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FJRORTINFL. THE BILLIARD CHAMPIONSHIP.—A match for 2100 a-sid* and the Champion Challenge cup took place in St. James's Hall, London. The competitors were John Roberts, the well-known player, and W. Cook, jun., a young player whose performances have of late attracted considerable attention in the billiard world. Seats wera provided for 1,000 persons, and shortly before the time fixed for playing the hall became crowded, and never was such a number seen at a billiard match. The Prince of Wales was present and nearly all the best amateur players. The game was 1200 up, and, and after four hours and twenty-three minutes of splendid play, Cook was hailed the victor by 116 points. THE HOME OF THE HORSE. -Up to the time of the in- vasion of the Shepherds, no representation of the horse is found on Egyptian monuments. It is only after their arrival that the horse begins to be known in Egypt; and after the expedition of Thothmes I. in Mesopotamia it becomes quite common. Then Pharaoh established stud horses in the Delta, where the breed increased so rapidly that Solomon is said (2,Chron. i. 17) to have procured from Egypt the horses for his own cavalry and those of his Phoenician allies. In the seventh century after Christ the horse does not seem to have bee. very common in Arabia, which has been so long looked upon as his birthplace; for Mahomet had but two horses in his army, and not one horse appears in the list of plunder he made on the Koreish near Mecca. Central Asia must, therefore, be considered the true country where the horse was first domesticated and introduced into the East. THE LIABILITY OF STEWARDS OF RACES.—On Friday, In the Court of Queen's Bench, in the case of Price v. Webb," a question was raised as to the liability of stewards under the following circumstances :—Mr Price entered a horse to run for the Wordsby Stakes at the Wordsbv Races, in Worcestershire, and though he won the first and third heats, his jockey, in the second heat, was dismounted and thrown off outside the distance post. This was held by the stewards to be a bar to obtaining the stakes, which was given to his competitor, Mr Dymock. Against this decision Mr Price appealed at the assizes, and obtained a verdict for 230 from the stewards, but against the opinion of the learned judge, Mr Montagu Smith, who presided at the trial. A rule was now moved for by Mr Huddles- ton, Q. C., and Mr Motteram, to enter a new trial; and their lordshps unanimously made the rule absolute for a new trial on the ground held by the judge at assize, that no liability attached to the stewards of races.


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