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THE BRONHAULOG LEAD MINING COM- PANY (Limited), Llanfair-Talhaiarn, Denbighshire. Incorporated under the Companies' Acts, 1862 and 1867, Whereby the liability is strictly limited to the amount of shares taken. Capital, M 000 in 12,000 shares of £2 10s. each. £1 on application, and Cl 10s. on allotment. The vendors accept 23,000 in cash, and 23,000 in 1,200 fully paid-up shares, for their interest in the property. CHAIRMAN -The Hon. James Tobin. BANKERS-City Bank, Threadneedle-street, City. BROKER—Mr A. J. Young, 3, Bartholomew-lane, E.C. SOLICITORS—Messrs Walmislcy, and Co., 27, King-street, Guildhall. E.C. SECRETARY—W. Soliague. TEMPORARY OFFICES-I, Circus-place, Finsbury-circus, London, E.C. This mine has for some time been in the hands of a small' 'Company, whose means have been inadequate to its work- ing or development. They have struggled on until lately and have at last consented to dispose of the property. It is therefore proposed to forma company with sufficient capital combined with all the skill possible to be obtained in mining operations, to work the mine, which cannot fail hereafter, under proper management, to rank with the best dividend-paying mines in the Principality. On reference to the reports and plans from mining cap- tains and consulting engineers, well known for their sound judgment and discretion in all they undertake to perform, tt will be seen, notwithstanding the unminerlike manner in which the late company worked the mine, that it produced C30,000 worth of lead in two years, even with the small means at their disposal, as lead was found both solid and massive enough to have left the late proprietors a profit of t3 50080 year. The object of the present Company is to drive the deep adit level on the east and west lode, this level being about 10 fathoms from the ore ground, and from every calculation made, there is not the slightest doubt about its laying open 220,000 worth of lead ore within three months after com- "aencing operations. s The undertaking will be carried on under the Limited t'ability Acts, and by calling up the whole.eapital at once, he main feature being to open up the ore ground, which 18 considered by all the locality, as well as by others con- cocted with mining operations, to be of great and lasting .alue. The Directors will commence operations immediately they consider sufficient capital has been subscribed for ThisvSuable mine and all the materials will be ac- quired by the company for the comparatively small sum Of £ 6,000, half of which is to be paid in shares; and a lease 'or at least 21 years will be granted by the freeholder. The application money will be returned in full in the of no allotment being made. Applications for Prospectuses and Shares, with Plans of the Property, and Reports from Captain William Wasley. the late Captain Matthew Francis, and Mr J. Roberts, practical miner, may be had at the Brokers', or at the Offices of the Company, 1, Circus-place, Finsbury Circus, London. Copy-Memoi-andum of Association. -1. The name of the Company is The Bronhaulog Lead ^lining Company, Limited." 2. That the registered office of the Company is to be in England. 3. The objects for which the Company is established are {-The purchasing, working, and maintaining the mine *Hown and cited as the Bronhaulog Lead Mine," in -Talhaiarn, Denbighshire, and the doing and ^Trying into effect all such related things as may be con- ceive to the profitable use of the above acquirements and ^Wers. 4. The liability of the Members is limited. to5. The Capital of the Company is Thirty Thousand *<>Unds, divided into Twelve Thousand Shares of £ 2 10s. %Ch. Form of Application for Shares. To be retained by the Bankers. the Directors of the Bronhaulog Lead Mining Co., Limited. Gentlemen,—Having paid to the City Bank the sum of being a deposit of £ 1 per share on Shares £ 210s. each, in the above Company, I hereby request to allot me that number, and I agree to accept such ?