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LIVERPOOL CORN MARKET.-TuESDAY. The market was fairly attended. There was a more general inquiry for Wheat, but the business was not considerable, and was chiefly confined to White, at FRIDAY'S PRICES. Flour was quiet without change. Beans 6d. lower. Peas very scarce, and held in second hand for Is. to 2s. more money. Oats and Oatmeal dull, without change. Barley more enquired for. Indian Corn 6d. on the week. Transactions small. LONDON, MONDAY.—Last week's supplies of all grain were very short: Exports, 6 qrs. Barley, 190 qrs. Oats, 3 qrs. Beans, and 20 qrs. Peas. English Wheat 3,147 qrs., and foreign 2,409 qrs. There was a very small show of wheat this morning from Essex and Kent, and the condition was very bad, the change to milder weather having caused it. The few parcels really fine brought last Monday's rates, though but slowly. The demand for foreign was merely retail, buyers expecting a reduction from the depart- ure of the frost, while holders would not submit. Country Flour 20,651 sacks, foreign 255 sacks. The trade was limited, though some holders were asking improved rates, which were not paid, for Norfolk, or other country sorts. Foreign, both in sacks and barrels, met with little inquiry, at nominally the same money. Maize 2.742 qrs. This grain sold slowly, at previous rates. British Barley 2,546 qrs., foreign 4,960 qrs. The demand for malting sorts was slack, but no change in prices occurred. Secondary and grinding foreign remained dull. The Malt trade was again very steady, without alteration in value. English Oats 818 qrs., Irish 470 qrs foreign 9,672 qrs. With these small supplies there was a very limited business for all descriptions on ship-board and in granary at about previous prices. Native Beans 501 qrs., foreign 45 qrs. Old beans being scarce were Is. dearer, but not soft new. English Peas 813 qrs., foreign none. Prices were firm for white, but not higher. CURRENT PRICES OF BRITISH GRAIN AND FLOUR IN MARK LAKE. Shillings f" qr. Wheat, Essex and Kent (white), old 45 to 48 Ditto, ditto new 38 47 Wheat, Essex and Kent (red) old 44 46 Ditto, ditto new 86 43 Wheat, Norfolk, Lincoln, and Yorkshire (red) old 45 47 Ditto, ditto ditto new 36 43 Barley 25 89 Boans 82 42 Oats, English feed 18 19 lour, per sacK oi asuiD, Town, uousenoias, õïS. tojzss. WARWICK, SATURDAY.—There was a good attendance at this market, with a fair supply of wheat on offer. Business was slow, at from 3d. to 6d. per bag under former rates. There was a good supply of English barley, which was disposed of at a slight re- duction. Beans made from 15s. to 16s., and seedlings from 16s. to 17s. per bag. WORCESTER, SATURDAY.—At this day's market there was a full supply of wheat, which sold slowly at about last "eek', rates. Barley unaltered. Oats only taken in retail. Beans Is. per qr. lower. Peas neglected. LEICESTER, SATURDAY.—This day's corn market WE 8 p-etty well supplied with wheat, the demand for which was toleraole at the full prices of last week. Fine barley scarce, and very dear. Oats and beans came slowly to hand, and late rates were ob- tained. MOLD, WEDNESDAY.—Wheat, 18s. 6d. to 14s. 6d.; barley, 12s. Od. to 13s. Od. oats, 8s. Od.; butter, Os. Od. to Is. 7d.; tub butter, Is. 2d. WREXHAM, THURSDAY.—The following were the quotations: White Wheat, 6s. Od. to 61. 3d. per bushel of 751b; Ked Wheat, 0s. 01. to Os. 01. ditto; Malting Barley, 4s. 10d. to 5s. 4d. per 88 quarts; Grinding ditto, 4s. Od. to 4s. 6d. per bushel of641b; Oats, 3s. 8d. to 3s. 9d. per 461b; Potatoes, 2s. 4d. to 3s. Od. per mea- sure; Butter, Is. 5d. to Is. 81. per 1D; Eggs, 14 and 16 for Is.; Fowls, 8s. 6d. to 4s. 6d. per couple. WELSHPOOL, MONDAY.—Quotations:—Wheat (per 801bs.) 6s. 4d. to 6s. 6d.; old ditto, Os. Od. to Os. Od.; Barley (per 40 qts.), 5s. Od. to 5s. 6d.; Oats, (per bag), 14s. to 18s. Od. Eggs, 15 for Is.; Butter, Is. 5d. to Is. 6d. per lb.; Fowls, 3s. 61. to 5s. Od. per couple; Ducks, 4s. Od. to 5s. 01. Potatoes, 3s. Od. to S3. 6d. per bushel. Geese, 5s. each.






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