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MISCELLANEOUS. LONDON PROVISION, MONDAY.—The arrivals last week from Ireland were 562 firkins Butter and 3,914 bales Bacon, and from foreign ports 16,052 packages Butter and 813 bales Bacon. The severe cold has caused more inquiry for Irish Butter, at irregular rates, according to quality. The finest foreign in good demand, and for extra fine quality higher rates obtained. The Baeon market ruled slow, the prices of anything not the finest are in favour of buyers. LONDON HOP, MONDAY.—Our market continues without any material change, the scanty lots pf new English now offering being firmly held for extreme values. New Americans are quiet, the limited trade in this class being confined entirely to best qualities, and all other grades remaining totally neglected. Yearlings of all kinds are dull, and the pressure put upon Ame- ricau stock in particular, of which there ig a heavy quantity on hand, has occasioned ro^er prices to be taken. Import for the week ending 1%'n »e»ftiarv: European 1 848 bales. American 970 „ Uotal 181^ bales. ASkibst the nrevions week 1768 bales. I Accounts from Europe report the Bavarian market as dearer, and the Belgian very firm. New York advices to the 28th ultimo re- port the market as dull, exports having fallen off greatly of late, I and choice sorts are firmly held for advanced rates. Mid and East Kent £ 7 0 £ 9 15 £ 13 5 Wealds 6 0 7 10 8 0 Sussex 5 15 6 10 7 0 Bavarians.; 6 10 8 8 10 10 French 5 5. 6 0. 7 0 Americans 4 10 5 15 6 0 gs Yearlings. 1 15 2 15 8 10 WORCESTER HOP, SATURDAY.—Messrs Piercy, Longbottom, and Faram's circular øays-" At our market to-day a few new hops were sold at higher rates, and holders have stiffened in their demands for'the remaining few. Yearlings are unchanged, and only seU aldVly, although relatively so much cheaper in price." LONDON SEED, MONDAY.—The supplies of English Cloverseed continue very limited, fine qualities commanding very high prices. foreign Red Cloverseed was fully as dear, with a steady demand. Choice white Cloverseed continues very scarce, an brings extreme figures. English Trefoil realized fall prices; foreign qualities were held for as much money. There was no alteration either in Brown or White Mastardseed. Good Ganaryseed realized full rates, and fine qualities of English were scarce. The severity of the weather during the past week has tended to check business in all agricultural seeds, although seedsmen are not considered to be well in stock. LONDON WOOL, MONDAY.—Business in the market for Eng- lish wool has been only to a moderate extent, nevertheless the demand has ruled firm, and the value of all qualities has been maintained. Consumption of Colonial produce has continued undiminished. CURRENT PRICES OF ENGLISH WOOL. B. d. to B. d. FLEECES-South down hogget8 .per lb. 1 0.1 11 Half-bred ditto. 11 14 15 Kent fleeces 1 3 1 S Southd'n ewes and wethers .„ 10 1 1| Leicester ditto 1 1 8j SORTS—Combing „ 1 4 1 44 Clothing 1 4 1 4i HALIFAX WOOL & WORSTED, SATURDAY,—Th« market continues dull. Wool maintains its price, but there is a very light turn over. There is, indeed, no demand for it. Spinners are very poorly employed, on unprofitable terms. The position of the spinner is unquestionably a bad one. There seems to be a fair amount of business turning over in pieoes, in which depart- ment quotations may be said to be firm. LONDON POTATO, MONDAY.—Supplies have come less freely to market. The trade has been steadier, and the quota- tions have ruled firm. English Shaws. 70s. to 85s. per ton. English Regents 90s. to '105s. „ English Rocks 60s. to 75s. „ Scotch Regents 90s. to 105s. „ I Flukes. 503. -to 60s. „ BIRMINGHAM HIDE AND SKIN MARKET, SATURDAY.- Hides: 951b. and upwards, 4Jd. to OJ. per lb; 851b. to 941b., 4i. to Od. per lb.; 751b. to 841b., 3id. to Od. per lb.; 651b. to 741b., Sid. to Od. per lb; 561b to 641b, Sid. to Od per lb; 551bs and under, Sid. to Od. per lb.; cows, 3Jd. to Od. per lb.; bulls, 3d. per lb.; flawed and irregular, Od. to Sfd. per lb.; horse, 7s. 61. to 13s. 91. each. Calf: 171b. and upwards, Ðld. per lb.; 121b. to 161b., 71d. per I b 91b. to Illb., 71d: per tb.; light, 7|1. per lb.; flawed and irregu- lar, 5d. per lb. Wools, A 1,83. 2d.; A, 6s. 4d.; B, 4s. 8d. WOLVERHAMPTON HIDE, SKIN, & FAT MARKET, SATUR DAv.-Hides: 951bs. and upwards, 41d. per th.; 851bs. to 941bs, Sid, to Od. per lb.; 751bs. to 841bs., 8d. to Od. per lb.; 651bs. to 741bs.. 3Jd. per lb. j 56lbs. to 641bs., 8!d. per Th. 551bs. and under, Sid, Cows, 65lbs. and upwards, SBd. to Od. per lb.; 641bs. and under, 33 d per lb; bulls, 2 £ d. to 2d per tti; flawed and irregular, 3Jd. to 3jjd. per tb; kips, 21d. to 4id. per lb; horse, 2s. 6d. to 13s. 6d. each. Calf: 171bs. and upwards, 5Jd. per lb.; 121bs. to 161bs, 71d. per lb; 91bs. to lllbs., 7d. per lb.; light, 7d. per lb.




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