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TUESDAY,—Before the Mayor.







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TRAFFIC RETURNS. 1870 Great Western £ 68,8i5 West Midland s. 1869. South Wales £ 65 840 1870. London and North Western £ 114,684 Shrewsbury and Hereford V 1869 Shropshire Union J £ 109,213 For the week ending February 20th. CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS (178 miles open). -Passenger% parcels, horses, carriages, dogs, and mails, 2972 met" chandise, minerals, and cattle, 21,308. Total for t;]16 week, 22,280. Aggregate, to this date, £ 16,471. corre' spondingweek in last year (176 miles open). -PassengeA &c., 2995; merchandise, &c., 21,178; total £ 2,1735 aggregate, to this date, 216,255. For the week ending February 13th. BRECON AND MERTHYR RAILWAY (60f miles open).- Passengers, parcels, &c., 2151 13s. 3d.; goods and liV-6 stock, RWI 14s. 2d.; total, 21,053 7s. 5d.; 217 6s. 7d mile per week. Corresponding week last year (59j mi1 open).—Passengers, &c., £ 142 5s. 6d.; goods, &c., £ 67" Is. 3d.; total, £ 818 6s. 9d.; £ 13 15s. Id. mile$weefc Increase, 2235 Os. 8d. Aggregate from 1st January (six weeks), 1870, 26,476 5s. lid.; ditto, last year, 25,0 Os. 8d.; Increase, 21,237 5s. 3d. HUNTING APPOINTMENTS. [WEATHER PERMITTING.] Capt. Adams's Harriers meet on Saturday, Feb. 26th Talerddi# At 9. The Vale of Ayron (Capt. Vaughan8) Hounds meet on Saturday, Feb. 26th Maenygwynioff Monday, Feb. 28th Wednesday, March 2nd .Pennant BridgØ At 10.30. The Idris Side Harriers meet on Monday, Feb. 28th .Cross Foxfs Friday, March 4th LlanuwchllyJ1 At 10. A representation of the Welsh fasting girl as she appeared shortly before death, attended by one of the hospital nurses, has been added to a Liverpool waxwork exhibition. The new High Sheriff of Montgomeryshire, Offle/ Malcolm Crewe-Read, Esq., has appointed the Rev. "W. Lawson Barnes, M. A., Rector of Knapton, Norfolk, as his chaplain. It is notified that on the 1st of March will appear the first number of a new daily financial paper, entitled the Financier, and conducted by the gentleman who, after holding the city editorship of the London Daily Newt for nearly twenty years, has just resigned it. The BEST Tea ONLY." The, great success thathas attend* ed the sale of Horniman's Pure Tea for 30 years, is attri- buted to its uniform strength, purity at real chmpnas. this desideratum is obtained by selecting only the choice young leaves, & not allowing them to be artificially colored, as is usual with the ordinary sort. SHROVE TUESDAY, MARCH 1ST. HOW TO MAKE PAN- CAKES.—Take one pound of flour, a large teaspoonfol of Borwicks' well-known Baking Powder, and a little salt, mix well in a dry state, add an egg or two, beaten up, and sufficient milk to make a thin batter, then fry at once with lard or butter.—Enormous price of eggs.—A large saving both in butter and eggs can be effected by the use of Borwicks' Baking Powder, for which Two Gold Meåal4 have been awarded for its excellent quality. HOLLOWAY'S PILLS.-The Liver, the Stomach, and their ailments.—Alternations of temperature, muggy weather, a troubled mind, sedentary habits, excesses of the table, and a gay, reckless mode of life exert the most deleterious influence over the liver and stomach. When once these organs are fairly out of order, great inroads are quickly made on the general state of the health the constitution, which has been deprived of two of its noblest organs, soon gives way, and diseases quickly follow, from which, if neglected, the worst consequences will inevitably result. If a course of Holloway's celebrated Pills be persevered in, all will be well again, as they are the finest and noblest correctives of the blood ever known, and a certain cure for all disorders of the liver and stomach. DR TEMPLE'S STATEMENT TO SIXTH FORM AT RUGBY.— "Before I came to Rugby, before I thought of coming to Rugby, I was asked to write in that book. To have written in That book, as Head Master of Rugby, would have been a blunder. It was perhaps a blunder in me not to reconsider my decision of letting the essay be published when I came to Rugby. But inasmuch as it was a past act, it never occurred to me to recon- sider it. I thought then, and I still think, even after what has happened, that that book ought to have been published. The book contains opinions which have long been lurking in corners; it was time they were dragged to light and faced. We agreed each to write what he thought, and that we were only respon- sible for our own essays this was clear to us all, because we knew before writing that we differed widely. In conclusion, I would warn you against^ twp things: against entering on the speculations contained in that book in a light or cursory way, and against supposing that I agree with all that is said in that book. I am sure you know me too well to suppose this for an instant." PALATABLENESS OF DR DE JONGH'S LIGHT-BROWN COD LIVER. OIL.-The united opinion of all medical men who have tried it, and the experience of countless patients concur in proving that Dr de Jongh's Light-Brown Cod Liver Oil is infinitely more palatable and more easily taken than any other kind. Dr Granville, F.R.S., states: 'Being much more palatable than the Pale Oil, Dr Granville's patients have themselves expressed a preference for Dr de Jongh's Light-Brown Cod Liver Oil." Dr Joseph Kidd observes I have found by experience that Dr de J ongh's Oil agrees perfectly with many persons who were unable to use the so-called refined or white Cod Liver Oil from its sickly and undecided taste, which was not at all complained of in Dr de J ongh's Oil." Dr Edgar Sheppard writes Dr de Jongh's Oil has the rare excellence of being well borne and assimilated by stomachs which reject the ordin- ary oils." Dr W, Pearce remarks: "Another advantage of Dr de Jongh's Oil is the absence of that disagreeable and sickly taste, which is one of the characteristics of the Pale Oil." Dr de Jongh's Light-brown Cod Liver Oil is sold only in capsuled imperial half-pints, 2s. 6d; pints, 4s. 9d. quarts, 9s.; labeled with his stamp and signature, without which none can possibly be genuine, by his sole consignees, Ansar, Harford, and Co., 77, Strand, London and respectable chemists. Printed at the Caxton Steam Printing Works, Oswald-road, OB• westry, by ASKEW ROBERTS, EDWARD WOODALL, and RICHARD HENRY VENABLEB, and Published at 12, Bridge-street, Aberyst- wyth, by PHILIP WILLIAMS. Saturday, February 26th, 1870.

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