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MACHYNLLETH. THE FEMALE CHRISTYS —This troupe performed before i limited audience in the Town Hall on Thursdav evening. THE MEETING OF THE GAS COMPANY.—The annual meeting of the shareholders of the Machynlleth Gas Com- pany stands further adjourned until Saturday. THE DRAINAGE OF THE TOWN.—We understand that Mr W. H. Kensit, C.E., Aberystwyth, has been instructed to make a complete survey of the town of Machynlleth, with a view to a thorough system of drainage, and to make a report thereon to the committee which has been formed for general sanitary purposes. CAGED AT LAST. —A scene which caused some little ex- citement amongst the bystanders was witnessed at the railway station on Wednesday. Being fair day the Re- freshment Rioms had a more than usual full share of patronage, and about one o'clock a row was heard, and the police, many of whom were on the platform, rushed in to eject the fellow who was the origin and the prime mover in the row. The noisy gentleman turned out to be a character well known in the police annals of Machyn- lleth, one Richard Jones, more familiarly recognised by the soubriquet, Dick Pwll-lan, whose whereabouts had been anxiously sought by the police for some time, Dick being wanted on two charges of drunk and riotous. He would not go quietly with his captors, and physical force had to be used. Dick struggled hard for liberty, and in the meMe he managed to get the thumb of P.C. Richard Thomas between his teeth, and to the thumb he held fast. The officer, fearing for his imprisoned digit, drew his staff, and caught Dick a sharp blow on the head. Dick dropp d in an apparently senseless condition, and the bystanders inveighed against the cruelty of the officer in rescrting to such a measure to save his thumb. The police, however, knew their man and carried him into the booking-office. A medical man, who happened to be on the platform, was called in; and declared that Dick was shamming. Dick, however, remained in this semi-senseless state for nearly an hour, until the train arrived, and, with the assistance of several policemen he was carried, apparently in a very weak and exhausted condition, into the carriage and in charge of P.C. Richard Thomas started en route for Montgomery. The train had hardly got out of the station before Dick suddenly turned on the officer, and dealt him a heavy blow with the handcuffs with which his wrists had been embellished. After a hard struggle, Thomas with the assistance of some of his fellow passengers, managed to secure Dick more safely, binding nim hand and foot, and in that state he was taken to Montgomery gaol, where he will enjoy the hospitality of the place for the next three months, the alternative for non-payment of sundry fines which had been imposed upon him.


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