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Barclay & Perkins' Stout IS UNIVERSALLY ADMITTED TO BE SUPER. IOR TO ALL OTHERS. WM. P. JONES, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL WINE, SPIRIT, ALE & PORTER MERCHANT, 10, Sussex-street (Corner of Water-street, Rhyl, Having been appointed SOLE AGENT for the above can now supply them as follows:- Porter 23s. 18-gals. casks.12s. 9-gal. casks. B Stout 28s. .14S. B.B Stout.32s. .17s. Imperial or in- valid Stout 38s. •••19s. Sole agent for Messrs Mann, Crossman, and Paulin's celebrated BURTON ALES and LON- DON STOUTS, supplied in casks of all sizes, in splendid condition, and at Brewery prices. East India Pale Ale 3s. 6d. per doz. pints Extra Dublin Stout 3s. Od. ditto Wines and Spirits of First Class Brands ONLY. THE TRADE SUPPLIED. TEA, TEA, TEA, TEA, TEA, TEA, TEA, TEA, TEA TEA, TEA, TEA, TEA TEA TEA TEA TEA TEA T E. P. JONES, WATER STREET, Sells the Best 2s. 6d. TEA in the W orId E. P. JONES Sells Excellent TEA at 2s. per pound. Buy it and compare it with what is generally sold at 2s. 8d. COFFEE, FRENCH COFFEE, COFFEE IN TINS. E. P. JONES Sells Excellent MIXTURE in TINS at 9id. per lb. HERBERT'S FRENCH COFFEE Is. 2!d. per lb. 2 COFFEE in the Berry from- Is. per lb. COCOAS and CHOCOLATES. E. P. JONES Sells EPPS'S COCOA at Is. lid. per lb. E. P. JONES Sells Is. 6d. Tins COCOATINA at 1/2 each. E. P. JONES Sells 3s. Tins COCOATINA at 2s. 4d. each. JAMS JAMS JAMS NEW SEASON JAMS RASPBERRY JAMS. STRAWBERRY JAMS. VOLCKMAN'S JAMS The Best in the Kingdom At 7. WATER STREET. MARMALADE Tir^ijanAii jxd j-i MARMALADE. KEILLER'S MARMALADE from 1 lb. to 7 lb. Jars GROCERY and PROVISIONS GROCERY and PROVISIONS GROCERY and PROVISIONS. For GROCERY and PROVISIONS 00 TO E. P. JONES, 7, WATER STREET, RHYL. Public opinion settles the question, that he has the BEST and CHEAPEST GOODS. ESTABLISHED, J 866. QHARLES JJARDEMAN AND GON, noma, smuuH AND ,I !I GENERAll music WARE- HOUSE, 25, High Street, RHYL. Pianofortes and Harmoniums of the best make and selection, FOR SALE OR HIRE. New Music at half-marked price, post free. Schools and Teachers supplied on advantageous terms. Single tunings or by yearly contract, promptly attended to in Town or Country, all kinds of Musical Instruments tuned and repaired. ORGAN, HARMONIUM AND PIANOFORTE Lessons on Moderate Terms CONCERT AND ENTERTAINMENT AGENTS A RIDE TO K [I I vA- BY CAPTAIN FRED. BARNABY, ROYAL HORSE GUARDS. Page 13 says—"Two pairs of boots lined with fur were also taken and for physic-with which it is as well to be supplied when travelling in out-of-the-way places-some quinine and Cockle's Pills, the latter a most invaluable medicine,and one which I have used on the natives of Central Africa with the greatest possible success. In fact, the marvellous effects pro- duced upon the mind and body of an ArabSheik,who was impervious to all native medicines,when I admi. nistered to him five COCKLE'S PILLS will never fade from my memory; and a friend of mine who passed through the same district many months afterwards, informed me that my fame as a medicine man' had not died out, but that the marvellous cure was even then a theme of conversation in the bazaar. COCKLE'S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS, FREE FROM MERCURY. COCKLE'S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS, THE OLDEST PATENT MEDICINE. COCKLE'S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS, THE SAFEST TATENT MEDICINE. COCKLE'S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS, THE BEST FAMILY APERIENT MEDICINE. COCKLE'S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS, FOR LIVER. COCKLE'S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS, FOR