Esq, B'ham Miss Purcell, do Mrs E Roberts, B'ingham 7 Miss Jones Sea Bank House, Mrs H. Davies Mrs Pickop, Manchester Miss Pickop, do Miss A Pickop, do Miss Morris, do Miss M Morris, do Mr Green & family,B'ham Mrs Motherpon, London Miss Harlock, London Mr [and Mrs Jones and family, Corwen Mr R Pickop, Manchester Mr E Pickop, do 9 Sunderland house, Miss Ellis Mrs Thomas, Westbry, Salop Mrs Thos. Wright,L'pool Miss Rigby, Warrington 10 Belvoir & Pier Hctel, Mr H. B. Lawrence, manager Mr and Mrs C. Murphy Dublin Master Wm. Murphy, do Miss Rita Murphy, do Miss Eva Murphy and attendant, do Mr Chas. Mansell, B'ham Mr Chas. Wade, do Rev P. Power, Cheshire Mr J W Williams,London Misses Williams, do Mr Wm. Barrs, Eccles Mr & Mrs Lovett, Man- chester Mr & Mrs McKie, Oswes- try Mr and Mrs Wigmore, Bayswater, London Mr J. W. Parker,Lyddyn Mr G. A. Judson, Ashton Mr and Mrs T. J, Gordon, Edinburgh Mr R. A. Woodward, Clyton Mr F. Tonks, London Mr J. S. Stocks, do Mr & Mrs Pay, Ellesmere Mr Hobday, Ludlow Mr A Green, Chester Mr Batchelor, B'ham Mr Callam, Liverpool Mr J W Rowland. Wrex- ham 11 Westminster Hotel Mrs Handcock, Manageress 12 Grosvenor house, Ms Mieklewright Mr and Mrs Hare, family & attendants, Bellymor Miss Norman Mrs Longfield Mrs Brierly, Rugby Mr and Mrs Alexander & child and nurse, Dublin Mr Boardman, M'chester Masters Boardman, do Mrs Barker, Chester Miss Barker, Wrexham Miss Harding, do Mrs G B Watton, Shrews- bury Miss Whitehurst, do 13 Northcot house, Misses Hands Mrs Jacson Mr Bulkeley Jacson Miss M Hay Murray and nurse Dr Higgins, Newport, Salop Mrs Higgins, do Mrs T Williamson, Holy- well Mr B Burton 13 Mrs Evans 14 Mrs Garland Mrs J H Kent, Shrews- bury Mr J H Kent, do J Norton, Esq, Edgbaston Mrs Norton, do M Norton Miss E Norton, do Master H Norton, do 14a 14b ————— 14c 14d Gladstone Honse 14e Y sccifiog House, M. n. Roberts, Esq (p Sandbills-J. Taylor, Esq, Mrs Taylor & family (p Devonia, JlIrs Kingdon (p 15 Mr David Williams Mrs Walford, Wem Miss Cotgave, Northwood Miss Blythe, do 16 Mr Trehearn Mr Orde, Bowdon Miss Miller and servants, do 17 Moore co tge, Mrs Haden Mrs Moss and family, Liverpool Mr and Mrs Chambers & family, Chester 19 Glan y don, G. ''Turner Esq. fp 21 Belle Vue T. R. P. Royle, Esq., Mrs. Royle and Family (p 22 Fairfield, 7. Christian, Esq., <f Family Dolowen, Dr. Turner 23 Miss Sneyd (P 24 Pen y don, M. S. Plun- kett Esq., Mrs. Plunkett and family 25 Moranedd, J. Churton, Esq., J.P., and Mrs Churton (p 26 Bod Donwen, W. Wil- kin, Esq., Mrs Wilkin, and family (p PLASTIEION TERRACE. 1 Mrs Orton (p 12 Mr John Roberts 3- 4 5 Miss Milliyan 6 Mr Edwards 1 Mrs Dickenson fp 8 Rev. J. Hughes (p S. Winifred's hospital, Miss Vizard, lady super- intendent Coast Guard station- Mr Johns, chicfofficer fan officer is stationed here dav and nightJ. Abbey Street. Abbey vaults, Mr Peter Edwards 2 Saratoga House, Mrs Davies 3 Wynne house Miss Wynns Mr Jones 4 Mr Jones Mrs Law, B'ham Mr & Mrs Harrison,B'ham Master H. Harrison, do Master E. Hai-rison, do Master W. Harrison, do Miss Harrison, do Baby and nurse, do 5 Mr Ellis Evans 6 Mrs J. Matthews 7 Mrs Hughes 8 Mrs J Roberts 9 Gladstone house, Mrs Crowe 10 Mr Jones 11 Aston Park House, Mr A. R. Morriee Misses Reece, D'ham 12 WaItonhousüJIiss Wal ton Mr W. A. Gilbey 13 Bognor house, ———— 14 Mrs 1-t. W. Griffiths 15 Greville House, Mrs Ferguson Mrs Hopwood, OswestryJ Mrs Woodward, Aigburth 16 Mrs Philips 17 Mrs Saunders Ty Newydd Villa-Jír R. Hughes 17a Mrs B. Jones" Mr & Mrs Chanha, L'pool Ethel Villa, Miss Jones Mr and Mrs Sargant, Caverswall 18 Litchfield house, Mrs Saunders Mr Barnsley, Dudley Mr Humphreys, W'ton 19 Leamington house, Mrs limms 20 Mrs Hammond 21 Mrs Whitley 22 Mrs Jones Miss Tatlow, Burton on Trent 23 Mr Daniels, 24 Mrs W. Williams 25 Mr Burrows 26 3Ir Ellis Mr & Mrs Griffiths and daughters, Ludlow Mrs Griffiths and baby, Wellington Mrs Russell & baby, Stock. port Mr & Mrs Weaver, L'low Miss W Ellis, Stafford Miss James, do Mrs Royford, family and nurse, Ruthin 27 Mr Foulkes Mr & Mrs James, family and nurse, Yardley Miss Clarke, Tamworth Mr Corker, W'ton Mr and Mrs Baker and family, Stoke on Trent Mrs Davics and family, Crewe 28 Mr Parry Mrs Pluck, baby & nurse, Worcestershire Mrs Parry aud family, Wrexham Miss Williams, do Mr Rowlands, Llangollen Misses Millichamp,B'ham Masters Millichamp, do 29 Mrs E. Jones 30 Portland house, MrsW Jones 30A Mr W. H. Davies 31 Mrs Jones 32 Mrs Denson 33 Mrs T. Huglteq Miss Greasy, York Miss Poole, do 34 rs E. Williams Aquarium Street. 