«ares, or any less number, which you may allot me, and I? pay the remaining £ 110s, per share on allotment, and thereby also authorise you to insert my name on the Agister of Members, for the number of shares alloted to Christian and Surname in full Residence. Occupation Date BRONHAULOG LEAD MINING COMPANY, LIMITED. J\ OTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the Directors will proceed to the Allotment of Shares in this w^npany, on Monday, 21st February, for Town; and Wednesday, 23rd February, for the Country. By Order WILL. SOLIAGUE, Secretary. 1, Circus Place, Finsbury Circus, London, E.C. TOWYN, MERIONETHSHIRE. Sale of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, the property of Mr J. P. Williams, 9, High-street, Towyn, who is leaving the neighbourhood. MR O. DANIEL has been favoured with instruc- tions to Sell by Auction, on the above premises, on Friday, February 25th, 1870, at One o'clock precisely, the Valuable FURNITURE, consisting of Sitting Room and Parlour Suites in solid Mahogany, Oak Office Desk, with Secret Drawers and Patent Locks, Mahogany Book- case, Books, Pictures, Bedsteads and Palliasses, Dressing Tables, Washstands, Towel Rails, Mahogany Looking Glasses, Eight-day Clock, Handsome Eight-day Time Piece, Fenders and Fire Irons, Carpets, Oil Cloths, Door Mats, Kitchen Furniture, and Miscellaneous Articles. On view morning of Sale, or previous day. Terms-Cash. TO BE LET, Unfurnished, "Coed," near Dol- gelley, a Gentleman's RESIDENCE on a small scale, with Land. Distant from Dolgelley Station (on the Great Western and Cambrian lines) by horse road 1J mile, by turnpike road 3i miles. Will be ready for occupation on 25th March. The situation is very healthy, and the surrounding scenery picturesque. surrounding scenery picturesque. For Particulars apply to G. JONES WILLIAMS, Esq., Solicitor, Dolgelley; or to Mr JOHN JONES, Tirstent, near Caerynwch, Dolgelley. In the Matter of The Companies Act, 1862, and of The Bron y Manod Mining Company, Limited. THE CREDITORS of the above Company are required on or before the Twenty-eighth day of February, 1870, to send their Names and Addresses, and the particulars of their Debts or Claims to the under- signed, Robert Woodford, the Liquidator, acting in the voluntary winding up of the said Company, at No. 89, Foregate-street, Chester, or in default thereof they will be excluded from the benefit of any distribution of the Assets of the said Company. Dated this Eighth day of February, 1870. ROBERT WOODFORD, Liquidator. NOTICE. THE Public are respectfully informed that the PRINTING, BOOKBINDING and STATIONERY BUSINESS OF THE LATE MR JOHN COX, AT, 30, PIER-STREET, ABERYSTWYTH, Will still be carried on under the same name; and the Proprietor trusts that, by strict attention to all orders, the same liberal patronage may be continued as heretofore. 30, Pier-street, Feb. 10th, 1870. BENSON'S WATCHES CLOCKS OOLD JEWELLERY Of all kinds. Of all kinds. Of the Newest Designs. LEVER DRAWING ROOM BRACELETS HORIZONTAL I DINING ROOM BROOCHES CHRONOMETER CARRIAGE EAR RINGS KEYLESS CHURCH LOCKETS CHRONOGRAPH HALL & SHOP NECKLACES Mr BENSON, who holds the appointment to H.R.H. the Prince of Wales, has just published two Pamphlets, enriched and em- bellished with illustrations-one upon Watch and Clock Mak.D, and the other upon Artistic Gold Jewellery. These are sent post free for 2d. each. Persons living in the country or abroad can select the article required, and have it forwarded with perfect fety. 25, OLDBOND STREET; & THE CITY STEAM WORKS, 58 & 60, LUDGATE HILL, LONDON. DEPILATORY. WELLS' DEPILATORY is the only effectual remedy for the immediate and permanent removal of superfluous hair from the face, arms, neck, &c. This preparation effects its purpose almost instantaneously, without pain or injury to the most sensitive skin. Full particulars on receipt of a stamped directed envelope. John Wells, 113, Euston-street, near Hampstead-road, London. N.B.