BILE. COCKLE'S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS, FOR INDIGESTION. COCKLE'S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS. FOR HEARTBURN. COCKLE'S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS, FOB SICK HEADACHE. COCKLE'S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS, IN USE AMONGST ALL CLASSES. COCKLE'S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS, IN USE EIGHTY YEARS. COCKLE'S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS, IN USE EVERYWHERE. COCKLE'S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS, May be had throughout the United Kingdom, in Boxes, at Is. I!d., 28. 9d., 4s. 6d., 118., and 228. 18, NEW ORMOND STREET, LONDON. North Wales HYDROPATHIC ESTABLISHMENT, .(Limited,) CLAREMONT, RHYL- HOME FROM HOME," —————— This Establishment is NOW OPEN for Visitors, and provided with every comfort and all kinds of Baths. TBrms moderate. A prospectus will be forwarded on appli- cation to the Manager. Turkish Baths 2s. each, or 21s. per dozen. All other Baths Is. each. BILLIARD TABLES in excellent order. JOHN AMOS, JgOOT AND SHOE AT ANUFACTURER, 8, Sussex Street, Rhyl, (Opposite the George Hotel). Repairs promptly attended to. LARGE STOCK OF SAND BOOTS At Low Prices. G LASS, CHIINA, & jjjARTHENWARE ESTABLISHMENT, 4, BODFOR STREET, RHYL. M. WEDGWOOD, Dealer in all kinds of Useful and Fancy Articles, including British, Bohemian, and other Glass; Dres- den, Coburg-, and other China; Earthenware, Majolica, &c., of WEDGWOOD, and other noted Makes. WEDGWOOD JASPER SERVICES in GLASS and CHINA, &c,, procured TO ORDER, with CRESTS and MONOGRAMS on each piece. Matcliings obtainable of all goods bought at this establishment. Superior Brown Stone Ware in Stock. Hotels and Charitable TnRtihitinna JOHN EDWARDS, BUILDER & CONTRACTOR 26, WELLINGTON ROAD, RHYL, Every description of JOINERY WORK undertaken. ALL KINDS OFALTERATIONS, ADDITIONS, &c., PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. ESTIMATES GIVEN ON APPLICATION. J. & I). Williams 36, WELLINGTON ROAD, RHYL, 14 CJarrriage Builders, Wheel- wrights, & General Smiths. All repairs entrusted to J. & P. WILLIAMS will be neatly executed and promptly attended. ALSO GOOD SHOEING FORGE M" ONEY LEST WITHOUT SURETIES lav the CHAU1NG-CROSS DEPOSIT BANK, 28, Bedford street, Strand, London. Est. 1670.-101. to lOOOl. daily, in town or country, male or female, on personal security, mortgage of furniture, trade and farm stcek, plant, crops, &c., without re- moval. Also on deeds, policies. and reversions, at 5 per cent. from one month to 11 years. Distance no object. Easy re- payments. 250,0001. for investment. No good application refused. Strictly private. Can or write to A. WILLIAMS, Manager. Intending borrowers in London or Country may rest assured if they cannot obtain an advance atthis old-established, bona-, fide Advance Bank, they cannot obtain one anywhere. We use our customers well; they always come back, and recom- mend us; having a large connection We do business cheaper tha nothars JgD WARD QWENS, BUTCHER, 8, WATER STREET, RIIYL, In returning thanks for the very kind support given him during the period he has been in business, begs to inform the public that he has taken out a License to sell GAME, &c., Which is supplied from Mostyn Park, the seat of Lord Mostyn. All orders will be promptly attended to. "THE HOMEMADE BREAD SHor." J. T. JONES, JjlAMILY £ jj_K0CER A- 'JIJIA JRYIALI BAKEB, PROVISION DEALEB, AND TALIAN WAREHOUSEMAN, ALED HOUSE, 27, WELLINGTON ROAD, RHl "The best of Everything." A Certain Cure for the Nervous and Debilitated. GRATIS, a MEDICAL WORK, sliowiKK sufferers how they may be cured and recover health and vitality without the