1 Staffordshire house, Mrs Daniels 2 Gwyrch Castle view Mr James Shaw 3 Sowdon House, Mrs Powell 4 Douro house, Mrs 0. Thomas 5 Mrs W. Lewis G Gwalia house, Mrs R. Lt. Jones 7 Mrs Richards 8 Mr R. Hughes 9 Misses Jones 10 Shelton house, Miss e Hawthorn 11- 12 13 Mrs Jones 14 Mrs Davies 15 Aquarium cottage,Miss Pearson 16 Haversham house, Lunt 18 Mrs. Jones Mr Cleaver, Leicester Mrs Bowcn GLADSTONE VILLAS I M^s T. C. Amos 2 Mr E, Kitchen 3 Mrs R. Curry Evans 4 Mrs Asterby 5 6 Mrs R. Jones Rev. E. Lloyd 7 Mr T. Bolierts Albert Street. Albert villa, J. Griffith Esq. 1 Mr Jones 2 Mrs Williams 3 Mr Bradley 4 Mr Roberts 5 Mrs Howell Bath Street. Women's Convalescent Institution, manageress Mrs Jones Inmates in—60 Morlan, Mrs Twiston (p GROSVENOR TERRACE- T Mr 9' Mrs Clews (p 2 Mrs Edlestene 3- The Misses Johnson (p 4 Douglas house, Rev. Duncan Macgregor (Bap- tist minister), 9' family (P Grange villa, W. Wynne, Esq. (p Bod Meurig, TVm. Mills, Esq., Mrs Mills § family Bod Arthur, P. Wright, Mrs Wright & family (p TV E Smallvy, Esg, Mrs Smalley & family (p Ladies' College, Mrs Mer- cer BELLE VUE TFRitAcE- 1 Mrs Royston J Buckfield, Esq,T'worth Sheaff, Esq, Chester Mrs Sheaff, do Masters Sheaff (2) do Miss Sheaff do 2 Mr &; Mrs Sheffield (p) 3 Mrs Colling 4 Mr and Mrs Collingwood and family (p 5 Mrs Sam. J. Amos Mrs O'Connah, Dublin Master O'Connah, do 6 E. J. King, Esq., and Mrs King (p 7 Miss Powell Jones (p 8 Misses Blain !S- Miss Fcnnell CLAREMONT VIEW,— 1 Mrs E J Muslccr (p 2- 3 Mr John Morris 4 Bodfor Street. I 1 Albion hotel, Mr Lloyd 2 Mrs H. Evans 3 Mrs Litchfield 4 Mr Wedgwood 5 Mr and Mrs J. IJ. Ainsworth and family (p Messrs A iiistcortlt Frank Jones' offices 6 Birmingham house, Mr R Williams 7 Capt. Evans 8 Mr Campling fp 9 Temperance hotel, Mrs Larsons Mr Gossage, B'ham Mrs Gossage and baby, do Mr W Evans, do J. M. Cunningham, Esq., Glasgow 10 Dinorben Arms Hotel, Mrs Anna Moore 11 12 Mr Bel! 13 11;tihvayrestaurant,Mr N. Costigan London & North Western Railway Station,— Mr W. Stokes, .stationmaster and goods and traffic agent; Mr Jones,inside passenger and booking agent; Mr Aleock, plat- form inspector; the Company's Refreshment Rooms, Miss Armstrong manageress Messrs W. -If. Smith's and Son's bookstall Mr 1'. W. White, manager 14 Bee hotel, Mr Higson 15 Mrs 0. P. Williams Mr & Mrs Parry, family and maid, B'ham Mr W Wallace, Burton- on-Trent Mr and Mrs W. Martin and family, Burslem 16 Mr Fatakerley GLADSTONE BUILDINGS. 17 Mrs Griffiths 18 Mr H. Mudd 19 Mrs Torkington 20 Wynnstay house, Mr T. J1£. Davies 21 Mr A. W. Merridtw 24 Miss Edwards fp 25 Mrs Martin 26 Mr F. Pryee Lewis 27 ————— Bedford Street. 4 Mrs Roscoe 7 Mr. T. Williams 8 Mr Johns 9 Studley House, jJfr. Griffiths 11 Mrs E. Jones 12 Mrs M. Jones 13 Mr Henry Parry 13aJ.1lrs Williams Mrs Edbury, Treng Miss Edbury, do 14 Mr W. Thomas Miss Arrowsmith, Brose- ley 15 Elwy cottage, Mrs J. Bllis 16 J.1[l's Roberts 17 Mrs. Davies 17 allb's Jones 2 Mrs Jones 20 White Horse, Mrs Ro- berts 21 Mr Williams 22 Mrs Parry 23 Miss Owens 24 Mrs Williams 25 and 26 1Ifrs Amos (p 27 Mrs Davies 28 Mr Edwards 29 Mr Lt. Lloyd i 'l(,)aMrs Williams 30 Mr E. Edwards Mr Wood, B'ham 31 Mr E. Griffiths Mr & Mrs Carph, B'head 31aJ1Ir H. t-.dwards 32 Mr Parry 33 JIr J Owens Mr T Edwards, Ruabon Mr Stephen Barlowe, IIolywell Mr R Jones, St. Asaph 34 Mr II Jones Mrs Scott Mrs Dwyer, Liverpool Master F Foyster, do Mr J Perkins, N'ampton Mrs Perkins, do Miss Perkins, do Master Perkins, do Master J Perkins, do Mr Ivens, Burton onTrent Mrs Ivens and family, do 35 Mrs Foulkes Brighton Road. 1 Mrs Bernard Parry Mrs Chamberlain, Leam- ington Miss Chamberlain, do Miss Glovar, do 2 Mr and Mrs J. Dev me and family Earnest Brassey, Esq, Chester Mr G French, Stafford 3 Mr and Mrs R. IJ. Wil- liams and family (p 4 W oodlands-Capt