—Hundreds of Testimonials have been received from the nobility and ladies of rank who have tried this marvellous remedy. ABERYSTWYTH ENAMELLING SLATE WORKS, MOOR STREET. ELLIS & OWEN BEG to inform that they have taken to the En- amelling Business recently carried on at the Aber- lleveny Slate Quarries, are now prepared to execute any Orders in Enamelled Slate in imitation of the most costly marble at exceedingly low prices. These Works are fitted up with superior Planing and Sawing Machines, so that any order in slate work can be executed with despatch. Tomb Stones, Monuments, Chimney Pieces, Cisterns, &c., made to order. Designs forwarded for inspection. WILLIAM OWEN, PROPRIETOR, LATE MANAGER OF TUE BROOK VILLA, •• LIVERPOOL. AGENT roR GREAT WESTERN COMPANY, A-ND TELEGRAPH MESSENGER. BALA LAKE 0 It. If., 0 ,L 0 BOATS, BILLIARDS, COACHES, CARRIAGES, CABS, AND CARS FOR HIRE. GOOD STABLING. FIRST CLASS ACCOMMODATION FOR FAMILIES, &c. LADIES' COFFEE ROOM. MERIONETH. r VRON COLLIERY, NEAR WREXHAM. < [MAURICE & LOWE'S] BEST MAIN AND HOUSE COALS AT LOWEST PRICES. APPLY TO M. B. MAURICE, MINING ENGINEER, HIGH STREET, BALA, A PROPRIETOR AND SOLE AGENT. Immediate Relief from Coughs, Colds, and Influenza. { ■ v MORGAN'S HOREHOUND PECTORAL. delicious combination of Horehound. Marshmallow, Tolu, and other effective demulcent and expectorant ingredients. THE MOST CERTAIN AND SPEEDY REMEDY FOR totTGHS, COLDS, INFLUENZA, HOARSENESS, SORE THROAT, LOSS of VOICE, WHOOPING COUGH, ASTHMA, BRONCHITIS, CONSUMPTION, SPITTING of BLOOD, and all Disorders of the Chest and Lungs. PREPARED ONLY BY D. MORGAN, PHARMACEUTICAL CHE MJI ST, 25, BRECKNOCK ROAD, LONDON, N. I Sold in Bottles at Is. ljd., 2s. 9d., and 4s. 6d., with full directions for Children and Adults, by MR D. J. DAVIES, GREAT DARK-GATE STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. I „ J. P. JONES, BRIDGE-STREET, ABERAYRON. AND ALL CHEMISTS THROUGHOUT THE PRINCIPALITY. I, 1 I /VoE I ligyfi UEHT OHLY ON THE BOX iSSa V- THE PUBLIC ARE CAUTIONED AGAINST TO DOLGELLEY. Mm ROYAL SHIP PLLPI FAMILY AND COMMERCIAL HOTEL AND POSTING HOUSE. MUCH additional convenience has been added to this Establishment, combining Spacious Coffee and Sitting Rooms. Attendance, Is. per day j BILLIARDS. Omnibuses to and from all the Trains. Coaches to all parts of the District. Ponies and Guides at fixed charges. EDWARD JONES, Proprietor. ASSEMBLY, BALL, AND BILLIARD ROOMS, LAURA-PLACE, ABERYSTWYTH, JOHN EVANS, who has recently taken to the business at the above establishment, begs to announce to the Nobility, Gentry, and Public generally, that he has 80mpleted EXTENSIVE ALTERATIONS on the PREMISES, and hopes through strict attention to business to be fa- voured with a share of their patronage and support. WINES, SPIRITS, ALES, PORTER, AND CIGARS, Of the best quality. LEMONADE, SODA AND OTHER MINERAL WATERS. V. m R. MR. SELLIS, DENTIST, TOWYN. FIFTEEN YEARS Surgical and Mechanical Dentist in London, may be consulted at the under- mentioned towns:— DOLGELLEY—Every second and fourth SATURDAY, at Miss Evans's, Smithfield-street. BALA—Every first and third SATURDAY, at Mrs JONES'S, Tegid-street. PWLLHELI—Mr Francis Evans, bookseller, &c., High- street, the 1st and 3rd WEDNESDAY in every month. PORTMADOC -Every 2nd and 4th WEDNESDAY, at Mrs. Bennett Williams's, Snowdon-street. All operations without pain. Advice free. GLENFIELD STARCH. EXCLUSIVELY USED IN THE ROYAL LAUNDRY, and HER MAJESTY'S LAUNDRESS says it is the Finest Starch she ever used. AWARDED PRIZE MEDAL FOR ITS SUPERIORITY. When you ask for GLENFIELD STARCH, See that you get it, as inferior kinds are often substituted. WOTHERSPOON & Co., GLASGOW & LONDON.


the Vrincipality.


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