aid of Quacks, with recipes for purifying the blood and removing skill affections; also chapters on Happy Marriages; When and Whom to Marry; The Temperaments; Stammering Vital Force; How Wasted and How Preserved Galvanic Appliances; and the wonders of the Microscope in Detecting Various Complaints. Post free for two stamps. Adress, Secretary, Institute of Anatomy, Birmingham. T. LARGE, PAINTER, PLUMBER, GLAZIER, Decorator, Siflnivriter, Paperha.ngcr, &c., GLANGLASFOR, MARKET STREET, RHYL. T. L. begs to tender his sincere thanks to the Gentry, Tradesmen, and Inhabitants of Rhvl and neighbourhood, for the liberal support he has received since the time he has been in business, and hopes by strict attention to all orders entrusted to him, com- bined with moderate charges, to merit a continuance of public pat-ionago. Furniture re-painted. Estimates given for all kinds of Work. N.B.—T. L. employes gone but competent workmen. Every description of PRINTING neatly executed at the Advertiser" Office, Sussex-street, Rhyl. SMITH'S WELLINGTON HALL, IN THE CENTRE OF RHYL, Close to the Town Ball. COMFORTABLE ACCOMODATION FOR 300 at a time. The largest Hall of the kind in North Wales.. HOT J) I N N E RS AT ANY HOUR, FROM ONE SHILLING EACH, Estimates Given. Large or small parties specially provided for. TEAS FROM 9D. Large and small parties contracted for. AN ORDINARY DAILY AT 2/G EACH. tgigr OBSERVE—Smith's spacious Dining Room is situated in WELLINGTON ROAD, close to the Town Hall. AUTUMN SEASON 1881. F. pRYCE L EWIS, 26, BODFOR STREET, Will show this and following days ALL NEW GODOS IN SUITINGS, TROUSERINGS, AND OVERCOATINGS. NEW MATERIALS FOR LADIESfGARMENTS Inspection Invited, F. PRYCE LEWIS, 26, BODFOR STREET, RHYL. MONEY. MONEY. MONEY. THE IMPERIAL ADVANCE BANK. THE IMPERIAL ADVANCE BANK was established in South John-street, in 1875. THE IMPERIAL ADVANCE BANK is now established at 70 AND 72 VICTORIA STREET, LIVERPOOL. THE IMPERIAL ADVANCE BANK is considered to be THE HANDSOMEST BUSINESS PREMISES IN LIAEBPGOL. npHE IMPERIAL ADVANCE BANK i LENDS MONEY TO THE FOLLOWING PERSONS —Far. mcrs, Shopkeepers, Private Householders (Ladies or Gentlemen), Car Proprietors, Licensed Victuallers Cow Keepers, Tradesmen, School Proprietors, Clergy- men, Builders, Warehousemen, Professional Gentle- men, Clerks holding permanent situations, Persons about entering in Business, and all other responsible persons. THE IMPERIAL ADVANCE BANK has the following accounts at its command, to lend to tM.abftve porsons:-Twenty sums of X200 each, thirty of £ 1,000 each one hundred sums of £ l0 each, fifty sums of £ 30 each, thirty sums of £ 100 each, fifty sums of X50 each, ten sums of X800 each, one hun- dred sums of zE15 each forty sums of C60 each, twenty sums of jE250 each, forty sums of X70 each, twenty sums of zC800 each, ten sums of X,500 each, fifty sums 140 each, one hundred sums of zC20 each, and various intermediate sums from £10 to £ 1,000. THE IMPERIAL ADVANCE BANK requires NO SURETIES, but lends upon borrowers own security, Eary mode of Repayments. Rent Executions and Loans paid out in any part of England and Wales.—Distance is do objection. Ap- plicants are cautioned not to be allured by a cuningly worded advertisement issuing from a disreputable office, when they can be accommodated on the most liberal terms by thelmperial Advance Bank. Call at Bank, or apply by letter (stating amount required) to L. SIMMONS (Principal), 70 & 72. Victoria Street, Liverpool. G. H. R OBBINS NEW& SECOND-HAND FURNITURE STORES 3, MARKET STREET, RHYL. BEDSTEADS, MATTRESSES, CHILDREN'S COTS, PERAMBULATORS, BATHS, &c., &c., Lent out on HIRE. Agent for the Guardian Fire and Life Assuranc, CURE FOR