Grou- cutt, Mrs Groueutt and family (p BRIGHTON TERRACE— 5 MrW. Hughes B Stone, Esq, B'ingham Mrs Stone, do 6 Mr Jones (ji 7 Mr T. W. White fp S Mr Peet ( rl 9 Mr J. Aitkin and Mrs Aitkin (p 10 Mr D. Thomas Misses Telford (3), Chester; 11 Mrs Baird. (p WELSH WESLEYAN CHAPEL 12 Mrs Evans 13 Mr T. Evans W. Roberts, Esq., Aus- tralia 14 Miss Morris 15 Mrs W. Roberts Mr J. II. Ellis Mr Oatley, Chester Mrs Parsons, Atherstono 16 Misses Edwards 17 Mrs T. Griffiths (p ENGLISH WESLEYAN CHA- PEL. EpTYorth lodge, the Rev Fred Payne, (English Wesleyan ininister),H)-s Payne p Summerfield William Williams, Esq., Mrs. Williams § family jJ) Bodhyfryd, B. Littler, Esq., lbs little?. (1) NORTH WALES HYDRO- PATHIC ESTABLISH MENT, (Claremont) Man ageress—M iss COlftig an G. Hostage, Esq, Chester Mrs Pride, Nantwich Mrs II Fitzgerald, Ireland A Fitzgerald, Esq,London Mrs Healey and family, Ireland J. Mace, Esq, London J. Wilson, Esq, Leeds L. Davies, Esq,Wrexham M. Kennedy, Esq, do Miss Kennedy, do A. French, Esq., London J. Cummact, Esq, Chester G. E. Fisher, Esq, Red- ditch A. Homing, Esq, do Miss Hemming, do Miss]Jaclcson, Heckington S Fisher, Esq, B'ham Miss Brady, B'ham IIIGIIX'IELD COTTAGES 1 Messrs. Baird Shelton 2 Mr J. Ellis Sywell house, Rev.E. Tudor ¡ Owen, lILA., and Mrs Ou-en p) TV. R. Williams, Esq., Mrs Williams, and family p) Clwyd house, Rev. G. A. Iliettei-loit, D.D., J.P., and Miss Butterton (p South lawn, Oliver George, Esj., and Mrs George (p Pen y coed, 7V. Morris, Esq., and Mrs Morris (p Mrs Eddlestcn (p Beaconsfleld house, JIiS8!: Rawle C'OBDEN TERRACK 2 Mrs Davies Miss Jones Mrs Jones, Miss Clarke 3 Miss Tonks Mrs Jones 4 31 rs Price Miss Hart, Bowdon 5 Mr Thompson (p 6 3liss Jones 7 Mr Thomas Caurch Street. ] ] A Park, Esq, Ashton- under-Lj no Mrs Park, family and ser- vants, do STANLEY TERRACE- 2 Morgan lodge-Ir and Foskett (p.) 3 3Irs iYeale Mrs Warner, W'ampton Mrs Gardener, Warrington J Lees, Esq, Macclesfield Mrs Lees, do 4 Havelock house, Mr W J. Sirncock Rev J Montagu Seaton, Chasetown Vicarage Mrs Seaton, do Miss Lily Seaton, do Miss Maggie Seaton, do Master Donald Seaton, do Mrs Brown, do Mrs Kilby, Ludlow Miss Sambrook, do 5 Mrs Williams and Miss Webb, fp G Miss Liddels Mr & Mrs Fleet, Chester Mrs and Miss Parker, do Mr & Mrs Evans, B'head Miss Taylor, Warrington Mr W Oulton, Newton- le-Willows 7 Bodlonfa, Mrs Johnson Thomas Misses Thomas Mr & Mrs Handson,family and maid, Sheffield Mrs Cox, Kildare 8 Lansborough house,— 3Iiss Nield Mrs C Caton, Matlock Master Caton, do Wm Thompson, Esq 9 Mrs Buckley Morfa lodge S. Perks, Esq. and 3Irs Berks ( p 11 Women's Convalescent home, 11Ir 9' 3Irs Jones, managers 44 Inmates Morfa cottage, Mr Owens 16 3Irs 3Iannix (p 17 Westminsterhouse, Mrs Lloyd Mr H Harriman, Lough* borough Mr Crane, Longeaton Mrs Crane, do Miss Crane, do Miss Treason, Breaston Mrs Sliephead, Longeaton Mr J Shepherd, do Miss Shepherd, do 18 19 20 Caradoc Cottage, S. L. Tildasley, Esq. p 21 Ton y mor, Mr E. W. Keatinge and family (p 27 Fern villa, IT?-.? Smith fp Ty'n-y-Coed Cottage 31 Mrs 3Loss Clwyd Street. 1 3trs Manning 2 3lrs. J. 3Iorris 4 Mrs. J. Hall Clarke and 3fisscs Hall Clarke 5 3Irs J. G. Nott 6 ifiss 31. E. Richards Mr Duncan, Lanehead 7 Nurse Perkins 8 Mrs Lewis Mr and Mrs Elkington, Rugby 9 Jli- Williams 10 il-riss M. Williams 11 lIIr 1. Jones Mr and Mrs Wilson, Northampton GROVE TERRACE 1 Miss Roberts (p 2 Mr W. E. Hardeman (p 3 Mr D. J. Davies fp 4 3Irs. Gyle fp 5 Capt. McCoy fp WELSH CALVINISTIC METH- ODIST CHAPEL 14 County Court and Mag- istrates' offices, Messrs Sisson and George Rhyl District Water Co.'s offices, Mr Bayliss, ma- nager 15 Mr Bayliss (p National schools,3IrDavies master Miss McCoy if Miss Burns, mistresses Chester Street Moranedd, J. Clmrton, Esq., J.F., Mrs Churton fp Olinda, Mrs Jones fp Pen y Don, M. S. Plunkett, Esq., Mrs Plunkett, and familu Crescent Road. 1 Marine villa, Alderman Ishmael Jones and Mrs Jones ?p 2 Mr,Mrs and 3Iiss Preece Jones North Wales Office of 'The Provincial Trade Pro- tection Society.' Head Offices: Shrewsbury. 