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CORN, t-c.

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CORN, t-c. LIVERPOOL CORN MARKET.—YESTERDAY. There was a full attendance. Wheat TWOPENCE PER CENTAL DEARER on the week. There was more doing in Flour, at last week's prices. Oats, Oatmeal, and Barley were in better request, at late prices. Beans 3d. per qr. in buyers' favour. Indian Corn moderate sale at an improvement of 3d. per qr. LONDON, MONDAY.-Last week's supplies were generally moderate. Exports 660 qrs. Wheat, 40 qrs. Oats. English Wheat returned 6,804 qrs., foreign 14,449 qrs. The severe frost having greatly impeded the navigation of the Thames, business was almost suspended, but where English Wheat was deliverable ONE SHILLING PER QR. ADVANCE was made. All foreign was firmly held, and the low descriptions of Russian brought rather more money in retail. Country Flour 21,151 sacks, foreign 867 sacks 7,881 barrels. This branch of business was firm, and rather more occasionally realised for Norfolk and other country sorts. Full prices were also demanded for all descriptions of foreign, both sacks and barrels. Town prices were without change. Maize 7,418 qrs. This grain brought fullyadvance on last Monday's rates. British Barley 3,227 qrs., foreign 9,861 qrs. Business was quiet at former rates for malting sorts, while grinding foreign was held for rather more. English Oats 1,107 qrs., Irish 1.470 qrs., foreign 24,658 qrs. Swedish -oats, where deliverable on boand ship, brought 6d. to Is. more money, and granary descriptions were about 6d. dearer. English Beans 805 qrs., foreign 20 qrs. This grain rather hardened from the severe weather. English Peas 586 qrs., foreign 408 qrs. White -boilers were held for some advance. CUBBENT PBIOES OF BRITISH OKAIK AND FLOCK IN MARK LANE. Shillings ip qr. Wheat, Essex and Kent (white), old 45 to 48 Ditto, ditto new 88 47 Wheat, Essex and Kent, (red) old 44 46 Ditto, ditto new sfl 43 Wheat, Norfolk, Lincoln, and Yorkshire (red) old ..45 47 Ditto, ditto ditto new 86 43 Barley 89 Beans gfi 42 Oats, English feed 18 19 Flour, per sack Of 2801b, Town, Households, 87s. to 43s. WARWICK, SATOKQAT.—There was a middling attendance at this market, and a nominal amount of business was transacted, at firmer rates. NOTTINGHAM, {UTUBDAY.—The corn 'exchange was mode- rately supplied with samples of wheat, the inquiry for which was steady, at prices about Is. per qr. higher. There was « quiet sale for barley, at high prices. In oats and beans there was not much doing, and prices were unaltered. LEICESTER, SATUBJDAY.—^This corn market was pretty well supplied with samples of wheat, the demand for which was by no means brisk, and last week's prices were fully supported, and in some slightly exceeded. Barley and oats in short supply, and quite as dear. Beans the turn in favour of the seller, and dull of sale. BRIDGNORTH, SATURDAY.—The following were the prices:- White wheat, 6s. Od. to 69. 2d. per bushel of 721b; red wheat from 5s. 8d. to 5s. lOd. per bushel of 721b. Malting barley, 5s. 8d to 5s 9d. per 88qts.; grinding barley, Us. lOd. to 15s. per lOse. Beans, 15s. lOd. to 16s. Od. per bag of lOsc. Oats, 18s. Od. to 15s. Od per bag of 8sc.; seed oats, from 15s. lOd. to 16s. per bag of 10sc. Indian corn, 18s. Od. to 13s. 6d. per sack of lOsc. Vetches, from 7s. 6d. to 8s. the imperial measure. SHREWSBURY, SATURDAY.—The following were the prices:— White wheat, 6s. 6d. to 6s. lOd. per 751b red, 6s. Od. to 6s. 6d.; oats, per sack of Use. 101b, 17s. Od. to 17s. 6d.; beans, per 12sc., 18s. Od. to 18s. 6d.; peas, per Use. 10lb" 18s. Od. to 19s. Od.; bar- ley, malting, per 88 quarts, 5s. 4d. to 5s. 7d.; grinding, per 13sc. 101b, 19s. to 20s.; malt, per imp. bushel, 8s. to 8s. 6d. There was a better tone than of late in the market, millers buying rather freely. WELSHPOOL, MONDAY.—Quotations:—Wheat (per BOlbs.) 6-t. 8d. to 69. 10d.; old ditto, Os. Od. to Os. Od. Barley (per 40 qts.), 4s. 9d. to 5s. 3d.; Oats, (per bag), 17s. to 20a. Od.; Eggs, 14 for Is.; Butter, Is. 4d. to Is. 6d. per lb.; Fowls, S. 61. to 4s. 61. per couple Ducks, 4s. Oil. to 5s. 0J. Potatoes, Ss. Od. to Sd. ad. per bushel. Geese, 5s. each.






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