ALL! HOLLOWAY'S OINTMENT. IMPORTANT DISCOVERY. No More Suffering! The Discovery of this Ointment has proved an invaluable boon to thousands of sufferers; when rubbed over or near the seat of suffering, its rare Balsamic properties are conveyed to every part. Thus it heals inward wounds and ulcers of the STOMACH, BOWELS OR WOMB, strengthens the spinal marrow in cases of nervous weakness and depression, and all diseases of the THROAT, LUNGS, AND CHEST. No invalid need despair of cure, whilst this Ointment can be obtained. Bad Legs, Bad Breasts, Old Wounds, and Ulcerations of all kinds. The application of this Ointment heals, in a remaAaMe manner, every kind of Ulceration, softens the stiff or contracted tissues, causes" proud" flesh to disappear, and foul and loath- some discharges to become converted into healthy healing some discharges to become converted into healthy healing surfaces; and these effects are not temporary, but are »adical and permanent. Piles, Fistulas, and Abscesses. "These and all similar affections must be carefully treateS according to the plan recommended in the printed instructions. The Ointment must be applied directly to the parts affected, and Holloway's Pills be simultaneously taken to purify the blood, and to relieve the internal congestions which are so fertile a cause of this class of disease.. Dropsical Enlargements, Swelled Legs, and Varicose Veins. In the reduction of all Glandular Swellings no remedy equatu this incomparable Ointment; it prevents the formation of extra, lieous growths, and is an invaluable remedy for checking all Chronic Discharges; when diligently rubbed into the parts affected, the worst case will yield in a comparatively short Space of time. Scrofula and Old Skin Diseases. This Ointment is a certain remedy for all diseases of the skin., whether simple or complicated.. Scurvy, ringworm, blotches, pimples, and other cutaneous disorders, are at one eradicated by this invaluable Unguent. The Ointment and Pills are sold at Professor HOLLOWAY.S Establishment, 533, Oxford Street, London; also by nearly nery respectable Vendor of Mcdicine throughout the Civilised World, in Pots and Boxes, at is. Id., us. 9d., 4s. 6d., lIS. 22S. and 33s. each. Full printed directions are affixed to each Pot and Box, and can be had in any language. Yi.B.-Advice can be obtained, free of charge, by applying at the above address, daily, between the tours of 11 and 4, or by letter. NERVOUS AKD PHYSICAL DEBILITY.—A gentleman having tried ia vain every advertised remedy, has dis- covered a simple means of self-cure. He will be happy to forward the particulars to any sufferer on receipt of a stamped and directed envelope.—Mr J. T. Si; WELL, Brook Villa, Ham mersmith, London, W, HARRY MUDD, Fish, Game, and Poultry Dealer, ENGLISH 8f FOREIGN FRUITERER, 18, BODFOR STREET, (Near the Railway Station), and 5, MARKET HALL, RHYL, A Daily Supply of all kind of FISH in Season delivered to order. A larga selection of SARDINES and other Tined Fish of the Best Brand. SAUCES, PICKLES, CAPERS, &c Fresh Butter Daily. <?' H.M. invites inspection of his large and varied supplies of Fish Poultry, Fruit, Vegetables, &c., as he feels confident the prices and quality cannot be surpassed. IMPORTANT NOTICE. Å T J. BROWN'S E STABLISHMENT Photographs are taken so quickly by the instantanious process on plates prepared upon his own premises that he will guarantee Cartes and Cabinets taken in dull and rainy weather quite equal to any taken ano fine clfear day. Cartas in any one position, including Vignettes, 5s. 6d. per dozen in two positions, 6s. 6d. per dozen. Cabinets, in any position, Vignettes included, first one, 3s 6d after copies, Is. each N.B.3, KINMEL