3 Lincoln house, MrW Freeman F Southorn, Esq, Stour- bridge Mrs Southorn, do Miss Southorn, do Master T Southorn, do 4 Mrs R. Simcox 6 Fron Don, Mr and Mrs Stanley and family (p 7 Mrs Tcale 8 3fiss Jones Mrs Jones, Oswestry Miss Jones, do f)- 9b Cresent Cottage, Mr and Mrs Cooke (d 10- 11 Convalescent Institu- tion for men, lr T. J Williams, manager 69 Inmates 12 Meiriadoc villa, N) s R. Jones 13 CRESCENT TERRACE. 1 Mrs J Williams 2 31 rs Jesson Miss Pritchard, Dudley Miss E Pritchard, London Miss Sanders, Hands- worth 3 Englefield house, Mrs I Hanmer f p ] 4 Mrs Greaslcy ] Miss Webb, do 5 3Ir J. Owen 6 Mr IVIIl. Roberts Mrs Skidmore, Staffords. Miss Lovatt, do Greystone Villa, Mr § JIrs Bramley, (p ] Christ Church British] Schools ( Hoad Master: Mr W A Gilbey Head Mistress J£i5S C I E King ] SOUTH VIEW VILLAS, ] 1 3Ir iy Mrs Edwards (p ] 2 31 r Lloyd ] 14«Vine cottage, Mr Evans ] (P HbSaurlficlc1 cottage, 31 r John Parry ] Mr and Mrs Jones and 1 family, W'hampton I 11e Messrs Jones §• Son 1 Ii) MorfW iew, 3Irs Jones 'i 16 Mrs Williams ( 17 31 rs Rogers Mr and Mrs Compton, Oldbury J Beddows, Esq, Willen- 2 hall J Mr Vincent, da I Misses Kcmpon (2), do I Mr and Mrs Owen, Llan- santffraid Miss Holloway, Corwen Miss Hughes, de Mr H Hughes, do Belle Vue House, Mr J. Turner 2g Mrs J. Davies Mrs Warsley 30 Sherbourne House, Mr and 3Irs Lively Conwy Street. 1 3Irs Charles p 2 Rev. E. Lloyd Jones, Mrs Jones and family (p 3 4 Morgan Owen,Esq., Mrs Owen § family (p Earnest street. NORTH TERRACE. 1 2 The Miss TVigleys 3 31 r James Bell 4 31 rs andilliss Lloyd 5 31 r J. R. Williams 6 Mr Joseph Evans 7 Mr Isaac Jones 8 9- 10 Mr J. Fielding Edward Henry Street 1 Lansdowne house 2 3Ir Powell fp 3 Mrs Evans 4 Miss Williams 5 Mrs Atkinson -6 ————— 7 Mrs Belts 8 9 10 Mrs Pringle 11 12 J/rs Brews ter 13 14 16 MrR. Warren 17 18 Dr Price (p 19 ,IP. P,. E. Hughes 20 Mrs Hams 21 ivi-s Beale 22 Hawkstone House, Mrs J. Pace 23 Mrs P. O'Neil 24 Crescent hotel, Mr Jos. Williams Elwy Street. 2 lIli's Hughes 3 Mr J. Williams 4 1IIr P. Williams 5 3Ir J. Owens Mrs Sutherland & family, Liverpool 6 3Ir D. Evans (p 7 Mrs 3IcNauqhton 8 3Irs J. C. (f Brian 9 Ifrs Proffit 10 Ijozells House, Mr and 31 rs Pr"i)lt Mr Clarkson, Warrington Master Clarkson, do 11 3frs Taylor J Preston, Esq, B'ham Mrs Preston, family and nurse, do Mrs Ash, Whampton Mrs Darley, do 12 3Irs Dew g' Miss Jones 13 Mrs Davies (p 14 Mr J. Jones Mr Thomson, B'ham Mrs Thomson, family and maid, do 15 3Ir and Mrs Doivdinq 16 3Irs Lodge 17 Bryngoleu House 11l J. M. Jones,Singer Sew- ing Machine Co., agent Albion villa, W. P. Jones Esq., J.P., and Mrs Jones fp Elwy villa, Rev. J. Wil- liams, Mrs Williams and family (p Emral Villa, Mr Jones Alpha Villa, Mr J. Smith Fernleigli, G. H. Fielding Esq. 4- 3Irs Fielding (p Wirksworth house, it. Talbot, Esq., and Mrs Talbot fp Clifton Villa, Mr and Mis Jones fp SOUTH VILLAS, 2 lIIr R. D. Roberts 1 Gronant Street. 1 3Ir J. Hayes 2 Mrs Evan Davies VJ 3 Mm Davies 4 Mrs Berric fp 5 Mr 1: Barrett 6 lib-. R. Simcox 7 3Irs Vaughan fp 8 Mr Roberts 9 Mr J. Hockey 10 3Ir Tansley 11 Mr J. Johns 12 3f >~ Jfjs. Williams 13 Mrs Shannon 14 Mr R. Wright 15 Mr II. Jones 16 Mr Foulkes 17 Mr J. Jones 18 Mr P. Evans 19 Mr Ll. Jones 20 Ifi- Roberts 21 3Irs Wickham 22 lIIr Holmes 23 Mr Huqhes 21 Mr Iiosney 25 3Ir John Jones 2G Mr J. Do well 27 Mrs Griffiths 28 3Irs Davies 2D Mr Potter Mr Gilding and family, Cheltenham 30 Mr llodginson Mr Verriman, Bath Mr James, do 31 Mr F. Jones High Street. 1 3lr C. Roebuck Mr Silverdale, B'ham Mr.s Williams, Tarporlcy Mrs Barrington, Chester 2 Mr Stilln 3 3Ir Slinn 4 Mr E. Slinn 5 31 rs Keyzar 6 4" 7 31 r Samuels 8 31 iss Amos Mrs Bailey, AVhampton Miss Bailey, do 9 (j- 10 3Icssrs Spinks and Sons 11 3Ir F. Jones fp 12 l1Ir. J. A. Spink, (p 13 Mr Frederick Jones (p 14 £ 15 ¡1Ir Vaughan lob 6'. T. S' W. Holloway 16 Mr A-Sp.'nk 17 Blue Cap Mews Riding School—Proprietor, 31r Jolw Cossins 18 Jlr R. Slateum 18a3Irs E. Davies 19 fill's Sleigh 19a3Ir Ament 20 3Ir yr." H. Foulkes GREEN BANK SQUARE- 15 illi-s Swain Roberts 15 a 16 3Irs C. Jones 21 3Irs Hughes Mrs Hilton, Dudley Port Master R T G Hilton, do Miss Greatbatch, do Mr & Mrs Turner, family and iiiii-se, 22 31r Lloyd fp 23 London house, Mi-sE[Iis Ernns fp 24 lIT;, J. Williams 25 31r C. Hardeman 2G Mr Nott 27 Leamington house, Mr Hackforth 28 illi- Berrington 29 3Ir Berrington 30 "Journal" office, Mr 3Iorris 31 New inn, JlJr Stafford 32 Mr S. Parry fp 33 Britannia inn, Mr Jones ?