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THE DOLGELLEY POST OFFICE. SlR, At the last quarter sessions attention was most properly directed by the chairman to the delays which occurred in the postal deliveries at Dolgelley, and to the circumlocutory way in which the local postal arrangements were conducted by the authorities. Then the whole blame was attributed to the Cambrian Railway Company, who have the carriage of the mails to Dolgelley, and DO little stress was laid by the chairman of quarter sessionS upon the late arrival of the mail bags per rail. The post* master, had, he stated, kindly acquainted him with the result of his observations of some days' want of punctuality on the part of the railway company, and this shortcoming on the part of the railway officials was duly enlarged and commented upon. May I suggest that Mr Richardgt should, before re-introducing the subject, as he promised, to the next sessions, direct his enquiries as to the promptitude of the deliveries of the town, and having done so, kindly inform his brother magistrates as to the infallibility of the local postmaster in this respect 1 Apropos of the mail arrangements of the Cambrian Rail" way on this side of the water, there is one little suggestion which is, I think, well worth the consideration of the traffic manager, and if it can be carried out would reall? be very beneficial to Dolgelley, as well as Barmouth, and the outlying villages, as far as its early postal deliveries are concerned. Why.cannot the mail train be arranged to cross the up passenger train at Barmouth Junction, in" stead of, as at present, at Llwyngwril? Assume that the Pwllheli train is late, as is frequently the case, and that that train comes to grief as regards punctuality, why should the mail be delayed at Llwyngwril ? Cannot the mail be brought on to Barmouth Junction, be made independent of the late arrival of the Carnarvonshire train, and allowed to precede, or even to be taken on by the ordinary paS" senger train to Dolgelley ? This arrangement, if it be feasible, and surely it is, would expedite the delivery of the mails some forty minutes, say half an hour at the least, and if the unnecessary delay, on the part of the loca* postal authorities, which forms the subject for endless dis- cussion and grumbling by Dolgelleyites, were only got rid of, then, perhaps all might rest content. Just another word or two about the post-office. Mr Scudamore is, I see, scouring the country in the matter of the post-office telegraphs. Many Dolgelleyites would, I feel convinced, be delighted to have the honour of a visit from that gen- tleman, if merely to ascertain his opinion of the aptitude of an office for public business, which combines the business of a draper's shop with that of a grocer's store, throwing in the work attendant upon a general post office, with several branches, a money-order office, a telegraph office in futuro, a dog licence office, and—but I think that I have named quite sufficient to shew that the postal arrange* ments must be insufficient to meet the requirements of 9 town like Dolgelley. May that sufficiency suffice to bring about that change and improvement which have long been greatly needed and looked for. Yours, A READER.

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