STREET, RHYL, first door from the bridge, and nearly opposite the Alexandra Hotel. JOHN SMITH, A :-u CTIONEER. AND VALUER A V LAND AND ESTATE AGENT. Agent to the Norwich Union Fire Insurance Society Mortgages negotiated on good Freehold or Lease- hold Property, from Three and a Half to Five Pir Ce. A flry and convenient room for Warehouseing Furniture, Pictures, &c., Office:-88, WELLINGTON ROAD, RHYL. "Tfli EORGE REGORY, {-Authorized Plumber and Glazier), GAS FITTER, DECORATIVE PAINTER, PAPERHANGER, &c.. Ie, RUSSELL ROAD, RHYL, Begs to inform the Gentry and Public of Rhyl that he has commenced business in the above line, and hopes by strict attention to the same to merit a share of their patronage and support. All orders entrusted to him will be under his Personal Supervision. BEER ENGINES, &c., REPAIRED. Estimates given for all class of Work as above. Note the Address-Ie, RUSSELL ROAD, RHYL. -pAMILl^Y JR. ABERGELE. HUGH ROBERTS, PROPRIETOR. POSTING CARS, and HORSES for HIRE. CHOICEST WINES, SPIRITS, and CIGARS. The only Carriages in Abergele privileged to drive through the beautiful and romantic Grounds of G-wrych Castle are those of this Hotel. NOTICE OF REMOVAL. rjHOMAS WILLIAMS, BUTCHER, 3, WATER STREET, (LATE OF BEDFORD STREET), RHYL. A constant supply of Meat always on hand: including Beef, Mutton, Lamb, Veal, Pork &c., NOTICE OF REMOVAL. F. W ILLIAMS, (Late of Elwy Hall Cottoge) POULTERER & GREENGROCER, Has removed from 8, Sussex-street TO 7, KINMEL STREET, RHYL. Fresh Fruit and Vegetables daily from the principal Gardens in the neighbourhood. All Orders promptly attended to. A FACT WORTH KNOWING. BEECHAM'S PILLS Have now been before the Public Thirty Years, and the rapid sale from the commencement, and the still increasing demand by the Public, is one of the best guarantees to the Nervous and Debilitated. Thousands, in every sphere of life with one voice pronounced them the best, the safes and the sur. et for eradicating all those complaints of which flesh is heir to. They stand without a parallel; and have the largest sale of any Patent Medicine in the world. BEECHAM'S PILLS ARE admitted by thousands to be worth above a Guinea a for Bilious and Nervous Disorders, such as wind and pain in the Stomach, sick Headache, Giddiness, Fulness, and Swelling after Meals, Dizziness and Drowsiness, Cold Chills, Flushings of Heat, Loss of Appetite, shortness of Breath Costiveness, Scurvy and Blotches of the skin, Disturbed Sleep Frigntful Dreams, and all Nervous Trembling Sensations, &c. &c. The first dose will give relief in twenty minutes. This is no fiction. for they hare done it In Thousands of cases. The Proprietor of these Pills having obtained (at great expense) a Patent for them, he challenges the whole world to produced a medicine to equal them for removing the above- named complaints, and restoring the patient to sound and lasting health. Every sufferer is earnestly invited to try one Box of these Pills, and they will be acknowledged to be WORTH A GUINEA A BOX. For Females of all ages these Pills are invaluable, a few doses of them carry off all gross humours, and open as that is required. No female should be without them. There is no medicine to be found to equal BEECHAM'S PILLS for removing any obstruction or irregularity of the system. If taken attOiding to the directions given with each box, they will soon restore femals 01 all ages to sound and robus health. For a weak stomach, Impaired digestion, and all disorders ot the liver, they pot like MA070, and a few doses will be found to work wonders, upon the mostimportant organs in the human machine. They strengthen the whole muscular system, restore the long lost complexion, bring back