>?,a3[r J. Jones 34 3Ir R. Jones 35 11Jr R. Williams Mrs Castings, do Miss & Mrs Kinsey, Stour- bridge 36 3Ir R. Griffiths 37 Mr Selvey Mr & Mrs Selvey Mr Finney, Birmingham Miss Finney, do Master Finney, do Miss Ganderton, do 38 illi- H. Evans 39 JJfrs Jones 39« 3/essrs Price Roberts 40 Rhyl Cocoa House,Mrs Snowdon, manageress 41 3Ir Reynolds 42 3Irs Parry 43 Office of the Rhyl Gas- Light and Coke Co. Mr Jos. Williams, manager! Peterborough house, Mrs J. TVtlhams 44 Mr Davies 45 Office of 3Ir W. Morris 46 Dudley Arms hotel, Mr Jones C N Milner, Esq, B'ham F C Stone, Esq, do G Bridger, Esq, L'pool Mrs Bridger, do Miss & Master Bridger,do Mr & Mrs Frost, B'ham Master Barton, do H D Williams, Esq, Stourbridge F and S Salkeld, Esqs, Manchester R Kemp, Esq, Bagshot W J Smith, Esq,Coventry W G Boden, Esq, do J Lewis, Esq, Swansea Mrs Lewis, do 46aMr A. Furber 47 Alexandra hotel, Mrs Williams 47a Registery office for births and deaths, Mr Jones, registrar. Atten- dance Wed'day & Sa'dy 48 Messrs Lunt 4' Griffiths 49 Mr E. P. Roberts 50 Mr n. Davies 51 White Lion hotel, 11b Thomas Parry l 52 Old Town Hall Vaults, 3fcssrs Foulkes Co I. 52dMr C. Roebuck VAUGHAN TERRACE— 2 llrs Thomas 3 Mrs Jones 53 lf)- Owen Owens 54 3Ir Henry 3Iillward 55 Mostyn hotel, Mr Lloyd, 56 3Ir J. B. Williams, Mrs Williams, and family (p 57 Miss Roberts 5Sa "Record" office, ilfi- D. Lt. Lewis, proprietor 58 The Lome hotel, 3Ir H. 102CCII Jones Mr T Murray, Manchester Mr J 0 Pilkington, do 59 3Ir Frimsion Post and Telegraph Office, ) JJb- 0. Thomas,postmaster 60illi- J. Foulkes 61 1Ilr Williams 62 Mr Bathgate 63 Misses Jehu Miss E Jameson, Man- chester 64 Mr E. Lee 65 Miss Horloch 66 London and Provincial Bank; G. DeaneBurdett, Esq., manager; Mrs Burdett fp Royal hotel, Jlb's Lloyd TOTTENHAM BUILDINGS 1 J. Little and Son 2 3Ir Henry Parry 3 Mrs Crooks Walthamstow House—3Ir J Shillinglaw Miss Owen, Holyhead Mr E J Shillinglaw, Wal- thamstow 72 Cambrian house, Mr Stuart 73 4' 74 Mr H. A. Steer Hope Place. 1 2 3 lIlr Middleton 4 31rs Jones 5 3Irs Edwards 6 3frs Barkley 7 Mr Peter Hughes 8 9 10 3Irs Hughes 11 3Liss II. Evans (7; 12 Mr Williams 13 Mrs Middleton 14 Mr E. Edwards Kinmel Street. 3 Mr J. Brown 4 Lindow House, Mr J. Edwards B. Barrence, Esq., Peter- borough Mrs Barrence, do Mr & Mrs Pipes, Leicester Miss & Master Pipes, do 5 Mr Burton 6 Mr Hughes 7 3Lr P. Williams 8 Mr Bishop ) GLADSTONE BUILDINGS- Restaurant-Misses Grif" fiths Offices-i7f,?,,srs J Oldfield co Offices of Messrs W. Davies and 31, n. Roberts, so- licitors 3Ir R Oldfield fp 3Ir Hughes 11 Mr G. Ditchfield 12 31iss Bet hell 13 Mr A. Shephcid Mr J. Clare, Stavely Mrs Clare, do 14 3Irs Griffiths Mr, Mrs, & Miss Mifilcn, Market Drayton Mrs & Miss Cartiidge, do T D Denton, Esq,London 15 3frs zlfooi-e Lewis and 3lisscs Price Roberts (/? CYNVAL VILLAS. I (i Dr A. E. Lloyd (p 17 18 Mr Gratton 19 31 r 31. Samuel 20 Mr Murphy Mr and Mrs Cunniugham, Chester Misses Watson, Sheffield WEST END VILLAS, 23 3llss Lewis (p 24 Mr F. Jones Miss Davies, Rossett Mr and Mrs E. Smith, Birmingham Mr & Mrs E. T. Smith,do 25 31rs Roberts (p 26 3frs and 3Iiss Sinister 27 31r 3lorrss (p 28 Mr J. W. Joh.-s fp 29 Mrs Jiobinson 30 Mr W. Edwards 31 York$Jones and 31 iss Williams p) 32 Mr TV. R. Williams (p 33 Mrs Matthews fp 34 Bodelwyddan view, Mi ss Jones 35 Mrs Jones Mrs Quine, Douglas Miss Quine, do Mr Burks, Hawarden 36 Mrs Clarke fp 37 YeWindsor, Mrs Clark 38 Mr J. Goffe Phillips, Esq, W'ton Mrs Phillips, family and nurse, do 39 3Ir B. Williams Mrs Wellington, baby & nurse, BallyVack Mrs Wellend, baby and nurse, do 40 3Irs Lambstale Mr & Mrs Mills, Dublin 41 Mr II. J. Hughes 42 F. Wrigley, Esq., Mrs Wrigley, and family (p 43 Castle hotel, Mr Pimb- lett Mrs Jordan, Leicester Miss Jordan, do 44 illr Wm. Jones Mr James Pickford, Con- gleton Mrs Dr JPattison,London 45 Mr R. Evans 46 Belmont house 47 Birmingham hotel, Mr Mr Kilshaw 48 Mrs Roberts E Owens, Esq, London Miss Sisson, Cambridge Mr Jones, Bettws y Coed Mrs Hill, do Miss Muston, do Mr & Mrs Kendall,W'sall T. Milward, Esq, B'ham Mrs Milward, do Mr and Mrs Griffith, Liverpool C Davenport, Esq, Wrex- ham Mr Holdroyd, Cleakheaton Mr Blackburn, do 49 Air Bell 50 Mr Jones 51 52 Ili-s Davies 53 Mr Howard Kinmel Terraoe. 