the keen edge of appetite, and arouse into action with the rose bud of health, the whole physical energy of the human frame. These are facts admitted by thousands, embracing all classes of society, and one of the best guarantees to the nervous and debilitated is that Beecham's Pills have the largest sale of any patent medicine in the world. BEECHAM'S MAGIC COUGH PILLS As a Remedy for Coughs in general, Asthma, Difficulty in Breathing, Shortness of Breath, Tightness and Oppression of the Chest, Wheezing, &c,, these Pills stand unrivalled; and any one labouring under any of the above complaints, need only to try ONE BOX to prove that they are the BEST EVEB OFFERED one labouring under any of the above complaints, need only to try ONE BOX to prove that they are the BEST EVER OFFERED TO THE PUBLIC for Asthmatic and Consumptive Coughs, and. Oppression of the Chest. They speedily remove that sense of Oppression and Difficulty of Breathing, which nightly deprivq the patient of rest. They give almost instant relief and com- fort to those afflicted with the above distressing, and, when neglected, dangerous compiaints. Let any person troubled with any of the above complaints give BEECHAM'S COUGH PILLS a trial. CATTTIOJT.—The public are requested to notice that the words "Beecham's Pills, St. Helens," are on the Government Stamp affixed to each Box of the Pills; if not on, they are a forgery Prepared only and sold wholesale and retail by te Pro- prietor. T. BBECHAM, Chemist, S t. Helens,Lancashire, in boxes at:ls lid, and 2s gd each. Sent by poet free for 15 or 36 Stamps, Sold by all Drugists and Patent Medicine Dealeratn in the United Kingdom. THE PURE HOME MADE BREAD ESTABLISHMENT. PRICE & ROBERTS, FAMILY GROCERS, JTALIAN -^WAREHOUSEMEN, "gAKERS, 160, WELLINGTON ROAD, AND 39, HIGH STREET, RHYL, (Tlte very well-known old establishment for finest Provisions). Pure Home-made Bread, and Italian Goods, at VERY MODERATE PRICES. We invite a trial of the following TEA! TEA! TEA! per lb. per lb. Good Tea at Is 4d Mixed Congou- Is 8d Full flavoured 2s Excellent quality 2s 6d Strictly High-fla- voured at 3s Finest China and I India imported 3s 4d I Herbert # Co.'s, and Say's French Cofee-bestplanta. tion and West India. Finest American Bacon and Hams; also genuine Cumberland, Wiltshire, and Home.cured Hams and Bacon. Stilton, Cheshire, and other Cheese. Best Canadian, Irish, and Welsh Butters. Huntley & Palmer's, Peek, Frean & Co.'s, and other Biscuits. Crosse & Blackwell's, Keiller's, & Hartley's Jams, Marmalades, Jellies, &c., of the best quality. A Fresh Supply of Butter and Eggs from the Den- bigh Market Weekly. Special Arrangements made with Institutions, Hotels, and Refreshment Rooms. Agent fort he Scottish Union and National Insurance Company. JOHN DEVINE, AUCTIONEER & APPRAISER, HOUSE ANIJ ESTATE IGENT. AUCTION ROOMS AND OFFICE:- 37. HIGH STREET. Houst., 2, BRIGHTON ROAD, RHYL. Public Auctions at stated periods, which will be duly advertised. Furniture, &c., may be sent to the Rooms for Sale at any time. Excellent dry rooms for or a ge. I JAMES I)AVIES, GWYNFA VILLA, RHYL, HOUSE & ESTATEAGENT, Collector of Rents, &c. Agent also for the" YORKSHIRE & LONDON PLATE GLASS INSUR- ANCE," 'PROVINCIAL,' 'QUEEN'S,' surance ocmip-aniij*, -nv- -A t Tn SHIRE & YORKSHIRE AGAINST J RAILWAY ACCIDENTS of all kinds. J. c OSSINS, OF THE BLUE CAP MEWS, HIGH STREET, Has OPENED a Branch Establishment at the QUEEN'S HOTEL STABLES, WEST PARADE for the convenience of his patrons and the public. Orders for Carriages taken here. A LARGE BRAKE Will leave: TWICE DAILY at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., calling to pick passengers up at the BLUE CAP MEWS, for BODELWYDDAN