1 Mr W. Evans 2 Mrs J. Davies 3 Mrs Hassell 4 Mr Roberts 5 Mr S. Jones 6 Mrs Jones Market Street. 1 zlli-s Lewis laOffice of E. H.Edward Esq. 2 3Lrs J. Thomas 3 Mr Robbins 4 3Irs Evans 5 Mrs Jenkins 6 3Irs Ward, 1 8 ————— 9 Mr J.Edwards 10 31 rs T. Roberts 11 Mona hotel, Mr W. G. Jones Mill Bank. Mill Bank inn, Mrs Wil- liams Meria.Vo villa, Mrs Wil- liams MOUNT PLEASANT. 1 Mrs Salisbury 2 Mr Blimston 3 Mrs Langfield, (jJ 4 3Iiss Salisbury MILL BANK VILLAS. 1 31 r G. Farrant SOMMERSET VILLAS, 1 3Irs Jones 2 Mr TV. Allman VALE VIEW TERRACE. 1 Mrs Edwards 2 Mrs Robe, ts 3 Mrs J. Jones 4 Mrs Price 5 Mrs Jones 6 31 iss Davies 7 Mrs Davies 8 Mr Roberts, 9 -illt-s Lewis 10 3Ir T. Jones 11 Miss Roberts 12 Mrs 3Iatthews 13 3Irs Edwards Elwy villa, Mr Phoenix Elwy Hall Cottage, 31 rs JiroTison and Miss lIar- l'ison VALE VILLAS, 31r E. Edwards 11 Mrs Fowler Morley Road, 1 Mr P. Evans 2 Mr R. Hughes Ccfndy villas, Mr Joseph Humphreys (p MOULEY VILLAS,- 1 3liss Hughes 2 3Irs Debney Freeholds, 31r Davies (p Whitford House, 3Irs J. lihyiwcn Jones family (p North John Street. 1 Miss Worseley 2 3Irs Colquhoun 3 31 rs Harris 4 3Irs Mayings 5 3Irs E. TVilliallls 6 Mrs. Pearson fp 7 Miss Cox 8 De Montmorency 9 3Ir 3Iarshall 10 3Ir Ilatwood II 12 lib's Williams Paradise Street. CIIURTON TERRACE, 1 2 Jlfrs and the Misses Wynne Edwards (p 3 Churton villa, Edwin A. Norbury, Esq., 3Irs Nor- bury and family (p Eden cottage, 3frs Jcstun Ivy cottage, Mi ss Burns REGENT VILLAS. 1 Mr J. Roberts 3Irs Neild 31 isscs Browne fp Queen Street. 1 31 r Pryee Davies Mrs Thons, Liverpool 2 3Ir W. Owen fp 3 ilft- Bradley 4 Mr Robet ts 5 Mr Graves WELSH CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH 6 Dining Room-JIbs. Pritchard 7 Mrs J. Turner Miss Swinchet, Dudley Mrs Hall, Birmingham 8 3tr Jones 9 10 Mrs Jones 11 Temperance hotel, Mr Ayre 12 Ta'lhaiam house, 31) ,so P. Evans 13 31 rs Jones. Miss Jones, Corwen Mr & Mrs Morris, family and maid, N'ham Mr Sax ton, do 11 31 r J. Mc-Gill Mrs Sinyth, Liverpool 15 31 rs O. Hughes 16 Mrs Brereton Mrs Rolwands, Hanley John Roberts, Esq Mrs James, Hanley 17 Brunswick house, Mrs Jones Brunswick Cottage Mrs Duvies 18 Adelphi house, Mrs Remington 19 Cleveland house, Mrs Rice Misses Wigglesworth 20 Albert house, Jlrs Allen The Rev. W. H. Stanltv, Chester W. Stanley, Esq., Camp- den Mrs Stanley, do Miss Stanley, do Miss E. Stanley, do Mr & Mrs Box, Wtou 20a AIr Slinn 21 AIrs Owen Mr & Mrs Edwards, Tal- ybont Ma and Mrs Aldred and family, Bowdon Mr Edwards, Glasinfryn 22 3Irs D. H. Jones Mrs Davies, London Mrs Mules, Bowton Mr & Mrs Powell, Wrex- ham Miss Rosie Powell, do M,ss Laura Powell, do Mr John Powell, do 23 Mrs Williams Mr & Mrs Bonks, family and nurse, Moseley Miss Fusey, Hockley Mrs Thomas, family and nurse, Wrexham 21 Mr J. Lloyd Mr Thomas, family and nurse, Wrexham 25 3Irs P. TV. Davies 26 Mr W. Vaughan 27 Mr E. Vaughan Mr Morris, Manchester 28 Mr W. Boddington 29 George hotel, 3Ir G. R. Allinson, proprieter lJI. JI. 3Ioores, manageress Mr McCormark, M'cester Mr Greenhalgh' M'chester Mr Middlehurst, do Master Middlehurst, do Miss Middlehurst, do Mr Robinson, Wigan Mrs Robinson, Wigan Miss Allinson, do Miss M Allinson, do Mr M Morgan, Dudley Mr F Lewis, Dudley Mr Brock, Birmingham Mr Blant, do Mr Chandley, do 3G Mrs Thomas 31 Mr Henry Jones 32 Mr W. Jones 33 4- 31 Mr J. R. Jones 35 Mr Ilatwood fp 36 itfr Hardeman fp 37 Mrs Bell Mr and Mrs Burks Russell Koad. 1 3frs Morris 1 aMr F. Ho man lbilfi- T. Evans 1 cMr G. Gregory 2. 4 Mr T. 3Ioms. 5 31-isses Morris Swan inn, 3Irs Ellis 6 3Ers Jones 7 Mr R. Roberts 8 lIhs Hug hes Plasgwyn, Mr R. H. Jones Auctioneer Plasgwyn Cottage, Mrs Povah Aston cottage, 3Irs Hughes ST. THOMAS'S CHURCH Englefield house, Miss Mason Englefield cottage, Stephen Itoose, Esq. (p Knighton lodge, Ofrs Wil- lowby 18 Mrs Croolcs Preswylfa, Miss Evans (p Bodanerch, T. Winston, p °q. (p 9 Jlr Eff wards (p 10 lasnewydd, Dr Bar- siow Caratairs § JIIrs Carstairs fp Vaynol, Capl. Wright Mrs Wright andfamity (p Clairville, Mrs Atcherley ENTRANCE TO TRINITY C HURCII Esmond house, Major Key- worth Oriel house, Mrs Oastlcr Sydnop house Francis Seholes, Esquire, Jlrs. Scholes § 31isscs Scholes The icarage-Rev. Thos. Richardson, 31.A., and family fp Rhianva, ill-isses Sneyd Bryn Estyn, the Missa Atcherley Sunnyside, 31 iss Jones Rowlandseck, 3Iiss Trous- dell Bryntirion, Archibald J. Fuller, Esq., Mrs Fuller, and family (p Plastirion, Peter Browne Esq., chief constable; 3trs Browne 4- familii (p South Kinmel Street. 1 MrsKwmphreys 2 3frs Goodwin 3 Mrs Jones 4 .5 Mrs Howard 6 3Irs Martin p 1 3Irs Billinq (1' 8 Mrs Roberts 9 3fr D. Owens 10 Mr Crummy 11 ilfr J. Gibbons Sussex Street. The Oxford Music Hall manager, Jlr Crowley 4 Mr McEwen 0 3lr E. A. Jones fp 6 Mrs Griffiths Gallfr John Roberts 7 Mr Gibson 8 3Irs Williams 8aJ[ J Amos 8 b3Ir TV. Jones 9 Chester house, Mr Lin- nell 10 Albert buildings, Mr TV. P. Toiies 12 Mr 0. Owen 13 "THE ADVERTISER" OFFICE, and STEAM PRINTING WORKS; Messrs Amos Brothers, Proprietors Office of Y GWYL- IEDYDD (The Watchman) Office of "Y CELT." 4 Mrs Ltdins fp 5 3fr Spink 16 Mrs Morland ENGLISH BAPTIST CHAPEL St. Asaph Street. 1 Kilmore villa, Evan Hughes,Esq., Mrs Hughes and the Misses Hughes fp 0- 4 Sandfield, Rev. J. Ogwen Junes, B.A., (Calvinistic Methodist minister),«««? Mrs Jones Sisson Street (out of Vale Road) 1 Sisson villa, Jlr. Edw. Morgan 2 Mr John Williams 3 jlIr Robert Roberts 4 Mr Jonet 2 3Ir IlarryFoster Tartleton Street. Mordon house, L. R.Mor- gan, Mrs Morgan and family fp Sunnyside, illiss Jones (p Rowlandseck, Miss Rich. ardson (p Thorpe Street. 1 Jlr A. Lee 2 Mr T. Davies 3 Mrs Roberts 4 Mrs Pritchard (p Gwynfa villa, Mr J. Davies Mrs Davies, and familyp Welsh Wesleyan Manse Rev Hugh Jones, Welsh Wesleyan Minister Vale Road. 2 Ir J. Clarke 2a 11Ir T. Owen 3 Mr J. Edwards 4 3Irs Hoole 5 3Ir J. 3Iorris 6 3Ir C. Evans 7Afrs Parry (p Llys Arvan, Rev. J). C" Evans(Calvinistic Meth- odistminister) MrEvani and family (p 9 Mr TV. Jones 9«Victoria inn, 31 r Evans British schools, Mr Tho- mas, master. Mrs Thomas mistress 10 Colomendy house, Mr Morgan COLOMENDY VIEW- 1 Jlr Clark 3 11lr E. Jones 3 3tr Mason 4 Mr Ellis Evans 11 3Ir TV. Williams 12 Mrs Roberts 13 Prince of Wales hotel, Mrs Davies 10 allcv. J. Davies, Mrs Davies, Miss Davies (p 10bMiss Mann fp Bryn hyfryd, 31 r Jones 16 31 rs N. Parry School House. Mr Jones East View, 31 r Evam Seirian house, 3Ir Hubbl 61 31 r Wm. Pendleton 62 Mr T. B. Jones 63 31r R. Jones 64 Ifi- TVm. Williams 65 Mr Phillipps 66 Mr Isaac Hughes 6Ga 3Ir 1Vm. Hughes 66b Mr John Thomas 66c Llysfaen House, Mr Thomas Jones 67 Nottingham House, Mr R. Janes 67bM-r Ilulley 67c3Irs R. Jones Cnd3Ir T. Williams 67 c3Ir All in VALE TERRACE— 1 3Iiss Hughes 2 Mr Williams Mrs Jones 4 3lr J. Jones 5 Mr 3Ianley 6 3Ir Brade 7 Mr T; Edwards (p 8 Mr D. Williams (p 9 3Ir W. Hosskins 10 lf)- J. Jones 11 3Ir P Hughes 12 3Ir R. Emerson 67fGlenville house, 3Ir W. Thomas Vickers, Esq G7¡;.Hr J. Owens 68 JIrs II. Picrcy 69 Mr Simncv 70 Miss Parry 76 Thomas Morris 77 Mr Isaac Jones 78 Captain Jones 80 Bod Elwa Mr W. Frimstone 81 Mr T. Roberts 82 Mr J. Davies 83 j1[r J. Hughes 84 3Irs Hughes Water Street. 1 Shamrock house, R Price Roberts, Esq.,M.D 3Irs Roberts, and Miss Roberts fp laMr 3Ialtby 1 bMr Pendleton 1 cMr Ecllcston 2 11[r 3fariner 3 3tr T. Williamt 4 3Irs Foulkes Miss Edith Hughes, do 5 Mrs Parry 6 Swiss cottage, Mr P P. Jones WELSH BAPTIST CHAPEL 7 Mr E. P. Jones 8 Mr E. Owens 9 Mrs Price Jones fp 10 JIrs Ilopkins Mr Tom Cossins, isandi- way Alis sMassey, Church Stretton Wynne Williams, Esq, New Zealand W J Robson, Esq, Man- chester C A Robson, Esq, do Mrs Brown, Hardwich Mrs Brown, Ardelleen 11 Meliden house, M R. Owen Mr and j Mrs Till & family, Binning ham 12 Mr Italton Misses Plums, Hinckley Master Plums, do Mrs Thomas and family, Walsall Mr & Mrs Grice, Chester 13- 14 Mifses Reece 15 Clifton house, Mrs Morris Mrs Iiirby, Bradford Mrs Dawson and family, Bradford 16 Mrs Humphreys J Baunlngton, Esq,B'ham Mrs Bannington & family, do Miss Halmshaw, B 