MARBLE CHURCH, CEFN ROCKS & CAVES, AND ST. ASAPH CATHEDRAL. For further particulars apply to the Proprietor. NEW WORK BY DR. HENRY SMITH. IMPORTANT TO MEN. Now ready by post envelope. Nine Stamps, [free to any part of the World DISEASES PECULIAR TO MEN: Constiputional or acquired their cause Consequeuces and Cure. It is THE BOOK OF POSITIVE REMEDIES for the Cure of every form of Disease Peculiar to Men. ALL Diseases of the Urinary Organs, for which Mercury and other Pernicious Drugs are employed by English physi- cans, to the ruin of the invalid's health, are now Cured by DR. SMITH'S POSITIVE MEDICINES. Thousands of cases have been Cured by his Positive remedies when the doctors had given the case up of incurable. Country invalids by the aid of this book may understand the the treatment. No Con- sulation Fees. No Personal visits. Should be Sent for by all men of all ages, and read by them the houghtful race. DR HENRY SMITH, 8, Barton-crescent, London, W.C A PHYSICIAN'S GIFT. A MEDICAL TREATISE showing how sufferers from Nervousness and Debility may speedily recover health, strength, tone and vigour, and ENSURE A LONG AND HEALTHY LIFE, With prescriptions for the cure of Stomach, Liver, and Heart disease, and for Purifying the Blood, to. Postage, 2 stamps. Address-J. BAINES, Secretary, 7, Tavistock Street, Bedford Square, Londcn. CASH ADVANCED WITH & WITHOUT SURETIES MR. PREECE JONES, 2, CRESCENT ROAD, RHYL, invites Personal Ap- plication any Monday or Friday. NORTH WALES OFFICE OF THE "PROVINCIAL TRADE PROTECTION SOCIETY" For Weekly Gazette, Private Enquiries ana Recovery of Debts. I GEORGE FAMILY& COMMERCIAL HOTEL CORNER OF SUSSEX STREET AND QUEEN STREET, RHYL. Visitors, Tourists, and Excursionists accommodated with Breakfasts, Luncheons, Dinners, and Teas upon the shortest notice. PRIVATE SUITES OF ROOMS FOR PARTIES. Choice Wines, Liquors, &c. Bottled Ales and Stout. MRS. MOORES, MANAGEBXSB. JgDWAED OWENS, BUTCHER, 8, WATER STREET, RHY (OPPOSITE SUSSEX STREET) Families supplied with the Best Quality of B. Mutton, Lamb, Veal, and Pork. Orders Promptly Attended To. Fine Flavoured Pork Sausages. RHYL GARDENS, LAKE AND LAND COMPANY (LIMITED.) GARDENS AND RINK, JLt WELLINGTON ROAD, OPEN DAILY (9 a.m to 9.30 p.m.) Admission to all parts 6d. each. Children under 12 years half price, Including Concerts and Entertainments unless otherwise notified. BOWLING, CROQUET, & LAWN TENNIS On easy terms. QUOITS FREE. Refreshments of all kinds at the Company's Pavilion in grounds at moderate charges. RHYL TEA EXCHANGE. 53, HIGH STREET, (Opposite the New Inn). OWEN OWENS, Begs to inform the inhabitants and visitors of Rhyl and neighbourhood, that the above Establishment has been RE-OPENED, with a large and well-selected stock of GROCERIES, PROVISIONS, &c., Of the finest quality, and will be sold at the lowes remunerative prices. A large stock of NEW SEASON TEAS Of the best quality, at Is. 8d., 2s.4d,2s. 6d., and 3 per lb. Selected Teas at 3s. B ERLIN & ]FIANCY ]ft-VPOSITORY (STAMP OFFICE), 3, BODFOR STREET, RHYL.; MRS. LI TOH FIELD, While thanking her numerous customers for their kind support and patronage, begs to intimate that she has received her new stock for the season, com- prising a very choice selection of Cabinet and General Fancy Goods, Needle oik of the newest styles, Berlin, Fleecy, Fi gering, Shetland, Ice, and Crewclle Wools. AN EARLY INSPECTION RESPECTFULLY INVITED. Lessons given in Artistic Leather Work, and alt' kinds of Fancy Work. TERMS MODERATE. Agent for G. WEIGHT & SONS, the well-known Dyer and Cleaners. GRAllS.—Sent by post to all parts of the World on roceipt "POS INVALIDS' GUIDE BOOK OF POSITIVE REMEDIES FOR THE CURE OF ATT. DISEASES. THE BOOK OF POSITIVE REMEDIES gives a full list of the names in English, of all the Positive Medicines used by a retired Physician in his practice for over Thirty Years. The Name, Nature and Dose given also a list of Diseases for which the Positive Botanic Medicines are a certain Cure. EVERY HOUSEHOLD, every Man and Woman should possess a Copy of this invaluable book. IT IS WRITTEN and PUBLISHED to enable Invalids to form a correct knowledge of the disease that they may be suffering from, and to select a Remedy and Cure themselves without consulting a Medical Man, either personally or by letter. EVERYTHING THE INVALID should know on self-treatment, how to secure health, a long life and to avoid the doctor is given in this work. IT IS INDEED, and IN TRUTH, the Invalid's Hand-book and sure guide to the cure of all diseases by the Positive Botanic Medicines. OVER SIXTY THOUSAND INVALIDS have been cured by the Positive Botanic Remedies. THREE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED Testi- timonials given in favour of these Medicines. SEND FOR THIS INVALUABLE BOOK, and read it before taking Medicine-before giving your case into the hands of a Medical Man. NO WRITTEN STATEMENT OF CASE. NO CONSULTATION FEES. NO PERSONAL VISITS REQUIRED. SELF-TREATMENT IS EASY, SAFE ANP EFFECTUAL by following the rules given in this Book. GRATIS.—NOTICE.—The Guide Book to the treat- ment of all diseases by the new system of Positive Botanic Remedies may be had direct from the Publishers on receipt of Two Stamps to prepay the postage.—Address— H. & H. SMITH & Co., POSITIVE REMEDY LABORATORY, 26, Southampton Row, London, W.C. By a Medical Man of thirty years' practice, ree all for 2 stamps. A TREATISE ON NERVOUS DEBILITY. THIS little work is a valuable Medical Friend. It JL gives a graphic description of the Cause and Cure of NERVOUS DEBILITY, Indigestion, Pal- pitation, Loss of Brain Power, Memory, &c. All persons who, from various causes, are depressed in spirits, shaken in nerves, or weakened in frame, should send for and read this work. Address-J. BAINES, Sec., 7, Tavistock Street, Bedford Square, London, W. ONE BOX OF MATICO PEARLS, IN all URINARY AILMENTS, whether simple or complicated, will prove to be transcendently superior to all recognised and known remedies. Can- not fail to give immediate relief, and never disappoint, but effects a marvellous and speedy cure. For pains in the back they are invaluable. 4s 6d per box. Sent to any address for 60 stamps. From BAINES & Co. only, 7 Tavistock Street. Tottenham Court Road, London. DEBILITY AND NERVOUSNESS. Re-Issue of "THE WARNING VOICE," DR, SMITH'S Celebrated Work, of which 500,000 Copies were Sold. Revised Edition. Now Ready, 152 pages, by the post to all parts of the World in Envelope,two stamps, in Envelope,two stamps, rpIIE WARNING VOICE. This is a Special _L Medical Book addressed to Youth and Manhood on Cause, Symptoms. Consequence and Treatment of Debilitating Diseases. By HENRY SMITH. Doctor of Medicine Of the University, of iona, by Diploma, 1890 THIS IS A NhW MEDICAL WORK on the Nature, Treat. ment and Cure of Nervous, Mental, and Physical Debility Lowness of Spirits, Indigestion, Dimness of Slight, Want of Energy, Deafness, Epilepsy, Piles, Premature Decay, Head. ache, resulting from Loss of Nerve Power,the results of Intem. perance,Late Hours,Worrry, Brain Toil, &c.,which if neglected, will end in Confirmed Debilityt Premature Decline. Gives the ADVISE and INSTRUCTIONS, the result of THIMI Yzuts practice, by which Thousands have been restored to health Illustrated by Cases and Testimonials srym grateful Patients wtih means of Cure used in each case. DR. HENRY SMITH, 8, Burton Creeotat, London