'ham Miss Cecil Halmshaw, do 17 Mr Halmshaw 18 3Ir 31inch er 19 Mr Lloyd Edwards p 20 3Irs Owen Mr &: Mrs Jones, family and nurse, London 21 JIrs George Mrs Smith, Ashton under Lync 22 JJfrs Radge 23 31 iss Stuart Miss Rose, B'ham Miss Saunders, do Mr Thos Hill, Brentwood Mrs Thos Hill, family and attendant, do 24 Jfrs 1* Owen Mr Tomlinson and family, Sandwich Mr & Mrs Haudsall, do Miss Nicholson, do Miss Harris, Birmingham Miss Morgan, do Mrs Duckett, Stoke on Trent 25 JIrs Wlliams Mrs & Miss Dark, Wor- cester 26 3IrsJon cs 27 Regent house, Mrs Joltllson Mis.s Ilasler, Regents Park, N.W. Miss E Ilasler. do 28 1'. E. Perkins Esq, (p 29 Capt Hanaoe 30 Manchester house, Mr Myerscouyh Mr and Mrs Barlow, Man- chester Mr and Mrs Flercher and family, do Mrs Hough, W'hampton 31 Mr Ho man Mr Jones, Llanrwst Mrs Jones, family and nurse, do 32 Mr TV. Jones Mr & Mrs Powell, Cafn, Ruabon 32aOffices of W. R. Wilm Hams, Esq. ENGLISH CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH Wellington Road. WELLINGTON CHAMBERS 1 C. W.Bell,Esq,Solicitor 2 Mr Homan 3 Mr P. 3Iostyn Williams 4 3Irs Jones 6 Trehearn$Parry 7miss Amos THE ARCADE. Bijou Theatre-Dramatic Company, Mr R. David Roberts, proprietor-Jlr J H. Arnold, manager Smith's Dining Hall Albion hotel, Mr Lloyd 8 Mr J. Oldfield Bodfor House, Miss Daviei 9 Mr Hughes 12 Mr D. Williams 14 North Wales hotel,M Edwards 15 Mrs Jones 16 Rev. A. Francis (p 17 Mrs Williams llaMessrs R. Evans Co., Haydock Colliery 18 31 rs Evans 19 Mr R. Owen 20 JIrs Willtams 21 Mr Gregory 22 Mrs Lewis 23 Mr T. Jones 24 Mr Jones 25 Mr D. Eeans 26 Mr J. Edwards 27 Aled House, Mr J. T. Jones 28 Mrs Griffiths 29 1I-lr Evans 30 Mr R. Jones 31 Mrs Evans 32 Mr Francis Gallagher 3'laMessrs r, P. Williams 34 36 37 Glanmorfa Hall, Wm. Davies, Esq., Solicitor and Mrs Davies fp 44 Mr Dowell 45 Jlr E. Davies 46 Mr Hughes 47 Bay View, Mr Davies 48 3tr Hazleden. (p 49 Fron deg, Mrs Foulkes FFYNONGROEW ROAD- Barmouth Villa—Mr J.C• Davies 4aMrs J. Davies 6 Mrs S. Davies Terfyn cottage, Mr Jones Penycefndy, Mr Twist Plas Llewelyn, Misses ail- bank Pont y-gwtter Farm,Mfs E. Hhghes 1 Mr Fielding: (P 2 3Irs Davies (P 3 Miss Brown (P 1 Mr Keogh (P Jllrs Shcppar (P ST MARY'S ROMAN CATS OLIC CnuRcH From hyiryd, Jossp" 53 Marino Villa, Rev p. Roberts (Welsh Cougre, gational Minister) aftd Mrs Roberts :Belgrave Villa the 54 31 i,sscs Bron v 55 Orme view, Miss Garbett Miss Brooks 56 T. Babbagc, Esq. 57 Misses Holmes 58 Mr Gibbons (P 59 Jlrs and Miss KiermtlTl 60 Mr 3Iiddleton 61 Brig y don, Mrs Jones NATIONAL SCHOOLS.. 69 Chester and Liverpool I house, Ilfr Edwards 70 1I-lr Kerry 71 Mrs rd-o.WS Mr E Roberts' Solicitors Office 72 Leigh ton house, J -y Harrison and family 72 Myrtle cottage, Nrp Roberts 74 Myrtle cottage, 1Jlj Edwards v 75 Sea View cottage, Nr Wlliams 9 Refreshment 3Irs Jones 80 lIfr R. Chadwick 81 3Ir J. Roberts 82 Sun inn, 1Mrs Roberts 8" 3Irs T. Hughes 84 Capt. E. Jones 85 3Ir J. Jones 86 31r William Jones 87 Mr William Hughes Rhyl Winter Gardens, Skating Rink. Secre- tary-Jlr S. Bcrrinflto1J 123 Gorphwysfa, F. -pe, Esq., Mrs Fenn, «>f family 1243Ir R. Jones 125 31rs Rowlands 126 JIrs Jones 127 JIrs A. IfettelilFelti 128 .1.11r Joseph Jones 129 Mr P. II. Jones 130 ,1[r Williams 331 JIrs Owen 132 Ilp-s Pi-yee Da-viss 133 JIrs Hughes WATERLOO VIII.AS. 1 JIrs Evans 2 Mr C. Jones 143 Jllr and 3Irs Joitt* 143e7,lli- 8. Ilae 144 31r A. Rowland' 145 Plas Glan y doU, Hartley K 146 J1[r R. Williams fl. 148 Royal Oak, Mr Owen 149 Jlr J. Dcevies 150 31r P. Williams 151 JIrs Williams 152 3Ir T Jonet \i>33Ir 3Iorgan 151 Vine lodge Denman 155 JIrs Edwards 150 31r J Dowell lbGbMr John Ha),,nabyA(,-$ 157 Liverpool Ar-Igs Amos 15S Jit r. Humphrey1 159 Mr A. L. Sil'^ u 160 J!es,rs Price 4' llo 16Ufr 162 Mr J. P. Junes 163 Mr Tomkies goteI, 161 Birmingham ,Vi- r,(Iit-er,?-d 3Ir Edward Elhf 1135 Stationer's Hall, D. Trehearn (I I.GGJ[r lV, Owen gatel, 167 Northampton G. 16SJfiss McLaren oritfitl 169 Messrs Davies «-u f, 170 Messrs lVnght field 171 31 rs Ed win Jo»°s Printed and AMOS BIlOl-» £ c.lJ1(i at their Geuera iJ, Printing ^01jy'iyl, Sussex strc(i V>v,uddli111' the Parish of R1 __gAT« Cnonty of limt, VRDAY, Sept.